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									                          Mill Creek Elementary
                            Mustang Message
                                      Family Edition
                                     September 2010
             2601 N. Liberty   Independence, MO 64050               816-521-5420

SEPTEMBER                                 Dear Families,
                                                    It is hard to believe that we are in our second full week of the new
2– Papa John’s School Fundraiser Night    school year. The staff and I value your positive support in your child’s
                                          education. We consider you to be a vital part of our learning community,
6—No School, Labor Day Holiday            and we believe two-way communication is essential. In each monthly
9—PTA Board Meeting 6:00 pm               newsletter, you will find important information about upcoming school
                                          events. Your child’s teacher will be sending home a classroom newsletter
11– Patriot Day                           every other week.
13-17 Book Fair                           We are welcoming the following new staff to our Mill Creek family:
                                          Jami Pelzl—counselor, Rebecca Cornish—library-media specialist,
13—Grandparent’s Day 10:00 am             Annie Williams—library clerk , Sherry Felz—office clerk,
16—Early Release Day 1:45 pm              Debbie Emory—special education support, and Julie Davenport—
                                          early education.
17—Spirit Wear Day                                  I am very thankful for the positive outlook of every family as we
                                          completed enrollment and residency verification in early August. As well,
24—PTA Walk-a-thon 2:00 pm                as we transition with all of the Independence School District in providing a
27—Character Plus Assemblies              safer environment for students. The changes in the doors locking and in
                                          dismissal procedures are a direct result of a parent survey ISD completed
     K-2 9:30 am                          last school year.
     3-5 10:15 am                                   I am thrilled to be at Mill Creek as your principal. When I
                                          accepted the position, I was approached many times and told I was going to
29—Reach Out Dental Program               the best elementary school in Independence! I am in total agreement. You
                                          have been welcoming and the students have started off the year in a very
                                          positive way. Thank you for letting me be part of your lives.
                                                    To continue to be the best school in the district, we need your help
                                          at home. I know raising children can be difficult and stressful at times. I
                                          believe we would all agree, the success of each child is our most important
OCTOBER                                   responsibility. My father, who worked as a millwright for 30 years, always
                                          encouraged me to do my best in school. My dad wanted my life to be
1—Spirit Wear Day                         better than his. Even after a hard day at work on a hot roof top or fixing a
                                          large machine, he would seem to find time in the evenings, to ask me about
3-9 Fire Prevention Week                  my day at school. He was interested in my schooling and pushed me hard
6—School Pictures 9:15 am                 to be successful in school. He always supported the decisions of my
                                          teachers and the school. I thank my dad and my mom, a retired teacher, for
7—Walk to School Day Event                always making sure I knew school was important.
    Major Saver Kickoff Assembly                    Based on my 13 years of being a teacher, and now a principal, I
                                          know for certain – reading is the key to student success in school. After
13—Early Release Day 1:45 pm              reviewing student test scores, I know we need to continue as a team
14—Chick Fillet Spirit Night Fundraiser   supporting reading growth of every student. To improve a student’s
                                          reading, we need your help at home. I would hope each evening, you will
    PTA Board Meeting 6:00 pm             find time to read with your child(ren), even if it just looking at the pictures
15—Spirit Wear Day                        and talking about the pictures in the books. Ask questions about what was
                                          just read, or what will be happening in the upcoming page, ask them to
18—22 Red Ribbon Week                     make a prediction. Again, we all know the importance of learning the skills
21—Reach Out Dental Program               to read, and then being able to understand what was read. With strong
                                          reading skills, students will have greater success in the subjects of math,
22— PTA Fall Classroom Parties 3:00pm     science, and social studies. We want for our Mustangs to have a strong
26-27 Parent/Teacher Conferences          academic foundation. Together, working as a team, we can and will ensure
                                          all students have the skills to succeed in each day of their lives!
27—Early Release Day 1:45 pm                                                               Sincerely,
28-29 No School for Students                                                               Kathy Butler
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                Welcome Back to School! I am so glad to be back for a new school year!
                Just a few reminders for our families:
   Please remember to keep your contact information current in the office. It is imperative to have correct
   phone numbers to reach you in case of an emergency situation.
   If you student receives a note from the office regarding missing documentation for their file please return
   this information to the office within 2 business days.
   Call in your student absence from school by 9:00 am of the morning they will be gone.
   Important numbers: Main School Office Phone # 816-521-5420
                         Early Education Phone # 816-521-5422
                         Kid’s Safari Phone # 816-521-5423
   Changes in dismissal procedures for your student must be called in to the office by 3:15 pm of the same day
   in order to ensure the message gets to the student.

Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful school year with you and your family!

                                                     Mrs. Maday

    Welcome back!

    I am so excited to be back in the clinic this year! Just a couple of reminders:

    Cough drops have to be brought in to the clinic by an adult and signed for before they
    can be used by the student. They are considered a medication. They will not be
    handed out in class and cannot be carried in pockets per school district policy.

    Any time a medication needs to come to school it has to be brought in by an adult
    and signed for in the clinic. Any over the counter medicines must have a doctor’s note
    as to why they need it to be given at school.

    Please send extra clothing with kindergarteners in case of accidents.

    Thanks so much for helping me take good care of your children!

    Jenny Schultz, RN
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Counselor’s Corner
Mrs. Pelzl

Welcome back! If you are new to Mill Creek, I welcome you to our school. We are going
to have a great 2010-2011 school year!

As the school counselor, I am here to help students through difficult times. I am available to meet
with students one-on-one or in small groups. I plan to facilitate small group sessions throughout the
year. Topics include anger management, social skills, friendship, divorce and grief. If you would like
for your child to participate, please contact me. If your child is referred by their teacher, I will
contact you.

Another part of my program is classroom lessons. I meet with each classroom one time per month.
The lesson is centered on the character trait of the month as well as a counseling topic such as
bullying, manners, conflict resolution, friendships, career awareness, etc.

This is the 3rd year the Independence School District has partnered with Character Plus,
a program to help school districts better implement character education. We celebrate a different
character trait each month. Responsibility is the trait for September. The staff nominates one
student per classroom to be the character kid for the month. We honor them at a Character
Assembly every other month. They will also be rewarded with a special luncheon with me!

This is just a snapshot of the different things I do at Mill Creek.
I am here to help students and give them some extra support. Please contact me if you have a
comment or a concern. You can reach me at 521-5420 or you can email me

September Word of the Month- RESPONSIBILITY- to be accountable for your actions.

                                       Music Matters

   Welcome to Mustang Music 2010-2011!

   This year marks some very big changes in our music class schedule. I am excited for the
   opportunity to work with our friends at Sugar Creek half the time and Mill Creek half time.
   The new block schedule makes this possible. September will be filled with reviewing,
   preparations for Walk to School, and all our Patriotic songs for Veterans Day. Fourth and
   Fifth grade watch for information about the Mustang Choir. After working with the block
   schedule for a few weeks, then we will better know how to plan our rehearsal schedule.

   Looking forward to another wonderful year!

   Your Mill Creek Music Teacher,
   Mrs. Dunlap
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Media News

Greetings from the Library Media Center!

My name is Rebecca Cornish, and I am the new Library Media Specialist for Mill Creek
Elementary. While I will provide the computer education, we are also very fortunate to have an
exceptional Library Clerk. Her name is Annie Williams. Together we plan to provide a quality
education in the Library Media Center. This year our library checkout will be a little
different. Please note whether your child's library checkout is on A Day or B Day. It will be this
day when books are due back in the library. This translates to library checkout every four school
days rather than the typical five. Please help your children to be successful with this new
schedule by keeping all library books in their backpacks when not in use. This way the books will
be returned to school every day, and your children will not miss out on an opportunity for a new
book on library day. We look forward to a great school year!

 PE Progress

 Welcome back Mustangs! We have so many new fun and exciting
 activities planned for your kiddos, I can’t wait to get started. We
 are going to start off with pretesting all students using the FitnessGram program.
 Students will be -tested again in April to help monitor their progress. Students
 are tested in flexibility, abdominal strength, upper-body strength and agility.
 Flexibility is measured by the sit and reach test. Abdominal strength will be
 tested by completing curl ups. K and 1st grade students will hold a push up
 position when testing for upper body strength and the 2nd-5th grade students will
 complete push ups with a CD. Agility will be tested by completing the pacer test.
       Just a reminder, that students need to be wearing tennis shoes to
 participate in PE. This is a must for safety reasons and is also reflected on the
 students progress report.

 Janell McKinney
 Physical Education
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Art News
                                    Welcome Back Mustang Artists!
        It is always exciting to begin a new year
of learning! Mustang artists are happy to be
together again! In the first weeks of this new
school year we work to establish a strong class
climate through team building activities. Once
this cohesive class team has been established
we begin to explore, to learn and to solve
problems together as we produce our individual

   Every student is encouraged to respect the
different ideas and the unique expression that
each member brings to our table. Since
competition destroys creativity, we bring our art
and our ideas into a community of students
that encourage, cooperate, present solutions                                 Some/One
and absorb the ideas of their classmates. Each                           Do-Ho Suh, Artist
                                                                 Korean Born, American Based Artist
student begins to trust and to empower their
                                                               Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
own unique voice during their six year                          Johnson County Community College
journey from kindergarten to fifth. I am
always delighted and truly amazed by the           This tediously crafted sculpture is produced by
ideas and the powerful art produced by our      thousands of overlapping stainless steel dog tags that are pierced
                                                together to form a 75 inch high robe. The robe opens in the front to
                                                     reveal a red velvet-lined interior. The circular base is 11 feet in di-
                                                     ameter. It stands alone in its own room at the Nerman Museum of
Alice Angilan                                        Contemporary Art. Its impact is stunning!
                                                       All K-5 classes viewed and discussed this sculpture on their first
                                                     day in Art.

  Ahera Notification
  The school district of Independence, MO. has completed the removal of friable Asbestos in all district school
  buildings. In addition, all facilities have now been inspected by a certified asbestos inspector as required

  A copy of the AHERA plan has been filed with the State of Missouri and a copy is on file with each building
  administrator. The AHERA plan is available for inspection during regular school hours.

  Specific questions may be directed to your building principal, or you may contact Bob Robinson at
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                                                     Kids’ Safari:
                                       Explore the Possibilities

Enrich, Engage, Explore– Come check out Kids’ Safari…
Full time: Before/After $60 per week
Part time: Before or After only $40 per week
Explorer Options (Special Days only)
$15 Early Dismissal Explorer
$30 Scheduled Full Day Explorer
$30 Snow Day Explorer
Passport Options (AM/PM only)
$100.00 AM Passport– 10 visits per child
$100.00 PM Passport– 10 visits per child
**Explorer and Passport– Families will complete the regular enrollment process with the building Youth Specialist
and will be required to contact the YS in advance to make them aware of what days your student will be using the
Explorer or Passport option.

    Laura Adams– Youth Specialist
    Contact Information: 816-335-5372 or
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     Mill Creek Elementary PTA
Hello Mill Creek Families! Welcome back! My name is Joni Gentry and I am serving as your PTA
President this year. I have been a part of the Mill Creek Family for 7 years. I will continue to be                                    Dates to Remember:
here for another 6 years. I have four children, ages 23, 12, 7, and 5. Ally Vaughn was the first to                                  9/9 PTA Meeting
attended Mill Creek; she paved the way for the rest of us Gentry’s, serving as Student Council                                            from 6 PM-7 PM
President last year. I hope to serve you and your family as well as she did!                                                         9/13 to 9/17 Book Fair

I am available at any time by email, or by phone 816-507-8405, if you should                                      9/13 Grandparent’s Day
need anything at all. I welcome all of you to join us at our PTA meetings. We meet the second
Thursday of every month at 6 PM. Childcare will be available to those who RSVP in advance by                                         9/24 Walk-a-Thon

emailing me to let me know how many children you plan to have attending. I hope to see many of                                       10/7 Walk To School Day
                                                                                                                                           & Breakfast w/Books
you there!
                                                                                                                                     10/14 PTA Meeting
I am so excited about our upcoming events! The first is our now annual Mill Creek Walk-a-Thon.             from 6 PM-7 PM
Please keep an eye out in your child’s backpack for more information about this opportunity to
raise money and healthy awareness for our children. We would like as much parent participation as we can for
this fun activity we have planned. So mark your calendars for September 24th at 2 pm we will begin our walk.

Hi Mill Creek! My name is Barbey Mikula and I am the PTA Vice President in
charge of membership! We had a great start to the year with memberships
flowing into the office! Let me just take this time to say THANK YOU! Your
membership dues go forward to help pay for field trips, books, and many other                                     BOX TOP$
things to help our children ACHIEVE more! Our goal this year is 100%                                             For Education
membership, which means a total of memberships equal to our enrollment.
                                                                                                              This program is one of
Enrollment right now is around 300. So we need 300 members! There will be                                         our continuing
rewards for the students this year! There will be school rewards at 50%, 75%, and
                                                                                                             fundraising activities and
100% membership! Look for more information as it comes out. Also, we have                                    is so simple to help with.
extended the offer of one free red Mill Creek PTA knapsack with each $5                                      Simply cut out the label
membership purchase!                                                                                           found on many of the
Don't forget to find us on Facebook! Look for “millcreek_pta” and select us as a                              food products that you
friend so you can get updates and event information.                                                          are already purchasing
                                                                                                              and send them in with
Congratulations to Sue Wyatt, who won a $25 Wal-Mart gift card! She won                                             your child.
the gift card from purchasing a $5 PTA membership at Back to School Night!
                                            2010 – 2011 PTA Officers
                             President - Joni Gentry - Email:                             Look in your children’s
     First Vice President / Fundraising (co-chair) - Tabitha Garrett - Email:   backpacks for our PTA
              Second Vice President / Memberships - Barbey Mikula - Email:
                                                                                                             Welcome Packet with
                        Treasurer - Tammy Joyce - Email:
                 Recording Secretary - Heather Figley - Email:                        a lot of handy
                                    Corresponding Secretary - Lisa Wilbanks                                    information inside!
                           Historian - Judy Zeih - Email:
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                                   Early Education Program
                                                                       Full Day
                                                                       Head Start
                                                                       Title I
                                            A Federally funded, child development program for children
To apply you will need:                     birth to 5 years old who reside in the Independence School
   Income Verification:                     District. Federal Head Start dollars and parent fees sup-
   2 current pay stubs,                     port this comprehensive early education program. Includes
   TANF award letter,
   unemployment                services for disabilities, nutrition, health and family support with many
   verification, SSI
   verification, or 1040 tax   opportunities for parent involvement!
   return forms with W-2’s
   Child’s birth certificate         Full Day Programs (ages 3-5):
   Immunization record
                                         Open Monday—Friday, year round
   Social Security numbers
   for all family members
   (if applicable)
                                         6:30 am –6:00 pm, 5 days a week

   Proof of residence                    $125 weekly with additional discounts if eligible for
                                         Head Start and/or if receiving Missouri DSS childcare
   All Independence school
   sites offer full day                  subsidy
                                         Title I Program
   All satellite sites offer
   part day programs,                    Open Monday—Friday, August thru May
   except for Hawthorne
   which offers full day                 9:05am—3:45pm, 5 days a week
   and part day
                                         No weekly fee for school hours only Title I Program
                                         Reasonable fee available for Before/After Care

                                Please contact Kimberly Stewart, Early
                                 Education Specialist @ 816-521-5422,
                                          with any questions.
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