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					THE NEWSLETTER OF THE UNIVERSITY CITY DISTRICT                                                                               SPRING 2002


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 2     Executive Director’s Message                 UCD Hires Fundraiser                            New Community Court Benefits UCity
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                                 UCD TALKS TRASH
       A Multi-Year Anti-Litter Campaign Launches on April 3rd
  L   ast year, the University City District picked up more than 1        families in particular -- about the detriments of litter and the
million pounds of trash off University City sidewalks and streets.        bonuses of a clean neighborhood. Through events, education, and
That’s not trash deposited in cans. It’s “ambient” trash -- garbage       advertising, we hope to turn apathy into caring about creating a
that blows around our neighborhoods primarily because people              healthier, more beautiful environment in University City.
toss it out of car windows, throw it on the ground, dump it in
vacant lots, or literally hurl it from the front door to the sidewalk.    What you can do:
They litter without thinking twice about it because they believe
that someone else with clean it up, because it has become part of         Weds. 4/3, 10 am, Lea School (47th/Locust): Attend the
the environment, like grass and cars, and because no one corrects         campaign announcement and sign the giant pledge to battle litter,
their habits.                                                             and receive a pair of sturdy work gloves for your support.
    Since the end of the public service announcements of Native
Americans and cartoon animals exhorting Americans not to litter,          Sat. 4/20: Organize your neighbors in a cleanup or greenup for
personal responsibility for the environment has disappeared as an         Earth Day. Register your group with the UCD by April 15th. We’ll
issue. To kids of the early 70s, being called a “litterbug” was a mark    help out with materials and refreshments. Or call the UCD to
of shame. In 2002, not only are kids not taught not to litter,            volunteer for a project.
neither were their parents.
    The UCD decided that it’s time to reverse this expensive and          Watch for ads and updates in the University City Review. Call the
destructive trend. At Lea Elementary School on Wednesday, April           UCD at 215-243-0555 or email for more
3rd at 10 am, the UCD will launch a multi-year anti-litter                information.
campaign to educate the public – and our children and their

                 Tell Friends and Family Where to Go
               University City Visitors Guide Available April 2nd
  B   rother and sister-in-law coming for a week? Consultants from        visitors centers, the Convention Center, airport, 30th Street
out of town at work? Or maybe you just need a change of routine.          Station, and University City attractions.
Get the University City Visitors Guide, a new 30 page color guide to            Designed and written by the UCD marketing staff, the Guide
restaurants and markets, hotels and B & Bs, annual events,                is funded in part by a Cultural Tourism Marketing grant from the
galleries and museums, parking and transportation, and more. The          Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. For copies,
Guide will be available in early April at Greater Philadelphia hotels,    call 215-243-0555 x222 or

       3940-42 CHESTNUT STREET
    P H I L A D E L P H I A , PA 1 9 1 0 4 - 3 1 1 1

  T. 215.243.0555
  F. 215.243.0557                                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE
                                                                  Spring 2002 brings great excitement to UCD. In three months we will mark the end of our first five years of
                                                              partnerships and success with the area's institutions, businesses, residents, students and visitors. What a great                                         five years it has been!
                                                                  In each of our first 5 years, UCD removed 1 million pounds of trash from University City streets. While we
Eric Goldstein                                                are happy to know that our dedicated employees are doing their job effectively and efficiently, we are dismayed
     Executive Director                                       that we spend so much money on an issue like trash and graffiti removal. Each year, the cost of trash removal by
                                                              the District exceeds $1.3 million. In an effort to stem the tide of ambient trash and to encourage people to
Vernon Banks
                                                              rethink their actions, UCD will roll out a multi-year anti-litter campaign in early April (see cover). In partner-
    Operations Manager,
                                                              ship with the local public and private schools, this campaign will focus initially on children. We will also look to
    Public Space Maintenance
                                                              you to help organize block cleanups, vacant lot cleanups, and other community improvement projects. UCD
Lt. Fred Carbonara                                            will be there to assist with vehicles, bags, equipment and publicity. Get involved, organize a project, and contact
    Commander, UCD Police Substation                          us for assistance!
                                                                  Also in April, UCD will publish the first-ever University City Visitor's Guide (see cover). A terrific publica-
Ron Dorsett                                                   tion made possible, in part, by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. This guide showcases
   Supervisor, Public Space Maintenance                       the numerous galleries, museums, dining destinations, public parks, and campuses of the University City com-
                                                              munity and is a good complement to the recently completed wayfinding system installed throughout the neigh-
John Fenton
                                                              borhood. 150,000 copies of this guide will be available throughout greater Philadelphia in hotels, visitor and con-
    Director, Clean and Safe
                                                              vention centers, and
Paola Gasca                                                   attractions. Special thanks to UCD staffers Allison and Todd for the terrific effort on this publication!
    Administrative Assistant,                                     In May, UCD hosts the annual Party for the Park to benefit ongoing maintenance support for Clark Park (see
    Public Space Maintenance                                  page XX). A tremendously successful fundraiser in its 3rd year that has yielded more than $150,000 in just two
                                                              years from caring individuals and corporations who recognize the importance of quality public parks to a healthy
Allison Kelsey                                                community. We invite you to join us this year on May 2 and share in the fun and the fundraising!
    Senior Director of                                            Finally, UCD is wrapping up its first five years of funding and working on securing five more years from our
    Marketing & Communications                                largest contributors. We need your support! If you value our services, please make a contribution to UCD
                                                              today. We depend upon 100% voluntary support for our work. Whether it's $5 or $500, your investment in
Maggie Langdon
                                                              UCD is prudently used to improve your
  Executive Assistant
                                                              neighborhood. Furthermore, your tax-deductible contribution sends a clear
Megan McShea                                                  message to our institutional supporters that you appreciate their ongoing
  Office Manager                                              support and that you value the services of the UCD.

Ted Moore                                                     For all of you who have worked with us in our first 5 years, we thank you
   Ambassador Operations Manager                              for your commitment and support of the UCD. We look forward to a future of
                                                              continued success and progress for this great community.
Todd Powers
   Marketing and Design Associate
Meridith Sauer
   Director, Research and Planning

Esther Wiesner
    Senior Director of Development                                                                                        Eric T. Goldstein       

D-L Wormley                                             UCD Board of Directors              Steven M. Altschuler, M.D.    Vaughn Cook                      Alice B. Moyer
                                                                                            The Children’s Hospital of    Community Representative         Community Representative
   Director, Neighborhood Initiatives                                                       Philadelphia
                                                        John A. Fry, Chairman
                                                                                                                          Jill Felix                       Leroy Nunery
                                                        University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                            Anthony S. Bartolomeo, P.E.   University City Science Center   University City Associates
                                                                                            Pennoni Associates Inc.
                                                        Anthony T. Caneris, Vice Chairman
                                                                                                                          I. William Ferniany              Max Paul
                                                        Drexel University
                                                                                            Dorothy Berlind               University of Pennsylvania       Central City Toyota
                                                                                            Community Representative      Health System
                                                        Sally J. Bellet, Esq., Secretary
                                                                                                                                                           William Schwartz
The UCD Quest:                                          AMTRAK
                                                                                            Joan Myers Brown              Barry Grossbach                  INTECH Construction
   Allison Kelsey, Editor                               Joseph G. Trainor, Treasurer
                                                                                            Philadanco!                   Community Representative
   Todd Powers, Design & Layout                                                                                                                            Larry Starkman
                                                        University of the Sciences in
                                                                                            Marty F. Cabry, Sr.           Alexander Lazaroff               Louis Starkman Co.
                                                                                            Community Representative      United States Post Office
                                                                                                                                                           John Tenhula
                                                        David J. Adelman, Asst. Secretary
                                                                                            Della Clark                   Lindsay Johnston                 International House
                                                        Campus Apartments
                                                                                            The Enterprise Center         Common Ground Realtors

2.                                                                                          Colin C. Clifford
                                                                                            The Restaurant School
                                                                                            at Walnut Hill College
                                                                                                                          Delores Jones
                                                                                                                          Community Representative
E n v i s i o n i n g B a l t i m o r e Av e n u e
    The UCD and Baltimore Avenue                      destination. These designs will not              Lager Raabe Skafte is a woman-
Planning Group have hired Lager Raabe                 constitute a formal plan, rather              owned landscape architecture and
Skafte Landscape Architects, Inc., with               community organizations, businesses,          environmental planning firm. Among
Brown & Keener Urban Design, for the                  and property owners will be able to           their projects are the Powelton-Drexel
design and vision study phase of the                  make use of the ideas for their own           Community Greening and Action Plan,
Baltimore Avenue Revitalization Project               restoration and enhancement                   Port Richmond Community and
begun last year. After assessing the                  endeavors. The designs are expected to        Gateway and Streetscape, and SEPTA
physical environment from the 4500                    be available in June 2002.                    North Philadelphia Transportation
through the 5200 block, the team will                     In the interim, the UCD is seeking        Center. Brown & Keener Urban Design
develop design options for                            funds to hire a corridor manager to help      have worked on plans for the University
improvements to building facades,                     to translate those visions of the avenue      City Science Center, South Orange (NJ)
streetscape, and gateways that will help              into reality -- from business recruitment     main street planning, and the plan for
to make Baltimore Avenue once again a                 to merchant collaborations up and             Main Street in Manayunk.
dynamic, pedestrian-friendly                          down the avenue.

     New Websites with Community Information:                                              April PRIMER Workshops for Homeowners
     Philadelphia Citymaps provides aerial photos, zoning maps,
     service areas, and nearby facilities.
                                                                                        University City Exterior House Painting                                                           April 8, 6 - 8 pm
     This BRT (Bureau of Revision of Taxes) site allows property                   How to make sure your property is properly prepared for
     ownership to be identified.                                                  painting, and how to select and price a painting contractor.                                                                  Electricity
     Check out census information, directory of city fix-it hotlines,                             April 22, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
     and links to other resources.                                            What needs to be done to bring your electrical system up to code?
                                                                              What will it cost? Does your house have "enough juice" to handle
                                                                                                      new technology?

UCity Property                                                               At each workshop, a panel of experts will offer advice and
                                                                               answer questions about prioritizing projects, budgeting,
Owners Recognized                                                             and identifying and selecting contractors for each type of
                                                                             job. This series is part of the UCD’s PRIMER Program --
   At the 2002 University City Historical Society Tea in
                                                                               Preservation, Restoration, Improvement, Maintenance,
February, 65 University City property owners and
                                                                                and Educational Resources. These workshops are co-
businesses were awarded "Gift to the Street" recognition
                                                                             sponsored by the UCD and the University City Historical
for their exterior paint and restoration projects. Several of
                                                                               Society and are open to anyone but will be of particular
those recognized are friends of the UCD: Dorothy
                                                                                         interest to those with older homes.
Berlind, Barry Grossbach, Lindsay Johnston, Fulwider
Corporation, University City Housing, and Rx.
                                                                              To register, call 215-243-0555 x229 or visit
   Special recognition was given to Mark Olinger,
                                                                                The fee for each session is $5 per person for UCHS
Landlord Network member, for the porch restoration at a
                                                                                members/UCD contributors, and $10 for all others.
property on Pine Street.
                                                                                          Location: University City District,
   The Preservation Initiative Award was given to Carl
                                                                                         3940 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Dranoff for the re-use of the long-vacant historic building
that is now The Left Bank at 3101 Walnut St.

                                                                                                 A       The Master Plan was completed last fall and endorsed by
     Clark Park Updates                                                                              the Friends of Clark Park (FOCP) and The Philadelphia
     A    Thursday, May 2nd, 2002, 5 to 7:30 pm, 43rd Street and                                     Department of Recreation. FOCP are now working toward
      Kingsessing Mall, just across the street from the Park. Mark                                   implementation, beginning with $100,000 from the
      your calendars for the 3rd Annual Party for the Park, a                                        Recreation Department for several improvements. New
      fundraiser to provide regular maintenance of the Park. It’s                                    lighting, sidewalks, landscaping and other upgrades may
      professional upkeep that attracts events such as last July’s                                   come in 2003. For information, contact Friends of Clark
      free concert by The Philadelphia Orchestra to Clark Park.                                      Park at 215-552-8186 or
      Please consider a donation to the fund.
          Tickets are $60 for FOCP members or groups of 8+ and A The Clark Park Farmers Market will re-open on
      $75 for individuals and can be purchased on line at          Thursday, June 6th at 3 pm* for a 5th season of deliciousness. or by calling the UCD. If we sell $20,000 of  Over 11,000 shoppers enjoy the market each year. Join us at
      tickets, The Drumcliff Foundation will match it! And this    43rd St. and Baltimore Avenue Thursdays 3 to 7pm and
      year begins the drive to establish a permanent endowment     Saturdays 10am to 2pm through November. We requested
      for Clark Park maintenance. Contact Meridith Sauer at        more organic produce this year, and co-sponsors The Food
      215-243-0555 x223 or for more        Trust (formerly Farmers Market Trust) are working on it.
      information.                                                 (*Weather and crops permitting.) Contact Todd Powers for
          Thanks to sponsors AP Construction, Campus               more information: 215-243-0555 x230 or
      Apartments, Drumcliff Foundation, University of
      Pennsylvania, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia,
      Blank Rome Comisky & McCauley, Kelly/Maiello Architects
      & Planners, Timothy Haahs & Associates, and Royalty Press.
      (List as of 3/11/01.)

                            UCD Hires Fundraiser
                               The UCD welcomed Esther Wiesner to its senior staff in
                            charge of development on March 11th. She will help the

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Todd Powers
                            organization tap into a greater variety of funding sources.
                            Wiesner (“Wees-ner”) was most recently at The Reinvestment
                            Fund in Philadelphia.
                                                                                                                           New development director Esther Wiesner.

     The Public Space Maintenance Crew

                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo: Allison Kelsey

4.   (Back Row L-R) C. Gant, A. Pickron, J. Jones, K. Johnson, B. McFadden, K. Norris, M. Davis, K. Billups, E. Hodge, T. Beaty, M. Bell
     (Front Row L-R) A. Konah, L. Little, J. Walker, E. Rodriguez, I. Pereira, R. Dorsett, D. Ross, J. Twyne, G. Alarez, J. Gilmore, C. Whillington
                        New Faces
                        in Clean &
                            Since January 2nd,
                        responsibility for the
                        University City District
                        Public Safety and Public
                        Space Maintenance programs
                        has been consolidated under
                        one person, John Fenton,

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: John Fenton
                        who came to University City
                        as Ambassador manager in
                        November of 2000.
                                                        (L-R) PSM Operations manager Vernon Banks, PSM Employee of the Year Kevin Norris, & PSM supervisor Ron Dorsett.
                            "I bring my enthusiasm
                        for our safety services to our cleaning services," he said.                      In public safety, Ted Moore replaces Fenton as
                        "Concern for cleanliness and safety belong together because                  Ambassador operations manager. Moore has nearly 20 years’
                        one influences perceptions of the other." Fenton spent his                   experience in the security industry.
                        first days on the streets with the cleaning crews to see                         Clean and Safe programs are the UCD’s largest. In 2001,
                        firsthand what they experience.                                              UCD employees removed over 6000 posters and stickers
                            Other new Public Space Maintenance staff are operations                  from poles, eliminated more than 4500 graffiti tags, and
                        manager Vernon Banks and assistant manager Ron Dorsett.                      picked up 1 million pounds of sidewalk and vacant lot trash.
                        Banks’ decades of experience includes maintenance manage-                    In last year’s UCD public perception survey, 73% said that
                        ment for Philadelphia City Hall and the Philadelphia School                  University City is cleaner than three years ago. The UCD
                        District. Dorsett was a supervisor for Center City District.                 Ambassador program has helped to lower major crime by
                        All three are dedicated to improving services to the                         nearly 30%. Ambassador services have expanded significantly
                        neighborhoods and enhance the effectiveness of cleaning and                  in the past two years to include free vehicle assistance in
                        graffiti removal crews.                                                      conjunction with Penn’s Division of Public Safety, an in-line
                                                                                                     skate patrol, and a greatly developed homeless outreach unit.
                                                                                                     Last year that unit helped
                                                                                                     412 homeless people to
                                                                                                     shelter and medical
                                                                                                     attention. Over 71% of those
                                                                                                     surveyed said that they feel
                                                                                                     safer in University City than                                                     Photo: Todd Powers

                                                                                                     they did three years ago.

                                                                                                                                      Ambassador operations manager Ted Moore.

                                                                                                 PSM’s New Look
                                                                                                    Clean and Safe director John Fenton shies from comparisons to
                                                                                                 Mr. Blackwell, but he was the driving force behind the new look for
                                                                                                 the Public Space Maintenance staff. The new jackets, overalls, and
Photo: Allison Kelsey

                                                                                                 mock turtlenecks “not only increase their look of professionalism,”
                                                                                                 says Fenton, “but they also convey a security look that will help
                                                                                                 steer potential criminals away from University City.”
                        PSM employees Eugene Hodge & Irma Pereira show off their new uniforms.
                                                                                                        Photos: Todd Powers
     Clean & Safe Kudos
         Clean & Safe director John Fenton has nothing but
     praise for his staff. “They’re real professionals,” he
     beams, “and I’m proud to work with each and every one
     of them.” Recently, Kevin Norris was named Public
     Space Maintenance Employee of the Year, Sandy Nixon
     was named Ambassador of the Year, and Michael Staton                                                                     (above) February, 2002
                                                                                                                              Ambassador of the Month,
     was named Supervisor of the Year. “It is employees like                                                                  Nadine Nash-Kendrick
                                                               (L-R) Supervisor of the Year
     these,” says Fenton, “that make our program so                  Michael Staton and
                                                                     Ambassador of the Year
     successful in making a difference in University City.”          Sandy Nixon                                              (left) January, 2002
                                                                                                                              Ambassador of the Month,
                                                                                                                              Ramona Slaughter

     New Community Court Benefits UCity
        Since 25th February, extra hands have     paraphernalia, thefts, obstructing the      people a day, according to John Fenton,
     been helping to clean University City’s      highway/panhandling/ prostitution, and      UCD director of operations. They are
     sidewalks and vacant areas. But they’re      attempt or conspiracy to commit any of      assigned to assist the public space
     not volunteers: the hands belong to          these crimes. Hearings at Community         maintenance crews unless they cannot
     people who have been sentenced to            Court are expedited usually within 36       perform physical work. Tasks include
     perform community service by the             hours of arrest. Sentences range from 6     taking down stickers and posters from
     Philadelphia Community Court.                to 30 hours, and drug or behavioral         light poles and sweeping up trash.
         Philadelphia Municipal Court and         treatment may also be required.             During Community Court’s first week,
     Center City District teamed to create            Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne    the trash-strewn shoulder area of N. 31st
     the Court as an alternative to               Abraham is an enthusiastic supporter of     Street was cleared of litter by one
     incarceration or probation for quality of    the initiative. "Philadelphia’s             worker.
     life crimes. Because of overcrowding in      Community Court will take carefully             Community organizations that have a
     the city’s prisons, minor crimes usually     selected quality of life offenses and       need for the extra labor that these
     result in probation which puts the           summary cases and treat them with           workers can provide should call the
     offender back on the street without          resources that will address offender        UCD at 215-243-0555 x 236.
     punishment.                                  addiction and other social problems. In         UCD executive director Eric T.
         The geographic boundaries for the        addition to making offenders                Goldstein is excited about the Court’s
     Court include the University City            accountable for the consequences of         opening. "Having the extra help allows
     District and the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 17th, and    their illegal conduct, they will also be    us to be even more responsive to public
     23rd Police Districts in Center City. If a   required to do community service and        space maintenance problems. Of course,
     person is caught committing certain          by doing so make it less likely that they   we hope that the Court acts as a
     crimes within this area, s/he may be         may re-offend."                             deterrent so that these crimes will begin
     brought to Community Court and                   Community Court’s presiding judge       to decrease in University City and
     sentenced to community service in the        is the Honorable Wendy L. Pew, and its      Philadelphia."
     area.                                        administrative judge is the Honorable           Other American cities with
         The types of offenses adjudicated are    Seamus P. McCaffery known for creating      community courts are New York (an
     retail theft, summary offenses, criminal     Eagles Court at Veterans’ Stadium           important model for Philadelphia’s),
     mischief/vandalism, graffiti, possession     during the football season.                 Atlanta, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and
     of an instrument of crime of graffiti,           The District Attorney’s Office          Hartford, CT.
     possession of an instrument of crime,        determines which defendants are sent to         The Philadelphia Community Court
     theft from auto, disorderly conduct,         Community Court. Those rejected are         is located on the second floor of 1401
     theft of services, defiant trespass,         sent to Municipal Court. University City    Arch Street. The telephone number is
6.   possession of drugs or drug                  District expects to receive one to 5        215-683-1570.
                                                                         $25                       $50
        I wish to contribute the following amount:
                                                                         $100                      Other $_____
                               Please make your check payable to “University City District.” Thank You!
                                      Mail to: 3940 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3111


                Business Name__________________________________________________________

                Telephone___________________________ Fax_______________________________


       Donate online at using our secure server!

                             UCD Contributors                               (8/17/01-3/8/02)
7 Eleven                              Thurman Doty                 Lilia T. Labik                   Margaret Sayvetz
Nureddin O. Aberra                    Drexel University            Charles Ivar Larson              Michael D. Schill
Ruth Adams                            Drumcliff Foundation         Jeong Hae Lee                    Amy I Schlegel
Joanne Aitken                         EDAW                         Andrew Lees                      Levi F. Scott Jr.
Rose Amendolia                        Sylvia L. Egnal              Joseph J. Lorenc                 Stephen Seplow
Amigo African Food Market             Theresa Kiley Epp            Joseph E. Lowry                  Leo Sewell
AMTRAK                                David Estabrook              Virginia Maksymowicz             Joseph Shapiro
Trina Larsen Andras                   Alan Filreis                 Peter Manoogian                  Milton D. Shapiro
Cyrus Dezfuli Arjomandi               Janet P. Finin               Dr. Ann Elizabeth Mayer          Robert Gilpin Smith
Armen, Inc.                           Justine Folwell              Diana L. McCarter                Denena S. Smithwick
Frances T. Ashton                     Inez Foster                  Carolyn McCoy                    Spruce Hill Manor
David M. Axler                        the freshgrocer              McDonald Uniform Company         St. Mark's Resident Association
Liesel Baker                          Reiko K. N. Gaspar           Suzanne J. Minnis                Stacys Pizza, Inc.
Andrew Balluffi                       Patricia B. Gates            Pecolia Monk                     Arthur P. Staddon
Baltimore Avenue Deli, Inc.           Thomas J. Gavin              Dr. Alice B. Moyer               Paul Steege
Rebecca A. Baranowsk                  Ronald B. Giemza             Leroy H. Murray                  Paul R. Steinke
Sylvia A. Barkan                      William Giesey               Daniel J. Myers                  Blane F. Stoddart
Jeffrey M. Berger                     Donald E. Gillis             Vivianne T. Nachmias             Richard D. Stoy
Dorothy Welch Berlind                 James Gist                   Thomas Naff                      Margaret T. Strothers
Henry Bernstein                       GMAC Mortgage                Namrata Narain                   Tandoor India Restaurant
Stephen G. Beuret                     Evelyn R. Goodgal            Leisha Nolan                     Target
Linda Blythe                          Eula M. Green                Ana Lia Obaid                    Julie A. Taylor
Isabel Bohn                           James L. Griffin             Terence A. Oliva                 The Second Mile Center
Bron E. Bradshaw                      Richard Guffanti             OneSource                        Anne Thomforde Thomas
Arthur Brandenburg                    John Hayden                  Onuorah Umeh, M.D                Barbara Tilley
A. Brothers                           Carol Hinzman                David A. Othmer                  Peter Tilley
Marian P. Brown                       Thomas M. Holloman           P C Association, Inc.            Lucille V. Timmons
Marvin G. Brown                       William F. Hooper, III       John H. Parkes                   Two Good Fellas Inc.
Carol W. Buettger                     Katherine M. Hopkins-Bot     The Partnership CDC              UACT Association Corporation
Dr. Stephen Bulova                    Henrietta Hughes             Paul Bros. Auto Body             University City Science Cente
Vathana Bunya                         Rebecca Huss-Ashmore         PECO Energy                      University of Pennsylvania
Cecile Lefebvre Burgert               Frank T. Innes Jr.           Pennoni Associates, Inc.         University of Pennsylvania
Ann A. Byun                           INTECH Construction          Philadelphia on the West Side        Health System
Campus Apartments                     International House          Daniel Pipes                     University of the Sciences
Campus Epicurean                      Melissa V. Johanningsmeier   Pitcairn Trust Company               in Philadelphia
Cavanaugh's Restaurant                Leatha Jones                 John L. Puckett                  Wallis Urmenyhazi
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia   Gihon Jordan                 Queen Sheba Pub II               Frances A. Velay
Angela H. Coghlan                     Aravind Joshi                Myrtle Randolph                  Videophila, Inc.
Herbert Coleman                       Kalvin Kahn                  The Restaurant School            Capp Huu Vuong, D.D.S.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania          Kallisti Music Press              at Walnut Hill College      Stephen E. Wagner
Robert E. Cordero                     Charles Kapps                Robert L. Riley Jr.              Andrew D. Wallace
Richard T. Craig                      I. Milton Karabell           Arthur Rivers, Jr.               Uriel Wallace
Dennis Culhane                        Michael B. Katz              Michelle Robinson                Robert D. Weidenbacker
James H. Cummings                     Richard M. Kennedy           Milton J. Rosenthal              West Philadelphia Locksmith
David R. Silver, D.M.D.               Dr. Marcia S. Kesten         Marjorie A. Roth                 Andrew Wheeler
Estelle Davis                         Joseph Knox                  John Albert Rothfuss             Joyce C. White
Mary Jane Davis                       David J. Koppisch            S. R. Wojdak & Associates        F. Wright
M. Ellen Deacon                       Ann M. Kreidle               Raymond C. Saalbach              Paul Young
Peter Dodson                          Nancy Krody                  Marilyn Sanborne                 Paul Youngs
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation          Michael Kuncevich            Meridith Mauldin Sauer
Bruce L. Dorpalen                     James R. Kurtz               Jeff Saven
                                                                                               Up Close Now
                                                                                              Printed Monthly
                                                                                    The Up Close calendar of University City
                                                                                   events is now being printed monthly as a
                                                                                   full-page ad in the Philadelphia City Paper.
                                                                                      Make sure to check out the theater,
                                                                                    dance, art, music, film, and events that
                                                                                     are happening on the west side of the
                                                                                    Schuylkill. The calendar is also available
                                                                                         to download at

                                                                                      2002 University City
                                                                                      Report Card Available
                                                                                     The 2nd edition of the University City
                                                                                    Report Card, a comprehensive survey of
                                                                                    demographic and economic data, is now
                                                                                      available. To get a free copy, contact
                                                                                      Meridith Sauer at 215-243-0555 x223.

          Help Clean & Green UCity on Saturday, April 20th
    The Saturday before Earth Day will be a day of cleaning, greening, and art projects throughout
   University City. Part of UCD’s anti-litter campaign, there will be activites throughout the district.
            To find out more or to take part in making University City cleaner and greener,
                             call 215-243-0555 or check out
                         The Quest is printed by Royalty Press and mailed by United Cerebral Palsy Industries.

University City District
                                                                                                                 NON-PROFIT ORG.
3940-42 Chestnut Street                                                                                             US POSTAGE
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3111                                                                                             PAID
                                                                                                                 PHILADELPHIA, PA
                                                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 5055


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