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                           Held on Wednesday 7th June 2006


Chairman/Departmental Safety Officer        David Gentry
Secretary                                   Judith Baylis

Peter Schreiber, Harry Vine, Kevin Goddard, Brian Willey, Alan Finch, Steve
Cussell, Simon Graham, Lee Tooley, Jonathon Dyne, Robert Whisker, Graham
Axtell, Paul Beaumont, Igor Liubarsky, Graziela De Nadai-Sowrey, Meilin Sancho,
Malcolm Hudson, Paula Brown, Roy Burns, Victor Sode

1        Apologies for Absence

Martin Kehoe, Christine Wright, Simon Hooks

2        Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as correct.

a)       Matters Arising

Matters arising and actions were taken together

b)       Actions

Huxley Trap Doors – Peter Schreiber reported that the general maintenance of the trap
doors will remain on the long term maintenance list.

The temperature in the main workshop will continue to be monitored, but it was
reported that it is now too hot.

David reported that BOC will continue to provide a forklift service as in the past.
Therefore investigations of training and insurance for College staff can be suspended.

The slings and hoists course has been run. Lee will look into the possibility of
purchasing extra slings or possibly chains.
                                                           Action: Lee Tooley

Robert has let the 3rd year lab know that the Blackett room (level 8), can be used
instead of the Huxley roof for experiments as long as they comply with the local rule
that no items are to be placed on the external parapet.

Kevin checked and there are safety notice boards on Huxley level 7.

3         Safety Management


i)     WEB information:        Nothing new at present.
ii)    Safety Information boards – Labs etc:         please ensure that they at least
       display a copy of the current Safety Information Booklet with a 1st aid list from
       the web as that is the most up-to-date.
iii)   Safety Personnel:      Katie Whitehead has left and we are still investigating a
       replacement for her as Departmental Chemical Safety Advisor, if anyone has a
       suggestion please let me know. Jo Tracy-Inglis has left and we await a
       permanent replacement to fulfil the co-ordinator role for facilities.
iv)    Training:                  Inspection Technique training was provided by
       Christine and David for Jo, Kevin, Steve and Martin (David has asked Christine
       for certificates). Slings and hoists course was provided for many of the technical
       staff. The half day Stores Loading bay floor removal training has been delayed
       so I will re-contact Tom Simms to arrange two different dates a month apart to
       allow for holidays.
                                                                Action: David Gentry
v)     DSE:                    Nothing on this at present from me.
vi)    Inspections: ANNUAL DOCUMENTED INSPECTIONS and reports
       required by END OF JUNE, this month. (I have one report so far) Donal and
       I have received the College H&S Council Annual Report pro-forma and we are
       due to meet to discuss it.


Reminder - Health and Safety is an agenda item in the monthly HoGs meetings. The
requirements for eyewash facilities, BOC inspection of regulators, manual handling
assessment and the training of staff in manual handling has been raised there and by
Donal at the last Academic Staff meeting.

The Level 3 Facilities Admin team recently gave a talk to admin and secretarial staff
in the Department. We explained our roles and I took the opportunity to explain the
roles of the Departmental Safety Team (the members of this committee), how and
when they should be contacted. I also demonstrated the Safety web pages to show
where some of the facilities and all the safety documentation can be found.

Electrical PAT Testing (Portable appliance testing - equipment with 13Amp plug
on it): A small extra financial allocation has been provided by the Department to
endeavour to maintain a testing program whilst awaiting the Faculty decision on PAT.

Gas: BOC have requested to return to physics to check on regulator replacements and
to provide a second inspection report. DSO has approved it.

Loading Bay: DSO will contact Tom Simms again to arrange floor beam removal

Manual Handling: If you see someone moving a large item ask them whether the
Departmental assessors have been involved and if not why not!
Please promote the idea of handling and lifting assessment and the risks involved plus
the need for training. This is designed to protect the individual from injury.

4        Advisors/Co-coordinators Reports

Fire Hazards – Roy had nothing to report.

First Aid – Meilin reported that a major accident recently occurred and the correct
procedure wasn’t followed. She reiterated that if an accident happens, 4444 should be
called and a security officer will attend and if necessary help to arrange transportation
to the Health Centre.

Chemicals – Katie has left Imperial College and as yet, no replacement has been

Electrical Safety – Paul reiterated that hand tools should be tested every 6 months,
and they should be taken to Graham Axtell in the second year lab. At this moment
this isn’t being done. He asked the Committee to remind members of their sections
that if hand tools are being used to check the retest date and if necessary take them to

ICT have set up mini-clusters of PC’s around the Department. The majority of these
PC’s are unlabelled and have not been tested. Harry Vine will raise this at the next
Departmental ICT meeting.
                                                             Action: Harry Vine

Paul also reported that equipment is being dumped on the loading bay without taking
the sticker off. Judith will look into the possibility of getting a web cam for the
loading bay as a deterrent to dumping.
                                                               Action: Judith Baylis

Radiation Safety – See Igor’s co-ordinators report.

Laser Safety – Brian reported that at the last meeting he was looking to simplify the
laser user registration form. After consultation with Ian Gillett and HOGS he has
introduced a new form, this does not require users to name each and every laser they
could be using, it just requires the room numbers they will be working in.

Biological Safety – Roy had nothing to report.

Waste and its Disposal – Malcolm reported that the monthly waste collections are
continuing and are still very useful, but asked the Committee to remind people to
refrain from dumping items in the goods lift areas as it is a fire escape.

Malcolm also reported that we will try to recycle Winchesters (brown 2.5ltr chemical
bottles). At the moment VWR will collect Winchesters supplied by VWR for reuse,
so we are therefore asking people not to put them in the glass bins, but to call
Malcolm so they can be reused. A storage area for the clean (rinsed out) bottles and
transportation to the VWR store in Chemistry will be set up. David and Malcolm will
look into the best way of storing the Winchesters and how the system will work.
                                       Action: Malcolm Hudson and David Gentry

Display Screen Equipment – Malcolm had nothing to report.

Manual Handling – Jon reported that he has a good design for a trolley to assist with
moving laser tables. He has done an audit of the size of laser tables in the Department
and will organise training within the workshop.

Simon reported that the electric shutters leading to the loading bay will stay open
during working hours to allow people to move heavy and bulky items more easily to
the goods lift.


Kevin Goddard – SPAT. Kevin reported that he had been on a 3 day Health and
Safety course. He also reported that ICT conducted some work on the Wireless
network in Huxley, without informing the Department and left a ceiling tile hanging
dangerously. Harry will raise this with ICT at the next ICT departmental meeting.
                                                                Action: Harry Vine

Igor Liubarsky – ASTRO. Igor reported he had been on 2 courses dealing with
radioactive substances. Members of Dark Matter have got their radioactivity badges
but are still waiting for their Neutron badges. This is necessary for working in the
Boulby Mine.

Martin Kehoe – PHOT. Martin sent his apologies and had nothing to report.

Paula Brown – HEPH. Paula had nothing to report.

Theresa Debono – CMTH. Theresa did not send her apologies or a report.

Graziela De Nadai-Sowrey – THEO. Graziela had nothing to report.

Alan Finch – PLASMA. Alan reported that BOC had been in and changed the gas
regulators that needed to be replaced.

Steve Cussell – EXSS. Steve reported that progress on the small workshop on
Blackett level 9 is very slow. He still hasn’t been asked about user training.

Robert Whisker – TEACH. Robert reported that machines in the 3rd year workshop
area have now been locked off so that students cannot operate them without first
seeing a member of staff.

The chemical rooms in 3rd year Huxley lab have been locked and nobody will have
access until it is decided what the use of the rooms will be in the future. When the use

of these rooms has been established a further inspection will take place to assess its

Any other outstanding recommendations will be picked up when he does the next
annual documented inspection for the end of June.

Brian Willey – QOLS: Brian reported there was one accident in April, when a heavy
item fell from a shelf onto the casualties’ finger.

He has begun the annual safety inspection, having inspected 5 labs to date. He
forewarned the occupants that he would be looking in particular for empty cardboard
boxes, polystyrene, plug boards on the floor, solder that is not colophony free, sharps
left on benches, and chemicals stored incorrectly. In the labs Brian found all of these

Training: 4 PG’s attended the vacuum pump safety course held in on 29th March.
          4 main workshop members attended the Slings course held on the 8th March

Jo Tracy-Inglis – FAC. Jo has left Imperial College and a replacement has yet to be

5        DSO Report

Incidents in the Department since 1st March 2006 meeting:

a)     Dangerous Occurrences:         1 off

Incorrectly fitted water pipe on research equipment caused a flood.         Blk 111

b)     Reported Accidents:            1 off

Academic staff member struck on the finger by a heavy item falling out of cupboard,
later suffered shock and passed out 20 minutes after the event.         Hux 012

6        Chairman’s Business.

DSO as chair requested the members at the meeting to use only the front rows of the
room, this is so as to encourage cohesiveness and involvement plus allowing everyone
to see and recognise who is talking, he said “We are all part of this Committee, this is
a meeting to discuss safety and solutions, not me giving a lecture”.

7        Any Other Business

Peter Schreiber reported that contractors had arranged access to a laser lab via the
correct channels, but when they arrived to do the work the laser warning light was
flashing (possibly due to the deficiencies with the newer installations of Laser
Warning Lights). Consequently the contractors didn’t enter the lab to complete the

work. Malcolm and Peter are to meet with Brian to discuss how this problem can be
prevented from reoccurring.
                     Action: Malcolm Hudson, Peter Schreiber and Brian Willey

Peter Schreiber reported that when the loading bay was swept bits were going through
the gaps in the floor and falling on people on level 0. Judith will look into this.
                                                                 Action: Judith Baylis

Peter also bought up the amount of pallets outside the loading bay as they are
blocking a fire exit. Judith will look into who they belong to and ways of disposing of
                                                                 Action: Judith Baylis

Brian Willey reported that the rubbish bins by the bike racks by the Queens Gate side
of Blackett are not being emptied regularly. There is also a homeless person who
seems to be sleeping there and defecating (pooing) regularly! Peter Schreiber will
speak to Extracalm about the bins and Security about the homeless person.
                                                            Action: Peter Schreiber

Paul Beaumont reported that the Magnalock on the front door hasn’t been activated as
the front doors haven’t shut properly. This has been reported to Estates on a number
of occasions and been repaired, but Malcolm and Peter need to look into this.
                                     Action: Peter Schreiber and Malcolm Hudson

8        Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 11th October 2006
Wednesday 21st February 2007


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