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How does the Wireless Eye Proximity Marketing system work?

    Wireless Camera sends images via the mobile phone network every few seconds Camera
    can be switched by movement activation or by the operator to record continuous video
    streaming on the camera internal flash memory.

    Proximity Marketing capability incorporated into the camera system automatically pairs with
    Bluetooth enabled mobile phones within 500 meters inviting connection - Disengages if

    If the connection is accepted it sends promotional messages from local businesses
    promoting their services. Local restaurants, taxi companies etc.
The System in detail:

CCTV PAID FOR BY ADVERTISING REVENUE The Wireless Eye Proximity Marketing system operates as a
Wireless Eye CCTV system but with the addition of Proximity Marketing Bluetooth technology. The concept is to
enable the cost of the security system to be funded by advertising or sponsorship revenues. Many local authorities
and other organizations that would traditionally have funded the cost of CCTV are facing severe budget constraints.
Proximity Marketing Bluetooth technology incorporated into CCTV is an innovative answer.

PROXIMITY MARKETING TECHNOLOGY The Wireless Eye Proximity Marketing camera system, through its
router and internal sim card can receive adverts via the internet where it stores them on the internal memory. The
advertising can be in the form of simple text messages, sound messages or video sound and vision. High quality
advertising only limited by the capability and how up to date is the receiving mobile phone.

MOBILE PHONE ADVERTISING There are three primary opportunities created by this new technology. Wireless
Eye security cameras deployed in town centres can advertise local businesses. Taxi firms, restaurants etc. Cameras
deployed at annual shows or carnivals can advertise promotional offers available at the show. Nature reserves or
historic visitor attraction sites can send information to visitor’s mobile phones about the history of certain areas or
what to look out for. These messages can be sponsored by local businesses.

CLEVER SOFTWARE is at the heart of Wireless Eye Proximity Marketing technology. The software searches for
mobile phones which have their Bluetooth capability switched on. This process can be helped by strategically
placed notices in town centres and at events inviting people to switch on their phones Bluetooth capability.

YES OR NO THE MOBILE USER IS IN CONTROL There is nothing more irritating than being continually
pestered. The software has been designed to avoid this. The software identifies a Bluetooth enabled phone 50
metres away. The Camera automatically ‘pairs’ with the mobile and a text message is sent to the phone asking if
the mobile owner wishes to receive promotional messages. If they decline the invitation the software automatically

ENVIRONMENTALY FRIENDLY This technology will undoubtedly replace paper promotional fliers and will
develop further as mobile phones and personal organizers become ever more sophisticated.

Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this information sheet, we have a policy of continuous
product development and improvement. We reserve the right to change or upgrade product specifications
without notice.

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