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					                 THE BANQUET COMMITTEE
                                                                           Mountain Lake District
Chairperson                   Mark Hoffman                               Scouter Recognition Banquet
Master of Ceremonies          Donald Dillon                                         February 9, 2006
Facilities                    Steve Dougherty
Venue                         North Metro Technical College
                                                                               Recognizing the efforts of
                                                                         Mountain Lake District Scouters in 2005
Awards                        John Keeshen, Don Snyder
Certificates                  Chris Lee
Registration/Prizes           Cathy Kooyman, Melek Owenby
Food Coordination             RJ Kolencik, Steve Kooyman
Decorations                   Doreen Campbell, Angela Thomas
Program Reproduction          Annette Burke, Karen Poole, RYECO
Program                       Kevin Campbell
Caterer                       Stubby’s BBQ

The banquet committee would like to thank all of the Scouts,
Scouters, Chartered Organizations, Professional Staff, Spouses, and
Friends of Scouting for their help and support with the Banquet
Program this year. Special thanks go to Steve Dougherty and his staff
at North Metro Technical College for hosting this event. Although
we have endeavored to include everyone and/or everything in this
Banquet Program, we may have inadvertently overlooked someone or
something. For this, we sincerely apologize. Your contribution to the
Scouting youth of our area is no less appreciated. Please inform us of         “The Great Outdoors”
any corrections and / or revisions so that we may give proper
recognition. Thank you for supporting the scouts, your units, and
Mountain Lake District. Happy Scouting!
                                                                              Atlanta Area Council
                                                                             Boy Scouts of America
     SCOUTERS RECOGNITION BANQUET PROGRAM                                               DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT

                           February 9, 2006
                                                                        Each year the District Chairperson convenes a select committee of
                                                                        prior recipients of the District Award of Merit to receive and
               Master of Ceremonies - Donald Dillon                     evaluate nominations for this award. This award is given for
Introductory Remarks                          Donald Dillon             exemplary duty and accomplishments in both Scouting and other
                                                                        youth programs within the community reflecting the ideals of the
Opening                                       T-540 Honor Guard         Boy Scouts of America.
Welcome                                       Mayor Leonard Church
                                                                                                    Past Recipients      Date of Service
                                              Mayor Tommy Allegood
                                                                        Cobb District               Bion Jones           1987
Invocation                                    Dr. Wallace Wheeles                                   Cliff Barger         1990
                                                                                                    Don Smith            1991
                              DINNER                                                                Frank Bettis         1992
                                                                                                    Don Snyder           1993
Roundtable Announcements                      Donald Dillon
                                                                                                    Karen Angeli         1993
Slide Presentation                            Steve Kooyman                                         Don Prince           1993
                                                                                                    Karen Milligan       1994
Remarks from AAC Area 3 Director              Jay Stoecker                                          Frank Cullins        1995
Remarks from MLD District Executive           Drew Chrisohon                                        Jerry Melton         1997

Remarks from our District Chairman            Dale Hughes               Mountain Lake District      Donna Meeks          1998
                                                                                                    Barbara Daniel       1998
Banquet Honorees                              Don Snyder                                            Alan Stensland       1999
2005 Pioneer Honor Awards                     John Keeshen                                          John Mackey          1999
                                                                                                    Sharon Kriss         2000
2005 Dedicated Deer Awards                    Don Snyder                                            Jimmy Stephens       2000
                                                                                                    Richard Angeli       2001
District Chairman Remarks                     Dale Hughes                                           Vivian Gulledge      2001
Leader Recognitions                           District Chairs                                       R.J. Kolencik        2002
                                                                                                    John Keeshen         2002
Installation of the 2006 Officers             Jay Stoecker                                          Jacque Cullins       2002
                                                                                                    Mike Gulledge        2003
                                              Area III Field Director
                                                                                                    David Tackett        2003
2005 District Awards of Merit                 Don Snyder                                            Trent Trees          2003
                                                                                                    Roy Chastain         2004
Closing                                       Mike Gulledge                                         Dena Cotti           2004
                                                                                                    Monica Hoffman       2004
                   SILVER BEAVER AWARD                                                    2006 BANQUET HONOREES
                                                                                    Our 2004 “District Award of Merit” Winners
The National Council, Boy Scouts of America, upon nomination of
the Atlanta Area Council, confers the Silver Beaver Award for            The highlight of the annual recognition banquet is the
distinguished service to youth. This award is made for noteworthy        announcement of the recipients of the District Award of Merit.
service of exceptional character to youth by registered Scouters under   Tonight we honor these most recent recipients for all their selfless
the jurisdiction of the Atlanta Area Council.                            giving to our District Scouts.

                                                                         Roy Chastain – Roy’s service began in Mountain Lake District
                  1974        J. R. Dooley                               when it was formed in 1998. He served as the Communications
                  1984        Jim Vaughn                                 Committee Chair for 7 years, designing the original website and
                  1989        Bion D. Jones                              email distribution list. Roy has been both Webelos Leader and
                  1992        David Muller, Jr.                          Committee Chair for Pack 301, and is currently a Committee
                  1993        David Muller, Sr.                          Member for Troop 700 where he serves as the Advancement Chair.
                  1996        Byron Sabin                                He has earned the Cub Scouter Knot and District Committee Key
                  1997        Karen Angeli                               for his service to youth.
                  1998        Don Prince
                  1999        Frank Cullins                              Dena Cotti - Dena’s service to Scouts began in the Tennessee
                  2001        Don Snyder                                 Valley Council and continued in the Mid America Council before
                  2003        Richard Angeli                             coming to MLD. She has serviced as a Den Leader, Day Camp
                              Vivian Gulledge                            staff, and Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew Committee member. She
                  2004        John Keeshen                               helped charter 3 new units. Dena joined the Commissioner staff,
                  2005        Mike Gulledge                              originally supporting 8 units – this responsibility has grown 14
                                                                         units. She has earned many awards including several Cub Scout
                                                                         Leader knots, Commissioner’s Key, and Commissioners
                                                                         Arrowhead, and several Dedicated Deer awards.

                                                                         Monica Hoffman – Monica’s service began in 1997 as Popcorn
                                                                         Chair for 4 years. She also serve as Tiger Coach for 2 yrs, Asst.
                                                                         Webelos Leader for 2 yrs, FOS chairperson for 4 years, and
                                                                         Committee Chair for over 4 years. She was instrumental in the
                                                                         formation of Pack 703 out of Pack 730. Monica has also served in
                                                                         support of Troop 540. Monica’s District service includes Cub Day
                                                                         Camp staff for 4 yrs., Webelos Woods co-Chair, games coordinator
                                                                         for Cuboree and Turkey Shoot, and co-chairing several WAPs.
                                                                         Most recently she served as Vice Chair of Membership for 18
                                                                         months during 2002-2004.
                       PIONEER AWARD

An award is given to each unit in the District who has gone beyond
the achievements of the National Quality Unit recognition, and has
earned a place on the District Honor Roll by earning Mountain Lake
District’s “Pioneer Award”. For 2005, those units include:

              Packs                          Troops
   Pack 002       Pack 187            Troop 116    Troop 422
   Pack 220       Pack 611            Troop 540
   Pack 703

                                                                     Friends of Scouting remains a critical fundraising
                                                                     activity for the Atlanta Area Council and your
                                                                     contributions are vital for continuing to provide our
                                                                     Scouts a quality program with quality facilities.

                                                                         THANK YOU for your generous contributions!

Troop    Charter Organization      Scoutmaster
           LDS – Kennesaw
  4                               Asa Hendricks Jim Hubbard
            Mountain Ward
            Acworth United
 116                              Grover Collins David Muller
           Methodist Church
        Kirkwood Presbyterian
 187                              David Tackett     Dale Brott
            Christ Episcopal         Richard
 217                                               Peter Brady
                Church               Spencer
           Kennesaw United
 220                               David Kriss     Idetta Curtis
           Methodist Church
          County Line United
 350                              Steve Helbling R.J. Kolencik
           Methodist Church
         Burnt Hickory Baptist      Malcolm          Linda
                Church               Weeks          Blackmer
 412    Summit Baptist Church     Kenny Leverett   James Slick
         St. Catherine of Siena
 422                               Trent Trees     Harvey Gay
            Catholic Church
 472    LDS - Mars Hill Ward      Doug Hopper  Shaun Roedel
         First United Lutheran                    Steve
 510                              Chuck Alford
                Church                           Robarge
           Due West United
 540                              Rob Thompson Jim Williams
           Methodist Church
        Mars Hill Presbyterian       Hunter
 700                                             Todd Copley
                Church              Johnson
 719     LDS – Acworth Ward       Robert Goldie Johna Hanson
 731    LDS – Kennesaw Ward
          New Salem Baptist
 741                              Pat Fullbright
2096      NorthStar Church        Chuck Arnold Brad Braswell
                                     Willie        John
4163    Mt. Zion AME Church
                                   Knowling     Fitzpatrick
        MOUNTAIN LAKE DISTRICT PACKS (2005)                                                   DEDICATED DEER AWARD
                                                                                                  2005 Calendar Year
Pack    Charter Organization       Cubmaster       Committee Chair
        Legacy Park Comm.                                                              Each unit has been asked to recognize their
 2                                 Lisa Briggs     Donald Bottelsen
               Assoc.                                                                  leaders, parents, or supporters that have
       Kirkwood Presbyterian                                                           gone above and beyond the call of duty in
187                              Donald Dillon       Becky Jones
               Church                                                                  supporting some facet of the unit’s program.
          Kennesaw United           Keith                                              A unit is allowed to honor one individual for
220                                                Melek Owenby
          Methodist Church        Morningstar                                          every 25 registered youth, or portion
        County Line United                                                             thereof. These units have recognized the
350                              Kevin Campbell
          Methodist Church
                                                                                       following individuals for this award.
       Burnt Hickory Baptist
353                               Tony Flippo       Theresa Flippo
412    Summit Baptist Church     Kenny Leverett     Leve Leverett                               Packs
       St. Catherine of Sienna                                        P 002    Christine Pruett, Don Bottelsen, Mike Schambaugh,
422                              Gary LaPointe      John Thomas                Steve Clay
           Catholic Church
                                   Clayton                            P 187    Raborn Reader, Ken Figlewicz, Shari McIntyre
472    LDS - Mars Hill Ward                           Ben Quick       P 220    Melek Owenby
                                                                      P 350    Doreen Campbell, Cindy Wilson
          Due West United
540                               Dale Hughes        Phil Cunard      P 353    Charles Hebert, Mark Stolz, Curt Frazier
          Methodist Church
                                                                      P 412    Elisha Plumley, Heather Pearson
           Acworth United
611                              Frank Edwards      Bill Hamilton     P 422    Angela Thomas, Jordon Haugh, Jean Eason, David Scott,
          Methodist Church
                                                                               Lisa Wells
          LDS - Kennesaw
649                              Deanne Ohman        Jim Hubbard      P 703    Joe Szalay, Cindy Lawrence, Scott Moore
           Mountain Ward
                                                                      P 730    Billy Williams, Bird Bell, Chuck Bush
       Living Hope Lutheran                                           P 1611   Sharron Cline, George Hutcheson
703                               Ron Hughes        Tony Yetman
719     LDS - Acworth Ward        Tracy Graham     Amy McPherson
730       Mars Hill Church         Rich Shelton     Mike Staliper     T 217    Lisa Spencer
731    LDS-Kennesaw Ward          Sidney Bishop    Johnny Jenkins     T 220    Sharon Kriss, David Kriss
       St. Catherine of Sienna    Griselle Lares                      T 353    Kathy Riggs
1455                                                 Kevin Lares
           Catholic Church           Bazzani                          T 412    Dave Peterson
                                     George                           T 422    Phillip Robertson, Brad Wells, Elanie Pinkerton
1611       Roberts School                          Lisa Bosserman
                                    Hutcheson                         T 472    Dena Cotti
1916    Shelton Elementary         James Kautz      Gary Roberts      T 540    Jim Williams, Miami Phillips, Bill Woodworth
2096     NorthStar Church         Alan Hebling       Ken Roberts      T 700    Arron Robinson, Charlie Levan
2269    Mt. Paran Christian         Lou Little      Angela Gentry
                                    McKenzie                                              Crews & Teams
4163   Mt. Zion AME Church                         John Fitzpatrick
                                     Rhymer                           C 353    Chuck Sicard
9161   Russom Elem. School       Jason Campbell    Pamela Sweeney     C 472    Dena Cotti
                                                     MOUNTAIN LAKE DISTRICT CREWS, TEAMS, SHIPS

                                                                                       Coach /Advisor    Committee
                                                      Unit      Charter Organization
                                                                                         / Skipper         Chair
                                                                      Mars Hill
                                                     Crew 42                            Mike Martin     John Keeshen
          Good Turn for America                                    Burnt Hickory                           Linda
                                                    Crew 353                             Bill Wolf
                                                                  Baptist Church                          Blackmer
Thank you to all of the Mountain Lake District                    St. Catherine of
Scouts and Scouters for your efforts to provide     Crew 422      Sienna Catholic       Bill Hackney     Trent Trees
emergency support and on-going relief to the                           Church
victims of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was the 3rd                LDS – Mars Hill
                                                    Crew 472                            Kelly Ogden     Shaun Roedel
most powerful hurricane in history and the single
                                                                 LDS – Mars Hill
most destructive.                                   Team 472
                                                                                        Kelly Ogden      Sean Roedel
                                                                 LDS – Kennesaw
Your individual efforts and the efforts of your     Crew 719                           Paul Hailstone   Johna Hanson
Scouting units helped make an impact in many        Team 719
                                                                 LDS – Kennesaw
                                                                                        Brian Shartt    Johna Hanson
people’s lives through your generosity and your                         Ward
demonstration of the ideals of Scouting – the Cub                LDS – Kennesaw
                                                    Crew 731                                            Johnny Jenkins
Scout Promise and the Scout Oath and Law.
                                                                 LDS – Kennesaw
                                                    Team 731                                            Johnny Jenkins
Thank you for your ongoing dedication to Scouting               County Line United                          Susan
and for your support of Good Turn For America.      Crew 1350
                                                                 Methodist Church
                                                                                       Alan Stensland
                                                                Kennesaw Mtn. High
                                                    Ship 1898                          Maxine Monti     Lyndon Smith
                                                                 School NJROTC
              EAGLE SCOUTS 2005                                 DISTINGUISHED COMMISSIONER AWARD

DATE       NAME        UNIT      CHARTER ORG         The Distinguished Commissioner Award is presented to
          Jeffery A.                    Christ       outstanding Commissioners who have served five continuous years.
15-Feb                 T 217
          D'Onofrio              Episcopal Church
         Andrew B.                  New Salem                           1986     Jim Vaughn
15-Feb                 T 741
           Walker                 Baptist Church
          Andrew S.              Kennesaw United                        1993     Cliff Barger
15-Mar                 T 220                                                     Karen Angeli
             Kriss               Methodist Church
         Jonathan C.            County Line United                               Don Prince
14-Apr                 T 350                                                     Karen Milligan
           Hendrix               Methodist Church
         Christopher               Burnt Hickory
19-Apr                 T 353                                            1994     Frank Cullins
         A. Blackmer              Baptist Church
         Richard M.                   NorthStar
19-Apr                 T 2096                                           1999     Don Snyder
            Ferrara                    Church
         Andrew M.                    NorthStar
19-Apr                 T 2096                                           2000     Donna Meeks
             Hilty                     Church
          Carter E.               Summit Baptist
19-Apr                 T 412                                            2002     Vivian Gulledge
             Kees                      Church
          Steven A.             County Line United
19-Apr                 C 350
            Miller               Methodist Church
            Paul E.             Due West Methodist
17-May                 T 540
           Barnhill                    Church
         Michael R.               LDS - Mars Hill
17-May                 T 472
             Cotti                      Ward
          James R.                  New Salem
17-May                 T 741
             Faulk                Baptist Church
          Taylor T.                 New Salem
17-May                 T 741
             Faulk                Baptist Church
           Glen H.               Kennesaw United
17-May                 T 220
           Stewart               Methodist Church
          James M.                 St. Catherine’s
17-May                 T 422
           Trimble                Catholic Church
          Jacob M.                Christ Episcopal
19-Jul                 T 217
           Johnson                     Church
             2005 ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT                            EAGLE SCOUTS 2005
                    Mountain Lake District                              (Continued)
                 www.mountainlakedistrict.com       DATE         NAME           UNIT       CHARTER ORG
                                                               James R. F.                   Christ Episcopal
Friends of Scouting Campaign                        19-Jul                      T 217
                                                                 Spencer                          Church
                                                                                            Kennesaw United
      $92,110 against a goal of $88,000             19-Jul    Craig Patrick     T 220
                                                                                           Methodist Church
      105% of FOS Goal achieved                                  Isaac J.                Burnt Hickory Baptist
      First AAC District to meet FOS goal           19-Jul                      T 353
                                                               McCammon                          Church
                                                                James A.                        NorthStar
Year End 2005 Membership                            19-Jul                      T 2096
                                                                D'Andrea                         Church
Units                                       52
Youth                                       2,102   19-Jul   Kyle B. Hanson     T 2096
Registered Adult Leaders                    650+
                                                                                              First United
                                                    16-Aug   Kody C. Boothe     T 510
                                                                                           Lutheran Church
District Events Attendance - Youth
                                                                                          County Line United
       Cub Scout Day Camp                   380     16-Aug   Kevin M. Hawlk     C 350
                                                                                           Methodist Church
       Boy Scout Resident Camp              257
       Venturing Summer Camp                45               Christopher A.                  Burnt Hickory
                                                    16-Aug                      C 353
                                                                 Kopp                       Baptist Church
      Event attendance growth continued in 2005                                              St. Catherine’s
                                                    16-Aug   Ellis D. Liddell   T 422
                                                                                            Catholic Church
                                                                James T.                        Due West
40 Eagle Scouts in Mountain Lake in 2005            16-Aug
                                                                                T 540
                                                                                           Methodist Church
                                                                                                Mars Hill
                                                    16-Aug   Erik T. Fredlund   T 700
                                                                                          Presbyterian Church
                                                               Tucker R.
                                                    16-Aug                      C 731    LDS - Kennesaw Ward
                                                               Zachary P.                    First United
                                                    20-Sep                      T 510
                                                                 George                    Lutheran Church
                                                                Darrell J.                 Kennesaw United
                                                    20-Sep                      T 220
                                                                Knowles                    Methodist Church
                                                                Logan S.
                                                    20-Sep                      T 731    LDS - Acworth Ward
                 2005 TRAINING AWARDS
                                                                    EAGLE SCOUTS 2005
Cubmaster                                                               (Continued)
Donald Dillon                                        DATE        NAME              UNIT     CHARTER ORG
                                                                Andrew M.
Tiger Cub Den Leader                                 15-Nov                        C 472    LDS - Acworth Ward
Becky Roark       Ronald Hughes     Cathy Kooyman
                                                                                                New Salem
                                                     15-Nov   Parker A. Kemp       T 741
                                                                                              Baptist Church
Den Leader
                                                                Michael D.                       Due West
Chris Plumley      Scott Atkinson   Hunter Johnson   15-Nov                        T 540
                                                                Middleton                    Methodist Church
                                                                Anthony F.                    Burnt Hickory
Cub Scouter                                          15-Nov                        T 353
                                                                 Paleveda                     Baptist Church
Chris Lee          Steve Kooyman    Lisa Bosserman
                                                                Kenneth E.                    Burnt Hickory
                                                     15-Nov                        T 353
                                                                  Riggs                       Baptist Church
Webelos Den Leader
Kenny Leverett     Shari McIntyre   Becky Jones                 Kenneth A.                    Burnt Hickory
                                                     15-Nov                        T 353
Hunter Johnson     Owen Morgan      Melek Owenby                  Sicard                      Baptist Church
Lori Lindsay                                                    Morgan H.                      First United
                                                     20-Dec                        T 510
                                                                 Miscally                    Lutheran Church
Commissioner Arrowhead                                          Trevor A.                     St. Catherine’s
                                                     20-Dec                        T 422
Steve Robarge                                                   Pinkerton                    Catholic Church
                                                                Mathew S.                    Kennesaw United
                                                     20-Dec                        T 220
District Committee Key                                            Walker                     Methodist Church
Steve Kooyman
                                                         SERVICE TO ATLANTA AREA COUNCIL BY
                                                          MOUNTAIN LAKE DISTRICT SCOUTERS

                                                        Council Wood Badge Staff           John Keeshen

                                                        Scouters’ Academy Staff            Doreen Campbell
                                                                                           Kevin Campbell
                                                                                           Steve Kooyman
                                                                                           Vivian Gulledge

                                                        Commissioners College Staff        Vivian Gulledge
                                                                                           Mike Gulledge
                                                                                           John Keeshen
                      ORDER OF THE ARROW                                     2005 COMMISSIONER SERVICE

                           Egwa Tawa Dee                                             District Commissioner
                      Watchsu Chuppecat Chapter                                           John Keeshen

Advisors:                                  Mike Martin                           Assistant District Commissioner
                                           John Keeshen                                   Mike Gulledge
                                           Lewis Holland
                                                                                       Unit Commissioners
Chief                                      Brad Thompson       Karen Angeli           Doreen Campbell     Dena Cotti
                                                               Jewell Farley          Theresa Flippo      Tony Flippo
VC Indian Affairs                          Zac George          Allen Frieser          Mike Gulledge       Vivian Gulledge
VC Programs                                Tyler Williams      Charles Hebert         RJ Kolencik         Cathy Kooyman
VC Communications                          Justin Roydel       Sharon Kriss           Vickie Quertermous Steve Robarge
VC Finance & Administration                Walt Keeshen        Richard Shelton        John Thomas         Tony Yetman

Active Members:                                                             Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Walt Keeshen                               Matthew Holland                            Jimmy Stephens
Michael Martin, Jr.                        Tyler Thompson
Conner Volpe                               Sam Kirk                        Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Brad Thompson                              Carter Kees                               Steve Kooyman
Chris Everett                              Tyler Williams
                                                                                        Roundtable Staff
Lodge website:                        http://www.aacegwa.org   Doreen Campbell        Mark Hoffman       R.J. Kolencik
Chapter website:              http://chubbycats.wwwhome.com    Melek Owenby           Angela Thomas      Bill Wolff
                                                                                      Farewell to Drew Chrisohon

                                                                                       It is with a heavy heart and fond
                                                                                     memories that we bid farewell to our
                                                                                          District Executive. Drew has
                                                                                        dedicated his time, energy, and
                                                                                     talent to the Scouts and Scouters of
                                                                                      MLD for the past two years and he
                                                                                      will be missed. We appreciate
                                                                                      what he’s done to improve our
                                                                                      District and wish him well in his
                                                                                              future endeavors.
                DISTRICT COMMITTEE 2005                                           Cub Family Camping         RJ Kolencik, Steve
Mountain Lake District Chairperson       Dale Hughes                             Spring Camporee             RJ Kolencik, Steve
Vice Chair for Programs                  Tim Rye                                 Day Camp      Doreen Campbell, Kevin Campbell,
                                                                                               Donald Dillon, RJ Kolencik, Steve
  Training Chairperson                   Steve Kooyman                                         Kooyman, Melek Owenby,
       Cub Leader                        Doreen Campbell                                       Angela Thomas
       Scout Leader                      Tim Rye                                 Turkey Shoot                Rob Crow, RJ
       Junior Leader Training            Bill Wolff                                                          Kolencik
       BALOO                             Steve Kooyman                           Fall Camporee               Roy Chastain
       Webelos                           Mark Hoffman                            Webelos Woods               Mark Hoffman
       Den Chief Training                Karen Angeli                            Scout Expo                  John Keeshen
       Venture Leader                    Bill Wolff                        Camping and Outdoor Promotion     Mike Gulledge
                                                                                 Health and Safety           Trent Trees
  Advancement Chairperson                Mark Hoffman                            OA Advisors                 Lewis Holland, John
      Webelos Advancement Program        Mark Hoffman                                                        Keeshen, Mike Martin
      Adult Recognition Knots            Karen Angeli
      Merit Badge Clinics                Peter Brady                Finance
      Eagle Board                        John Mackey                      Family FOS                          John Thomas
      Life to Eagle Training             Dale Brott                       Popcorn Sales                       Pat Fullbright
      Religious Awards                   Gary LaPointe                    Six Flags Fundraising Coordinator   Frank Cullins

  Cub and Scout Activities Chairperson     Tim Rye                  Vice Chair for Membership                 Donald Dillon
      Camping Committee Chairperson        Mike Gulledge                  Race to Cub Scouting Coordinator    Angela Thomas
      Historian                            Karen Angeli                   School Night Coordinators           Doreen Campbell
      Internal Communications              Roy Chastain                                                       Melek Owenby
      Publicity/Website                    Rhonda Gabel,                                                      Andrea Payne
                                           Ron Hughes                      Webelos to Scout Transition        Brad Braswell
      2005 SWC Staff        Frank Cullins, Jacque Cullins,
                            Shannon Fishback, Vivian Gulledge,
                            Mike Gulledge, John Keeshen, RJ         District Commissioner                     John Keeshen
                            Kolencik, David Muller, Marci Nadeau,   Professional Staff – District Executive   Drew Chrisohon
                            Don Snyder, Trent Trees,                Professional Staff – Field Director       Joe Wiltrout
                            Ken Wiseman

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