Kindergarten by wulinqing


									Granger Kindergarten
    Boot Camp &
   Curriculum Night
   August 27, 2009
The Teachers
 Mrs. McClain
 Mrs. Harris/
  Ms. Hitch
 Mrs. B. Lynch
 Mrs. Perry
 Ms. J. Lynch
 Mrs. Smith
Special Classes

    P.E. - Coach Ray & Coach Duron
    Music - Mrs. Hancock
    Art - Mrs. Ruddle
    Library - Mrs. Hammonds
    Computer – Classroom Teacher
Other Important People

    Principal-Ms. Etheredge
    Vice Principal – Mrs. Ruhs
    Counselor-Ms. Goodson
    CIT- Mrs. Wood
    Nurse-Nurse Mrs. Shelton
    Office Manager-Mrs. Shumake
    Office Assistants-Mrs. Collins and Mrs.
What will your child learn?
    TEKS
        What the Texas Education Agency says all
         children must learn in Kindergarten
    District Curriculum
        The sequence of how the District has
         decided that we will teach the TEKS
  Letter and sound recognition is one of the
   most significant early indicators of reading
  We will be learning letters and sounds
     The Johnny Can Spell Program
     Our Thematic Units which integrate Writing,
      Science, & Social Studies, Reader’s and
      Writer’s Workshop
  Please reinforce letter and sound
   recognition at home.

    We will be writing daily as a
     group and individually.
        Journal Writing
        Morning Message
        Writer’s Workshop
        Write From the Beginning
        Thinking Maps

  Your child will learn to read in
  We will teach Reading through:
    Shared Reading (Big Books & Poems)
    Guided Reading

    Reader’s Workshop

    Browsing Boxes

    Literacy Centers
    Patterning
    Estimating
    Graphing
    Calendar Activities
    Recognizing numbers 0-31
    Writing numbers 1-20
    Counting to 100
    Math Workstations
    Measurement
Science and Social Studies
    The following thematic units will integrate Science and
     Social Studies:

        All About Me and 5 Senses
        Apples & Pumpkins
        Fire Safety
        Thanksgiving, Native Americans, Pilgrims
        Holidays Around the World
        Zoo Animals
        Farm Animals
        Insects
        Pond
        Plants
        My Community
        Community Helpers

  Classroom Teacher Observations
  Assessments will be done every six
   weeks by your child’s classroom teacher
  Observation Survey
  DRA – September, January
   & May
  Writing Benchmarks
Report Cards

  Report Cards will be sent home every six
   weeks except for the 1st six weeks
  Sign the envelope and return the next
   day – you can keep the Report Card
  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be
   scheduled to discuss your child’s
   academic progress on October 12th.
  Please read to your child every night
  Work a maximum of 15 minutes per night on other
   Kindergarten skills such as:

                Full name       Phone #
                Birthday        Letters & Sounds
                Address         Counting
      Projects will occasionally be sent home
      Other homework will be sent home
       on an as needed basis
Cooking/Extra Curricular Activites

  We will be cooking on various Fridays to
   correspond with units and areas of study.
  Cooking ingredients will be asked for as
Student Responsibilities

  Follow School & Classroom
  Communication Folder
  Quality Work
  Classroom Procedures
  Always Show Respect
  Read Nightly
Parent Responsibilities

  Read all Notes and Forms
  Initial Behavior Log Nightly
  Conference with Teacher as Needed
  Read Nightly to your Child
  Projects
  Homework Enrichment Calendar
  Volunteer
Communication Folders
  Please check daily for behavior and
  Please initial the behavior chart daily
  Please place all money in baggies inside
  Please use the parent communications
   sheet to note any changes of
   transportation, concerns, etc.

  Please send money in a zip lock bag
   with your child’s name on it & what it is
  Please place the zip lock bag in the
   money bag in their folder.
  The fastest way to get a response from your
   child’s teacher is by email!
  Please understand that we will refer to your
   child by their initials or first name only in all
   emails to protect their privacy.
  If we do not respond within 24 hours, please
   send a note or call. We have filters that do
   block certain addresses.
Book Orders

  A great inexpensive way to provide
   quality books for your child.
  Earns bonus points for the teacher to
   buy more books for the class.
Conference Time

  12:05 - 1:00 P.M. Daily
  A morning or afternoon conference can
   be scheduled upon request
  Please call or send a note to schedule a
   conference if needed

  Promptness – children need to be on
   time to class (7:50 a.m.)
  Absences - Please send a note when
   your child returns to school and call the
   school to let us know that your child will
   be absent.
  State law requires students to be in
   school 90% of the school year.
Morning Drop Off
  If your child eats breakfast at the school,
   please drop off by 7:30 a.m.
  When dropping off in the car line in the
   morning, please have your child ready to get
   out of the car when you pull up
  Parents SHOULD NOT get out of the car in
   the car line when dropping off or picking up
  Please allow your child to walk themselves to
   their classroom alone to help them establish
   their independence
    We LOVE Volunteers
    If you wish to volunteer, you must fill out a
     volunteer application and be approved by the
    This includes helping in the classroom/around
     the school, parties, any special event such as
     Field Trips & Field Day
    Siblings will not be allowed in the classroom
     during instruction time, during parties, or on
     Field Trips
    Volunteers must follow school dress code.
Field Trips

   Please make sure you have filled out the
    Background Check if you want to go on a
    field trip!
   Please send in all field trip forms to your
    child’s teacher as soon as possible.
Birthdays and Parties
  Parents are allowed to send cupcakes for their child’s
   birthday. These will be handed out between 1:30-
  Parent’s are not allowed to send candy to school
   except for our Winter and Valentine’s Party.
  You do need to let us know ahead of time if you will be
   bringing or sending cupcakes.
  No Party Favors, plates, cups, ice cream, birthday
   candles, presents, or juice boxes
  We will not be allowed to hand out birthday invitations
   for any child. NISD Board policy states that outside
   written material may not be distributed in the
   classroom unless approved by the board.
  Suggestion: contact your room parent to get an email
   list to send out E-vites for parties
Dress Code
  No spaghetti straps
  No halter tops
  No Mid-drift shirts
  Shorts beneath dresses
  No open-toed shoes are allowed for P.E.
  Tennis shoes that cover the top of the
   foot are required for your child to
   participate in P.E. They will sit out if they
   are not wearing the appropriate shoes.
  No short skirts
Healthy Snack Suggestions
        Dry Cereal
       Cheese Nips
       Goldfish
       Plain Graham Crackers
       Teddy Grahams
       Animal Crackers
       Pretzels
       Vanilla Wafers
       Granola Bars
      ***No Candy or Cookies Please

  10:25-10:55 daily
  Parent Table in the hall… No friends
   may sit with your child
  Please send items that are easy to open.
   If you have trouble opening an item…
   your kids will too!
  Recess is 2:00-2:30
Morning Procedures

  If your child arrives between 7:30 and
   7:45 they will go to a teachers classroom
   to wait.
  You will be notified in the weekly
   newsletter which classroom your child
   will going to each week.
  Look for the big purple dot on the door in
   the mornings!

  2:50 Daily
  If your child is going to go home
   differently please call the office before
   2:00 pm or send a note in their folders.
  Car Riders – In the Back (please do not
   get out of your car to get them)
  Walkers – Kindergarten Playground

  Paper copy will come home this week
  Next week we will begin sending out the
   newsletter electronically unless you
   requested a paper copy with your child’s
  Provides information concerning
   curriculum, classroom needs/wants,
   upcoming events, reminders, etc.
  Please Join PTA-$8 per family
  Box Tops, Campbell’s Soup Labels, &
   Carpi Suns
        We are collecting these to get money for our
  Fundraisers – Fall & Spring (Cookie
   Dough Fundraiser starts on Monday)
  Questions?

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