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                           Ms. McNeill’s Kindergarten – Room 307
                                       September 26-30, 2011

       .   Snack Schedule:                            Dates to Remember
                                            September 26: Funny Feet Day
           September 26-30                  September 27: Happy Birthday Harley!
              Monday: C.J.
             Tuesday: Jenna                 September 28: Jeans Day (wear jeans for “J”)
            Wednesday: Luke                 September 29: Volunteer Training (2:30 or 5:30)
            Thursday: Jayden
                                            September 11: Grandparent’s Day (2:30-3:30)
             Friday: Zachary

   On your child’s snack day, please            Theme for September 26-30:
 provide a snack for 21 students. You             “Community Helpers”
may send drink pouches/boxes also, but
             it’s optional.                           Letters of the Week:
 It will also be your child’s show-n-tell                 Ff, Gg, Jj, Qq
day. He/she is allowed to bring an item
to share. It needs to be able to fit in a             Number of the Week:
back pack and no live animals or toys!
                                                           4 (four)
               Thank you

  This week was full of learning                Our Treasure Box is running low on
fun! Our theme was                            inventory. If you would like to contribute
                                              items to our Treasure Box, below are some
“Transportation” so we
                                              ideas of things kindergarteners love. Thank
incorporated that into our
                                              you J
Reader’s and Writer’s workshop
                                                 v   Small erasers
and math time. We made
                                                 v   Individually wrapped candy
predictable charts, listened to                  v   Pencils
good stories, made graphs and                    v   Party favors
patterns …and we even did                        v   Small toys
some kinder-cooking!                             v   Fruit Roll-ups
We made a school bus out of
graham crackers…Yum! J                       Thank you to Aiden’s family for supplying
                                              items for our treasure box! J
          See What’s Happening
              in Room 307!
                                                 Things to Remember:
 Grandparents Day will be held at our
   school on Tuesday, October 11th.           Monday
Please let them know they are invited         *Wear Gym shoes
                                              *Bring back water bottle and towel
    to come visit their grandchild’s
 classroom from 2:30-3:30. The Fall
Book Fair will be going on at that time       *Wear Gym shoes
also, so they are welcome to visit the
Book Fair with your child. If you want        Friday
  your child to go home with his/her          *Return library book
   grandparents please send a note            *Water bottle and towel will be sent
  stating so. If grandparents aren’t          home to wash
 available for your child, “substitute”
                                              **Don’t forget to check out our classroom
  grandparents are also welcome! J           website at!

    Next week to go along with our theme, we will be cooking
                      “Sheriff’s Badges”.
   Landen’s and Matthew’s families will be responsible for the
                    following ingredients.
        Please send them to school by Friday morning.

                        v   1 loaf bread each
                        v   1 tub soft butter or margarine (Matthew)
                        v   Raisins (large box or 20 individual boxes) (Landen)
                        v   Cinnamon sugar (Matthew)
                        v   20 plastic knives (Landen)

Thank you so much for helping out with cooking ingredients.
Parents are awesome! J

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