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									Bottle Cap Craft

Supplies needed:
   - Bottle caps (flattened or un-flattened). You can buy craft bottle caps or use used bottle caps (the
       twist off kind only)
   - Tacky or other craft glue
   - Printed images or stickers (1” x1” or smaller)
   - Beads, sequins, glitter, shells, anything you can think of to decorate the bottle caps
   - Acrylic paint
   - Acrylic Sealer
   - Rubber Mallet
   - Piece of wood to use when flattening your bottle caps
   - Magnets and washers
   - Ribbon or stretchy head bands
   ** If you are using craft bottle caps you can jump directly to Step 4. **

   Step 1: Prepare your bottle caps by boiling them for a few minutes in a pot on the stove. This helps
   soften the inside liner and it sterilize them. Use tweezers to pull off the liner (use caution as the bottle
   cap will be HOT!). Another technique is to place the bottle caps on a coffee burner to heat up; it only
   takes a minute for the bottle cap to get HOT so be careful!

   Step 2: Use sand paper to smooth out the caps edges, remove the logo and get the cap ready for

   Step 3: Paint your bottle caps with acrylic paint. Leave to dry. When dry coat with a clear acrylic.

   Step 4: Cut out pictures that you want to use inside your bottle cap. The pictures need to be smaller
   than 1” by 1”. You can use a quarter to trace around your picture and then cut it out or you can use a
   1-inch circular scrap booking punch if you have one.

   Step 5: Glue your image inside the bottle cap using tacky clue or craft glue. You can then decorate
   with beads, sequins, or glitter. Apply a thin layer of tacky glue over the image. Leave to dry.

   Step 6: If you want to use larger objects such as shells, you need to use varnish instead of tacky glue.
   I used tDuraclear Gloss Varnish (Decoart brand) available at Michaels. You pour the varnish into the
   bottle caps and then place your objects inside the bottle varnish. Leave to dry (overnight).

   Step 7: When your bottle cap is dry, apply one or more coats of clear acrylic sealer to both sides. This
   will make it glossy and protect it.

   Step 8: When the acrylic sealer is dry, glue a magnet to the back of the bottle cap (I recommend using
   E-600 glue). You can now use your bottle cap as a magnet or on a choker necklace.

   Step 9: To make a choker necklace, simply thread a washer (larger than a dime) onto a piece of ribbon
   or an elastic headband. The washer will attach to the magnet on the back of the bottle cap. This
   allows you to change out bottle caps easily.

   To flatten your bottle caps:

   Place bottle caps face down on a hard surface (like a piece of wood). Hit the back of the bottle cap with
   a rubber mallet until the ridges are starting to tuck under. When the ridges are turning under, flip the
   bottle cap over and hit with the rubber mallet until flat.

   Note: The easiest way to do this craft is to buy the craft bottle caps. However, I could not find them @
   Michaels or JoAnnes. They are readily available online, you can buy 50 bottle caps for around $6.

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