Beta Rho Chapter Rules by stariya


									                              BETA RHO CHAPTER
                                      Chapter Rules

ARTICLE I – Chapter Name
      The name of the chapter shall be Beta Rho Chapter, Upsilon State Organization,
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

ARTICLE II – Purposes
       The purposes of Beta Rho Chapter shall be the seven Purposes of The Delta
Kappa Gamma Society International and those of Upsilon State Organization. In
addition, the chapter will promote personal and professional growth of women educators
and excellence in education.

ARTICLE III – Membership
Section A
       1. Membership is in accordance with the Constitution, Article III, and the
           International Standing Rules, 3. The chapter has full authority for the
           administration of membership.
       2. Recommendation for Membership (Form 11) shall be available at each regular
           chapter meeting.
       3. Recommendation for Membership (Form 11) shall be completed by the
           sponsor and returned to the membership chairman by February.
       4. The Membership Committee shall review Recommendations for Membership
           (Form 11) and prepare to present the candidates’ names to the chapter
       5. The chapter shall keep membership records and the names and reasons for
           membership termination shall be recorded in the minutes.
Section B
       1. Voting for prospective members will occur at the March meeting.
       2. The general membership shall vote by ballot. 60% of the votes cast will elect
           the candidate to membership.
       3. Invitations to membership shall be in writing and shall be by mail with the
           mailing to occur no later than the week-end after the March meeting.
       4. Orientation of members-elect shall be held prior to initiation and shall be the
           responsibility of hostesses appointed by the chapter president.
       5. Members-elect will indicate in writing their acceptance to membership within
           ten days after receiving their invitation.
       6. Initiation shall be held in April. The initiates shall be presented with a current
           copy of chapter rules and program book and reoriented concerning
           expectations and functions of the Society. At that time, the thumb-little finger
           method for key pin placement is to be explained.
       7. Honorary members shall have given or be giving distinguished service to
           education and/or women that is of local significance to the Beta Rho area.
Section C – Transfer of Membership
       1. Transfer of membership shall be in accordance with the Handbook and
       2. A member who is moving from Davis County may choose to retain
           membership in Beta Rho or apply for transfer.
Section D – Termination of Membership
       1. If dues and fees remain unpaid after October 31, a member is dropped from
           Chapter roll.
       2. The recording secretary shall record in the chapter or executive board minutes
           the name of any member whose membership in terminated. The record shall
           include the reason and date of termination.
       3. Resignations should be presented in writing to the president.
       4. I n the event of resignation, the Delta Kappa Gamma key pin shall be returned
           to the Chapter. The Chapter may buy the pin from her for $10 or may accept
           it as a gift.
Section E – Reinstatement
       1. Reinstatement of membership shall be in accordance with the Handbook and
           the Constitution.
       2. The president may conduct a reinstatement ceremony.
Section F – Remembrance
       1. Each member shall have on file what she desires to be done by the chapter
           (pin, memorial service) in the event of her death.
       2. The chairman of the research committee shall maintain this file.
       3. A necrology shall be kept by the chairman of the membership committee.
       4. Special recognition of a member’s death shall be financed by the chapter
       5. The executive board shall decide on the disposition of Society jewelry that has
           been returned to the chapter.
       6. Upon the death of a member, a memorial service may be held, or a rose may
           be sent to the family. The family should be contacted to inquire which is
           more appropriate. In cases of long distance, a card may be sufficient.

ARTICLE IV – Finances
Section A
       1. Financial matters are in accordance with the Constitution, International
          Standing Rules and Upsilon State Organization Bylaws.
       2. The Finance Committee shall make recommendations for changes in dues no
          later than September 1. All members shall be notified prior to the first
          meeting of the fiscal year.
       3. Chapter dues shall be determined annually by chapter vote no later than the
          first meeting of the fiscal year.
       4. Annual chapter, state organization and international dues and fees shall be
          collected prior to October 31 and forwarded to the Upsilon State Organization
          treasurer by November 10.
       5. Chapter assessments shall be determined annually by chapter vote at a regular
          chapter meeting. Reserve and Honorary members are not assessed.
Section B
       1. The Finance Committee shall develop an annual budget and present it to the
          membership no later than the first business meeting of the year for approval.
       2. The president shall appoint a committee to complete a financial review of the
           treasurer’s book and report within a month after the end of the fiscal year.
           The committee shall report its findings at the next scheduled meeting.
           Financial review committee members shall not be members of the Finance
           Committee or an officer.
       3. The chapter shall send to the state treasurer the full amount of the scholarship
           fees collected from its members.
       4. World Fellowship contributions shall be determined by the World Fellowship
       5. Recruitment grant-in-aid shall be reviewed by the Professional Affairs
           Committee and presented to the membership for vote, using the following
               a. Candidates must be at least a sophomore in college.
               b. Candidates must be an education major.
               c. Candidates must be of high moral character.
               d. Candidates must apply with written application between March and
                    August and must be Davis County residents.
               e. Grant-in-aid will be awarded in September.
       6. Educational Foundation donations shall be determined by a vote of the
       7. Our flower policy shall be to give a red rose when a member is hospitalized
           and to send a red rose in consolation of a deceased spouse or child. Cards
           may be sent to a member when there is a death of a father, mother, brother,
           sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or
           grandchild. A rose bush is given to a retiree.
       8. Special projects may be conducted as determined by the Executive Board
           and/or general membership.
       9. Members are required to pay a fine of $.25 if they fail to wear their key pin at
           regular meetings. The fines shall go into the checking account.
       10. The chapter shall present the president with a president’s pin as soon as
           possible following her installation; payment shall be by assessment of active
       11. Members attending conventions and workshops shall be reimbursed mileage,
       convention and workshop expenses. Mileage is to be reimbursed at the rate set
       forth in the current budget. An assessment may be necessary.
       12. A gift will be presented to a member who has gotten married, moved away, or
           had a baby. Amount spent for the gift is to be set by the budget committee.

ARTICLE V - Organization
       Beta Rho Chapter shall govern the conduct of its business in a manner consistent
with the Constitution, the International Standing Rules, the Upsilon State Organization
Bylaws, the Upsilon State Organization Standing Rules and the Beta Rho Chapter
Standing Rules.
       1. Beta Rho Chapter boundaries shall be Davis County.
       2. Membership shall be individuals who live or work in Davis County.
ARTICLE VI – Officers and Related Personnel
Section A
       1. Beta Rho Chapter officers shall be a president, a vice president, a recording
          secretary, a corresponding secretary (all elected), and a treasurer selected by
          the executive board.
       2. A slate of officers, with one nominee per office, shall be prepared by the
          Nominations Committee and presented to the membership at the March
          meeting with the election taking place in March.
       3. The ballot shall include the slate of officers and the nominees for the
          Nominations Committee.
       4. Voting may be by written ballot or by voice vote.
       5. A treasurer shall be selected by the executive board at the summer meeting for
          the biennium.
       6. A parliamentarian will be appointed by the president.
       7. Installation of officers shall be at the April meeting.
       8. Officers shall perform duties as specified in the Constitution, VI, THE
          Upsilon State Organization Bylaws, and is authorized in the Beta Rho Chapter
          Standing Rules.
Section B
       1. The vice president shall serve as chairman of the Program Committee.
       2. The corresponding secretary shall be responsible for flower and card policy.
       3. The treasurer shall order the president’s pin at the chapter’s expense and make
          it available to the nominations committee before installation of officers.

ARTICLE VII – Meetings
Section A
       1. Beta Rho Chapter shall meet at least seven times per year during the months
          of September, October, November, January, February, March, April.
       2. A December meeting may be held for socializing or service projects.
       3. A quorum shall consist of the majority of ten in attendance.
Section B
       1. Meal reservations shall be given to building contacts or social hostesses three
          days before a meeting. If reservations and made, they are to be paid.
       2. A chapter newsletter, prepared by the communications committee, shall be
          printed as necessary or e-mailed to the membership.

Article VIII – Executive Board
Section A
        1. The members of the Executive Board shall be elected officers of the Chapter
           and the immediate past president. The parliamentarian shall be ex-officio
           member, without vote.
        2. The Beta Rho Chapter Executive Board shall function according to
           Constitution, VII. C.
        3. The president may appoint other nonvoting members to the Executive Board.
Section B
        1. Meeting of the Executive Board shall be at least two times per year.
       2. The Executive Board shall act in matters requiring immediate action and
          decision and shall recommend policies and procedures for consideration by
       3. A quorum shall be a majority of voting members of the board.

ARTICLE IX – Committees
Section A
The standing committees shall be:
        1. Society Business
                a. Finance
                b. Membership, including Historian
                c. Nominations
                d. Chapter Rules
        2. Program of Work
                a. Program
                    1. A Founder’s Day Program shall be included at least once each
                    2. A program recalling the chartering and growth of Beta Rho shall be
                    presented every five years to familiarize new and present members
                    with our society life. The program shall be as close to our anniversary
                    as possible.
                b. Personal Growth and Services
                c. Professional Affairs / Legislation
                d. Research
                e. Music
        3. Educational Services
                a. Communication
                b. Scholarship
                c. World Fellowship
Section B
        Standing committees shall fulfill responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution,
as specified in the latest edition of the Handbook and as stated in the Upsilon State by
Section C
        Special committees, appointed by the president, shall include:
        1. Building contacts shall notify members in their buildings of chapter meetings
        and announcements.
        2. All active members are eligible for appointment to committees.
        3. The Apple for a Student Award has been created and approved by the chapter
        membership. It is administered by the special committee appointed by the

Article X – Dissolution
Section A
        1. When a chapter is considering dissolution or reorganization, the chapter
        president shall contact the Upsilon State Expansion Committee chairman. The
       chairman and committee members shall meet with chapter members to explore
       options for maintaining, reorganizing, or dissolving their chapter. The chapter
       members’ decision, which may be voted on at that meeting or at a later date, shall
       be reported to the State Expansion
       2. The State Executive Board may, upon the recommendation of the State
       Expansion Committee, approve the dissolution of a chapter.
       3. After the chapter’s liabilities have been paid, any remaining funds shall be sent
       to the state treasurer. After transfer of members from the dissolved chapter has
       been completed, the state treasurer shall send the dissolved chapter’s remaining
       funds to the receiving chapter(s) on a pro-rated basis. If no members transfer, the
       funds shall remain in the state treasury.
       4. The State Membership Committee shall facilitate the transfer of members of
       the dissolved chapter to other chapters.
       5. The chapter charter shall be returned to the state president who shall forward it
       to International Headquarters.
       6. The dissolved chapter’s records, Society publications, and other historical
       materials shall be retained in the state archives. The chapter’s paraphernalia shall
       be available for purchase or loan with the approval of the State Executive Board.
       7. The State Executive Board shall determine whether the name of the dissolved
       chapter shall be used again.

Article XI – Parliamentary Authority
        Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised (current edition) is designated for the
governance of the chapter in all instances in which the authority is not consistent with the
Constitution or other adopted Society rules.

Article XII – Amendments
        1. The executive board shall review the standing rules at least once during the
        2. Individual rules may be considered at any regular business meeting.
        3. Proposals for amendments may be submitted to the chairman of the Rules
        Committee at any time. The rationale for proposed changes must accompany the
        4. The amendment proposal shall be brought before the membership in written
        form at the earliest possible meeting where it will be discussed.
        5. The amendment will be voted upon at the next meeting when passage will
        require 2/3 of members present.
        6. Upon passage the amendment will take effect immediately.

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