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					                                                                                              Anatomy 001

                             Course Overview: Anatomy 001
                                East Los Angeles College
                            Instructor: Simon Kingsley M.D.
                                E Mail:
                                  Office: H6 Room 128
Course information credit hours: 4 units

Course Description:
Anatomy is the science of body Structures and the relationships among them. Therefore, this course is
an intensive study of the structures and structural relationships of the various human body systems.
Major consideration is given to tissue structure and the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive, renal,
reproductive, and nervous systems.

***Because this course is a pre-requisite to Physiology 001, there will be major consideration of the
anatomy topics.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will have
    1. an understanding of the structure and function of all human body systems utilizing the scientific
    2. acquired a body of information useful in everyday life
    3. the ability to integrate anatomy with other scientific areas (physiology, nutrition, psychology,
       physics, etc.)
    4. acquired an essential body of background knowledge needed for health occupations

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of Anatomy 1 the student will be able to
    1. use correct microscope technique to clearly focus on cells and tissues and be able to identify them
       and their functions
    2. locate on human models and identify the function of organs and parts of organs of all human
       body systems
    3. use proper dissecting technique to expose organs and organ parts of preserved cat and sheep,
       identify them and their function

Text book: Human anatomy and physiology by Elaine Marieb (8th Edition), Pearson, Benjamin

Additional Laboratory Materials:

Cat (purchase from bookstore with lab group)
Large animal dissection kit (one kit per two students)
Anatomy “labeling” pins for dissections
Sharpie marker (for labeling pins)
Lab Manual: ELAC Life Sciences Dept. Anatomy Lab Manual

Class Policies:

Because of the interactive nature of this course, students are required to attend class regularly.
Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the class. According to school policy, each student is
allowed a maximum of 8 hours absent time from class. This includes lecture and lab attendance.

Late arrivals: any student not present during attendance will be marked tardy.
Three tardies = an absence.

Lab Folder:

Each lab you will be given a few sheets of anatomy structures to label and color. At the end of the
semester, you need to finish those sheets in a folder for 50 points toward the final lab exam.

The following items are restricted from class (any questions please see your Professor):

        Any PDA (portable data accessory) device which includes but is not limited to Palm Pilot,
         Blackberry, laptop computers, and any other hand-held electronic data device;

        Cell phones: there is NO cell phone use during class time; please turn off your cell phone or
         place on vibrate **if you are expecting an urgent call. This includes text-message as well.
         There will be breaks during class in which you may check your cell phones if necessary.
         Attendance points will be deducted for students who choose to violate this policy.

Lab Clean-up Policy

All students are expected to be mindful of this shared laboratory space. This means that all students are
responsible for appropriate clean-up and maintenance of all lab equipment and supplies. Groups will be
assigned a microscope for the duration of class and will check out lab equipment (specimens, tissue
slides, etc) under instructor supervision.
**failure to clean-up lab materials, put materials away appropriately & careless handling of lab supplies
will result in a 10-point deduction (per infraction) from lab exams for all students**

Grading System:

Lecture Exams:                                   250 Possible Points (50 points each)

Group/ Oral Presentation:                        50 Possible Points

Lab & Folder:                                    150 Possible Points (25 points each)

Participation/Attendance:                        100 Possible Points

Total:                                           550 Possible Points

Grading System: A= 90-100%; B= 80-89%; C= 70-79%; D= 60-69%; F= 55% and lower
                Laboratory Schedule

Week                    Topics                        Exam
 I               Microscope/Mitosis
                Skeletal System & Cell                  1
 II           Muscular System & Joints
                    Cat Dissection                      2
 III       Nervous System/Special Senses
         Dissection of Sheep’s Brain & Eye              3
 IV          Circulatory System & Heart
               Sheep’s Heart Dissection
                 Respiratory System                     4
 V                Digestive System
       Meiosis/Urinary & Reproductive Systems           5

                  Lecture Schedule

Week                 Chapters                   Exam (50 pts each)
   I                    1-4
  II                    5-8                         Exam #1
 III                   9-12                         Exam #2
 IV                   13-16                         Exam #3
  V                   14-20                        Final Exam

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