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					               Theydon Bois
                   Issue 47                                            Page 1
                                                            Produced for residents

               Village News
                                                               of Theydon Bois
                                                                  Issue 47
                                                                 Sept 2004

                      The Best Kept Village

On the 7 July, the Parish Clerk, Madeline Murphy and myself, John Eaton, attended
the AGM of the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) at Great Waltham. The
RCCE organise both the Best Kept Village and the Village of the Year Competitions,
both sponsored by Calor Gas. There are five categories in the Best Kept Village
competition based on village population, category 1 being the largest.

We fall in category 2. Each group has a winner and runner up and there are a number
of merit awards. To our surprise and delight we won our category. As we sat there
listening to the rest of the evening’s proceedings, reflecting on the flush of our
unexpected success, we were completely taken aback when it was announced that in
the judging for the Village of the Year competition, it had been very, very close
between the winner and runner up but that Theydon Bois were runners up, Kelvedon
taking the honours.

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   Village News is sponsored by James Sear Estate Agents, Theydon Bois
   Balti House & Woodland & Wildlife Conservation Co Ltd - see page 15
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        Theydon Bois NSPCC Keep a Straight Bat

Roy Newland presents the bat to Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ward, the winning bidders
Through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ward, a Summer Lunch was held at Birch
Hall Farm on 6th June in aid of the NSPCC. The weather was kind, the food
excellent and beautiful surroundings made for a most enjoyable day. Nearly £800
was raised for the charity assisted by the auction of a cricket bat signed by the
members of the Essex County Team.
                                                              DIANE RUMSAM

                      The Best Kept Village (continued)
This means that we narrowly missed a place in the regional Finals. We were awarded
the Whitmore Trophy and a certificate for the Calor Best Kept Village and a
certificate for runner up in the Calor Village of the Year competition. We were also
awarded a cheque for £150.
Many thanks go to all those who assist with the monthly litter pick and to those
members of the Horticultural Society who help plant up and look after the summer
and winter baskets and tubs in the village. Also thanks go to Epping Forest District
Council who pulled out all the stops for a special clean of the Village on the day of
the final judging.
                                                                     JOHN EATON
                          Issue 47                                       Page 3

               Parish Council Chairman’s Report
The quarterly magazines take some time to draft and edit and it is necessary to do
most of this work in the month before issue. In the last issue we managed to include
the results of the uncontested election and a picture gallery of the new Council. I
would like formally to welcome the new faces, Peter Hammond, Matthew Hayday,
Susan Jones and Anthony Purkiss all of whom have settled in quickly and are already
working for the good of the community.
I would also like to thank those who left us at the election. All served on numerous
committees and acted as council representatives on a host of groups giving many
hours of service to the community.
 Sheree   Powell served four years and enthusiastically engaged herself with her
 work on the Parish Council.
 Wilf Shales also served four years but on taking up his duties as a councillor, also
 bravely took on the duties of Chairman. For this, special thanks to Wilf.
 Margaret O’Connor served eight years and apart from her work on numerous
 committees also organised the very successful Village Day held on the Village
 Green on 13 June 1999.
 Ron Smith served a magnificent twenty years on various committees and
 representative roles, ultimately serving as deputy Chairman and then Chairman of
 the Parish Council.
We all hope that in four years time, there will be enough willing candidates who
recognise that they have also been very fortunate in life and who will be prepared to
give something back to the community by standing as prospective councillors in
2008. Yes, I am sowing the seeds early.
Stop Stansted Campaign
                                      The very professional group driving this
                                      campaign, need to resort to legal action on a
                                      range of aspects which hopefully will put the
                                      brakes on and eventually prevent the juggernaut
                                      BAA Stansted enlargement plan. Remember,
this is linked to the large scale housing development of the M11 corridor which is
proposed to extend down to Loughton. These plans will consume large areas of the
Essex metropolitan green belt. If you are concerned by the possible impact of these
proposals on this Village, you can help the Stop Stansted campaign financially by
joining the cause for a mere £10 per annum subscription. This will help provide the
funds required for future legal action. To date their court actions have been very
successful and their expectations of severely curbing the existing plans are high. The
subscription forms to join Stop Stansted can be obtained from the Parish Office.
                           Issue 47                                         Page 4
                                                                            Page 4

          Parish Council Chairman’s Report (continued)
Police Response
There is a general feeling of concern over the lack of response when people phone
the police over incidents. A meeting is being arranged with Cllr Robert Chambers by
             Essex County Councillor Janet Whitehouse to discuss this situation.
             Our concerns are further exacerbated by the recent publication on police
             stations gained or lost since 1997. It is most illuminating to compare
             Essex with our neighbouring counties and the City of London. Surrey +
             2, Kent 0 (same), Thames Valley -2, Suffolk 0 (same), City of London
             0 (same), Cambridgeshire -6, Essex -59. Perhaps this statistic most
             accurately reflects why the level of service has deteriorated and we will
             be exploring this with Cllr Chambers.
Youth Initiative Committee
The committee has evolved following a number of meetings arranged with the
skateboard group including parents. We have acknowledged for two years the need to
provide for the teenagers in the village but various events have prevented us making
progress in this area, not least the closure of the Youth Community Centre by Essex
County Council. John Padfield, who engaged with the youngsters in conversation and
has played a leading role in the evolution of this group has agreed to act as chairman.
The Parish Council is actively examining whatever possibilities may exist to provide
youth with some facilities. Consideration is being given to producing a youth audit,
to establish what sort of thing youngsters would like to see. Any outcome would be
subject to feasibility and availability of finance. Furthermore, what ever the outcome,
it will be essential to secure the support of the majority of villagers for any proposals.

Outline planning application for up to ten housing units submitted by Essex
County Council
Essex County Council recently filed an outline planning application for the piece of
land on which the Youth Community Centre stands. The Parish Council put in a
strong objection to the plan and a member of the Parish Council planning committee,
John Eaton and Jim Watts of the Rural Preservation Society, attended the District
Council’s planning meeting at which this proposal was discussed, to speak against
the proposal.
District Council rejected the application on grounds that a full and proper assessment
had not been carried out.
The Parish Council and other interested parties are actively pursuing avenues which
may result in protection of the site from any proposed development.
                          Issue 47                                        Page 5

         Parish Council Chairman’s Report (continued)
Parsonage Golf
                   The developers of Parsonage Golf have commenced the large scale
                   importation of spoil onto the site of the proposed golf course. I
                   have had many reports of lorries turning up very early with as
                   many as 16 lorries in a very short period of time. The latest report
                   claims that up to 200 lorries per day are entering the site with all
                   the attendant problems of mud on the road, danger of slow moving
lorries turning onto the site in the path of fast moving traffic to name just a few. It
appears that in their negotiation, Epping Forest District Officers laid down the
maximum total amount of spoil permitted to be tipped, but failed to lay down
controls on numbers per hour/day, start and finish times and routes.
It concerns me that before very much longer, what has been a pleasing verdant
pasture might, for a number of years, become a site resembling a battlefield, a brown
scar overlooking our village. I hope the developers and Epping Forest District
Council will do their utmost to prevent this from happening.
Liaison with Loughton Town Council
A meeting has taken place between Cllr Anthony Purkiss and Cllr Ken
Cushing with members of Loughton Town Council to discuss matters
of mutual interest. It emerged that Loughton are planning to provide a
new burial ground in Loughton Lane next to the Davenant Foundation
School. This will help in creating buffer land between Theydon Bois
and Loughton. This should be beneficial in the light of Government proposals for
large scale housing development in the area.
Theydon Bois Senior Club 60th Anniversary
                Theydon Bois Senior Club celebrated its Diamond Jubilee this
                summer with a celebratory meeting in June. Theydon Bois Darby
                and Joan Club was founded 60 years ago and since been renamed
                Theydon Bois Over Sixties club and finally Theydon Bois Senior
                Club, as it is now called.
On the menu was a finger buffet, pear and strawberry jubilee, orange juice followed
by tea and cakes at 4pm. During the afternoon entertainment was provided by
Norman Davies who led community singing. A big thank you must go to Wendy and
her team of organisers Pauline, Ruby, Lionel and Rene, who organise the weekly
meetings throughout the year and did so well to provide such a memorable meeting
to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.
                                                    JOHN EATON CHAIRMAN
                          Issue 47                                        Page 6

                      The Summer In Theydon Bois
Summer is not yet over but editorial "pleas" mean that this account is being written in
late August when the whole country is suffering from monsoon conditions with,
locally, 3 inches of rain in as many days and property suffering from lightning
strikes. Elsewhere people had to be evacuated by helicopter from the Cornish village
of Boscastle and parts of the Scottish Highlands, and farming has suffered badly as
crops can not be harvested.
But it has been a good summer for Theydon Bois, generally, and what best to set the
scene than the performances in the Village Hall of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer
Night’s Dream” presented by the Theydon Bois Drama Society”. This delightful and
popular comedy was played by a high calibre cast who ensured that the poetry of the
Great Bard remained as timeless as ever and unchanged by the relatively modern
setting of the 1900s. And for the second year running, the Society received an award
from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association for their earlier production of
Outdoor events were as popular as ever. The 24th Theydon Bois Annual Open
Gardens Day included nineteen gardens, St Mary’s Churchyard, Wansfell College
Gardens (sadly for the last time) and the Garden of Remembrance in the Village
Cemetery. A particular visitor was the local police community officer, in uniform,
who brought a ticket and took the opportunity to visit many gardens and get to know
more about the village and its residents. The event was organised, for the tenth
successive year, by Joy Wainwright. Another popular event was the annual garden
party held by the Theydon Bois Branch of the Epping Forest Conservative
Association at Thrifts Hall, with the kind permission of Jean and Robin Llewellyn
Once again the Plain in Epping Forest by Coppice Row was transformed into a hive
of activity and entertainment when the Theydon Bois Scout Group held their annual
Donkey Derby. A great family occasion, facilities for children were predominant
ranging from roundabouts to sideshows and sweet stalls. However, as usual, the
donkeys and riders were an entertainment in themselves; some youthful riders
walked away with sore bottoms after being thrown by their mounts, while others
refused to give up and tugged their protesting steeds along the race course. This
year's event was sponsored by the publisher David Sullivan of nearby Birch Hall, and
organised once again (for the seventeenth time) by Peter Simmance.

One equally popular but sad event was the last Garden Party at Wansfell College
prior to its official closure this August. Nearly 300 ex students, staff and Friends of
Wansfell were present; the conversation and wine flowed freely as old friendships
were renewed and past experiences recalled. The College Principal, Marilyn Taylor,
                           Issue 47                                         Page 7

                      The Summer In Theydon Bois
said that all should look back on the success of the College over some fifty-four years
and expressed her grateful thanks to the College staff, the Friends and all the students
for their loyal support. She disclosed that the authorities, including the Prime
Minister and even the Queen, had received hundreds of letters against the College
closure. She then announced that a Wansfell College 2 had now been registered and
she was preparing a syllabus for courses in 2005, which would be held at locations in
the local area. A few weeks previously, the Greek Theatre Player made their last
appearance at Wansfell with a performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in the
College grounds. And the Friends gardening team, some from the village, who had
tended the grounds for many years finally put away their gardening tools.
The 95th Theydon Bois Horticultural Show was held in the Village Hall with 138
entrants in the various classes which included home brew, photography, handicrafts,
cookery, floral and vegetable. The Horticultural Society had put much effort into
keeping the tradition of the village show alive in this way. The collection of garden
refuses by the EFDC increased in popularity, but not the new charge being made for
replacement sacks.
A very bright spot for Theydon Bois was the village becoming the outright winner
for its class, at village level in Essex, in the Calor Best Kept Village competition, and
also the runners up at region level. These two awards reflected only too well the
efforts of the many residents who maintained the strong community spirit in the
village and also helped keep the village tidy, especially with the monthly “litter
The Village Hall was used as the polling and vote counting station for the Epping
Forest District Council (EFDC) and European Parliament (EU) elections. Elections
for the Theydon Bois Parish Council (TBPC) were not held because the elev
candidates, including 4 new candidates Peter Hammond, Matthew Hayday, Susan
Jones and Antony Purkiss (all Conservative Alliance), were returned unopposed.
However an election was held for the Theydon Bois seat on the EFDC where
Matthew Hayday and Kay Rush (Liberal Democrats) stood in opposition; Kay Rush
was elected. An upset was the return of the UK Independent Party (UKIP) candidate
for the Eastern Counties MEP seat. The Hall also took centre stage in national
politics, briefly, when the three BNP (British National Party) candidates for the
Debden area were all elected. This result generated considerable interest with TV and
press coverage leading to the mistaken impression that the three had been returned
for Theydon Bois!
The decision by the Essex County Council (ECC) to close the Village Youth Centre
in Loughton Lane and develop the site was strongly criticised by the EFDC Area
Planning Committee. Outraged councillors rejected the proposal on the grounds that
                          Issue 47                                        Page 8

               The Summer In Theydon Bois (continued)
the assessment for the needs of youth provision in the village had not been properly
carried out; moreover, the case had not been proved that the building was surplus to
requirements. It was also pointed out that the premises were being used five days a
week by children "out of school". The EEC decision to close was flying in the face of
public and government concerns that juvenile lawlessness and vandalism was
increasing, and appeared to be linked to the decline in youth amenities. It later
emerged that the land could be registered as a village green (because it had been used
by a significant number of people for lawful recreational activities for 20 years since
January 1970 eg. by scouts and other young people (youth centre); steps were
therefore being taken to register the land accordingly.
The Robert Daniels Court in Thrifts Mead was formally handed over by the EFDC to
Warden Housing of the Home Group Ltd. which will convert the existing 33 bedsits
into 33 one bedroom flats, provide an emergency flat for homeless elderly people and
a guest suite for visitors.
Brother’s Jonathan Smith 18 and Edward Smith 20, and Mark Simmance 17, were
presented with their Queen Scout Awards, a considerable achievement as only thirty
awards were made to Essex Scouts. Once again a local youth football team emerged
in association with the village. The Theydon Predators team, comprising players
under 15, with parental coaching and managing will play in the Cheshunt Youth
League with home matches at the ground of the Theydon Bois Cricket Club. A new
score board for the Theydon Bois Cricket Club was unveiled in memory of Dave
Thomas, a Club life member.
The International Sport of Pentanque came to the village when the Local team, the
Victorians played JBC Uden, their Dutch national opponents at the Queen Victoria
Pub in Coppice Row. The event was the final in the Petanque Euro Cup 2004 and the
local team was defeated by 2 games to 5.
Summer was also the time for anniversaries. The Theydon Bois Senior Club held a
celebratory lunch to mark the sixty years since its formation and the Theydon Bois
Wine Circle, originally the Loughton Hall Wine Circle, celebrated its 35th
anniversary with a “wine tasting party". The Theydon Bois WI celebrated eighty-five
years of companionship and community spirit with a special meeting where the
reigning President Doreen Snell and the longest standing members, Ivy Lock and
Ruby Gill, cut a celebration cake.
The Theydon Bois Music Society announced another successful season under the
Chairmanship of Barbara O’Connor, with nine musical events in the Village Hall and
several visits to concerts at London’s Festival Hall. Not to be outdone, the Crofton
Singers gave a vocal concert in St Mary's Church entitled “Songs before Supper”; the
                          Issue 47                                        Page 9

               The Summer In Theydon Bois (continued)
audience afterwards enjoyed a light summery buffet with wine and punch in the
Church grounds. Last but not least, the Theydon Singers gave their annual recital in
the Village Hall to a capacity audience with songs and readings for mid summer, also
followed by a summer buffet.
The new CCTV system in the village proved effective in deterring some crime but
did not prevent minor criminal acts such as damage to cars and the use of air guns to
damage windows. However, a milk float was stolen in Coppice Row but quickly
recovered less the milkman’s cash bag. And in nearby Theydon Garnon, a large
house was occupied by squatters and systematically looted despite legal action by the
owners to seek repossession.
The Theydon Bois and District Rural Preservation Society, under the chairmanship
of Peter Newton, continued its vigilance on planning matters concerning the village
and particularly objected to the extensive redevelopment plans for the area, especially
in the green belt. The Society organised several local walks during the year and also
a fascinating lecture about the species of deer to be found in the locality.
The sixtieth anniversary of the World War Two “D Day Landings” in Normandy was
remembered by many villagers who watched the TV screening of the
commemoration ceremonies at the landing beaches in France attended by the Queen
and Duke of Edinburgh, the American President, the French and German Presidents.
Church parades and remembrance ceremonies were held locally including Loughton
where two D Day veterans laid wreaths. And to remind the village of its own
wartime experiences, incendiary devices of German origin (probably incendiary
bombs) were discovered by workmen on private land half a mile from the Abridge
Road where they were destroyed by bomb squad officers. It was possible that these
devices were dropped by the German aircraft responsible for bombing Rigs Retreat
in the village on 18 November 1940 resulting in the deaths of 30 members of the
Kings Own Southern Borders.

                 And finally back to mother nature. The astronomical phenomena of
                 the planet Venus passing between the sun and the earth, which
                 occurs every 132 years, was clearly seen from the village on a June
                 mid day. And as this summary ends, a harvest moon is now visible
                 in the night sky signifying that summer is almost over.

                                                             TREVOR ROBERTS
                                                          Local History Recorder for
                                                         Theydon Bois Summer 2004
                          Issue 47                                      Page 10

                     Support Your Local Shops
The original shopping centre in Theydon Bois was situated either side of the old
‘Cabin’ which stood on the corner, adjacent to Wood and Krailing’s garage (opposite
the Bull public house), at the junction of Forest Drive and Coppice Row.
Unfortunately, both establishments have disappeared.

The shopping centre once provided the residents of Theydon Bois with all their
shopping requirements. We had a fresh fish shop, two bakers, two butchers, two
green grocers, a wool shop and drapers and a wonderful delicatessen which between
and after the wars, supplied village residents as well as London based brewers
directors dining rooms, with excellent specialised delicatessen.

The advent of supermarkets has provided customers with once a week, one stop
shopping opportunities. However, this has had a detrimental affect on the well being
of the village community as well as detracting from the number of village based
retailers some of which have already disappeared over recent years.

To remind you they are, a green grocers, a wool shop, a drapers, two bakers, a florist
(although we are glad to see Theydon Bakers and Venus Flowers taking their place).
Small retailers are struggling to survive in some circumstances. From a purely selfish
view point, the worst case scenario that one could imagine for our village centre and
the village as a whole, would be for a number of shut up, boarded-up and graffiti
ridden business premises. This would detract from the village centre, encourage
further anti-social behaviour and probably have a bearing on house prices in the

The advent of Tesco’s Express store has brought new people to Theydon Bois but
they do not bring prosperity to other shop-keepers and have spawned several other
problems attendant to their presence in the village.

We are talking to the management of Tesco’s and they have been sympathetic to our
cause especially with regard to our efforts to regain Best Kept Village status. Our
concern as a Parish Council is to support those old businesses and I ask you to
consider giving those businesses your support.

In this edition of Village News, I would like to bring to your attention two of the
original retailers in the village. Spar Grocers and Market Garden, formerly Quality
                           Issue 47                                        Page 11

                 Support Your Local Shops (continued)
Spar Grocers is run by Bibin
Patel. He took over from Mr. Baxter
(remember him?), in 1978. He
currently carries a wide range of
groceries, high quality frozen goods
and associated household goods at
very competitive prices. Spar’s
‘Heritage’ branded goods include
excellent dairy, sausage and cured
meats products, all of which I can
recommend. Bibin offers free
deliveries direct to your house and is
open Monday to Saturday 8am – 7.30pm and Sunday 8am – 1.30pm.

Market Garden has seen a number of owners since the departure of the owners
                                                 of what was then know as Quality
                                                 Fare, Eddie and Jill Littler. The shop
                                                 has been under new management
                                                 since 8 May this year. Conscious of
                                                 the need to provide fresh green
                                                 grocery every day of the week,
                                                 current owner, Stephen Wolfus, has
                                                 endeavoured to find fresh suppliers
                                                 and contracts to see that his produce
                                                 is reasonably priced and is moved on
                                                 quickly. He currently supplies
                                                 Theydon Bois Primary School with
fresh fruit and vegetables for the children’s dinners, following the cessation of Essex
County Council’s provision for schools dinners in spring this year. He has fresh fruit
and vegetables daily, provides free local deliveries, and is willing to negotiate to
supply contract orders. He is open 7am – 5pm Monday to Saturday with ½ day
closing on Wednesday. You can contact him on 01992 812792.

Both these retailers in addition to all the other local retailers, need our support in the
light of strong competition. Remember the old adage, “If you do not use them, you
will lose them”. They are all very nice people looking forward to serving you with a
smile – please support them.
                                                                         JOHN EATON
                    Issue 47                                 Page 12

                      YOUTH REPORT
The Parish Council has recently agreed to set up a ‘Youth Initiative
Committee’ in an attempt to give greater prominence to its desire to
be more proactive in supporting the youngsters in our village — some
of whom it would appear feel rather neglected.
Traditionally, it has been the responsibility of Essex County Council
to cater for the needs of our Young People. With the closure of the
village’s Youth Centre and the County Council’s policy of focusing
on areas of greatest need, Theydon Bois will not, it would seem,
qualify for much support within the village in future.
The Parish Council, in conjunction with Theydon Bois Village
Association, has now held a number of meetings with young people
and parents to hear of their concerns.
The Youth Initiative Committee is now attempting to address the
issues raised. However, in order to ensure that whatever assistance the
Parish Council and Village Association may decide to give has the
support of as many people as possible, it has been decided to conduct
a “Youth Audit”.
Advice has been sought from E.F.D.C. and E.C.C. as to how best to
secure a relevant response for our village. To this end, and enclosed
with this Newsletter, you will find a questionnaire which we would
urge as many young people as possible to complete and return to
the Parish Office at the Village Hall. As an alternative, many may
prefer to complete the questionnaire via the village’s website —
We would ask all parents to encourage their youngsters to involve
themselves with this request or, if this cannot be achieved, to
complete it on their behalf.
             This information is urgently needed by
                  MONDAY, 18th OCTOBER
         and your co-operation will be much appreciated.
                          Issue 47                                       Page 13

                   Theydon Bois Baptist Church
                                                            The origins of Theydon
                                                            Bois Baptist Church are
                                                            to be found in the early
                                                            1880s when open air
                                                            services were held on
                                                            The Green. By the mid-
                                                            1880’s a small building
                                                            had been erected on the
                                                            site of the present halls.
                                                            In January 1894 Theydon
                                                            Bois Baptist Church was
                                                            formally constituted.
                                                            In its early years the
church usually relied on Student Pastors, but since 1917 has had a regular minister.
Between the wars the membership gradually increased, but was still small by today’s
standards. After World War Two the church grew significantly. Our current minister,
Revd David Penegar, has become the longest serving minister, completing seventeen
years in the pastorate in December.
Although extensions were added at various times, there was always need for a new
and better-built building. Eventually, this was opened in December 1962 with part of
the old building remaining as church halls. Ten years later new halls were
constructed. As a Millennium project, a new toilet block, new minister’s vestry and
new vestibule were created.
As the only non-conformist church in the village, we welcome into membership
people from all denominations, as well as those professing faith for the first time. We
enjoy good relations with the Parish Church, meet regularly for United Services, and
jointly organise the Churches Representatives Scheme whereby new residents to the
village are welcomed with a New Home card and a booklet about the churches.
In addition to the Sunday Services at l0.30am and 6.30 pm, the church provides a
variety of groups and activities for men, women and children. Details of these are
available in the new Quarterly Newsletter, on the Church website
(, or from the Church Secretary, Colin Huckle (Tel:813520).
The minister (Tel: 812196) is always prepared to discuss matters of faith and to
provide help in times of crisis such as bereavement. We invite you to experience the
warm welcome we seek to offer on a Sunday and during the week.
                                                                 DAVID WALLING
                          Issue 47                                      Page 14

                         Village Association
A report on the successful Open Gardens Day may be found on page 23 of this
edition of Village News.
Residents may like to know that one of the main hirers of the Village Hall is the
Montessori Nursery School. This is open every morning and two afternoons a week
for the whole of the school year. The Montessori occupies one of the Multi-Purpose
rooms at the rear of the Hall as well as using the specially fenced and floored outdoor
space as an exercise area.
Since the opening of the new Hall when a substantial amount of planting took place
in the surrounding grounds, work had been carried out by a few members of the
Committee. However, due to the considerable volume of growth during the Spring
of this year, it was decided to seek the services of a paid gardener. Fortunately, a
local man has been willing to take this on and is now working one day a week in the
Notices have been placed round the Hall forbidding the use of skateboarding
anywhere on the premises. Despite this, youngsters continue to skateboard and
others are cycling around the Hall. This is causing damage to the steps and problems
with broken hinges on the gates of the children’s area.
In the Best Kept Village Competition, the Committee was delighted that Theydon
Bois came first this year, and that the Village Hall received a mark of 10 out of 10 –
the Judges thought that Theydon had a ‘magnificent building, too good to be true for
a village’!
                                                                 CAROLE RISDON

                                  Volunteers Needed
           The Citizens Advice service helps members of the public
   solve their legal, consumer and other problems by providing free
   advice, and by influencing policymakers. Every Citizens Advice
   Bureau is a registered charity and more than 20,000 of the people
   involved in the service are trained volunteers, helping people to
   resolve nearly six million problems a year.
            If you are interested in becoming a CAB volunteer ring
           Sue Britton or Martin Sowerby on 0208 502 0032
     or if you prefer go to
                       Issue 47                                    Page 15

                 Village News Sponsors Page

            James and Heather Sear, proprietors of James Sear
          Estate Agents, were born and raised in Theydon Bois and
           have now worked together in the property industry for
           some 28 years and their combined experience together
             with other family members gives them an unrivalled
                         knowledge of the business.

   They have been at 311 High Street Epping for the past 7 years and they
   specialise in property in Epping, Theydon Bois, North Weald & all of the
'surrounding areas’. They employ staff with good local background & specialist
  knowledge of the local marketplace an important consideration for house-
             hunters who rely on local agents with local knowledge.

              THEYDON BOIS             The Woodland & Wildlife Conservation

               BALTI HOUSE                Have you thought about what
                                         happens when you pass away?

               RESTAURANT                   REST FOREVER IN A
                                             BLUEBELL WOOD.
FULLY LICENSED & AIR CONDITIONED                           
                                       Our funerals offer full burial, cremation
     STATION APPROACH                   or ashes internment, as individual as
        COPPICE ROW                                   you want.
       THEYDON BOIS                     Why not book and pre-pay for single,
      ESSEX CM16 7EU                         adjoining or family plots.
TEL: 01992 813850/814104               Use our beautiful Hall of Remembrance
    10% Discount on take aways
                                        for all types of religious/non-religious
          Opening hours                                    
  5.30pm till 11.30pm everyday
                                        Call 01992 814909 for our free brochure
     Including bank holidays       
                          Issue 47                                       Page 16

                       News From County Hall
                 In July I visited Shropshire County Council with other county
councillors and officers to find out about their services for older people as Shropshire
is a Beacon Council for Older Peoples Services. Beacon Councils are recognised by
the Government as excellent in specific areas. Essex is a Beacon Council for
Adoption Services.
During our visit we went to various day centres, had discussions with county officers
and presentations by local organisations working in partnership with the county
council. From Age Concern I heard about Pub Clubs and I wonder if Theydon Bois
would like to have one.
Pub Clubs are for older people who would like to meet with others over a meal in a
local pub. They can be held monthly or more often. People pay for their own meal
and the price and food is usually agreed in advance. A co-ordinator is required to
take the bookings and to welcome people when they arrive. If you are interested
please contact me and I will arrange a meeting so that everyone can discuss it further
and we can decide if we want to try out a Theydon Pub Club.
Shropshire also has Senior Citizens Forums which are open to all retired residents.
The district forums feed into a county forum which seems to be well listened to by
county officers. In Epping Forest the former Council for Voluntary
Service (CVS), now renamed Voluntary Action, has started meetings of
retired people called the Older Persons Advisory Group. At the last
meeting a senior social worker came from Essex Social Care to speak
about home care as concerns had been raised at a previous meeting. If
you would like to know about future meetings please contact Voluntary
Action (tel: 01992 564178) and put your name on the mailing list.

                     Janet Whitehouse Tel: 01992 812503

                       ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - WANTED
                   A bugle player (m or f) to play the last post at our Royal
                     British Legion Services of Remembrance at the War
                     Memorial, Coppice Row. This year it is being held on
                        Sunday 14th November starting at 10.45 am.
                                         Replies please
                       to Harry Memory tel : 01992 812696
                         Issue 47                                       Page 17

                   Forthcoming Village Events
  18 Sept     National Autistic Society - Bingo Quiz Night - Village Hall 7.30 pm

  18 Sept     Tennis Club - Junior Finals

  30 Sept     Tree Strategy Annual Meeting 10am Village Hall

  30 Sept     Open Parish Council Meeting

   1 Oct      Tennis Club - Quiz at Village Hall

   2 Oct      Litter Pick - 9.30 am Village Hall

   8 Oct      Rural Preservation Society - Talk on Forest Retreats - V Hall 8pm

   9 Oct      Horticultural Society - Outing to Marks Hall Coggeshall

   9 Oct      Loughton Friends of St Clare Hospice - Autumn Bazaar - V Hall 10.30am

  21 Oct      Horticultural Society - Talk - London’s Central Parks

  22 Oct      Friends of Cancer Research - Bridge Evening at Village Hall

 28-30 Oct    Drama Society - Lettice & Lovage, a Comedy - Village Hall

   2 Nov      Litter Pick - 9.30 am Village Hall

  14 Nov      Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance - War memorial 10.30 am

  18 Nov      Horticultural Society - AGM preceded by a talk by Tricia Moxey

  19 Nov      Friends of Cancer Research - Thanksgiving Supper & Auction - V Hall

  20 Nov      Loughton Friends of St Clare Hospice - Band Concert - V Hall 7.30 pm

  25 Nov      Open Parish Council Meeting

   3 Dec      Lighting of Christmas Tree at 6.30 pm

   4 Dec      Litter Pick - 9.30 am Village Hall

 4 Feb 05     Friends of Cancer Research Quiz Night

  Various     Friends of Copped Hall - see ad on page 31

  Various     Music Society Concerts-14 Oct, 11th Nov & 9th Dec - see ad page 26

If you would like your event included in the forthcoming events section either in
Village News or the Village Web-Site please notify the Parish Clerk on 01992 813442
or by e-mail at Entries for Newsletter diary must be
received by the relevant copy date and are NOT automatically rolled over to the next
diary. The onus is therefore on the organiser to re-confirm for the next newsletter.
                          Issue 47                                      Page 18

                        Theydon Bois bank holiday weekend was considerably
                        brightened by the bi-annual St. Mary's Church flower
                        festival. The impressive quality of the flower arrangements
                        and the interpretations depicting 'journey of a lifetime' were
                        thoroughly enjoyed by all who saw them over the three
                        days.     This experience was further
                        enhanced on Sunday afternoon by a live
                        jazz band playing in the Church grounds.
                        This event continues to provide displays
                        of the highest quality and have made this a 'must see' event
                        for many, both from Theydon Bois and for visitors. On
                        Saturday the Church Hall hosted many stalls and provided
                        lunches/refreshments whilst on Monday the addition of
games and side shows created a 'fun day' atmosphere that survived a few heavy
showers to allow St. Mary's to complete a full family village weekend programme.
Some photos are shown on the opposite page. For a fuller selection, visit the village
website at
                                                                MIKE HANNIBAL

                    Theydon Bois Primary School
                   Times Educational Supplement Success
The annual T.E.S. Newsday competition resulted in an overall Curriculum Award for
the school. This was awarded for the use of ICT throughout the curriculum and the
way in which our newspaper work is incorporated in our planning and curriculum.
Six newspapers were submitted from the school:-
   Class 1/2W    Theydon Bois Times                 received Highly Commended
   Class 1/2 L   Theydon Bois Echo                  received Commended
   Class 3/4S    Primary Newsletter                 received Merit
   Class 5/6W    Theydon on Thursday                received Commended
   Class 5/6M    Theydon Tatler                     received Merit
   Class 5/6P    Theydon Bois Telegraph             received Commended
Children and staff attended a special ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on Friday
18th June to receive the Curriculum Award and then all classes were represented at
another ceremony on Monday 21st June when the class awards were presented. At
both ceremonies the school was promoted as an example for other schools. Mrs
Eleanor Laing met the Monday contingent and gave them a tour of the Palace of
Westminster. All the children and staff should be jointly proud of their achievements
and hard work.
Issue 47   Page 19
Issue 47   Page 20
Issue 47   Page 21
       Issue 47                           Page 22

Drama Society - Midsummer Night’s Dream

      Open Gardens Day June 27th
                       Issue 47                                 Page 23

                 Theydon Bois Drama Society
In early June, Theydon Bois Drama Society transformed the village hall into
an enchanted fairy glen for their production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s
Dream’. Director Tee Greener had put together a large cast comprising many
               well-known and experienced actors as well as some new faces.
               Fifteen year old Simon Goodman made his debut with the
               society, playing Puck, and handled this large role with
confidence and energy. A couple of photographs from the production are
pictured on the opposite page.
Wonderfully atmospheric lighting and beautifully painted sets created the
right feel for the Edwardian garden and enchanted forest, and audiences
seemed really to appreciate the overall effects and the individual
This was just the right production for a summer evening, and as the audience
spilled outside with their drinks during the interval to enjoy the warm
weather and chat about the play, the village hall was feeling like a ‘real’
theatre for a few hours.

    Theydon Bois Village Association
    24th Annual Open Gardens Day
               The Village Association’s 24th Annual
               Open Gardens’ Day took place on Sunday,
               27th June. This was once again a special
village day, with many people coming from near and far
to enjoy the 22 gardens on show. A small selection of
photographs from the day shown on page 22 of this edition of Village News.
If you would like to view further photographs, please visit the village web
site at Ploughman's’ lunches were provided in the
Village Hall and this was followed by tea and cakes.
A profit of £2,345.00 was made overall and this has been shared between
‘Playground at Theydon’ and the CCTV cameras at the Village Hall. At a
‘Get-Together’ in July, the Village Association Committee expressed their
sincere appreciation to the garden owners for all their hard work, and to Mrs
Joy Wainwright for masterminding the event.
                         Issue 47                                      Page 24

                          Royal British Legion
                The Annual Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance will take
                place on Sunday 14th November starting at the War Memorial at 10.45
                a.m. and then continuing in the Church. In the event of wet or bad
                weather the entire service will be held in the Church. Medals may be
                worn and Standards carried. Would Legion Members and other adults
                please form a line on the pavement facing the War Memorial and the
younger people congregate on the sides of the Memorial area and in time for the start
of the service.
The Royal British Legion is a charity whose work is to help disabled service and ex
service personnel and their families. Please give generously when you see the poppy
sellers around or if they call on you at your home, and please do ‘Wear your Poppy
with Pride’.
               Armistice Day Thursday November 11th at 11.00 a.m.
            Please pause for 2 minutes ‘Just to Remember’. Thank you.

                                                               HARRY MEMORY

               Theydon Bois Horticultural Society
           Results of Front Gardens Competition July 2004
  Formal Garden                           Hardstanding with
       First          “Midhill” Coppice           First           57 Woodland Way
      Second           48 Green Glade            Second            3 Dukes Avenue
    Equal Third         15 Baldocks               Third           13 Theydon Park

Informal Garden                              Commercial
                     14 Hornbeam Road                                  Road

       First          8 Hornbeam Road             First            Queen Victoria
      Second          “Elmcroft” Robins          Second             Premier Valet
       Third           26 Heath Drive             Third              Nigel James

                                                                 BARRY TURNER
                         Issue 47                                     Page 25

                   Youth Anti-Social Behaviour
Whilst most of us are proud to learn that Theydon Bois has recently won a ‘Best
Kept Village’ award, there are some residents who are unlikely to be impressed.
These are the youths who seem determined to make others’ lives a misery.
During recent months the Parish Council has received numerous complaints from
residents who have been the target of foul language or abused by a group of

                         THIS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.
youths who congregate in various areas around the village. The consumption of
alcohol and use of drugs is evident.

In addition, considerable damage has been caused to the bus shelter, the roof of
the toilet building and the youth club. Missiles have been thrown from the roofs
of buildings and there seems to be a worrying fascination with the game of
Chicken whereby the aim is to suddenly run, cycle or skate board in front of
passing cars. It is probably only a matter of time before a child is killed or
seriously injured by these activities.
The identity of many of the main trouble-makers is now known and most of them
live in the village. Two anti-social behaviour orders are being considered and
new Police powers include action against the parents. The activities of what is
clearly a minority element are tarnishing the reputation of all the youth in the
village and the Parish Council can only assume that this minority are aware of
their rights but not learned their responsibilities.
A number of meetings have been and will continue to be held with all interested
parties to discuss the perceived shortage of organised youth activities, and for all
young people to complete, a questionnaire is enclosed. However, lack of
facilities is no excuse for anti-social behaviour.
Your Parish Council is prepared to use the full force of the new laws to
rectify the current situation, but before doing so an appeal is made to all our
youngsters to behave in a responsible manner & to all parents to ensure that

they are aware of exactly what their children are doing when out in the


Any parents wishing to discuss this issue should approach the Parish Council
through the Clerk.
                           Issue 47                                          Page 26

Theydon Bois Music Society                                  Epping Forest &
                                                          District Stamp Club
          We meet at the Village Hall              Epping Forest and District
          Coppice Row at 8.00 pm on the            Stamp Club had a very busy
          second Thursday of the months            evening when they met for
          September to June. We have               their June meeting. The
                                                   first section of the evening
          vacancies for new members and
                                                   was devoted to the A.G.M.,
          if you have an appreciation of           at which it was reported
          good music, in good company              the Club had made a
then why not join us – or come as a visitor,       satisfactory surplus during the year, and
you are welcome. We have booked                    the officers and committee were re-
                                                   elected en bloc for the coming year.
excellent artists for our late autumn
                                                   This was followed by an auction sale at
                                                   which over 400 lots of stamps and
    October. Samantha Binnie – Soprano
      th                                           philatelic items were on offer. Lots sold
 with Piano accompaniment.                         for sums ranging from 30p to £75, with
 11th November. The two Rachels – Viola and
                                                 the Club earning £60 on the evening.
                                                   The Club meets at 7.45 pm on the second
 December. Quintessence – a group of
                                                   Tuesday in every month throughout the
 seven. A Victoria drawing room evening of
                                                   year at the Methodist Hall in Loughton
 popular songs and carols, plus supper. A
                                                   High Road.     Visitors and prospective
 charity evening in aid of St. Francis Hospice.
                                                   members are always welcome. For further
 For more information please contact Harry         information, contact the Hon. Sec. Mrs
     Memory- telephone 01992 812696                M. Browning, telephone 0208 508 1244.

                Theydon Bois Drama Society

                       LETTICE AND LOVAGE
                        a comedy by Peter Shaffer
                        Theydon Bois Village Hall
                on 28th, 29th, 30th October 2004 - 8pm
Lettice, the daughter of an actress, has inherited her theatricality and eccentricity. Now
employed as a tourist guide in a shabby stately home, she enlivens its dull history with her
own fantasies, until she is caught in the act and promptly sacked. The starchy Preservation
Trust official who sacked her later visits her, and an unlikely friendship develops between
the two.
           Tickets £6 from Mrs C.James                    Tel. 01992 812250
                       Issue 47                                      Page 27

                                            Rock the Nite Away
                                            At Theydon Bois Village Hall
                                             On Saturday 23rd October

                                     Scirocco Live 50’s Band
                                   With Special tribute to ELVIS
                                           Adult £15 Chicken & Chips
                                            Bring Your Own drinks

                                         Ring Jack White
                                  01992 561161 or 07761 006462

                                     In aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital
                                                Bone Marrow Unit

  Friday 3rd December 2004               6.30pm at the Village Hall
             *** Carols ***   Music *** Festive entertainment ***
        ** Many of the Village organizations taking part **

        **      Father Christmas        ** Festive refreshments **

   St Mary’s Mothers’ Union invites you to
                An AudioVision presentation of
                              ‘London Pride’
                     evoking the spirit of London
                with artworks, photographs and music
                      in St Mary’s Church Hall
   on Wednesday, 24th November 2004 at 1.45 pm
   Tickets on the door : £1.50 to include tea and cake
 Everyone Welcome              Enquiries to : Carole Risdon (81 3724)
                          Issue 47                                      Page 28

                        The Lady is For Turning
“The Queen Victoria is changing”, like
a forest fire the rumours swept through
Theydon that some awful future was
planned for the very successful pub that
stands guard over the village green.
     “Why had the food changed?”
     “Why order at the bar?”
     “Why was the public bar going
        to be demolished?”
We hope that this short note might allay
some of the fears that have gone before
us when we took over the Queen
Yes, a major internal redevelopment of the Queen Victoria is about to be undertaken
by McMullens Brewery. This was not a sudden decision but has taken years of
planning to ensure that any changes that were made were sympathetic to both the pub
and to the customers. Consideration was given to outside conservatories & internal
renovations, but eventually it was decided that the very underused old public bar
could be incorporated into the existing large lounge and restaurant area.
In doing this it would ensure that their was adequate seating for those busy times,
when the pub literally runs out of eating space, and secondly it will give an added
amenity to the village of an area of the pub that could be used for private parties,
wakes, small wedding receptions and other events. It also gave the brewery the
opportunity of putting both disabled toilets and disabled access into the pub, ensuring
that we heeded the needs of all the people in our community. The no smoking area
can now increase to cover the whole of the lounge and eating areas, and the
children’s area can also increase in size.
“So what else is changing?” Very little really. The old and somewhat inefficient
food servery area will be removed so allowing more space for drinkers and diners,
and the whole of the Essex bar and the eating areas will benefit from new carpeting
and redecoration. Behind the scenes new kitchen and refrigeration equipment will
ensure that your food is prepared and cooked more efficiently.
“What you’re not going to change the Victoria bar?” Certainly not, why change
both a village tradition and a great local’s bar, nothing could be further from our
“Why change the food?” Because like all things in life the pub has to evolve or
whither away. The eating and drinking public demand more variety, more flexibility
                          Issue 47                                         Page 29

                  The Lady is For Turning (continued)
and certainly better quality, and normally all for less money! We cannot always
deliver on our promises but we certainly try very hard. Food is now available at The
Queen Victoria all day every day. We have ensured that the everyday favourites of
pies, fish and chips, salads, sandwiches etc are all still being served, but instead of
having to queue in front of the food counter to place your order you can now order at
any of the till points around the pub.
We have added a great selection of ever changing “Daily Specials” using fresh fish
sourced in part from local fishmongers in Loughton and superb meat dishes from
butchers in the area and beyond. We also pride ourselves in having at least three or
four vegetarian options every day. We have certainly tried to keep the cost of eating
at the Queen Victoria to a sensible but sustainable level. Please don’t forget that
Sunday lunches no longer finish at 2.30pm with set booking times, we serve food all
day on Sunday and at a time of your choosing.
“Why order at the bar?” Because most people come to a pub for a meal for a more
relaxed atmosphere than a restaurant. They don’t want waiters hanging around their
tables taking orders, they would like to stand at the bar with their friends and have a
drink whilst deciding on their meals, or they will sit at their table and order at their
convenience, not ours. Remember it’s only the first course that we ask you to order at
the bar, as long as you have a tab on your table, you can leave the rest to us.
Sure there have been teething problems, but they are behind us now. You cannot
change the path of a lovely old lady that hasn’t altered her route in 15 years without
expecting some difficulties, but the old lady graciously has accepted the changes and
looks forwards to many more years of success. We can only hope that all our
customers, both old and new, will feel the same and come and experience the new
look Queen Victoria.
                                   GAYE & JOHN ARMSTRONG - MANAGERS

                       New Opening Hours - Epping Library

     Monday              9 - 5 pm           Thursday            9 - 5 pm
     Tuesday             1 - 5 pm           Friday              9 - 5 pm
     Wednesday           Closed             Saturday            9 - 5 pm

       The new opening hours which were introduced several months ago are:
       The main change is that the library is now open on a Friday afternoon.
       Books can be renewed or catalogue reviewed on
                       Enquiries - telephone 01245 438438
                            Issue 47                                       Page 30

               Theydon Bois Horticultural Society
Annual Show 31st July 2004 - A lot of effort and hard work goes           Affiliated with
into keeping the tradition of the village show alive, many thanks to
all who contributed in making this year’s event such a success. The
support of committee and helpers is invaluable in continuing to
make this event an enjoyable day for all the exhibitors and visitors.

The general standard in every section, especially the wine, was
very high even though the entries were down on previous years.

Comments from the judges praised the variety and quality of both
vegetables and flowers in the open and closed classes. A flower
arrangement in a wine glass proved to be a popular class and the public had the
opportunity to vote for their favourite display, which was won by Mrs S. Sowerby.
 Mrs J Harvey         - Best Fuschia, Frank & Josie Way Cup
 Hollingbery
 A                    - Best Cacti - Ted Lock Cup, Photography, Committee Cup
                        Most successful exhibitor Sect A, William Way Cup
 B   Turner           - Buxton Cup               G    Haselhurst   - Monkhouse Cup
 Miss   A Pollard     - Elcee Cup, handicraft    D    Seaborne     - Buxton Cup, wine
 Mrs    J Turner      - Keswick Cup and “spoon”, cookery
 James    Hollis      - Garden Shield, Junior section
 Emma     Hollis      - Mini Shield, runner-up, junior section
 Stacey   Vanbergen - R.H.S. merit certificate, awarded for miniature garden
 J   Parsons          - Stole the Show! Banksian Medal, most successful in Sect. A& B
                        Gazette Challenge Bowl, best vegetable
                        Secretary’s Cup, most successful in Sect B
                        Jubilee Trophy, specialist group entry

Well done to everyone. Think ahead, titles for the photography section for next years
show are -

Sunrise or sunset, Cityscape, Funny faces, Abstract (man made or natural),
Inclement weather, Traditions, Set of 3 photos...the flower, the plant & the habitat.

                                                                 TRICIA HASELHURST
                                                                   SHOW SECRETARY
                             Issue 47                                             Page 31

                             Copped Hall Corner
THE MANSION - Further work of restoration is taking place in the
Copped Hall Mansion. The stables have now been cleared and
tidied; artefacts recovered during general clearance of the Mansion
are now on display there. The roof and some of the floor structure in
the Servants Hall is being reinstated thanks to a grant from the Essex
Environment Trust; this will provide further accommodation for
general use at the Mansion. The area around the service lift in the
Victorian extension has also been cleared and the lift secured to
permit viewing during tours. The glazed brickwork, within the extension has been cleaned, not
an easy operation.
WALLED GARDEN - The Herculean task of clearing the Orchard Greenhouse of earth and
non-original masonry is almost complete and restoration of the Vine Greenhouse will now
begin. The lack of water for the Walled Garden will soon be over when a temporary irrigation
system, which transfers water form the reservoirs by the Conservatory into a large holding tank
in the Garden, comes onto operation. The Pond is now fully restored and contains aquatic
fauna and flora including, unfortunately, large quantities of blanket weed which is being
removed using natural methods.
ARCHEOLOGICAL ACTIVITY - Archaeological research at the sites of the Medieval and
Tudor Mansions is continuing under the professional supervision of the West Essex
Archaeological Group and it is hoped to discover more about these buildings.
SUMMER OPEN DAY - More than 500 visitors and Friends attended this event on 30 Aug
and enjoyed conducted tours of the Mansion, including the newly restored stables, the new
gallery and the Walled Garden. The Racquets Court was the centre of activity with an
exhibition of paintings by the handicapped artist James Merriot and another of prints of
botanical paintings by Matilda Conyers, several of which were purchased. There was much
demand for the renowned Copped Hall refreshments and a brisk trade in home - grown
vegetables, preserves, plants and Copped Hall items including historical publications. Liquid
refreshment was available in the open-air picnic area where many enjoyed their meals in the
sunshine. It is hoped that the event will raise a record £5,000 to help finance the continuing the
work of restoration at the Hall.
11th Sept 7.30 pm - “Moonlight Fantasies” a piano recital in the Mansion given by Ian
  Llewellyn Jones at 7.30 pm. on Saturday 11th September 2004
12th Sept 6.30 pm - “Jazz Concert” in the Copped Hall grounds given by the Vic Rogers
  Trad Jazz Band . Tickets for both events can be booked on 0208 505 1041.
10th Oct 8pm - A lecture entitled “Essex Parks” by Mark Hanson
21st Nov 8pm -A further lecture “Art in London in the 1740s” by Hugh Belsey.
  Both lectures are in the Theydon Bois Village Hall tickets are available on 01992 619 834.
Sunday Morning Tours: 19th September, 17th October, 21st November and 12th
  December between 10.30 and 10.45 am.
                          Issue 47                                     Page 32

               Cricket Club Let League Title Slip
A loss of form in August cost Theydon Bois Cricket Club the chance
of winning the 1st Division of The Herts & Essex Observer Cricket
 The   1st Eleven - Following on from last season’s success,
 prospects for Theydon’s 1st Xl had looked very good as they
 led the table in July. However, in a crunch game against
 Rickling on the 31st of the month Theydon lost a tense thriller.
 Chasing 247 to win Theydon lost by just 1 run. This marked a
 change in fortunes for the Clubs as Rickling went on to win the
 League whilst Theydon lost 3 out of their 4 games in August to slip to third (see
 table opposite). Despite the disappointment, this was a highly satisfactory
 performance overall particularly as this was the Club’s first season in the top
 division of the League. Top run scorers for Theydon were Simon Hughes, Tom
 McIlwaine and 1st Xl skipper Paul Sartoretti.
 The  2nd Xl had a more difficult season which eventually saw them relegated to
 Division 4 of the League. Availability problems involving some of the Club’s
 senior players often resulted in the side fielding young inexperienced teams.
 However, this enabled several of the Club’s promising youngsters to gain
 experience of senior cricket which can only bode well for the future.
 The  Colts section which provides professional coaching and organized matches for
 boys and girls from eight years old upwards goes from strength to strength. They
 won more matches than they lost, but most importantly the season was enjoyed by
If you are interested in cricket and would like to become a member, either as a player
or as a social member, then the Club would like to hear from you. Further
information on Theydon Bois Cricket Club can be found on their web site at or contact Club Secretary Peter Gooch on 812908. Anyone
requiring further information on the Colts section should contact Ameet Sharma on
01992 813274.

                     THEYDON BOIS CRICKET CLUB
                         BAR STAFF VACANCIES
             The club currently has vacancies for part-time bar
           staff to work in their Clubhouse which is open all year
              round. Good rates of pay and flexible hours are
                  available. For more information contact
                Club Secretary Peter Gooch on 812908.
                           Issue 47                                     Page 33

             Cricket Club Let League Title Slip (continued)
      Herts & Essex Observer Cricket League 2004 - Division 1 Final Table
                            P    W     L     T     NR     Bat    Bowl    Pen      Total
Rickling Ramblers          18    12    4     0      2     13      8       0       341
Farnham                    18    11    4     0      3     13      11      0       322
Theydon Bois               18    10    6     0      2     18      13      0       299
Ilford Catholics           18    10    7     0      1     15      20      0       299
Stansted Hall              18     8    9     0      1     33      21      0       266
Takeley                    18     8    8     0      2     31      18      0       264
Langley                    18     8    7     0      3     22      17      0       259
Willingale                 18     7    8     0      3     31      19      0       244
High Roding II             18     6    11    0      1     24      19      0       213
Stansted 1                 18     0    16    0      2     52      34      20       74

                      Theydon Bois Tree Strategy
                               ANNUAL MEETING -
                Thursday 30th September 2004 10am in the Village Hall

This Annual Meeting is to discuss the work and progress
made during the past year. We are working on a 5 year plan
and one of the purposes of this meeting is to plan for the
period up to the end of March 2005, this will include the next
phase of planting which is scheduled for November this year
until March next.
This however is reliant on adequate funding being available and will no doubt be one
of the main items of discussion where we try to identify sources that may be
The trees that were planted earlier this year were funded by, The Parish Council,
Rural Preservation Society and the Horticultural Society. We were also pleased to be
able to plant a number of additional trees under the Memorial Tree Scheme, this
is where a resident can pay for a tree to be planted in memory of a loved one.
   (Please see separate notice on page 40 of this edition of Village News for those
        interested to have their names added to the list for the next planting)
                           Issue 47                                       Page 34

                         District Council News
 Parking Controls Progress
All of the responses from the consultation letters sent to residents in the affected
roads are now being analysed. This is a major job as Theydon Bois was only a small
part of the total programme covering the whole District. As has been stated before,
where a significant proportion of residents, in a particular road, have objected to the
proposals then they will not be introduced, (unless there is a clear safety
requirement). Where a clear majority of residents have not objected to the scheme
then implementation will be rolled out across the District during the Autumn. This in
itself is a fairly lengthy business, just with the physical task of painting and signage.
We will keep residents closely informed when, or if, there will be changes to their
Youth Club.
As you may know already, the District Council has refused an application by the
County Council to develop the Youth Club site. We feel very strongly about
preserving this amenity for community use. Various strategies and options are being
evaluated by all the Councils involved, including the Parish Council. Once again, we
will keep residents informed as the story unfolds.

Robert Daniels Court.
Monday August 2nd saw the handing over of the keys of this sheltered housing
scheme in Thrifts Meade from EFDC to the Warden Housing Assn. There will be no
staff changes but, as a result of the renovations after the transfer, all residents will
have a self contained flat. Many other improvements will be made to the building and
those of you who have visited the Surgery recently may have noticed the activity
between it and Robert Daniels court. It is estimated that the improvement works
should be completed in just over a year.

 District Councillor             District Councillor
     Kay Rush              Kay Rush tel: 01992 813717            Robert Glozier
                          Issue 47                                        Page 35

                 Theydon Bois Lawn Tennis Club
The Tennis Club held the finals of the Veterans Tournaments on Saturday, 11th July,
on a fairly sunny day, although rain interrupted play early on. As usual, the ladies of
the Committee provided a very nice ploughman’s lunch, followed by fruit flan, and
our thanks goes to them and all who helped with umpiring, etc. on the day.
Ladies Doubles Final - In a closely fought match, Kay Henderson and Lesley List
  beat their opponents, Mandy Price and Pat Walter, 7 - 5, 6 - 2.
Mens Doubles Final - Gordon Morris and Mike Wheeler took the first set 6 - 1
  from their opponents, Paul Brake and Philip Walter. However, the latter pair came
  back in the second set to take it on a tie break, but the match finally went to Gordon
  and Mike, 6 - 1, 6 - 7, 6 - 0.
Mixed Doubles Final - Again, a closely fought match, eventually going to Pat
  Wilson and Mike Wheeler, who beat their opponents, Mandy Price and Brian
  Barrett, 6 - 4, 6 - 4.
Between 2nd and 5th September, a group of 23 tennis players will visit the club from
Mosbach, Germany. This is the second visit in three years to Theydon Bois by a
mixed group of seniors and juniors from the German Club. A mixed programme of
events is planned including tennis tournaments, cycle rides and ten pin bowling. As
in the past it is hoped that many good friendships will be made between members of
the two clubs.

                                                                  Previously,      25
                                                                  members including
                                                                  14 juniors from
                                                                  Theydon        Bois
                                                                  visited Mosbach and
                                                                  had a very enjoyable

 Annual  Finals Day Saturday 11th September - Some of our younger members will
 be in action. Visitors are most welcome to come and see some very good tennis
 Junior Finals are to be held on Saturday 18th September - Again, visitors are
 most welcome.
 Quiz Evening - Village Hall Friday 1st October - Please come and support our
 Quiz Evening, details front Pat Walter on 01992 81 3485.

                                                PAT WALTER Honorary Secretary
                        Issue 47                                   Page 36

                      News & Notices in Brief
Fly Tipping
There have been two incidents at the entrance to the cemetery over the past
couple of weeks. Fortunately we were able to get these removed very quickly
and spare unimaginable grief to any funeral parties unable to gain access to
the cemetery on the day of a funeral. The Parish Council is considering how
it can improve security at the cemetery.

Please Help to Keep Our Village Clean
           The Parish Council liaises with EDFC in an effort to maintain the
           appearance of our verges and regular grass cutting takes place.

            We do have problems where residents put out sacks and
blue boxes on the verges, sometimes days in advance of collection.
On occasions sacks are broken into by animals and the contents are
strewn around making it look most unsightly. The Village has
recently won an award in the Best Kept Village Competition, please help to
keep it that way. Please remember bags and boxes should be placed within
your property at the front boundary on collection days.

Reminder - Dog Mess
It is an offence to let your dog foul in public places. Please clear
it up or you could be fined!

Parish Council Highways and Environment Committee
                   At a recent meeting of the above committee mention was
                   made about tree and shrub overhangs from some
                   householders properties. Any foliage which is allowed to
                   grow without trimming becomes unsightly but more so is a
                   danger to all. This is especially relevant to the elderly, the
                   disabled and parents with infant prams.
It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure their shrubs and trees are
trimmed properly. We therefore appeal to everyone to keep this in mind and
to act positively towards improving the overall appearance of the village

           Thank you. Theydon Bois Parish Council
                          Issue 47                                        Page 37

                The Dad’s Army of Theydon Bois
At this time of year, the older generation is reminded of the dark days of 1940 when
this country had its back to the wall and faced the might of the German Army just
across the Channel. The decisive Battle of Britain fought against the Luftwaffe was
won by the Royal Air Force who saved the day. But the whole country was thrown on
the defensive especially the civilian population, many of whom became air raid
wardens, auxiliary firemen, special police officers, ambulance drivers etc. and members
of a special force, “Dad’s Army”.
The British Army was in a bad state after its retreat from France and so an auxiliary
force was formed as a back up, the Local Defence Volunteers (LDV). They comprised
men, young and old, from all walks of life who were not already in military service and
who trained in their spare time for military duties; they subsequently became the Home
Guard, nowadays more affectionately known as Dad’s Army, from the excellent TV
programme of later years.
Every city, town and village had such a unit and Theydon Bois was no exception. I
recently came across two photos, reproduced below, of the village unit taken during the
war. The first shows the unit in the garden of its headquarters, the Bull Inn (where

               Theydon Bois Home Guard Outside the Bull Inn
else!). For the Village News this photo has been trimmed, but the original has some
interesting background detail such as a “Players Please” sign in the top left-hand
corner; this was an advert for a brand of cigarettes as then sold in the sweet shop and
tobacconist, partly seen in the background of the original, by the Misses Whitlow and
New. This building was formerly the Toll House at the Forest Gate, which would have
spanned the road to Abridge in early days, probably before the coming of the railway
(and the present day viaduct). Also in the original can be seen the road running up into
                           Issue 47                                        Page 38

           The Dad’s Army of Theydon Bois (continued)
the top right hand corner of the picture; this is Forest Drive with a large hoarding (just
visible) advertising the sale of land for the erection of shops, which are now part of the
shopping parade. The second photo shows the unit on a “march past” in the village (?)
I understand that the group photo includes Sgt Bridgland the owner of the village store

                     Theydon Bois Home Guard on Parade
of the same name, Sgt Rush (the father of the late Charles Rush), Peter Warner the
village milkman and Freddie Broadbent who was a Registrar in Walthamstow. But who
are the others?
In later years, the Dad’s Army programme entertained us all with what was often
hilarious comedy. My father was a member of the Ilford Unit and I know that some of
the humour in the series was based on real incidents; it has been said, perhaps unkindly,
that the only wartime action the Theydon Bois unit experienced was the accidental
discharge of a firearm in the Bull Inn. But in reality, the function of the Home Guard
was a deadly business. In the event of invasion, they would have had to engage the
enemy with poor equipment (broom sticks initially) and have stood little chance against
German Panzers.
This is how Dad’s Army, including the men of Theydon Bois, served this country so
well like the Yeomen of England in the past; but, sadly, only the evergreen TV
programme remains to remind us of that fact. However, the Dad’s Army programme
served to introduce the Home Guard to subsequent younger generations. A surprising
comment about the programme came from a group of today’s youngsters who said that
it was very funny and they liked it because it did not contain any violence, bad
language or sex. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings! More than sixty years have
elapsed since those days but I would be interested to learn, via the editor, the names of
those depicted in the photos and, particularly any information regarding the “march
past” and where it took place. Perhaps your Dad or Grandad is there!

                                                                 TREVOR ROBERTS
                         Issue 47                                    Page 39

                 Children’s Hospital Charity Days
                   at Theydon Bois Golf Club
£5,000 WAS RAISED FOR Great
Ormond Street Hospital by a
charity golf day at Theydon Bois
Golf Club. The day was organised by
Jack White who lives in Morgan
Crescent Theydon Bois whose
grandson Nicholas is recovering
from a bone marrow transplant at the
hospital The event featured 100
golfers including BT’s round the
World yacht skipper Richard
Merriweather. The money was raised
through charity golf sweeps, a raffle
and an auction for which many local
shops and businesses donated items.
The money will go towards buying a
new Optipress, which conditions bone marrow ready for transplantation.

Over £3,000 was raised for University College Hospital neo-natal unit through
another Charity Golf day which was held in memory of 3 month old Thomas Eaton.
Thomas’s grandfather John Eaton from Coppice Row Theydon Bois helped, amongst
many other supporters, organise the day. The Eaton family also gave the Thomas
Eaton memorial Rose Bowl to the winning team. Thanks went to the event’s
sponsors, which included NV Printing, McMullens Brewery, Packfords Hotel,
Bywaters, The Woodland and Wildlife Conservation Company and a host of friends.

                                                  John Eaton said that “Those who
                                                  knew of Thomas’s fight for life
                                                  recognised the tremendous
                                                  contribution made by the hospital
                                                  and its dedicated staff.

                                                  Funding for units such as the
                                                  neo-natal unit is subject to the
                                                  tight budgetary disciplines
                                                  necessitated by Government
                        Issue 47                                   Page 40

                   Plant a Tree for a Loved One
We are planning our next phase for tree planting to enhance our village, it is
hoped this will be carried out between this November and next March.

In the first phase, completed this March we were able to offer residents the
opportunity to have a tree planted in memory of a loved one. This proved to be
of great interest, a number of trees were planted and we have a list of those
who, have so far, expressed interest for the next planting.

The cost this year was £100 per tree including planting and we hope the cost for
next planting will be about the same. This does depend on how much the trees

       If you would like a Memorial Tree please register your
 interest as soon as possible. Contact the Parish Office 813442

                                                                 YOUR VILLAGE
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