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					Luxembourg CFA Society

     The Strategic Plan
We envisage a Luxembourg CFA Society:
• Widely recognised within the investment community as the
  reference source for continuing education and views about
  investments topics and the investment industry
• That is considered as a relevant actor by members and other
  stakeholders in pursuing their professional and educational
• That will contribute to the advancement of the financial
  industry in Luxembourg in cooperation with other
  organizations, regulators, and members.
                                It is our Mission to

• Promote high ethical and professional standards within the investment
  community, and, where appropriate, provide views and analysis on subjects of
  local and international relevance

• Serve candidates and members, as well as other investment professionals, in
  pursuing professional excellence and ongoing education along their careers

• Increase awareness of the CFA Institute amongst various constituencies, including
  investment professionals, employers, regulators, and educational institutions, by
  promoting the CFA designation, and by remaining relevant and current within the
  investment community.
                     Strategic goals
• Serving members:
   – Ongoing education
   – Networking (incl. Job seek)
   – CFA promotion
• Serving candidates: assisting candidates to pass CFA exam
• Increasing CFA awareness in the Luxembourg market
                      Action plan (1/4)
         Serving members (1/2)
Target   1 event per month (11), of which:
         -Travelling conference
         -Web casts / Live video from other CFA society events?
         -Local events
         -Incl. 1 networking event per Q
Means    -Event committee (1 board member and volunteers)
         -Formalise sponsorship agreement (Reuters, etc.)
         -Have adequate recognition of all main partners/sponsors (website, annual
         report, event invitations, etc.)
         -Implementing a rolling 12-month event calendar
Time     -Q2 2009: Set-up the event committee (contact potential volunteers and
line     define responsibilities), approved the event calendar (H2 2009 and H1 2010)
         set the budget for events
                      Action plan (2/4)
         Serving members (2/2)
Target   Job hunting capabilities
Means    -Secured job offers on CFA Luxembourg website
         -Events around self-selling or career development related, etc.
Time     -H2 2009: job offers on web site
                     Action plan (3/4)
         Serving candidates
Target   Increase candidates pass rates
Means    -Establish a reliable candidate database
         -Assistance in exam preparation
         -Launch a candidate oriented survey to be better focus
         -Provide coaching advice sessions/letters
         -Offer in-house mock exam
         - each month 1 board member to check the inbox web site mail
         -Inform candidates about “Congé Individuel de Formation”
Time     - Q2 2009: Ensure maximum exhaustiveness of candidate database. Launch
line     survey and analyse outcome
         -Q2 2009: draft a coaching guide/document/framework
         -June 2009 exam day: prepare information doc on registration, etc.
                      Action plan (4/4)
         CFA awareness (1/2)
Target   Convince local university to integrate CFA curriculum (full or partial)
Means    - scholarship
         - Dedicated task force (MF,LK, JLV)
                       Action plan (4/4)
         CFA awareness (2/2)
Target   Luxembourg Authorities / Employers / other financial actors
Means    - inform local regulators of Brussels office of CFA centre for financial integrity
         - presentation to HR association
         -Presentation / send flyers to targeted HR managers or head hunters
         -Leverage the CFA events (e.g. expand audience for some CFA events, etc.)
         -Asset management task force
         -Liaise with ALFI, ALGAFI, CSSF, ABBL and other relevant bodies/associations
Time     H2 2009: draft detailed action plan
Events 2010
•   2/2/10:          The Luxembourg Financial Center: pursuit of excellence through
          ethics & integrity (local financial community networking)
•   10/2/10          Sustainable and Responsible Investing (CE event)
•   16/2/10          CFA exam coaching event (social event)
•   5/3/10           EEMEA Regional Meeting (CFA Institute liaison)
•   4/5/10           AGM with presentation of strategic plan and presence of Emily
          Dunbar (CFA Institute liaison)
•   11/5/10          Capital Markets after a tumulous decade
•   15/5/10          Mock exam (candidate support)
•   16/5/10          Final exam review (candidate support)
•   15-19/5          CFA Institute Annual Conference, Boston (CFA Institute liaison)
•   26/5/10          Financial System Overview in China - risks and opportunities after the crisis
•   June             Happy hour post exam drink (social event)
•   September        Back-to-work drink (social event, CFA awareness)
•   October          Society Leadership Conference
•   November         webcast event (CE event)
•   December         Charter Award Ceremony

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