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SeaScapes Juried Art Competition Announced by Art Gallery


About this time of the year we begin to see top 10 lists, best of lists, worst of lists, thankful lists and lists for New Year resolutions. Normally, I will visually scan and mentally discard those lists and then go on about my life. This year, for some reason and I am not sure why, I feel compelled to make my own “grateful” list. There is an amazing power in gratitude that helps your mental well-being and emotional health. Gratitude for a situation, an event or for a person that is in your life sets the stage and opens the door for more good in your life. It is very easy, in difficult and trying times to concentrate on the negative, rather than taking stock of the other good and positive things that are going on in your life.

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  “SeaScapes” Juried Art Competition Announced by Art Gallery
JUPITER, FLORIDA, November 22, 2011/ - Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a Juried Art
Competition with the theme “SeaScapes” for the Month of December 2011. All 2D artists, including
photography and excluding video from around the world are called upon to make online submissions to the
gallery. The winners of this art competition will be included in the gallery’s January 2012 online art group
exhibition. The gallery invites all 2D artists regardless of where they reside and regardless of their
experience or education in the art field to send us your best interpretation of the theme “SeaScapes" by
depicting coastal living, ocean activities, seaside vistas and any related seashore subjects.

A group exhibition of the top ten finalists will be held online at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
during the month of January 2012. In addition, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries
received there may also be Special Recognition awards posted as well. The theme for the December art
contest is “SeaScapes” and the submission process and the deadline will end on December 29, 2011.

Winners of the “SeaScapes” Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email
marketing, 70+ press release announcements, 65+ event announcements, social media marketing and
website traffic in order to make the art world aware of the artist’s accomplishments. There will also be links
back to the artist’s website as part of this achievement.

Artists, give us your best “element” art now. Apply Online at

About Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly art competitions and monthly art exhibitions for
new and emerging artists. It is Light Space & Time’s intention to showcase this incredible talent in a series
of monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions by marketing and displaying the exceptional
abilities of these worldwide artists.

The art gallery website can be viewed here:

Contact:        John R. Math
Telephone:      888-490-3530

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