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					Sika Trophy Hunting Wicklow Ireland with John Sika Fenton.

Business established in 1989.

‘Over 22 years experience hunting and guiding clients to shoot their
dream Sika Stags.’

John Fenton was born in 1959 in the heart of the Wicklow Mountain’s, an area best known as
the “Garden of Ireland”. He was introduced to stalking at the age of 12 under the supervision
of his father George. Starting to hunt at such an early age was of great benefit to John in
learning the ways of hunting Sika, one of the most difficult, shy and challenging of all the deer
species. Today John is highly regarded as a professional deer manager and one of the best
sika guides in Ireland. He is known far and wide as John Sika Fenton, a name given to him by
his Danish clients, a country in addition to others throughout the world where he is recognised
as an expert hunter.

Initially as the only professional hunter in his region John was limited to a maximum of 2
hunters per week and 8 hunters for the stag season. Throughout these years he would have
shot 20 stags per season, a few of which were medal class. With numerous years of sound
deer management there’s been a significant improvement in the number of medal quality
heads that John’s clients have achieved. Examples of this increase include a group of 10
Danish hunters in week 41, 2010 that shot 33 stags in 5 days hunting, 8 of these stags were
of medal class. These significant numbers show many that if anyone can fulfil your dream of
shooting a sika stag then John Fenton is your man. In his 22 years of professional stalking no
client of his taking a 5 day hunt has left empty handed, all hunters have shot at least 1 stag
from their package.

Johns preferred type of hunting is stalking on foot, walking along the forest rides and up the
side of mountains. Hunting takes place on two outings per morning for 2-4 hours and in the
evening for another 2-3 hours. Hunting is with 2 hunters and 1 guide where 1 hunter will be
placed in a high seat and the second hunter and guide will go on foot. This provides hunters
with the best independent experience whilst also receiving expert advice. Regular clients may
be given instruction on how to hunt areas alone, dependant on their experience. An average
level of fitness is required for sika stalking however we will always provide suitable hunting for
each person’s standards.

Hunting takes place over a divided area of 20,000 acres of farm land and conifer forests that
run out onto open mountain moorland. The largest of these areas is the scenic 7000 acre
Luggala Estate, unique for its good quality Sika Stags and the finest open mountain stalking.
Hunters also have access to the 4000 acre Ballinacor estate, known for its quality Sika Stags
and pheasant shoot. Its dense vegetation is ideal for challenging Sika hunting and the well
managed farm land gives rise to top class Sika trophies. In 2009 a Norwegian hunter shot an
impressive 11 point Sika Stag measured 229 cic points (gold medal).

Best time to hunt sika.

The best time for top quality stags is from week 39 to week 44 which is the sika stag rutting
period. This period is the clients chance to hunt the Sika Stag the most difficult of deer
species. The challenge and experience of the Sika hunt brings the same clients back to
Wicklow year after year. You may also have the chance at time to shoot a mountain goat.

 November through to December is a good time to combine both stag and hind stalking. We
advise that you book for a hind shooting package and if the chance arises to shoot a good
quality stag then you are able to pay the trophy fee charge at the end of your stay. Best time
for hind stalking is from November to the end of February or a combination hunt in January\
February for decoying pigeons and hind stalking.
Hunt expectations;

Hunt expectations for stags aren’t easy to predict as so much depends on the weather and
the hunters ability, however generally hunters should expect to shoot 2-3 stags in 5 days
during their stay in Wicklow. On the other hand expectations for hind stalking is easy to
predict, you will see a large number of hinds and calf’s some days up to two hundred animals
and you will have many opportunities. On average hunters can expect to shoot 2 animals per
day, however much will depend on your own level of experience to outwit a sika hind. In
February 2011 six Norwegians had a five day hunt and shot 47 Sika from 65 opportunities.
John Fenton will never sell a hunt that he is not reasonably sure he can deliver, however in all
of Johns twenty two years of hunting John has never sent a client home empty handed.

General Cost:

           5 day stag package to shoot two trophy stags and one cull animal €2,300 this
            price includes any medal class stags shot.
           5 day hind stalking package €1150
           Day fee for Hind stalking €230 per person per day.
           Pigeon hunting €200 per person per day.

Firearms licenses information;
Whether non Irish national or visiting Irish national or if you wish to borrow/rent a weapon you
will require the following: Irish visitors non resident weapon license provided by the police,
hunting permit from the Coillte the Irish Forest Board & deer hunting license from the National
Parks & Wildlife Services. Processing time 8 weeks, all of which we will apply for on your

EU Residents we require an in date valid European firearms pass with the weapon that you
wish to use listed on your EU pass. In addition we require a copy of your hunting insurance.
The maximum calibre allowed for hunting sika is the 300 WM.

Non EU residents we require proof that you are a valid hunter in your own country, own a
valid license for a sporting weapon and require a copy of your hunting insurance.

We are located in the Wicklow Mountains only 1 ½ hours drive South of Dublin International
Airport within a very well know tourist destination of Laragh\Glendalough. You will stay in a
top class B/B the Wicklow heather www.thewicklowheather or in a self catering cottage set in
a central location for hunting. Close too many tourist sites and a 5 minute walk to the local
pub and one of the best restaurants in Wicklow.

Contact Details:

John Sika Fenton
Co Wicklow,

Telephone Number 00353 87 9857747
Email johnsikafenton@vodafone.ie

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