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					                             Pearland High School
                                             Pride Honor Success
                                                    Mr. Larry Berger, Principal

                     Mr. Eric Maxwell, Assistant Principal                  Ms. Rekha Sharma, Assistant Principal
                     Mr. Kevin McDonald, Assistant Principal                Ms. Lynn Walker, Assistant Principal
                     Mr. Jimmy Nowell, Assistant Principal                  Ms. Tasha Williams, Assistant Principal

I,                                                  , am in Ms. Kelly’s class. I will be allowed to use TI-84+
graphing calculator #             as long as I agree to the following guidelines and have a parent signature.

If any damage should occur to the calculator during my class period, I will be responsible for
replacement of the calculator or paying the current cash value (approximately $130). The calculator will
be used as an instructional tool, not a toy.

If the calculator is missing at the beginning of class, I must report it immediately to Ms. Kelly or be held

If I see any damage or evidence of misuse of the calculator that I did not do, I must report it immediately
to Ms. Kelly or be held responsible.

If any of the batteries are missing, I must report this immediately to Ms. Kelly or else be held
responsible for replacement of the four “AAA” batteries needed to power the calculator.

Any of the following will result in my having to replace the calculator and/or denial of calculator
          Scratches/marks on the screen and/or calculator (including calculator label)
          “Text messages” entered into the calculator
          Damage of any form to the calculator and/or parts
          Removal or switching of batteries
          Programs without Ms. Kelly’s permission
          Loaning calculator to other classmates
          Dropping calculator on the floor due to carelessness

I will pick up my assigned calculator at the beginning of each period. I will return my assigned
calculator at the end of each period.

I agree to the above criteria and accept responsibility for any damage.
                                                         Yes                 No
If you do not agree with this contract, it will be your responsibility to provide your
own graphing calculator.
Student Signature:                                                                                          Date: ___________

Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                                                  Date: ___________

  This form must be signed and returned to Ms. Kelly before a calculator will be issued. Please, bring
                                 four “AAA” to use in the calculator.
                                          3775 South Main Pearland, Texas 77581 281-997-7445

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