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									                                                                                                                                                   Attention all Children/Youth Volunteers
                                                                                                                                  Effective June 1 we are requiring that all adults volunteering with children/youth
                                                                                                                                  activities and events at Grace must have a background check completed and on file at
                                                                                                                                  the church. This practice has become the norm for churches, and is being done to
                                                                                                                                  ensure the safety of all young people at Grace sponsored programming. Form can be
                                                                                                                                  picked up and dropped off in the church office, background checks will then be
                                                                                                                                  completed online by church staff. All information on the form, as well as any information
                                                                                                                                  received from the background check will be kept confidential. You can also download the
                                                                                                                                  form or submit the information online at the Christian Ed. homepage under Forms and
                                                                                                                                  Downloads. Contact Brad with any questions and thank you for your cooperation.

                                                       Graceful Prairie
                                 Established in 1995 with faith, hope and love for Creation                                                                               Graduation Sunday
                   “The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds has come...”
                                                       The Song of Solomon 2:12                                                                     Graduation Sunday is set for June 12 and will be a part of the 9:30
                                                                                                                                                    worship service. Please plan on attending as we celebrate the
                                   With the return of spring and growth in the Graceful Prairie, it is time once more to note                       achievement of the class of 2011.
                                   what is blooming and growing there. Take time before or after a Sunday service, or
                                   stop by and walk the trail on a beautiful weekday. There are a few blossoms to see in
                                   the prairie at this time. One is called Golden Alexander. A member of the parsley
                                   family, the flat-topped cluster of small bright yellow flowers resembles that of white
                                   Queen Ann’s Lace (which blooms at summer’s end), The leaves are twice divided with                       Monthly Potlucks This Summer
                                   3-7 long, pointed, toothed leaflets. Stroll the prairie and look for this golden beauty,                                                rd
                                                                                                                                                              Join us July 3 !
                                   which blooms near the prairie’s edges.                                                         Nurturing Connections will be hosting monthly potlucks this summer.
          Near the meditation bench inside the prairie, are lavender blossoms of Jacob’s ladder.                                  The next scheduled potlucks will be the first Sundays of July and
Bumblebees are the first to celebrate this blue-belled flower’s arrival in spring. These dainty                                   August. They will start after the summer worship service (approximately
flowers are on stalks with leaves resembling the steps of a ladder – thus the name of the plant.                                  10:45AM). Please stay after church and join us for food and fellowship!
          The woodland plot, to the north and outside the fence, has blooming Jack-in-the-pulpits ,                               Beverages will be provided.
each with 2 large, long-stemmed 3-parted leaves; curving ridged hood (the pulpit) with its green or
purplish brown, often streaked envelope, which holds an erect “club” (Jack). A cluster of shiny red
berries on the spadix (Jack) will ripen in the fall.

                                 Also blooming in the woodland plot are a few shooting stars. This native perennial blooms                                  Congratulations and Best Wishes!
                      from April to June in open woods, meadows, and prairies. Each plant has a single flower stalk that                     Member Cody Freber (mother is member Stacy Hasenstab) and Scott Infalt
                      grows 8-24” tall from the center of a cluster of basal, oblong leaves. On top of this “shooting” stalk is              were united in marriage at Grace Church on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Please
                      a whorl of small bracts, from which a spray of individually stalked nodding, “star”-shaped flowers                     pray for them as they begin their married life together.
                      arises. Each white to pink flower dangles with petals facing backward and upward. The pointed
                      center of the flower is made up of united yellow stamens with a dark brown base. The flower stalks
                      turn upright when forming dark brown seed capsules in August and are lovely in dried flower
                                 Virginia Creeper, Cup plant, Rosinweed, and many other plants are leafing out and will                           Our condolences to the family and friends of member Steve Elegreet,
                      bloom later in the season.                                                                                                  who passed away unexpectedly on May 23, 2011. A memorial
                                 Thank you to the group of 6 volunteers who spread the wood chips delivered by the city of                        gathering was held on May 28. Please pray for his family and friends as
                      Beaver Dam on the trail of the Graceful Prairie. We received only one small truckload rather than the                       they mourn their loss.
                      two requested, so that’s all we will do this year.
                      “And happier is one who has power, to gather wisdom from a flower.” - William Wordsworth-
                                   Missing Basket
Still missing since the rummage sale: 10X15 Longenberger basket with handles. It was                                    CHRISTIAN
last seen in the church kitchen. Please return to the church kitchen, no questions asked.                               EDUCATION
Any information, please call 887-9300 or call the church office, 885-3198. Thank you.

                         GRACE CHURCH CALENDAR                                                      WOMEN’S BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Here is the group’s summer schedule:
                           June 12 - July 10, 2011                                                   Wednesday June 29 - Meet at Grace to discuss Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by
                                                                                                       Jamie Ford.
 Sunday June 12 - Graduation Sunday/Pentecost                                                        Wednesday July 27 - Meet at Grace to discuss The Ritual Bath by Faye Kellerman
 9:30    AM       Worship                         Sunday June 26 - VBS Sunday                        Wednesday Aug. 31 - Meet at Grace to discuss 2030: the Real Story of What Happens to
 Monday June 13                                   9:30    AM       Worship                             America by Albert Brooks
 11:00 AM         Staff Meeting                   Monday June 27
 6:00    PM       Stewardship Committee                                                             Come and join us!
                                                  11:00 AM         Staff Meeting
 6:30    PM       Deacon Meeting                  7:00    PM       BD Lives                                                                                                     th
 7:00    PM       BD Lives at Swan Park           Tuesday June 28                                   FIRST TUESDAY BOOK CLUB First Tuesday Book Club will meet July 5 at
 Tuesday June 14                                  9:30    AM       Senior Coffee                    6:30 PM in the Church Library. Please call Sharon Titus or Ann Peck if you
 9:30    AM       Senior Coffee                   7:30    PM       Meditation                       would like to know more about our group. We welcome new members.
 7:30    PM       Meditation                      Wednesday June 29
 Wednesday June 15                                8:30    AM       Meditation                                    CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER (Meditation) meets Wednesday mornings from 8:30-
 8:30    AM       Meditation                      9:45    AM       Women’s Book Group                            9:45 in the chapel. Join this group that meets to nurture and sustain spiritual vitality
 11:30 AM         Shut-in Luncheon                Thursday June 30                                               in contemporary life. New faces are always welcome. For more information call
 Thursday June 16                                 6:30    PM       Spanish Class
 6:30    PM       Spanish Class                                                                                  Debbie at 485-4848.
                                                  Sunday July 3
 Sunday June 19 - Happy Father’s Day!             9:30    AM       Worship - Communion
 9:30    AM       Worship                         Nurturing Connections Potluck                     TUESDAY EVENING MEDITATION This group meets Tuesday evenings at 7:30 in the chapel.
 Monday June 20                                   Monday July 4 - Office Closed                     Guided and quiet meditation with the use of Tibetan singing bowls helps us focus our hearts and
 11:00 AM         Staff Meeting                   Tuesday July 5                                    minds on the Creator. Come experience a time of peace in a hectic world. Contact Ken Zeyher
 12:00 PM         VBS Lunch                       9:30    AM        Senior Coffee                   for more information at 887-9216 or
 12:30-3 PM       VBS                             6:30    PM
                                                                    1 Tuesday Book Group
 3-5:30 PM        VBS Childcare available         7:30    PM        Meditation                      SPANISH CLASS The Spanish class that meets at Grace has meetings on Thursday nights from
 5:00    PM       Personnel Committee             Wednesday July 6                                  6:30 - 8:00pm. This is an advanced group (level 2-3) which uses a variety of material to aid in
 7:00    PM       BD Lives                        8:30    PM        Meditation
 Tuesday June 21                                                                                    sharpening their Spanish skills. If you are in need of practicing your Spanish this may be the
                                                  Thursday July 7
 9:30    AM       Senior Coffee                                                                     group for you. Contact Tami Mohammed at 356-0322 or for more
                                                  6:30    PM        Spanish Class
 12:00 PM         VBS Lunch                       Saturday July 9                                   information.
 12:30-3 PM       VBS                             Maddie Wissell / Mark Buchda Wedding
 3-5:30 PM        VBS Childcare available         Sunday July 10
 7:30    PM       Meditation                      9:30    AM        Worship
 Wednesday June 22
 8:30    AM       Meditation                      For Sunday June 12
                                                                                                                                       Are You in Need of Prayer?
 12:00 PM         VBS Lunch                       Head Usher: Duane Schroeder
 12:30-3 PM       VBS                             Greeters: Mary & Richard Jacobs                               The Grace Email Prayer Chain is here to support and lift you up in prayer.
 3-5:30 PM        VBS Childcare available         Fellowship Coffee: Tom Willihnganz                            Prayer requests can be sent, called in to the church, or submitted online.
 6:30    PM       Session Meeting                 Nursery: Louise Wilson                                        Visit to submit your requests or
 Thursday June 23                                 Next Courier: Deadline for articles is Thursday
 12:00 PM         VBS Lunch
                                                                                                                to sign up to receive prayer chain emails.
                                                  June 30 at 10 AM, due to the July 4 Holiday.
 12:30-3 PM       VBS                             (This is the only newsletter in July.)
 3-5:30 PM        VBS Childcare available
 6:30    PM       Spanish Class
                                                                                                                                 Bible in a Year
                                                                                              Did you know that the Bible tells many of its stories more than once? That the book of
                                                                                              Esther doesn’t expressly mention God? That Job had no patience at all? That the Bible
                         This years’ Vacation Bible School has                                speaks of both giants and sea monsters? That there are four books (or five, depending
                         been set for June 20th – 23rd. Kids ages                             how you count) named John in the New Testament? That Luke and Acts are part of one
                         3 through those who have completed 5th                               work by the same writer? These are just some of the things you’ll learn in a new
                         grade will experience an underwater                                  “through the Bible in a year” Bible study being offered this year at Grace.
                         adventure while learning about Jesus                                 In this Bible study, our project will not be to study a familiar book or books in depth, but
                         and His love for them. There will be an                              to look at scripture in its entirety. To help you accomplish the task and to make group
optional lunch from Noon – 12:30pm, VBS Programming from                                      conversation possible along the way, we will follow a schedule of readings that will take
12:30-3pm, and optional childcare from 3-5:30pm. Lunch and                                    us from Genesis to The Revelation (with time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., of
childcare will require a small fee. Registration information is                               course!). And we'll meet each week for an hour or an hour and a half, (we’ll agree on that
available in the church office, the hall by the bulletin board,                               at the beginning) to discuss what we've seen.
and on the Grace website,
                  Volunteers are also needed! We hope to see you there.                       We would like to start in June but have yet to set a day and time, we are open to
                                                                                              suggestions. If you are interested, let us know what will work for you.
                                                                                              Here is a chance to explore scripture and take some of the “road[s] less traveled.” All
** If you are looking for a way to support VBS this year but can’t volunteer your time, you   you’ll need is a Bible and a comfortable chair.
are in luck, because we need your help with supplies. You can pick up any of the
following items and drop them off in the office. Thanks for your help!

         2 10X25 ft rolls of black plastic
         2 rolls of black duct tape
         Cleaned 2 liter soda bottles,
         Cleaned plastic water bottles.
         Metal or sturdy plastic washtub (12 gallon size)
         Gravel to fill ½ the tub
         12 bricks
         Garden trowels
                                                                                              LOLympics on Monday, June 13th 7pm at Swan Park in Beaver Dam! Bring old clothes
         Plastic siphon
         CO2 fire extinguisher                                                                and get ready to LOL!
         Conch shell                                                                          BD-LIVES is a subcommittee on Youth Ministry for the Beaver Dam Ministerium. There
                                                                                              are events planned throughout the summer for high school youth. Stayed tuned for more
                                                                                              Remaining Summer Schedule:
             Youth Game Night – June 10 @7pm                                                  *June 20th @ 7pm
                                                                                              *June 27th @ 7pm
    The next youth game night is scheduled for June 10th from 7-10pm.                         *July 11th @ 7pm
                Join us for a fun night of games and food!                                    *July 18th @ 7pm
                                                                                              *July 25th @ 7pm
                                                                                              Aug 1st—Noah’s Ark Trip
                                                                                              *Events at Swan Park
                                   July Birthdays                                                                                 CHURCH
1 – Susan Ganske, Jerry Martel                                                                                                FINANCIAL NEWS
2 – Emma Anderson, Kaitlin Schoenwetter, Dennis Steinkraus, Ben Treppish
                                                                                                    CHECKING ACCOUNT:
3 – Paul Ferstl
4 – Dana Skare                                                                               January 1, 2011                $ 22,898.18
                                                                                              January Income                $ 29,262.94
5 – Savanah Duckett, Barb Kulka, Zachary Kulka
                                                                                              January Expenses              $(17,552.54)
6 – Sandy Koehn, Jake Wilson, Dominic Bales                                                  February 1, 2011               $ 34,608.58
8 – Kevin Magalsky                                                                            February Income               $ 15,504.57
                                                                                              February Expenses             $(18,467.57)
10 – Kathleen Doege, Lisa Luedtke
                                                                                             March 1, 2011                  $ 31,645.58
11 – Andy Bestor, Darien Jimenez, Linda Johnson                                               March Income                  $ 17,901.48
12 – Rebecca DeYoung, Marshall Goodrich                                                       March Expenses                $(17,916.02)
                                                                                             April 1, 2011                  $ 31,631.04
13 – Betty Boomsma, Agnes MacDonald, Stuart Miller, Deb Muenchow
                                                                                              April Income                  $ 27,476.46
15 – Jessica Beirne, Gwen Hahn, Judy Olson, Hannah Walton                                     April Expenses                $(22,044.04)
16 – Jeff Berg                                                                               May 1, 2011                    $ 37,063.46
                                                                                              May Income                      18,493.08
17 – Louise Wilson
                                                                                              May Expenses                  $(22,709.99)
18 – Howard Spinler                                                                          June 1, 2011                    32,846.55
19 – Cody Livingston
                                                                                                                            INCOME & EXPENSES:
20 – Doug Ganske
21 – Kelly Haucke, Brian Schoenwetter                                                                 May - Income                         May – Expenses
23 – Sharon MacDonald, Darcy Yerges, Rich Zeman                                              Envelopes               $ 17,800.00           Missions              $ 800.43
                                                                                             Loose Offerings         $    376.00           Session               $ 120.87
25 – Joe Lord, Quinn McCallum, Nancy Noordhof, Audi Puleo, Hazel Roberts
                                                                                             Per Capita              $    166.80           Worship               $ 1,933.76
26 – Gary Bortz                                                                              Sunday School           $     10.10           Christian Education   $ 3,277.89
27 – Morgan Meier, Gary Sutter                                                               Fellowship              $     38.30           Administration        $ 7,922.93
                                                                                             Building Rental         $      0.00           Property              $ 2,730.84
28 – Becky Glewen, Judy MacPherson, Jennifer Westergaard, Doris Zeyher
                                                                                             Interest Earned         $     16.58           Deacon                $     0.00
30 – Carol Scheel, Caitlin Yerges                                                            Pentecost Mission       $     35.00           Pastoral              $ 5,923.27
31 – Robert Van Abel, Becky Wissell                                                          One Great Hour          $     30.30
                                                                                             Hillside Hospice        $     20.00
                                                                                             TOTAL INCOME            $ 18,493.08           EXPENSES              $ 22,709.99

                          Upcoming Blood Drives
                   Countryside GM Auto Group will host a blood drive on June 10              Rejoice in your talents. God has given you unique gifts. Don’t focus on what you
                   from 10AM - 3PM on the dealership floor, YMCA of Dodge County
                   will host a blood drive on June 17, from 8-1 in the gymnasium, and        can’t do. Wisdom comes from appreciating your talents – and accepting your
                   Trinity Methodist Church will host a blood drive on July 6 from 1-        limitations!
                   6PM in the Fellowship Hall, all for Blood Center of Wisconsin, the sole
provider of blood used at BDCH. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are
encouraged. You will need a photo id to donate. For more information or to make an
appointment online, please go to
                                Please be conscious of keeping your offering/giving up to
                        date during the summer months.                                                                Church Health Services
                                Due to the absence of a Pastor and CE Director for a
                        short time earlier this year, we have a more ―healthy‖ checkbook                              Seeking Volunteers!
                        balance than we normally have.
                                We are now fortunate to have a full staff again and we          ‘I was naked and you gave me clothing. I was sick and you cared for me. I was in prison and you
                        are seeing our expenses grow. Unfortunately, we are also                visited me. … I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you were
                        seeing a decline in our offering giving so far this year. A year-to-    doing it to me!’ Matt 25: 36, 40
                        date difference from last year at this time is $5,500 less.
        The Stewardship Committee is keeping a close watch on our overall spending,             Church Health Services is seeking additional volunteers in the categories listed below to help staff
but there is a concern why we are seeing a decrease in offering giving.                         clinic sites in Beaver Dam and Mayville. Clinics serve area residents who are on limited incomes
        We are looking to the congregation to help keep the church funds from falling           and without health insurance. Even a minimum of 4 hours per month can be very rewarding!
short and bringing us into a deficit situation – please help by keeping your pledges up to
date. THANK YOU.                                                                                   Intake Worker. With some brief training serves on a team to interview potential clinic
                                                                                                    patients to establish eligibility.

                    Lawn Mower Operators Needed                                                    Receptionist. Greets patients and makes appointments.
                              We provide the gas, the mowers and instructions. The
                              garage is locked with a combination lock so come at your             Nursing. Provides clinic care as an LPN or RN.
                              convenience (preferably near the end of the week). It takes
                              about 2 ½ hours on the rider mower and 1 hour edging and             Clergy. Offers welcoming conversations and spiritual care.
                              trimming – a great project for the family.
                             To take a week, just put your name on the                             Clinician. Provides primary care clinic services as a physician, physician assistant, or nurse
sign-up sheet in the narthex area for the week that you are willing to                              practitioners.
mow. For more information call Mike Wissell, 887-7556 or 319-0114.
                                                                                                                            Mail, call, or email soon! THANK YOU!
Thank you to our volunteers so far!
                                                                                                Name: __________________________________________
                                                                                                Address: ____________________ City: _______________
      Grace Camping At Tunnel Trail Scheduled for July 24-26                                    Phone: _______________ Email: ____________________

                     July 24th - July 26th has been designated as Grace Church family           Contact Dilana Moline, RN at CHS, 308 Oneida St, Beaver Dam, 53916, 887-1766, or
                     camping at Tunnel Trail Campground (through members Scott &      
                     Julie Grenon). We will head to Tunnel Trail Campground in Wilton,          OR
                     WI on Sunday, July 24 and return on Tuesday, July 26. You can              Contact Heidi Weiss, RN at CHS, 16 South Main St, Mayville, 387-2995, or
                     camp in a tent, find a friend with a camper, reserve one of the  
                     cabins there, etc. The campground is located in Wilton on the
                     Elroy/Sparta bike trail. You can bike the tunnel trails, play mini golf,
hike, canoe, and swim. Mark your calendar and plan to attend this fun-filled few days
with your church family. Check out the campground website at

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