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					                                                    iMovie Project
   Teacher Name: Mrs. Long

   Student Name:                                          Movie
                     ________________________________________ Name____________________________

         CATEGORY     4                             3                             2                              1
Script                Script is well written,       Script is easily              Script is understood but       Script lacks details. A
                      easily understood and         understood, somewhat          may be hard to follow,         reader would need a lot
                      followed, includes stage      easy to follow. It includes   may include few stage          of clarification to
                      directions and behind the     some stage directions.        directions. Grammar and        understand what is
                      scenes information.           Grammar and                   punctuation errors make        supposed to happen in
                      There are minimal             punctuation errors may        it so the reader has to        the iMovie.
                      grammar and                   distract from the content     reread to understand.
                      punctuation errors.           of the script.
Footage & Photo       Video footage and photo       Most video and photo          Videos and photos are          The footage and photos
Quality               shots are in focus, steady    shots are in focus, steady    lacking quality. Editing       are not good enough
                      and well lit. Editing tools   and well lit. Editing tools   tools are not used             quality for the audience
                      are used to crop,             are used to crop,             enough to crop, retouch,       to understand the iMovie
                      retouch, or add effects to    retouch, or add effects to    or add effects to footage      from a visual perspective.
                      footage and photos in a       footage and photos. More      and photos. More editing       Editing tools were not
                      way that enhances the         editing could be done.        should be done.                used.
Use of Online         Download, import and          Download, import and          Download & import at     Did not include use of an
Resource              cite at least one piece of    cite at least one piece of    least one piece of       internet rescource.
                      media(video, sound            media(video, sound            media(video, sound
                      effect or picture) from       effect or picture) from       effect or picture) from
                      Discovery Education that      Discovery Education that      Discovery Education that
                      enhances the iMovie.          works in the iMovie.          enhances the iMovie.
                                                                                  Source not cited.

Audio Quality         Narration is clear and        Most of the narration is      Narration is not clear    Audio quality and effects
                      loud enough for the           clear, loud enough for        and/or loud enough for    detract from the project.
                      camera to pick up. Music      the camera to pick up         the camera to pick up.
                      and sound effects are         and/or fits the project.      Music and sound effects
                      used to enhance the           Music and sound effects       are not used or they
                      iMovie. They are not too      are used. They are not        detract from the iMovie's
                      loud or too soft. Music       too loud or too soft.         purpose.
                      and sound effects do not      Music and sound effects
                      interfere with the            do not interfere with the
                      narration.                    narration.
Timing and Pacing     Well paced with clear         Pacing is a little off. The   Pacing throws the flow of      iMovie is either too short,
                      scenes, does not drag         iMovie drags on or moves      the iMovie off. It is hard     too slow or too fast. The
                      but moves the iMovie          to quickly in some parts.     for the audience to stay       pacing and timing are
                      forward, no long pauses.      Timing is slightly off.       focused on the iMovie.         way off.
                      Shots and clips are well      Almost there!
                      timed and smooth. The
                      audience is engaged the
                      entire movie.
Editing               Well edited, well placed      Edited using transitions,     Edited with some use of        Poorly edited. The iMovie
                      transitions and titles, and   titles, effects and editing   transitions, titles, effects   is hard to watch and
                      use of effects and editing    tools(cropping, Ken           and editing                    follow. Lack of editing
                      tools(cropping, Ken           Burns, etc.). Clips are       tools(cropping, Ken            detracts from the
                      Burns, etc.), Advanced        trimmed and don't have        Burns). Some of the            purpose of the iMovie.
                      Tools Used (Green             any extra and                 editing detracts from the
                      Screen or Picture in          unnecessary parts. All        purpose of the iMovie.
                      Picture) All editing          editing is used to
                      enhances the iMovie and       enhance the iMovie.
                      it flows well.
Overall Quality       The iMovie is exceptional     The iMovie is very well       The iMovie is okay, but        The iMovie is not
                      in all areas. This could be   done.                         could be better with           acceptable as it is. More
                      an award winner!                                            more effort.                   work should be put into


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