Johnny Tremain Chapter 11 12 by 5s3hMs


									Johnny Tremain
by Esther Forbes

Chapters 11-12
Look up and write the definition for the following words:
1. haggard
2. animosity
3. glibly
4. malicious
5. protogé
6. pompous
7. deft

Use a vocabulary word from above to complete the following sentences.
1. The __ that had been stirred up between the British and the colonists
could not only be satisfied by war.
2. The young soldier's usually healthy face seemed __ after the long battle.
3. The lawyer introduced the bright young man by his side as his __, who
would someday be a partner in the firm.
4. The __ colonial housewife could accomplish many chores at home and
assist her husband in his trade at well.
5. The candidate who spoke __ to show his concern for the poor did not
impress the doubting audience.
6. The __ act perpetrated by the students required severe discipline.
7. We were surprised at the __ attitude of the new leader of our group.

Answer the following in a COMPLETE SENTENCE!!!!!
1. What was the mood in Boston on the morning April 19, 1775? How did
the mood change by nightfall?
2. Why were Lavinia Lyte and her father leaving for London?
3. Why did Johnny put on Pumpkin's old uniform?
4. What did Johnny learn about the battles of Lexington and Concord from
watching the British soldiers who returned to Boston?
5. Why did Johnny finally allow Dr. Warren to minister to his hand?

Answer the following with a SHORT PARAGRAPH.
1. did lack of communication affect the start of the Revolutionary War?
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