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					                              Apostle T.L. Elliott, Sr.
         Apostle Terrence L. Elliott is the Pastor and Founder of a ministry called The Church of
Revelation Fire. Apostle Elliott was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 7, 1970. He was raised
partially in the Cincinnati area and partially in Athens, Alabama. He graduated from Athens
High School receiving Honors and went on to attend college at Xavier University pursuing a
major in Chemistry and Engineering. While pursuing this particular degree, Apostle Elliott was
also serving his country by giving service to the Army Reserves. Later, he became enrolled in
Active Duty Army and served his country for an additional 10yrs. Currently, Apostle Elliott is a
student at Beacon University pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies.

        In regard to discipleship to Christ, Apostle Elliott was introduced to Christ at the age of 8.
Once he received Christ in his life, he continued in the Lord by growing up in the church
physically as well as spiritually. The first church he became a member of was St. Luke
Missionary Baptist Church of Athens, Alabama under the Pastorship of Rev. Cameron. He later
was introduced to the Seventh-Day Adventist Faith and became a member of the Athens Seventh-
Day Adventist Church under the Pastorship of Pastor Handson and Pastor Ikeburger. While in
each church, Apostle Elliott learned the basic foundational teachings of modern Christian beliefs.
While supporting each ministry, Apostle Elliott also exercised the gift of singing for the Lord.

         In reference to ministry, Apostle Elliott was called to the ministry September 1996 after
the funeral for his father-in law who had recently passed away. Upon receiving his calling to
ministry, Apostle Elliott began seeking a pastor who would assist him with achieving the goal of
becoming a licensed minister and preaching the gospel. Upon returning home to the Clarksville,
Tennessee area, Apostle Elliott opened a phone book and called the first pastor that the Spirit of
the Lord led him to call. The pastor that Apostle Elliott contacted was a man by the name of
pastor Willie Freeman of Greater Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Freeman accepted Apostle
Elliott as a brother in Christ and groomed him as a minister for the Lord. November of 1996,
Apostle Elliott delivered his trial sermon to the Greater Missionary Baptist Church and was
recommended to be licensed as a young Baptist Minister. Shortly after that gracious event,
Minister Elliott was sent by the military to Heidelberg, Germany. Upon arriving their, Minister
Elliott became a lay minister for Greater Mount Zion M.B. Church of Mannheim, Germany under
Pastor Chester Jordan. Later, Minister Elliott was moved by the Holy Spirit to fellowship with
the Mark Twain Village Gospel Service under the pastorship of Chaplain Larry Robinson.
Minister Elliott supported this particular ministry for 2yrs before returning to the United States
and receiving a military assignment to the Fort Benning Military Installation. Once he arrived to
the Columbus area, Minister Elliott united with Canaan Baptist Church under the Pastorship of
Reverend Harold J. Carter and remained a member until May of 2003. At this particular time in
history, Minister Elliott acknowledged the calling of pastorship to the Canaan Church body and
received the blessing from the Pastor to start a church.

        Apostle Elliott was blessed to come in contact with Pastor Gordon Marshall of The Beth-
Salem Presbyterian Church. He shared the vision God gave him with Pastor Marshall and
displayed a sincere desire to go forward in the vision God gave him with or without the help of
men. Once this was done, the Pastor as well as the church body of Beth- Salem was convicted by
the Holy Spirit to aid in the advancement of the gospel by offering the use of the Beth-Salem
Church in order to begin this particular ministry. Due to the friendship and agreement established
with the church, The Church of Revelation Fire conducted their first official service on June 7,
2003 at 2pm. They were supported in lifting the Lord by the Columbus State College Gospel
Choir. Since then, the church has been meeting at 2pm every Sunday and conducting Bible Study
on Tuesday’s at 7pm. In August of the same year, Pastor Elliott established fellowship with
Bishop Hirron I. Williams of The Cathedral of The Holy Spirit at New Abundant Life Ministries
in Elba, Alabama. Due to this fellowship and Covenant, Pastor Elliott was Consecrated in the
Office and Gift of Pastorship by the Bishop. Through this consecration, Apostle Elliott began to
evolve the non-denominational ministry he began with an Apostolic Anointing. June 6, 2004,
Pastor Elliott was elevated again to the next higher office of the Five-Fold Ministry, which is the
office of the Apostle. Since then, Apostle Elliott has been blessed by operating in all five gifts of
the Five-Fold Ministry as stated in Ephesians 4:11-12. Due to his connection with Bishop
Williams, Apostle Elliott is also a member of an organization of churches called The Prophetic
Ecumenical Council of Churches.

         The final and greatest blessing to address in the Life of Apostle Elliott is his family.
Currently, Apostle Elliott is married to a blessed and God-fearing woman by the name of Kim B.
Elliott of Athens, Alabama. He is also currently the father of 4 children by the names of Patrick,
Briana, Destiny and Terrence Jr. The parents who raised Apostle Elliott were James and Katie
Elliott of Athens, Alabama. Apostle Elliott has one brother by the name of Timothy J. Elliott and
one sister by the name of Sandra Ann Kennemer. The only other known family to Apostle Elliott
Other than God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is the members of the Church of
Revelation Fire.

        If one is interested to know more about the in-depth testimonies of Apostle Elliott and his
ministry for God, they are more than welcome to visit this particular ministry or contact him. His
information is as follows:

                              Apostle T. L. Elliott, Sr.
                          The Church of Revelation Fire
                                 Temp. Location:
                         Beth-Salem Presbyterian Church
                               4315 St. Mary’s Road
                               Columbus, Ga 31907

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