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Liz Yelling


Liz Yelling is a runner on the 2008 Olympics Great Britain running team. Yelling finished 26th in the marathon on August 17, 2008 after falling mid-race. It is unknown yet whether Yelling cracked her rib in the fall. This is the biography and statistics page for Yelling from the official 2008 Olympics website at

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									Athlete Biography YELLING Liz GBR - Great Britain Profile Date of Birth: Dec 5 1974 Height(cm/ft in): Gender: Female Weight(kg/lbs): Place of Birth: Welwyn Garden City (Great Britain) Residence: Poole (Great Britain) Sport: Athletics Event(s): Historical Results Women's Marathon

174cm / 5'9" 55 kg / 121 lbs

Note: A complete explanation of data type and depth can be found in the Additional Information section of the biography Rank Event Year Venue Result Competition Highlights: Olympic Games 25 Marathon 2004 Athens, GRE 2:40:13

World Cross Country Championships 6 Team 2008 Edinburgh, GBR 116 Schedules and Results Date Time Aug 17 2008 07:30 Sport Event Location Athletics Women's Marathon National Stadium Result Reports 26 Reports

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