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									                            Fall 2010
                   The philanthropy newsletter
         for donors of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

                                   The Gift of

                                            Foundation Honors its Namesakes with a
     Von Voigtlander Gift      1
St. Mary Mercy – Graduate 2
                                            $2.5 Million Gift to St. Joe’s – Ann Arbor
    Medical Education and
 Senior Emergency Center                    In order to honor Ted and Jane Von Voigtlander, who were longtime supporters of
     St. Joe’s – Ann Arbor     3            St. Joe’s, the family Foundation named for the couple has made a gift of $2.5 million to
      North Tower Opens                     St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s Renewal Campaign. Foundation President Gwen Haggerty,
               Golf Reviews 4-11            her stepbrother and fellow Board member Jeff Von Voigtlander, and Foundation
           St. Joseph Mercy    7            Director Steven Bearden championed
                Brighton ER                 this gift, which demonstrates the family’s
             Holiday Events 12              ongoing dedication to St. Joe’s and to
                                            making quality health care available
                                            to everyone in the community. The
                                            Foundation’s gift will be recognized with
                                            the naming of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s
                                            new Center for Women and Children.
     Road to Renewal                        “Ted and Jane valued Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph Mercy Health System’s          Mercy Health System and the excellent
Renewal Campaign is a ten-year              health care services it provides to
fund-raising effort (2002-2012) to          the community,” said Mr. Bearden.
raise $100 million in support of new
facilities, programs and technology         “The Foundation made this gift in
across the entire Health System.            their memory to honor and recognize a
Community support for the Campaign          decades-long commitment to St. Joe’s,
allows us to continue our role of           and to do so in a way that will benefit
providing compassionate patient care
using the latest advancements of            patients and families for many years
modern medicine in a way that               to come.”
       respects the dignity of all.                                                            The new Ted and Jane Von Voigtlander Center
                                            Throughout their life together, Ted and     for Women and Children spans the entire third floor of
                                                                                             the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s inpatient facilities.
                                            Jane Von Voigtlander created a legacy
                                            of philanthropic support and civic leadership. Mr. Von Voigtlander was co-owner of
                                            Discount Tire, and Mrs. Von Voigtlander served as his “helpmate” in the development
                                            of the business. The couple traveled together, sometimes to as many as eight cities a
                                            day, building the company into the thriving business it is today. The Von Voigtlanders
                                            were dedicated to the helping others and had many philanthropic pursuits. Jane Von
                                            Voigtlander established the Foundation following her husband’s death to honor their
                                            shared commitment to quality health, education and protection for children; hospice
                                            and homecare services; environment, land and Michigan lakes conservation; medical
                                            research; animal protection; and the arts.

                                            “Investing in St. Joe’s supports the Foundation’s mission to help make a positive
                                            change,” said Ms. Haggerty.
Remarkable medicine.
  remarkable care.                          The new Ted and Jane Von Voigtlander Center for Women and Children spans
                                            St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s entire third floor, which includes renovated and newly
                                            constructed spaces. It houses the new Mother/Baby Unit in the North Patient Tower
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PAGE 2 | 3               The Gift of Health

    Support for St. Mary Mercy Livonia Makes a Difference
    Summer 2010 was an exciting season for St. Mary Mercy Livonia and its supporters. In July, the Hospital welcomed its
    first class of 40 resident physicians into the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program. And, in the same month,
    the new Senior Emergency Department (ED) was opened – the first of its kind in the state of Michigan. Donors to
    recent St. Mary Mercy special events helped to make it possible to reach these two milestones.

    Graduate Medical Education – Clinical Research Program
    Gifts from community members, local businesses, physician practices and staff for the 2009 “Tee it Up” Golf Classic and
    2009 Gala – totaling $408,000 – benefited the clinical research component of the GME program. Philanthropic funding
    supports designated professional time for physician researchers/teachers. And, gifts help to purchase advanced tools that
    are integral to research. The GME Clinical Research program fosters an environment of innovation that is essential to
    pioneering new treatments and practices and providing state-of-the-art medicine to the community.

    “Being a teaching hospital has great advantages. The faculty physicians participate in leading edge research and become
    experts in the latest protocols in order to train the medical residents. Our patients benefit from that,” said Susan Greenwood-
    Clark, Director of the SMMH Graduate Medical Program. “Offering medical residents opportunities to participate in research
    alongside expert physicians is a huge draw to bring the best and brightest students to serve our community.”

    “It is wonderful that our supporters recognize the importance of the GME Clinical Research program and have given so
    generously,” said SMMH Development Director Sara Stauffer. “The benefits of their gifts have no limit because research is the
    key to the future of medical care at St. Mary Mercy and beyond.”

    Senior Emergency Department
    Gifts for the 2010 Golf Classic, chaired by Tim Belanger and
    Bob Phillips, supported the Senior Emergency Center. Proceeds
    totaling more than $220,000 helped to build this separate center
    within the Hospital’s existing Emergency Department to better
    meet the needs of seniors who have complex health issues.

    “Livonia has the highest percentage of seniors of all cities in the
    State of Michigan. And, seniors make up two thirds of our ER
    patients,” said SMMH President and CEO Dave Spivey. “Having
    the Senior ED will help us to strengthen care for a growing and
    unique patient population and to better serve our community.”

    Features of the Senior ED include private rooms to reduce
                                                                       St. Mary Mercy Livonia’s is the first of eight Senior Emergency Departments
    noise and confusion, details such as handrails and bed alarms to               to be opened within SJMHS Emergency Centers.
    improve safety and large print materials to ease reading. Staff
    and physicians are specially trained to treat emergencies while assessing the patients’ overall health.

    During a patient’s stay at the Senior ED, a multidisciplinary team will assess physical function, cognitive status and
    level of risk. The approach will also include pharmacy and social work consultations, which will help seniors and their
    caregivers develop a care plan upon discharge from the ED.

    “This discharge process assures a seamless transition back to the home or other care setting, and substantially lessens the
    probability of a return visit for the same health issue,” explains Dr. George Williams, Co-chair of the SJMHS Senior ED
    initiative and Chief of Staff at St. Joseph Mercy Saline.

    The 2010 Gala, Autumn in New York, chaired by Sandra Bojrab, will also benefit the Senior ED. The event fund-raising goal
    is $200,000. For more information about the upcoming Gala and other Health System holiday events, please see the back page for
    dates, locations and contact phone numbers.
St. Joe’s new Chapel and North Tower Open                                                  SJMHS Planned Giving Website
                                                                                           Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
in Ann Arbor                                                                               invites you to visit our planned giving
                                                                                           website to learn effective ways to build
Several major milestones in St. Joe’s Renewal Campaign and construction of                 your estate plan and put it to work for
the new Patient Towers at St. Joe’s in Ann Arbor were reached in the spring                your and your family.
and summer of 2010.                                                                        On the site you can:
                                                                                           •	Calculate	the	tax-deductibility	of	
On Thursday, April 1, the first services were held in the hospital’s new chapel,
                                                                                             various types of gifts
just in time to mark the Easter weekend.                                                   •	Order	a	wide	variety	of	free	brochures
                                                                                           •	Read	about	donors	who	built	plans	
Days later, “One North,” the Hospital’s new retail area, welcomed its first                  reflecting their values
customers on the first floor of the North Tower. The new shops on One North                •	Link	to	updates	about	our	hospitals	
include a larger gift shop and pharmacy, an expanded Joe’s Java coffee shop and              in Ann Arbor, Livingston, Saline and
lounge area, convenience store and the new Inspirit Salon and Spa.                           Livonia.
                                                                                           Please visit us at:
Mid-May saw the move of 143 patients, including 20 newborns into the                       www.sjmercyhealth.org/plan or,
brand new patient rooms of the North Tower. The new units that went online                 for more information please contact
during the four-day move included Surgical Intensive Care, Mother/Baby,                    Jane Alessandrini, Director of Major and
Neurosurgery and Medical and Long-term Intensive Care.                                     Planned Gifts, at 734-712-4291.

On July 7, a special unit for medicine and stroke patients and a specialty care
unit for older adults opened on 4 North.

Over the remainder of the summer, the 33-year old Legacy (1000) Tower and
main lobby were gently demolished (70% of the material is being recycled) to
make way for the final phase of the new Hospital’s construction. In September,
ground will be broken for the new main lobby, which will open next year, just
in time for St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s centennial celebration.

“Donors to the Renewal Campaign have helped to make this progress
possible,” said SJMHS Vice President for Development Camille B. Shy.
“We are grateful for the continued support to help maintain St. Joe’s as a truly
state-of-the-art healing environment.”

       The new chapel at St. Joe’s – Ann Arbor is a place of healing.        One North attracts patients, visitors and staff
                                                                                for coffee, food, gifts and spa services.
PAGE 4 | 5             The Gift of Health

    2010 St. Joseph Mercy Saline Golf Classic
                                                                                                   2010 St. Joseph Mercy
    With generous support from sponsors and volunteers, proceeds for the 2010                      Saline Hospital
    St. Joseph Mercy Saline Golf Classic reached more than $77,000. The successful                 Golf Classic Steering Committee
    event, chaired by Jim Blum, was held on May 24 at Travis Pointe Country Club
    in Ann Arbor. Funds raised benefited the Community Health Pavilion, a recent                   Chair
                                                                                                   Jim Blum
    addition to the Hospital.
                                                                                                   Honorary Co-Chairs
    This year marked the 20th year of the St. Joe’s Saline Golf Classic. The 2010                  Judy & Mike Johns
    honorary co-chairs, Judy and Mike Johns, were the chairs of the first golf                     Committee
    classic in 1991 and have been dedicated supporters of the event throughout                     Carl Bumgardner
    the past two decades. To commemorate their commitment to the event and                         Timothy Cahill, MD
    St. Joe’s Saline, they were presented with a shadowbox containing photographs                  Nancy Chenevey
                                                                                                   David Fugenschuh, MD
    and other mementos from past golf events.
                                                                                                   Steve Jedele
    “The dedicated steering committee and generous sponsors showed a real                          David Raft
                                                                                                   Todd Schultz
    commitment to the health of our community,” said Chair Jim Blum. “It was great
                                                                                                   Tim Terry
    to be a part of this effort that will benefit thousands of individuals whether they
    need advanced diagnostic services, are seeking health education, or that they                  At Large
                                                                                                   Michael Areddy
    simply gain peace of mind knowing that St. Joe’s Saline is around the corner.”
    Ron English, Head Football Coach for Eastern Michigan University, was the                      Garry C. Faja
    guest speaker at the event. John Herrygers, past event chair, presented awards                 Rob Casalou
    to the tournament’s first place men’s team of Huron Valley Radiology and first                 Kathleen Rhine
                                                                                                   Camille B. Shy
    place mixed team of John E. Green. The longest drive winners were Barb Fielder
                                                                                                   Barb Fielder
    and Brad McPherson. And, the closest-to-the-pin contest winners were Jackie                    Steve Henrie
    Winchester and Todd Hill. (The sponsor list can be found on page 6).                           Katie Elliott
                                                                                                   Susan Hammersmith

                                                                    Above: Mike and Judy Johns (center) with their children Stacey
                                                                                      and Ken at the 2010 event.

                                                                       Lower left: Committed supporters Tony and Pat Werderitsch
                                                                    and their son Tony joined SJMHS President and CEO Garry C. Faja
                                                                                                for a photo.

                                                                     Top left: Huron Valley Radiology, PC served as an Eagle Sponsor,
                                                                     playing on their team was David Fugenschuh, MD; David Levan;
                                                                                James Landi, MD, and Michael Sorosi, MD.
2010 St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Golf Classic
                                                                                                                   2010 St. Joseph Mercy
The 2010 St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Golf Classic, chaired by John O’Toole,                                        Livingston Hospital
was held on June 8 at Prestwick Village Golf Club. Sponsors made generous                                          Golf Classic Committee
gifts totaling more than $52,000 to support services for uninsured and
underinsured patients.                                                                                             Chair
                                                                                                                   John O’Toole
“My fellow committee members and I are very grateful that individuals,
businesses and physicians from the community generously supported the event                                        Michael Adler
despite the struggling economy,” said Chair John O’Toole. “We are grateful                                         Michael Chechel, Jr.
that they chose to invest in St. Joe’s Livingston – their generosity will help                                     Bert Herzog
meet the needs of patients and families in our community.”                                                         Michael Markel
                                                                                                                   Jeffrey Tomczak
John O’Toole presented the awards to the tournament’s first place men’s team                                       Anthony Vettraino, MD
of Boyd/Grohar/Lieffring/Pines and first place mixed team of Barnas/Myers/                                         At Large
Rupp/Schild. The longest-drive contest winners were Dr. Mary Beth Rupp and                                         Matt Barton
Jim Barnas. And, the closest-to-the-pin contest winners were Julie James, Dr.                                      Sandy Radtke-Gerkin*
Mary Beth Rupp, Mike Chechel and Bill Grohar. (Donor list can be found on                                          Ex-Officio
page 6).                                                                                                           Garry C. Faja
                                                                                                                   Rob Casalou
                                                                                                                   Kathleen Rhine
                                                                                                                   Camille B. Shy
                                                                                                                   Steve Henrie
                                                                                                                   Katie Elliott
                                                                                                                   Susan Hammersmith
                                                                                                                   * Past Committee Chair

  Chair John O’Toole (center) recruited his wife,Terri (right), and his daughter,
                        Katie, to volunteer at the event.

                                                                                        Paul Thielking, MD, SJMHS Regional Director of Major Gifts Steve Henrie,
                                                                                                          Ralph Tunaglia and Laris Galejs, MD

 Longtime supporters Bert Herzog (second from left) and Mike Chechel (far right)
of Executive Financial Planning served as Birdie Sponsors – photographed here with        President and CEO of St. Joseph Mercy Hospitals, Ann Arbor, Saline and
     teammates Curt Franm (far left) and Wayne Johnson (second from right).          Livingston Rob Casalou, event chair John O’Toole and committee members Mike
                                                                                             Adler and Jeff Tomczak played on The Christman Company team.
PAGE 6 | 7                The Gift of Health

    2010 St. Joseph Mercy Saline Golf Classic Sponsors
    Eagle Sponsor                                    Hole Sponsors
    Mechanical Industry Labor Management Fund        Curtis Glass Company                            DONOR KEY
      – UA Local 190 Plumbers, Pipefitters and       Doan Construction
      Service Technicians/Greater Michigan           Hardman Construction, Inc.
      Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors              Huron Valley Ambulance
                                                                                               Eagle Sponsor                      $5,000
      Association                                    Huron Valley Electric                     Birdie Sponsor                     $2,000
                                                     Jasman Construction, Inc.
    Birdie Sponsors                                                                            Hole Sponsor                         $500
                                                     John Darr Mechanical, Inc.
    Acoustic Ceiling & Partition Co.
                                                     J.P. Sales Company,
    Administrative Controls Management, Inc.*
                                                        Todd & Stephanie Gensheimer
    Belden U.S.A.
                                                     Laborers Local Union #499
    The Christman Company
                                                     Merlyn Contractors, Inc.
    C.L. Rieckhoff Co., Inc.                                                                 Hole-in-One Sponsor
                                                     Monroe Plumbing & Heating Co.
    Emergency Physicians Medical Group                                                       Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge
                                                     Republic Waste Services
    Huron Valley Radiology, PC
                                                     Shambaugh & Son, L.P. / Jeff McNamara
    IBEW/NECA Local 252                                                                      In-Kind Donors
    John E. Green Company                            Philanthropy                            Basic Vitamins
    Michael & Judy Johns Family                      Ann Arbor Doll Collectors               Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge
    Kasco, Inc.                                      Gerald O. Bahnmiller                    The Frame Factory
    Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters          Baker Construction Company              Michael & Judy Johns Family
    Royal Truck & Trailer Sales & Service, Inc.      Boone & Darr, Inc.                      Saline Flowerland
    St. Joseph Mercy Saline Hospital – Physicians*   John R. Brick                           Mary Alice & Bill Smith
    Tri-County Electric, Co.                         Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lowry                  Travis Pointe Country Club
    Ventcon                                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lutz                  Turner’s Nursery & Landscape Contractors
    W.J. O’Neil Company                              Professional Sprinkler, Inc.            Sister Anne Marilyn Tyler
                                                     Mark Schick
                                                     Service Iron Works
                                                     Wal-Mart – Store #5472

    2010 St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Golf Classic Sponsors
    Eagle Sponsor                                    Hole Sponsors
    The Christman Company                            Amalio Corporation                              DONOR KEY
                                                     Barton Golf, LLC
    Birdie Sponsors
                                                     Desine, Inc. – Engineers & Surveyors
    Accident Fund Insurance Company                                                            Eagle Sponsor                      $5,000
                                                     Essential Elegance Salon & Day Spa
      of America
                                                     Lake Trust Credit Union                   Birdie Sponsor                     $2,000
    Acoustic Ceiling & Partition Co.
                                                       (formerly Huron River Financial)
    Advanced Medical Solutions, Inc.                                                           Underwriting Sponsor                 $500
                                                     Johnson Controls, Inc.
    Emergency Physicians Medical Group
                                                     Merlyn Contractors, Inc.                  Hole Sponsor                         $350
    Bert Herzog & Michael Chechel –
                                                     Shambaugh & Son, L.P. / Jeff McNamara
      Executive Financial Planning, Inc.                                                       Beverage & Snack Station Sponsor     $200
                                                     Spence Brothers Construction
    Herman Miller Healthcare
                                                     Wiltec Technologies, Inc.
    Huron Valley Radiology, PC
    John E. Green Company                            Beverage & Snack Station Sponsors
                                                                                             Hole-in-One Sponsor
    St. Joseph Mercy Family Medicine Center          Lake Trust Credit Union
                                                                                             Krug Ford Lincoln Mercury
    Ventcon, Inc.                                       (formerly Huron River Financial)
                                                     Lifespan Healthcare, LLC
    Underwriting Sponsors                                                                    In-Kind Donors
                                                     Livingston OB/GYN
    Artisan Tile, Inc.                                                                       The Christman Company
                                                     Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc.
      Closest to the Pin Contest Hole #3                                                     Matt Barton – Barton Golf, LLC
    Laris E. Galejs, MD – Center for Urology         Philanthropy                            Body Within – Jenny & Chris Schild
      Closest to the Pin Contest Hole #11            Pat & Jim Claffey                       Frame Factory
    HKS Architects, PC                               Davenport Masonry, Inc.                 LaFontaine Automotive Group
      Closest to the Pin Contest Hole #8             Mrs. Lauraine A. Hoensheid              Magna Corporation & Matt Barton
    Michigan Commerce Bank                           Dr. Kim M. Jaggers                      Sister Anne Marilyn Tyler
      Registration                                   Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lowry                  Jan & Anthony Vettraino, M.D.
    Paul Thielking, MD                               Michael J. Markel, Jr.                  Wire Designs Jewelry
      Longest Drive Contest                          Shock Brother Flooring
                                                     Dr. Lyla Spelbring
Foundation’s $2.5 Million Gift Names Center for                      New Services and a
Women and Children at St. Joe’s – Ann Arbor
(Continued from Cover)                                               Name Change in Brighton
(opened spring 2010); the Pediatric and Women’s Surgery Unit in      Saint Joseph Mercy Health System is happy to announce
the East Tower (opened fall 2007); and the Family Birth Center,      that a new 24-hour emergency department is now open
which houses the Labor Delivery Unit, NICU and Special Care          to serve the community at St. Joseph Mercy Brighton
Nursery (opened 2006). The renewal of St. Joe’s allowed for the      (formerly known as the Woodland Health Center).
creation of this comprehensive center of excellence within its
Hospital where families can turn for advanced medicine, family-      “With emergency facilities at both St. Joseph Mercy
centered care, and a healing environment.                            Livingston Hospital in Howell and St. Joseph Mercy
                                                                     Brighton, the Health System can now provide
The Foundation’s gift is among six Renewal Campaign                  unparalleled coverage and access to vital emergency
leadership gifts to date that have named new entire units or         care services for Livingston county residents,” said Rob
facilities at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.                      Casalou, President and CEO of St. Joseph Mercy Ann
                                                                     Arbor, Saline and Livingston.
In addition to this most
current gift to the Health                                           The new emergency department is equipped to serve many
System, the Ted and                                                  needs, such as chest pain and other cardiac emergencies by
Jane Von Voigtlander                                                 offering:
Foundation recently made                                             •	24-hour	coverage
significant gifts to St.                                             •	Board	certified	or	board	eligible	emergency	physicians
Joseph Mercy Livingston                                              •	Specially	trained	emergency	nurses
Hospice with a portion                                               •	Onsite	24/7	lab	and	radiology	services
funding the development                                              •	Ability	to	contact	specialty	physicians	(cardiology,	
of “Ted and Jane’s Camp                                                pediatrics)
Courage.” This summer                                                •	Transfer	of	patients	(via	Medflight	or	ground	
camp offers a supportive                                               ambulance) to other system hospitals for admission or
and fun program that                                                   specialty services
focuses on helping children
grieve and heal from the                                             When it opened in June 2001, the Woodland Health
loss of a loved one.                                                 Center housed primary care and specialty physicians
                                                                     supported by on-site comprehensive diagnostic and
                                  Jane and Ted Von Voigtlander and
“My parents understood                   Gwen Haggerty               testing services. In 2006, the facility expanded to
how important it is that                                             include the state of the art Warren R. and Lauraine
women and children receive quality health care services as a         A. Hoensheid Cancer Center – the result of a wildly
foundation for good health throughout their lifetime,” said Ms.      successful capital campaign that ultimately raised
Haggerty. “Supporting St. Joe’s was one of the ways they tried to    more than $5 million in gifts from the Livingston
help others and to leave some part of the world - our community      community. Since opening, nearly 50,000 radiation and
– better than they found it. We remain impressed by St. Joe’s        chemotherapy treatments have been provided to benefit
advanced medical care and healing approach, and are honored          patients.
to carry my parents’ vision and philanthropic efforts forward.”
                                                                     Now, with its new emergency department, St. Joseph
“We would like to thank the Ted and Jane Von Voigtlander             Mercy Brighton continues to offer an ever-expanding
Foundation for taking this leadership role in helping us bring       array of the very best health care services to its patients
remarkable care to families in our community,” said Errol            and their families.
Soskolne, MD, SJMH Department Chair of Pediatrics.
                                                                     St. Joseph Mercy Brighton is located at 7575 Grand
For more information about named gift opportunities at SJMHS         River Road.
call Steve Levicki, Director of Donor Relations, at 734-712-2898.
PAGE 8 | 9             The Gift of Health

    2010 St. Mary Mercy “Tee it Up” Golf Classic
    The 2010 St. Mary Mercy Livonia “Tee it Up” Golf Classic, presented by
    Phillips Services Industries, Inc., raised more than $220,000, exceeding
    the event fund-raising goal by more than $20,000. Robert Phillips, Event
    Chair, and Tim Belanger, Executive Committee Chair, led this successful
    outing. And, William Phillips served as Honorary Chair. Nearly 230 golfers
    played the Meadowbrook Country Club course, filling both the morning
    and afternoon golf flights of the June 21st event. Proceeds benefited the
                                                                                                       Chair Tim Belanger (far left) and, Sara Stauffer
    development of the Senior Emergency Department that was recently built as                         SMMH Development Director and Special Events
    an addition to the Hospital’s ER.                                                                    (far right), awarded the Ferrantino Charitable
                                                                                                     Foundation the first place trophies. Longtime SJMHS
    “The success of the event is so telling about the connection that our                               supporter, Mike Ferrantino (second to the left)
    community has with St. Mary Mercy,” said Chair Bob Phillips.                                           represented the team with fellow players.

    Mr. Phillips and St. Mary Mercy Hospital Development Director Sara
    Stauffer presented awards to the morning tournament winners: the men’s
    team of Systematic Fire Prevention, women’s team of the O’Connor
    Foursome and mixed team of Bickle & Comprehensive Care.

    Vic Faust, Channel 7 Action News sportscaster and weekend anchor, was a
    celebrity guest and served as the emcee for the evening program and awards
    ceremony. Tim Belanger, SMMH President and CEO Dave Spivey and Sara
    Stauffer presented the awards to tournament winners: the men’s team of the
                                                                                                           Vic Faust, Channel 7 Action News anchor;
    Ferrantino Foundation, women’s team of Brownlee/Zieglar/Patel and mixed                                SMMH President and CEO David Spivey;
    team of Cafaro/Casalou/Imesch/Wilson. The longest-drive and closest-to-the-                                 John DelSignore and Greg Vitale
    pin contest winners were also awarded for both the morning and afternoon

    This is the third consecutive year that Phillips Services Industries, Inc. has
    served as the Presenting Sponsor. Longtime St. Mary Mercy partners Hearts
    of Livonia served as a Graphite Sponsor this year.

    “We have an outstanding committee and community that helped the
    Hospital surpass their goals for the event,” said Committee Chair Tim
    Belanger. “We have set the bar high for 2012, but have no doubt that our
    committee will rise to the challenge.”                                                           Event Chair Bob Phillips with his teammates on one
                                                                                                       of the two Phillips Service Industries foursomes.

                                                 Hearts of Livonia, dedicated supporters, were presented with a gift for serving as the Graphite Sponsor.
2010 St. Mary Mercy “Tee It Up” Golf Classic Donors                                       DONOR KEY
Presenting Sponsor                         Philanthropy
Phillips Service Industries, Inc.          A-K Engineering Consultants
                                           Angela Hospice                            Presenting Sponsor        $50,000+
Graphite Sponsor
                                           Ken Antczak                               Graphite Sponsor           $10,000
Hearts of Livonia
                                           Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Golfer Gift Sponsor                        Center Line Electric, Inc.                Golfer Gift Sponsor         $5,000
Concord EMS                                Clippers Landscape and Supply             Eagle Sponsor               $3,000
Ferrantino Charitable Foundation           Emergency Physicians Medical Group
Heartland Healthcare Centers               Hurley Construction                       Tee & Green Sponsor         $2,500
St. Mary Mercy Hospital Medical Staff      Mark Stevens Golf Shop                    Birdie Sponsor               $500
Eagle Sponsor                              Mendelson Orthopedics
Guardian Plumbing & Heating, Inc.          Millennium Medical Group West, PC
Infinity Primary Care                      Oakley Lawn Service, Inc
                                           Perma Bond Asphalt Co.
Tee & Green Sponsor                        Chris Reeves
Affiliated Anesthesiologists, PC           Sara and Robert Stauffer
AIM Construction, Inc.                                                               2010 St. Mary Mercy “Tee It Up”
Cavalier Painting Company/PPG              In-Kind                                   Golf Classic Committee
Center Line Electric, Inc.                 Arizona Iced Tea – Sal Demilio
Diversified Investment Advisors            Atomic Ideas                              Honorary Chair
Emergency Physicians Medical Group         Austin & Warburton                        William Phillips
Farbman Group                              Bates Hamburgers
                                                                                     Event Chair
Greenfield Health Systems                  BDA
                                                                                     Robert Phillips
Hobbs & Black Architects                   Belle Tire
Huron Valley Ambulance, Inc.               Cass Udson Co.                            Committee Chair
Huron Valley Radiology, PC                 Maggie Champagne-Kramer                   Tim Belanger
LaJoy Group, Inc.                          Cochrane Supply
Lifepoint Informatics                      Detroit Red Wings                         Committee Members
Kathy O’Connor                             Detroit-Livonia Radisson Hotel            Joyce Brownlee
Otis Elevator Company                      Downriver Refrigeration Supply Co.        Maggie Champagne Kramer
Siemion, Huckabay, PC                      Ellen Faber                               Susan Greenwood-Clark
David A. Spivey                            Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar    Terri Hafner
St. Mary Mercy Hospital                    Flowers on the Avenue                     Jennifer Kennedy
    Emergency Center Physicians            The Grand Hotel                           Mark Klisman
Systematic Fire Protection                 Guardian Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
                                                                                     James Mashinske
Temperature Services, Inc.                 Image Quest
                                                                                     Kevin Moore
Vascular Associates of Michigan, PC        International Top Value Automotive, LLC
                                           Kluczynski, Girtz, Zamler & McCubbrey     Tom Parnin
Birdie Sponsors                            KL McCoy and Associates                   Patricia Paz, MD
American House Senior Living Communities   LaSalle Electric Supply Co.               Paul Wenson
AmeriCare Medical Incorporated             Marygrove Awning Co.                      Mike Whitlow
Blackwell Ford, Inc.                       Meadowbrook Country Club                  John Wlezniak, MD
Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc.                   Mercy Home Care/Mercy Hospice             Pam Wrigley
Daudlin, De Beaupre and Company            Metro Bolt and Fastener                   Tallal Zeni, MD
Four Seasons Nursing                       Metropolitan Lincoln Mercury
  and Rehabilitation Center                Michigan Orthopedic Services, LLC         Executive Sponsors
Bud Lauderbach                             Muggetty’s Mud Weasel – Mel Kramer        Terry Chartier
Mercy Home Care/Mercy Hospice              NBS                                       Ken Antczak
Tallal M. Zeni, MD                         Neiman Marcus
                                           Observer & Eccentric Newspapers
Hole-in-One Sponsors
Atomic Ideas                               Orin Jewelers, Inc.                       Garry C. Faja
Metropolitan Lincoln Mercury               Parisian                                  David A. Spivey
Orin Jewelers                              Phillips Service Industries, Inc.         Camille B. Shy
                                           PRP Wines                                 Sara Stauffer
                                           Sexauer                                   Heidi Parent
                                           Sara Stauffer                             Jeannie Cox
                                           Jeff and Janine Stensland
                                           Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry
P A G E 1 0 | 11              The Gift of Health

     2010 St. Joe’s Pro Am
     Community members and local businesses made gifts totaling more than
     $133,000 in support of the 2010 St. Joe’s Pro Am. Chris LaJoy chaired the
     successful event, which was held on June 28 at Pheasant Run Golf Club.
     Each of the 48 teams golfed with a PGA professional, and golfers played to
     support uninsured and underinsured patients receiving care at the St. Joseph
     Mercy Canton Center for Advanced Medicine and Surgery.

     Twenty-eight year-old Mark Doughty – a loyal Pro Am participant, a Pheasant
     Run staff member, and a cancer survivor – served as the guest speaker. “When
     I was diagnosed, I couldn’t believe it…I’m a young and healthy guy with a
     good job, so I never thought I would need help covering all the costs that go
     along with being sick,” Mr. Doughty addressed the golfers. “St. Joe’s was able
     to treat my cancer, and thanks to the support of generous people like you, they
     were also able to help with costs related to my treatment.”                                                    Chair Chris LaJoy with hockey legend Ted Lindsay

     Players enjoyed the wonderful weather and spending the day with fellow
     golfers and local celebrities including former Detroit Red Wings Ted Lindsay
     and Joe Kocur and radio show host Jeff Lesson. Meijer of Canton served as the
     Graphite Sponsor.

     Chris LaJoy and Jeff Lesson presented the awards to the tournament’s first
     place men’s team of Priority Health, first place women’s team of SJMHS,
     first place mixed team of Barton Malow Company, second place men’s team of
     St. Mary Mercy Livonia, second place women’s team of Foley, Baron &                                             Garry C. Faja, SJMHS President and CEO; Mike
     Metzger, PLLC and second place mixed team of Wayne County Appraisal, Co.                                     Stoianowski, SJMSH Dinner at 8 Committee member;
     And, the closet-to-the-pin contest winners were Barbara Faja, Mary Williams,                                    Mark Doughty, PGA Apprentice; John Burkhardt,
     Dan Arney, Rick Eva, Dave Spivey and Dave Petrie.                                                            SJMHS Board member and Walter M.Whitehouse, Jr.,
                                                                                                                       MD, SJMH Major Gifts Committee Co-Chair
     “We are grateful to the sponsors of the event who help St. Joe’s to provide
     advanced medical care right here in the Canton community,” said Chair Chris
     LaJoy. “Hearing Mark Doughty share his experience as a patient, many golfers
     at the event were reminded of the ways they have personally benefited from the
     support that the Pro Am generates, and thought about just how important it is
     to have excellent care so close to home if family, friends or colleagues need it.”

                                                                                                                  Golfer and Red Wings fan Tom Tocco, SJMHS Director
      Canton Meijer served as the Graphite Sponsor. Scott Seling, Group Vice President, Eastern Region, watches      of Facilities, Engineering and Construction, and
                                          as a teammate makes a putt.                                             former Red Wing Joe Kocur pose for a coveted photo
                                                                                                                                         at the event
2010 St. Joe’s Pro Am Sponsors
                                                                                                 DONOR KEY
Graphite Sponsor                             Taste Sensations In-Kind Sponsors
Meijer                                       Gordon’s Food Service / Rose Catering Inc.
                                             Heavenly “Hot Dog” Catering                  Graphite Sponsor          $10,000 to $24,999
Eagle Sponsors
                                             Simply Scrumptious Catering*                 Eagle Sponsor                $5,000 to $9,999
The Christman Company
  Awards Dinner                              Hole-in-One Sponsors                         Birdie Sponsor               $2,000 to $4,999
EQ-The Environmental Quality Company         Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge
  Score Cards                                Dick Scott Automotive Group                  Hole Sponsor                               $500
George W. Auch Company                       In-Kind Gifts                                *Reserved multiple sponsorships and/or tickets
  Golf Carts                                 Ann Arbor Country Club
Gil-Mar Manufacturing Company                Beacon Hill Golf Club
  Registration                               Binder Park Golf Course
Birdie Sponsors                              Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club/
Amann Family                                    Cris Cavitt
                                             Brentwood Golf Club
                                                                                          2010 St. Joe’s Pro Am
Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor, PLLC
Associates in General & Vascular Surgery     Carl’s Golfland                              Steering Committee
Barton Malow Company                         City of Livonia Golf Division                Chair
Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge                   Comcast
                                                                                          Chris LaJoy
Department of Internal Medicine              Bruce Conroy, PGA
Department of Surgery, SJMH                  Mark Doughty, PGA Apprentice                 Chair Emeritus
DTE Energy                                   Eagle Crest Golf Club                        Ted Lindsay**
Emergency Physicians Medical Group: EPMG     The First Tee of Battle Creek
Foley, Baron & Metzger, PLLC                 Gil-Mar Manufacturing Company                Steering Committee
Gil-Mar Manufacturing Company                Gillis Electric, Inc.                        Tim Brademeyer
HKS Architects                               Greystone Golf Club                          Dennis Dowling
Huron River Radiation Oncology Specialists   Greg Hodges – Rustic Glen Golf Club          Sean Fletcher
Huron Valley Radiology, PC                   Home Depot – Ford Road, Canton               Gary Flummerfelt
John E. Green Company                        Steve Kusisto – American Needle/Red Jacket   LaWaun Hance
Johnson Controls                             Lakelands Golf & Country Club                Steve Jacobson
LaJoy Group*                                 Meijer                                       Greg Jahn
MSC Industrial Supply                        Rocky Mullendore, PGA
                                                                                          Diane Jones, PhD
Partlan-Labadie Sheet Metal Co.              David Nolan – Van Dyke Sport Center
                                                                                          Lori Jouppi
Plante & Moran                               John Nolan, Jr. – Van Dyke Sport Center
Priority Health                              Paint Creek Country Club                     Kathy Kasperek-Korelis
Progressive Mechanical, Inc.                 Pine View Golf Course                        Dave LaVigne
Rencen Machine Company, Inc.                 The Polo Fields Golf & Country Club          Clyde Metzger
Republic Services, Inc.                      Red Run Golf Club                            James Organ
Glenn & Patty Shaw                           Rose’s Restaurant                            Gil Ruicci
Ufer & Co. / Kapnick Insurance               Summit Gourmet by Continental                Mark Saker
                                             Sycamore Hills Golf Club                     Janet Volante
Hole Sponsors
                                             Valvoline Instant Oil Change                 David Williams
Arctic Edge of Canton Ice Arena
                                             David Vandenberg, MD
  Home of Olympic Champions                                                               At Large
                                             Washtenaw Communications, Inc.
Aztec Manufacturing Corporation
                                             Weber’s Floral Gifts                         Bryan Amann*
Blackwell Ford, Inc.
Boone & Darr, Inc.
                                             Whispering Pines Golf Club                   Greg Bores
                                             Jordan Young, PGA                            Bill Broucek, Jr.*
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons
                                                – Fox Hills Learning Center               Don Jarrett
  of Ann Arbor*
Gargaro Construction Company, Inc.           Philanthropy                                 Phil LaJoy*
Hines Park Lincoln Mercury, Inc.             Ashley Capital
                                                                                          Ex Officio
John Darr Mechanical, Inc.                   DJ Conley Associates, Inc.
                                             Gemelli Concrete, LLC
                                                                                          Garry C. Faja
Cheryl Kovalski, DO
LaJoy Group                                  Sandra Musich                                Rob Casalou
Methods Machine Tools                        Professional Sprinkler, Inc.                 Camille B. Shy
Midwestern Consulting                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Saker                        Katie Elliott
Mohammed Ogaily, MD                          Mai Voung                                    Melissa Sheppard
Peter Basso Associates                                                                    Lynn Williams
Rohmann Iron Works, Inc.                                                                  *Past Chair
Skanska USA Building Inc.                                                                 **Past Honorary Chair
        Mission Statement
   We serve together in Trinity Health,
 in the spirit of the Gospel, to heal body,
  mind and spirit, to improve the health
    of our communities and to steward
       the resources entrusted to us.

             Core Values
              Social Justice
   Care of the Poor and Underserved

   For more than 90 years, Saint Joseph
 Mercy Health System has benefited from
the generosity of donors through planned
 gifts. These gifts have been instrumental
  in funding capital projects, establishing
    educational initiatives and endowing
     programs in areas such as women’s
 health, oncology and cardiovascular and
senior health services. If you would like to   Let’s Dance!
   receive our planned giving newsletter,
     please contact us at (734) 712-4040.
                                               Before you know it, the holiday season will be
                                               here. Put on your dancing shoes and be sure to save
                                               the date for the following Health System events…

                                               St. Mary Mercy Hospital Gala –                 St. Joe’s Holiday Ball – Rio
                                               Autumn in New York                             Saturday, December 4, 2010
                                               Friday, Ocotber 8, 2010                        Eastern Michigan University
                                               Laurel Manor, Livonia                            Convocation Center
                                               Chair:      Sandra Bojrab                      Co-Chairs: Barbara Faja and
                                               To benefit: St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s                       Kristin Casalou
                                               Senior Emergency Center                        To benefit: St. Joe’s Patient Tower
       For more information about              For more information call Sara Stauffer        project featuring the Pediatrics Unit
          making a gift and joining            at 734-655-2980.                               For more information call Melissa Sheppard
     Saint Joseph Mercy Health System                                                         at 734-712-4079.
          on our Road to Renewal               St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Harvest
            please contact us at:              Ball                                           St. Joseph Mercy Saline Hospital
          Office of Development                Saturday, November 13, 2010                    Dinner at Eight
    Saint Joseph Mercy Health System           Lakelands Golf and Country Club,               Saturday, January 29, 2011
 5305 E. Huron River Drive • P.O. Box 995
        Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0995
                                                 Brighton                                     Travis Pointe Country Club,
Phone: (734) 712-4040 • Fax (734) 712-3730     Co-Chairs: Kelly and Roger Myers                 Ann Arbor
          www.sjmercyhealth.org                To benefit: Care of the uninsured              Co-Chairs: Marla and George
                                               and underinsured at St. Joseph Mercy                       Williams, M.D.
Please write to us if you do not wish to be
                                               Livingston Hospital                            To benefit: The Senior Emergency
    contacted for fundraising activities.
                                               For more information call Susan Hammersmith,
           ST. JOSEPH MERCY HOSPITAL           at 734-712-8684.
  ST. JOSEPH MERCY LIVINGSTON HOSPITAL                                                        For more information call Susan Hammersmith,
      ST. JOSEPH MERCY SALINE HOSPITAL                                                        at 734-712-8684.
            St. Mary Mercy Hospital

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