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									A Day in My Life

By Hali Hanson
           My Typical Day
   One of the best things about my day is that it’s never
    typical. Nearly every day in my week is different.
    Some days I’ll have the entire day scheduled with
    activities and classes and on others I might just have
    one class. This is my favorite thing about home
    schooling. Most days I have swim team and about
    four days out of the week I have classes. Nearly
    everyday, time is scheduled for homework and for
    bike rides with my dog. Another thing that I do
    almost every day is practice piano and Swahili and
    read novels.
When I Get up and Go to
   Most school days I get up around 8:00- 8:30 am. I
    need to get up fairly early so I can start on
    homework and have time to eat breakfast. When I go
    to bed it is usually 11:00- 12:00 at night. I prefer to
    stay up late but when I have school and swim team I
    go to bed so that I will have energy for the next day.

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     What I Eat and When
   Every morning around 8:30 I start my day off with
    anything from eggs to waffles and pancakes. I like
    eating as soon as I get up so I can start my day with
    energy and don’t skip breakfast because I get too
    busy. Usually, I have lunch a little after noon. For
    lunch I often have salad, sandwiches, or pasta and
    then a dessert if I’m still hungry. I always try to
    make lunch my biggest meal of the day since I have
    swim team later. Often, around 3:00 or 4:00, I have a
    snack. This usually means fruit, granola bars, or a
    sandwich. When I get home I have dinner. My
    mother or father cooks dinner every night and
    depending on the seasons we have different meals.
    However, a common meal at our house includes;
    stew, salad, bread, and often a meat or vegetable
    dish. This is one of my favorite meals of the day since
    the whole family eats together.
        Who my friends and family
         are and what they wear

   Although I have a very large and extended family I don’t
    see much of them except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Etc.
    The family I see every day is made up of my sister, mother,
    and father. I also see my grandparents on a very regular
    basis sometimes up to 5-6 days a week. My friends are
    mainly people from school and activities. But some of my
    very best friends are my pets that I see every day. Nearly
    everyone I know dresses casually. My father and mother
    dress up for work but when home and around town
    everyone dresses in comfortable clothing including; jeans,
    slacks,shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, and sandals.
     What Movies and Shows I
   I generally don’t watch much television
    since it has so many commercials and my
    parents don’t like me watching it too often.
    However, I love to watch movies and I
    really enjoy going to the movie theaters.
    Right now I like romantic comedies,
    thrillers, and old movies. I try not to watch
    too much of anything though, since it takes
    up the time I need to spend on homework
    and activities.
    What Hobbies and Sports I Do

   Swimming is my favorite sport I do. I swim on my
    local team, Aquadarts in Senior Development. I love
    to swim because it works out all my muscles and
    because I love to be in the water. An activity I enjoy
    is playing the piano. I have been playing for over a
    year now and am learning to read music. Also I
    often baby- sit for families in my community. I am
    learning Swahili and I am finding that I really like
    learning a foreign language. I am always trying new
    activities and I am planning on taking volleyball
    lessons this year.

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