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									                     Holidays                                       Little Rays
 Little Rays, Galgorm closes on the following days:
    New Years day, St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday,                  Registered
          Easter Monday & Tuesday, May Day
July 12 th & 13th, August bank Holiday, Christmas Eve,
                                                                    Day Nursery
   Christmas Day & Boxing Day, New Years Eve.
    Payment is required for these days as normal.

   All enquires or to view the Nursery contact:                     83a Galgorm Road
                   Bev - Manager
                                                                    BT42 1AA
                                                                    (028) 2565 4048

                                                         Registered by Homefirst Community Trust
                                                                 Opening Hours
                                                                Monday – Friday
    Other Nurseries :
                                                                 7.30 – 6 p.m
    102 Queensway, Lambeg (028) 9260 4562
    3 Main Street, Moira (028) 9261 9001                   Proprietors Kieron and Michelle Rea
                                                                                       Our Aims
                           Little Rays                          It is our aim at Little Rays Galgom to provide a
                                                                homely, relaxed atmosphere where children can learn
                           Galgorm                              through play whilst having great fun. Each child is
                                                                encouraged to develop at their own rate and activities
                                                                are provided accordingly. We continually look at ways
                           is an owner run                      of improving our service to ensure each child receives
                                                                total quality care. We always welcome suggestions
                                                                from parents.
                             day nursery
                                                                                      Our facilities
                              registered by Homefirst           Little Rays, Galgorm is a purpose built nursery with
Community Trust. It is conveniently located near to             bright spacious rooms. The age groups are divided to
Ballymena town centre on the main Galgorm Road                  ensure your child is with others of a similar stage of
beside the train and bus stations.                              development.
It caters for the needs of children aged 2 months to 10         Each room is fully equipped whilst outside a mature
years on a full time and part time basis. We provide a school   garden and patio and a hard surface playground,
collection and holiday care service from local primary          provide opportunity for outdoor play all year round.
The nursery is subject to an annual inspection by
                                                                                  Our team Members
Homefirst Community trust and also to regular on- the-
spot checks.                                                     All team members have a police and health check
Fire drills are carried out monthly.                             completed before employment commences and are
                                                                 selected carefully on the basis of relevant experience
                                                                 and training.

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