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					                                                                                                  Illinois Chapter 12 Newsletter
                                                                                                         Summer Edition-3Q, 2011

                                          The Compass
                                          Winner of the Newsletter of the Year Award, 2004

                                        President’s Message
                                        Hello Chapter members,
      CHAPTER 12 OFFICERS               In my first message to you since taking the
                                        position in May, I’ve decided to
                                        concentrate on introductions of your 2011
                                        officers and a brief outline of what we’d
         106 E. 2 Street
   222 W. Jackson Street, Floor 2       like to focus on.
       Woodstock, IL 60098
        Fax: 815.337.4238
                                        For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure
                                        of meeting yet, I am a Right of Way
        PRESIDENT ELECT                 Manager at AT&T, a position I love and
            TIM FEHR                    have been in since 2000.
 Northern Border Pipeline Company
      827 North Liberty Street
         Morris, IL 60450
           815.941.9006                 Our President Elect is Tim Fehr, a Land Agent for Northern Border Pipeline
        Fax: 815.941.9019
                                        Company/TransCanada. Tim has been in this position for 8 years and a
                                        member of the IRWA for 4 years.
            Nicor Gas
                                        Dave Ruffalo has been a Real Estate Agent with Nicor Gas for 13 years
    300 W. Terra Cotta Avenue           and a member for 17 years. Dave is our new Vice President.
      Crystal Lake, IL 60014
        Fax: 815.455.0980               Our Treasurer Tara Brown currently works as a Right-of-Way Agent for
                                        Salem Land Services, and has been in contract right-of-way since 1999.
         SUSAN KEDZIE                   Tara is a former OSP Engineer for Verizon and is also a licensed real
   Todd Surveying & Acquisition
            Services                    estate Broker in NC and GA.
   1304 Sunset Avenue, Suite E
       Yorkville, IL 60560
          630.892.1309                  Susan Kedzie is our Secretary. Susan is the owner and VP of Todd
        Fax 630.892.5544                Surveying, and in 2008 she began Acquisition Services where she is the
         TARA BROWN
        Salem Land Services             And finally, Lindsey Kosner is our new editor replacing Lisa Krenz.
c/o BP Pipelines (North America) Inc.
      150 W. Warrenville Road
                                        Welcome Lindsey, and THANK YOU LISA!
        Naperville, IL 60563
         Fax: 630.536.2612              Your officers have had a couple of meetings and conference calls on what
                                        we would like to concentrate our year on. First and foremost, we’d like to
                                        continue discovering ways to generate interest in the IRWA and increase

                                        Inside this Edition:
                                             President’s Message 1 President’s Message Cont. 2 Education Update 3
                                                Congratulations 3 Treasurer’s Report 3 2011 Annual Golf Outing 4
                                               Region 5 Summer Forum 5 Pictures from 2011 Annual Conference 6
                                           IRWA Young Professionals 7 2012 Annual Conference 7 Calendar of Events 8
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President’s Message - Continued
membership attendance to meetings. Towards that end, we’ve continued offering a reduced or
free registration fee for meetings, bringing a guest for free and for the first time, conducting half
day meetings for our “Busy Professionals”. The first of these half day meetings was held at our
summer meeting on Thursday, August 4th from 8 am – 12 pm at the new Wheatland Title facility
located at 105 W. Veterans Pkwy. in Yorkville. We had some very interesting speakers and
subjects lined up and were very excited about how this half day meeting worked out.

We will now be inviting local municipalities, townships, highway departments, IDOT, city engineers,
etc. to attend a meeting in their area, at no charge to educate them on the benefits of IRWA

We are also looking for minimal cost or free venues to hold meetings at, at various locations within
the state. If you have a facility available or a suggestion of a facility for our use, please let us

Lastly, Chapter 12 is placing our bid to host the 2017 Annual Conference. Brad Krabel is heading
up this endeavor. If there are motivated members who would like to help out with this effort,
please contact Brad at 630-536-2729 or via e-mail at

In closing, the past President’s and slate of officers are tough acts to follow, so I ask that you be
patient with us in this time of transition. Please offer suggestions, actively participate in your
chapter and reinvigorate yourself by rediscovering why you joined the IRWA in the first place and
remember that you only get out of it what you put in to it!

Debra Leetzow
 Page 3 of 8                                             The Compass
 Education Update
 To date this year our Chapter has held five classes: 804, Expert Testimony (course coordinator, Brad
 Krabel); 400, Principles of Real Estate Appraisal (course coordinator, Alice Johnson); 403, Easement
 Valuation; 409, Integrating Appraisal Standards; and 410, Reviewing Appraisals for Eminent Domain.
 The last three classes were held in Springfield at the DNR building. Omer Moore was the course
 coordinator for all three classes. The classes were held on three consecutive days. The combined
 enrollment was about 60. Thank you to Omer for a job well done.

 This is a recertification year for real estate appraiser licenses. Do not miss the deadline for the required
 hours and USPAP update. In case you have not heard, the Appraisal Academy neglected to renew the
 school’s Illinois provider license until April 27, 2011. The IDFPR will not allow any CE credit for any
 courses taken through the Appraisal Academy from January 1, 2011 through April 26, 2011.

 The next edition of USPAP (2012-2013) will be available in October of this year with the changes
 effective January 1, 2012. Make sure you are in compliance with changes in the requirements. The
 enforcement of the requirements of USPAP is by the Illinois Real Estate Appraisal and Disciplinary
 Board. The Board meets monthly alternating between Chicago and Springfield locations. The meetings
 are open to anyone who wants to attend. You do not want to be requested to attend a hearing. Recent
 actions cited in the “Illinois Appraiser”, the publication of the Illinois Real Estate Appraisal and
 Disciplinary Board, included: denial of application for a license, reprimands and fines, refusal to renew
 licenses, suspension of licenses, and revocation of licenses. Fines imposed ranged from $500 to as
 much as $25,000. Know what is expected of you when developing and reporting the results of appraisal

Congrat ulations to…
Neil Steffens, SR/WA, R/W-AC
who successfully satisfied the requirements and is approved as:
Senior Member of the International Right of Way Association – (SR/WA)

Denise Hortenstine, SR/WA
who successfully satisfied the requirements and is approved as:
Senior Member of the International Right of Way Association – (SR/WA)

         Tara Brown, Treasurer                                                Celebrating 60 years
                                                                              as the first land and
                                                                              right of way
         2011 Second Quarter Report                                           acquisition company …
                                                                              thanks to our clients
              (As of 06/30/2011)                                              and employees

           Income              $ 9,615.00                                     Coates Field Service, Inc.
                                                                              Based in Oklahoma City since 1950
            Expenses             5,797.01                                     Operating nationally with divisions in
                                                                              New York, Florida, Texas, California
            Net Gain           $ 3,817.99
                                                                              Tel. 405.528.5676
      Current Cash Balance     $ 8,626.71
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                                 INTERNATIONAL RIGHT OF WAY ASSOCIATION
                                      CHAPTER 12 ANNUAL GOLF
DATE: Thursday – August 18, 2011             OUTING
PLACE:       Pontiac Elks Country Club
Route 116 West
Pontiac, IL 61764
Pro Shop Phone: (815) 842-1249

FEE:         $45.00 (Golf - includes riding cart & lunch at halfway house)
             $25.00 (Rib Eye Steak Dinner and Awards Ceremony)

We will use a Scramble Format with individual events located intermittently throughout the course.
REGARDLESS OF SKILL OR EXPERIENCE.                 Detailed rules are distributed prior to the
commencement of play.

Tee Times are established for each foursome. Register early in order to get your favorite time
locked in. Submit your name along with names of other people who will be part of your group. We
will accommodate specific tee time requests on a first come first served basis and do our best to
schedule your tee time as close as possible to your stated preference. Tee times begin at 9:00 AM
and end at 10:50 AM.

If you don’t have a predetermined group of players, we will slot you with other singles, twosomes
and/or threesomes.

Dinner will be served at approximately 4:30 P.M. or as soon as possible after the last group has
completed their round.

Prizes for low gross scramble score and for the various event holes will be awarded immediately
following dinner. We will of course raffle off many prizes and trinkets. You must be present in order
to claim your prize.

Submit Registration by email, telephone or fax to:

           Dave Sommerfeld                                 Brad Krabel
Email:                      Email:
Telephone: (630) 536-2182                       Telephone: (630) 536-2729
Fax:       (630) 536-2612                       Fax:       (630) 536-2612

Make Checks Payable to: International Right of Way Association, Chapter 12
Page 5 of 8                                            The Compass
                               Region 5 2011 Summer Forum
                                September 30 – October 1
                                   Mission Point Resort
                                    6633 Main Street
                                Mackinac Island, Michigan
Register online at

A block of rooms has been set-aside for Forum attendee's at the following rates per night: Carriage/Garden
Rooms: $119.00 single/double; $139.00 Triple; $159 Quadruple; Lake View Rooms: $139.00 single/double
and Forest Family Suite: $179.00 all plus taxes.

Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-833-7711. One night's room charge will be made when
confirming the reservation. Mention the group code "IRWA" when making your reservations. Reservations
must be made by August 27, 2011. Be sure to check the Shepler's Ferry schedule for departure times.
Check in at the ticket office to receive tickets.

The Forum will begin Friday evening, September 30, 2011 with a welcome reception, hosted by Chapter 7,
to greet all of the attendees. The meeting will begin Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. The continental
breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and the ferry tickets are included in the Forum cost

      Land Management & ROW Consultants
      S-Service                                         105 W. Veterans Parkway
      Contract Land Staff, LLC                          Yorkville, IL 60560
      10701 Corporate Drive, Suite 215                  630.892.2323
      Stafford, Texas 77477
      phone 281.240.3 370!                    
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Pictures from the 2011 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA
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         2012 Annual International Education Conference
                      Seattle, Washington
                        June 10-13, 2012

                           More details coming soon!

    The IRWA Young Professionals Group was developed by individuals 30 and under in the
    right of way industry…for individuals 30 and under in the right of way industry.

    Members of the Young Professionals Group consist of individuals 30 and under currently in
    the Right of Way profession or individuals who are new to the right of way profession and
    would like to start their careers off in the right direction.

    As a member of this group, you can…
          …connect with other young members in the ROW industry.
          …get a head start on advancing your career in the ROW industry.
          …learn from the experiences of other young members.
          …share your experiences with other young members.
          …exchange ideas.
          …network and make new contacts to assist in your current ROW work.
          …be notified of events specifically for the Young ROW Professional.
          …and much more!

                             IRWA Young Professionals Event
                                  Seattle, Washington
                                   June 8-10, 2012

                                                 Have you checked out the Region’s website lately? Stay
                                                 up to date on all the news and activities from around the

         Illinois - Indiana - Kentucky - Michigan - Ohio - West Virginia – Wisconsin
                          Calendar of Events
17          703 Real Property Asset Management Wisconsin Dells, WI
18          213 Conflict Management Wisconsin Dells, WI
18          2011 Chapter 12 Annual Golf Outing

13        803 Eminent Domain Law Basics for ROW Pros Milwaukee, WI
28        606 The Environmental Process Mackinac Island, MI
30        Region 5 2011 Summer Forum

            Region 5 2011 Summer Forum
            SR/WA Review Study Session and Exam Okemos, MI
            SR/WA Review Study Session and Exam Milwaukee, WI
                                                                          Advertising Opportunities
         421 The Valuation of Partial Acquisitions Pewaukee, WI
         SR/WA Review Study Session and Exam Plainfield, IN
                                                                            STOP! Available!

  August 2011                         September 2011
  S    M    T    W    T    F    S     S    M    T    W    T    F    S
       1     2   3     4    5    6                         1    2    3
                                                                         Place your business card in this
   7    8    9   10   11   12   13    4    5    6    7     8    9   10   newsletter for $35 per issue or $100
  14   15   16   17   18   19   20    11   12   13   14   15   16   17
  21   22   23   24   25   26   27    18   19   20   21   22   23   24   for four issues.
  28   29   30   31                   25   26   27   28   29   30

                                                                         Contact Lindsey Kosner via email at
  October 2011                        November 2011            
  S    M    T    W    T    F    S     S    M    T    W    T    F    S
                                 1               1   2     3    4    5
   2    3    4   5    6     7    8    6    7     8   9    10   11   12
   9   10   11   12   13   14   15    13   14   15   16   17   18   19
  16   17   18   19   20   21   22    20   21   22   23   24   25   26
  23   24   25   26   27   28   29    27   28   29   30

       605 – 3512J

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