Design Your Own God or Goddess by r948TL


									                      Create Your Own God or Goddess
                                  Due on September 21st

The Greek gods and goddesses had very strong personalities and unique characteristics.
These personal qualities were the basis of the myths that were told about Greek gods and
goddesses. For some, these specific traits were strengths; for others these traits
represented weaknesses. Many gods and goddesses, however, were a blend of both – a
bit of evil combined with a bit of good. While reading about the gods and goddesses this
quarter, keep in mind the characteristics and traits that make his or her personality
unique. You will be using these ideas to help create your own god or goddess.

           You will create a visual of your Greek god or goddess.
The visual must include the following:

      A picture of the god or goddess
      The Greek and Roman name of the god or goddess
      An explanation of the god or goddesses strengths and weaknesses
      An explanation of what the god or goddess rules over
      Symbols associated with the god or goddess

When creating your visual think big, bright, and bold. The visual must be aesthetically
pleasi ng, well organized, and school appropriate. Have fun and be creative!

The following is a list of possible visuals for presentation:

      Collage
      Poster
      Book jacket
      Illustration
      Painting
      Comic strip
      Story map
      Slide show
      Power point
      Game board

Do you have your own idea? Please see me for approval.

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