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July 2011 - Tulsa Garden Railroad Club


									                                Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

                                    July 30, 2011


President Vernon Guess called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and seconded as published

Treasurer’s report was given by Stan Morris.

Checking account balance as of June 30th $764.40

Savings account balance as of June 30th $3024.78

Treasurer’s report was approved and seconded.

Vernon Guess was invited to a gentleman’s house to view his 1 ½ scale railroad which he donated to our
club. It included an engine, cars, #6 switches, aluminum track, ties and a caboose. Vernon contacted
David Salamon to give him first chance at the collection. All pieces had been underwater and were
rusted. All collection was sold to David for $1,000.00.

The officers decided to take $250.00 of the money to buy raffle prizes for the Christmas party. The extra
$55.00 left from last year was also spent at the national convention for the prizes. The grand prize being
Auntie Em’s house will also be raffled off but by a different raffle than the other prizes.

Old Business

The club agreed in May to cut the legs off the modulars to make it more convenient to set up and to
view for the children. Because of the weather this was tabled for a later time.

Vernon Guess was to give a talk in Muskogee about Garden Railroading, this also was canceled due to
the weather and the a/c going out in the library where the talk was scheduled.

The members attending the National Convention discussed the purchases they made and the fun we all
had while there. Cindy Whitton brought pictures she had taken which she shared in a slide show. The
layouts open to the convention were discussed. The club purchased a DVD of all the layouts for the club
to view at another meeting.
Lisa Sullivan was not present to give update on whether or not we would be able to set up at St John’s
for a Christmas display. Bill Black said all he needed was a name to start with.

Cindy Whitton would like to know about Open Houses before they happen. There have been some
Open Houses that none of us knew about and would like to have attended.

New Business

September 17, 2011 is the Midwest City Show. The club has been given the option to bring our layout.
An honorarium of +- $50.00 will be given to the club. No one had the vehicle to pull the big trailer so we
could do our raised ground track and the ground track itself. Rob Hardgrove said he could pull the small
trailer. Stan Morris, Bill Black, Harry Wolohon & Mike Klawitter volunteered to go for set up and show.

September 24, 2011 is the Route 66 Car Show. We were asked if we would like to set our trains up at
Claremore Lake. Kathy Klawitter will call for confirmation and Stan Morris, Vernon Guess, & the
Klawitters volunteered to set up and run the trains for the day. Any other member is welcome to come
to the layout and help.

The lack of attendance was brought up by Bill Black. He commented that people are not showing up for
Saturday meetings. Maybe the night meetings would be better. The idea of meeting on Saturdays at
member’s houses was to see their layouts. Greg Sturge suggested we might go back to regular meetings
and just open houses during the summer. Vernon Guess stated the original idea was six months out and
six months in house. We will be back at the church for meetings in October and elections would be
taking place at that time. Maybe it would be better to let the new slate of officers decide and we end
the year as we planned.

Vernon reminded members that articles for the Railmail were needed. Any article would be appreciated
on just about any subject related to G scale railroading.

Meeting was adjourned.

Greg Sturge presented a slide show on his layout. Showing us how he is using ladders to raise the track
as the original in New York City.

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