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									                                                                    5th Grade
                                                                General Information

Hello, and Welcome,
       This year has a new look and a new focus for your child. In just about every one
of your child’s classes, he or she will experience various strategies and exercises that
will help him or her with reading fluency/comprehension, writing, and math. It is our
hope that this year will be the most rewarding, and exciting year yet for your child.

Assignments and Grading:
    EXPECT your child to bring homework home on a daily basis. It is
      recommended that your child spend a minimum of an hour and a maximum of 2
      hours on homework per night.
    Homework can take many forms, including: worksheets, projects, writing
      assignments, reading assignments/logs, spelling, etc.
    If your child does not bring home any work, it is recommended that he or she
      read a book of his or her choosing for that evening.
    MISSING AND LATE ASSIGNMENTS will not receive full credit unless
      accompanied by a note or phone call from either a parent or guardian as to the
      reason for the missing or late assignment.
          o After three missing or late assignments, a parent or guardian conference
             will be requested to set up a intervention plan to help your child be
    PROGRESS REPORTS will be handed out EVERY OTHER Friday. Expect your
      child to bring home a progress report beginning on September 26, 2008. If you
      do not see a progress report for several weeks, please e-mail or call us for a
          o Note: Missing and Late assignments will be indicated on the progress
    5 th Grade FRIDAY FOLDERS will be handed out the last day of the school

      week…It is your child’s responsibility to bring the folder home for their parents
      or guardians to read the contents…It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility
      to sign the front of the folder and have their child return the folder the first day
      of the new school week! Please contact your child’s first hour teacher if you have
      any questions about the Friday Folder.
    Vacation Policy: It is 5th grade policy to not compile homework before vacations.
      All work that is missed, due to a non-school vacation, will be given to the
      student upon the child’s request and return. Due dates for the assignments must
      be discussed with each individual teacher.
          A 93% - 100%             (A- 90% - 92%)
          B 80% - 89%              (B+ 88% - 89%)       (B- 80% - 82%)
          C 70% - 79%              (C+ 78% - 79%)       (C- 70% - 72%)
          D 60% - 69%              (D+ 68% - 69%)       (D- 60% - 62%)
          F 0% - 59%
  Reading Book Policy:
  All students are expected to have a reading book in all 5th grade classes. It is the
  student’s responsibility to make sure he or she has a book and is ready to read upon
  request by the teacher.

  It is very important that you review your child’s planner EACH NIGHT. The planner
  contains course outcomes, assignments, and additional information that is important for
  you, the parent/guardian, and your child. Students should be writing in their planners
  for all of their 5th grade core classes every day! The planner serves as our constant
  communication line.

  Supply List:
  Science:                                       Literacy Block:
  (1) Spiral Notebook                            (1) 1 1/2 “ Three Ring Binder
  (1) Pocket Folder                              (1) Spiral Notebook
  (1) Pencil Box for Supplies *                  (1) Pocket Folder
  (1) Box of Pencils/Pens *                      (1) Pencil Box for Supplies *
  (1) Box of Markers or Colored Pencils *        (1) Box of Pencils/Pens *
  (1) Scissors * (1) Ruler *                     (1) Box of Markers or Colored Pencils *
  (1) Glue Stick or Bottle *                     (1) Scissors * (1) Ruler *
  (1) Calculator * (1) Highlighter *             (1) Glue Stick or Bottle *
                                                 (1) One Box of Kleenex (Thank you.)
  Humanities                                     (1) Roll of Paper Towels (Thank you.)
  (1) Spiral Notebook                            (1) Highlighter *
  (1) Pocket Folder                              (1) Package of Loose Leaf Paper
  (1) Pencil Box for Supplies *                     (College Rule)
  (1) Box of Pencils/Pens *
  (1) Box of Markers or Colored Pencils *        Math:
  (1) Scissors * (1) Ruler *                     (1) 1 1/2 “ Three Ring Binder
  (1) Glue Stick or Bottle *                     (1) Pocket Folder
  (1) Calculator * (1) Highlighter *             (1) Box of Pencils/Pens *
                                                 (1) Ruler with both inches and cm *
                                                 (1) Calculator *
    It is important to note that the (*)         (1) Scissors *
  supplies can be used in all of your child’s    (1) Box of Markers or Colored Pencils *
 classes. Most of the supplies are not left      (1) Package of Loose Leaf Paper
in the classroom, but stored in your child’s        (College Rule)
Because of the lack of funding and needs of many of our students, we are always
grateful for donations such as Kleenex, pencils, hand held pencil sharpeners, other
school supplies, and paper towels. Also, money donations for fieldtrip scholarships are
also welcomed. Donations are not expected, but they are appreciated. Thank you.

Possible Fieldtrips:
Springbrook Nature Center, Roller Garden, Bowling…more may be added as the year
    Look for Fieldtrip Permission Forms and Payment Forms throughout the year
      in your child’s Friday Folder!

Simple Organizing Tips for Success:
    It might be helpful to Color Coordinate all of your child’s folders, binders, and
      notebooks according to individual classes.
          o For Example: Science might have a red notebook and red folder…etc.
    Locker organizers are useful for many reasons, but the main reason is that it helps with
      time management. [Ex: Shelving - Morning classes on top, Afternoon classes on bottom]
    Make sure you have all of your child’s teacher’s phone numbers in one place…it saves
    If your child does not bring home their planner everyday or forgets to bring home their
      5th Grade Friday Folder, bring your child back up to the school…the building is usually
      open until 9pm.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teachers.
We look forward to working with your child and you during this most exciting school

                                   Teacher Information
Ms. Mary Jo Eukel           763-502-5480 E-Mail: maryjo.eukel@fridley.k12.mn.us

Mr. Bob Hlavinka            763-502-5526 E-Mail: bob.hlavinka@fridley.k12.mn.us

   Teacher Web Page:


Ms. Lynette Rasmussen       763-502-5528 E-Mail: lynette.rasmussen@fridley.k12.mn.us

5th Grade Team Leaders:

Mrs. Julie Andrle           763-502-5534 E-Mail: julie.andrle@fridley.k12.mn.us

Ms. Billie Jo Stensby       763-502-5530 E-Mail: billiejo.picconatto@fridley.k12.mn.us
Please complete this brief informational form and have your child return it to Mr.
Hlavinka as soon as possible. This information will provide us with the proper
resources to communicate with you throughout the school year. Thank you. [PRINT

Child’s Name: _____________________________________

Mother/Guardian Name: _____________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
City: ___________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________
Home Phone: ____________________       Work Phone: _______________________
Cell Phone: _____________________      Pager: _______________________
Email: ________________________________________
Best time to phone: ______________________
Would you be willing to chaperon fieldtrips this year?            Yes    or    No

Father/Guardian Name: _____________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
City: ___________________ State: _______ Zip: _______________
Home Phone: ____________________       Work Phone: _______________________
Cell Phone: _____________________      Pager: _______________________
Email: ________________________________________
Best time to phone: ______________________
Would you be willing to chaperon fieldtrips this year?            Yes    or    No

In what grade did your child start attending Fridley Public Schools? _________________

On average, how many hours per week does your child spend reading? _____________

If there is any other information that might be helpful for me to know, please use the
space below. Thank you for completing this as thoroughly as you can.

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