John A. Carusi Middle School General PTA Meeting November 11 by panniuniu


									John A. Carusi Middle School

General PTA Meeting

November 11, 2010

Call to Order: Kris Walters called the meeting to order at 7:09pm

Attendance: 24 (including Board and Staff)

The Board members were introduced by President Kris Walters.

The minutes from the last meeting May 2010 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report-Budget reviewed by Treaurer Kelly Bivens

    (I)     Committee Reports
            (A) Membership/Linda King (VP Membership)= at present we are at 80% of last year’s
                membership: 156 parents and 65 teachers for a total of 221. Our goal is 320 members.
                We need 32 more teachers to join.
            (B) Magazine Sale/Mindy Horner- we had the most successful year ever; 200 kids
                participated; sales totaled $22,897. Our profit was $9,200. A limo ride was awarded to
                the highest sellers
            (C) Carusi Courier is now available electronically; Our editor is Linda Abbaszadeh.
            (D) Legislative/Nicky Miles
                She has info from the National PTA including yearly trip to Washington DC-join and log
                on; will give you updates on what’s happening on a National level. Common Core
                Standards- standardized academia throughout all states. Legislative Day- republicans
                and democrats were present; topics included juvenile justice, parental engagement,
                diversity and community outreach; Bill # 252-11 is % funds given to schools for
                education; Family Involvement Week is 2/13/2011-2/19/2011, a week of activities
                which are school/parent/student related; email Nicky @
                Sunday-Father’s/Men’s day
                Tuesday-Safety Night
                Wednesday-Health/Parental Involvement including a fitness instructor/ counselor
                Thursday-Barne’s and Noble Night, art and Poetry
                Friday-Movie night, Teen Banking info
                Saturday-International Day, 20 languages spoken at Carusi
(E) Zone PTA

Coat Drive- successful, coats distributed at Malberg School for people to pick up.

Box Top-4500 collected, drop off to Mrs. Grenier ; Mrs. Krupa’s class collected the most.

Mt. Misery 1st trip 11/15/2010, next groups 3/2011

Special ED PTA- to join see forms in Carusi Courier

PTA Bylaws review due 8/17/2011

PTA Officers needed for year 2011-2012, all positions open but Treasurer, Corresponding
Secretary and Recording Secretary parents will be leaving Carusi

(F) Principal’s Report
    Ric Miscioscia-6th Asst Principal; Donean Parker- 8th grade Asst. Principal; 7th grade
    shared by Mr. Miscioscia and Ms. Parker; Miss Kantner- Interim Administrative Intern
    Character Ed-Carusi received State Award, we will try for National Award
    Veteran’s Day at Carusi 11/11/2010-8th graders invited vets to come in and speak; we
    had 40 veterans come to our day; Mr. Pierlot in charge
    Dances-now in the cafeteria due to a new floor in the gym
    Technology-all new computers in our Computer Labs, Smart Boards in some classrooms
    Carusi has a new web page managed and edited by Dan Sloane
    Learning/Testing Standards-pre-testing being done to show what growth will be and
    type of placement, example: 8th graders taking Intro to Functions (9th grade Math
    course) will have to take the NJ standardized Algebra Assessment Test in May 2011
    Clean-Up Day- student organized, given PTA will contribute financially for beautification
    efforts and will provide a team of volunteers if needed. There will be another
    Beautification day in the Spring; 22 students participated

    Meeting adjouned at 8:10pm

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