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					                                                                  Teresa Lee
                                                                  F.5D (12)

               Keep on upgrading your mobile phone?

Are you getting tired of upgrading your mobile phone every couple of
months? Are you upset upon finding out that the cool handset model which
cost you nearly half of your pocket money has already gone obsolete? Well,
it seems that such an obsession for trend is getting intense, especially among

Recently, the latest and hottest handset – Nokia 8250 -- hits Hong Kong
fiercely. Advertisements of Nokia 8250 are seen everywhere, at bus stations,
MTR stations, magazines, etc., promoting the image of staying trendy.
People are so totally absorbed, keeping their eyes on that huge colourful
advertisement, that they don’t even notice the bus which has arrived. Of
course, this is not the only sign of worries. We should be cautious of the
marketing strategies of the mobile phone companies.

In this new era, it is not surprising to find that the mobile phones which are
in the hands of the teenagers are all the update models. Why? Simply
because Hong Kong is a city advocating materialism. Without doubt, the
companies want to make profits from teenagers as they regard them as a
potentially great market. The functions of the mobile phones the companies
promote within these two years match the interest of youngsters perfectly,
allowing them to download hottest music, ring-tones and messages. Hardly
can teenagers resist the temptations when facing such a variety of choices.
The outcome is obvious – they start investing all they have updating their
portable phones.

Do we still remember the real function of a mobile phone? They were
invented to make communication convenient. However, the sad fact is that
people make every effort to stay in vogue. Once the companies promote an
advanced model, people promptly trade-in their old mobile phones to the
telecom shops to get the latest one. Such practice is definitely a waste of
money and makes people, especially the young ones, become much more
fashion-loving. Well, be a smart consumer -- think twice before you fulfill
your desires.

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