Aim What were the immediate causes of WWI by hedongchenchen


									Aim: What were the causes of WWI?
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Map Handout

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           Nationalism on the Rise
Nationalism- a strong sense
  of pride/loyalty in ones
  country. Shared by
  people of the same
  background & culture.
• In Austria-Hungary there
  were many people of
  different religions &
  backgrounds which
  caused many fights within
  the county.
• Germany was united by
Imperialism- European nations
competing for land overseas.
Ex: In 1871 Germany took Alsace-Lorraine from
 France & they wanted in back.
Militarism- strengthening of armed
• European nations all raced to build Army’s &
  Navy's that were larger than ever before.
Ethnocentrism- the belief that your culture/country
  is better than any other culture/country.
 European Nations formed alliances to
         protect themselves
Central Powers         Allied Powers
Austria-Hungary        France

Germany                Russia

Ottoman Empire         Britain

• On June 28, 1914,
  Archduke Francis            The Spark
  Ferdinand, heir to the
  throne of Austria-Hungary
  was shot in Serbia.
• Germany & Austria
  Hungary declared war of
• Days later Germany
  declares war on Russia
• 2 days later Germany
  declared war on France
• Germany sliced through
  the neutral country of
  Belgium who Britain had
  promised to defend so
  Britain declared war on
   Aim: How did the US get involved in
Do Now: What are the 4 isms & the spark that started WWI
Trench Warfare- defending a position by fighting
  from the protection of deep ditches where
  disease spread quickly.
• Soldiers fought in cold, wet, and muddy ditches,
  sometimes for months at a time.
            Land & Sea Battles
Modern Technology- new machine guns,
 poisonous gases, airplanes which were used
 to fire down on soldiers in trenches & dogfights
 in the air.
U-boats- German submarines would attack any
 ship that entered or left British ports.
                 A Neutral US
• When the War broke out in Europe the US
  President Woodrow Wilson called on
  Americans to neutral.
• Public opinion differed:
       Allies              Central Powers
•Most Americans
favored                    •8 million Americans
                           of German &
                           Austrian descent
                           • Irish also favored
                           the central powers
                           b/c they hated Britain
      How did the war effect the US
• US Economy
  Boomed- the US was
  traded w/ both sides &
  making lots of $.
• Both sides waged a
  Propaganda War.
Propaganda- the
  spreading of ideas that
  help a cause or hurt
  an opposing cause.
           Germany Warns the US
• Germany warned the US
  & other neutral nations to
  keep their boats out of the
  blockade zone.
• US did not listen & vowed
  to hold Germany
On May 5th a German
  submarine torpedoed the
  Lusitania 1,200 people
  died 128 Americans
telegram- which
instructed Mexico to
attack the US if the US
declared war on
•Germany sinking the
US Ships
•Russian Revolution
On April 6, 1917 the
US enters into WWI
                 Building an Army
• Congress passed the
  Selective Service
  Act- required all men
  21 to 30 to register
  for the Military draft.
• As men went off to
  war women took their
  place in the work
  force &received ½
  the pay of men
• Factories produced
  food, arms & other
  goods to fight the war.
• Families were told to
  build “victory gardens”
• Wheat less Mondays &
  Meatless Tuesdays
* Food was saved for the
  men in the Trenches
• Movie starts helped sell liberty bonds,
  Americans leading $ to the government to help
  pay for the war.
       What were the costs of war?
Do Now: Map Quiz
          Setbacks for the Allies
• In November 1917 the Russians with drew from
  the war.
• When the US entered the war the Allies had
  already lost millions of soldiers.
            Allies Win the War
• At the Battle of the Argonne Forest the
  Germans & the Americans fought for 47 days
  before the Americans could fight through the
  German defense.
• Americans lost 100,000 lives in battle.
• The German secretary of
  Defense secretly called
  President Wilson to
  establish the peace.
• Wilson has two
1- Germany must accept his
  plan for peace
2- The German Emperor
  must give up power
                Cost of War
• A generation of young Europeans are dead (9
• Much of Europe is ruined
• Many children are left orphaned & homeless
Aim: Why did the Versailles Treaty fail
      to win support in the US?

Do Now: Handout
  Wilson's Fourteen-Point Peace Plan
• A plan that was meant to
  prevent international problems
  from causing another war
• Included was his support for the
  principle of self-determination-
  the right of national groups to
  their own territory
• The League of Nations- a
  general association of nations
  who would protect the
  independence of all countries.
• The US did not join the League of Nations
  because it still wanted to remain a neutral
  country and not be involved in international
  affairs. Instead in joined Britain, France, Russia
  and 30 other nations to come up with the treaty
  of Versailles. In the Versailles Treaty, Germany
  was forced to make payments for losses
  suffered during the war. These payments
  called reparations. Germany was forced to
  admit its guilt for WWI. This angered Germany
  for many years and would later lead to WWII.
  (The US did not pass the Versailles Treaty)

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