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					       Scenario Overview

  H11: Engineering Change Management
(ECM) for Make-to-Stock (MTS) Production
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Reasons for ECM in an MTS environment

             Integration to Production Order Change Management exists

             Integration to Purchasing exists for Process Chain Integration

             Integration to Sales and Destribution is possible also in Pricing

             Easy handling to consume old Versions (revision level) for Spare

             Flexible Handling in Split Valuation possible

             Stock in more than one Version (Revision Level) without having
              different Numbers for the same Material

             Effortless BOM History with Standard Tools (no new Number)

             Different Rules for every Customers or different Products are

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)

            Engineering Change Management with material and BOM Revision

            Construction BOM and Production BOM

            Make-to-stock Production

            Configuration of Workflow integrated with ECM

            Batch Management integrated with Revision Level on Procurement,
             Production, and Sales & Distribution

            Pricing Procedure determines different Price according different
             Revision Level

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Business Loop

             Planning at Finished Product Level with
              Planned Independent Requirements is
              carried out. (Preplanning Horizon: 12
              Months/ Planning Time Fence: 1 Month)                            MRP/
             Material Requirements Planning                                              Version
              (multilevel) takes place.
             Planned Orders / Purchase Requisitions                                                 Procurement
              are created.                                 Delivery with
                                                           different Rules
             The Planned Orders for the Assembly                                                   of new Version
              and the finished Product are converted to
              Production Orders and released. An
              Availability Check is carried out and
              Batch Determination is done.
                                                            Lock a Version                      Batch-determination
             The Version changes (Vendor triggered)      for one Customer                      in Production Order
             Development checks new Version and
              Reengineering the BOM takes place.
             Procurement Process for the new                                 GR for    ATP Check on
              Version (Revision Level).                                      H11-1000    Batch Level
             The Change of the Revision Level in the
              Production Order is done. The ATP
              Check is done again.
             GR for Finished Good
             Possible to have different Rules for
              different Customers.

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Business Flow
  Business Benefits         Customer   Supplier/Manufacturer           External Vendor   Business Benefits

  Planned Independent
  Requirements Proc.
  A forecast based on                  Planned Ind. Requirements
  sales figures over a
  period of 12 months is
  available. Sales orders
  are covered by the                     Material Requirements
  production orders                             Planning
  resulting from the

  As part of material                    Procurement Proposals
  requirements planning                (Planned Orders / Purchase
  using the net change                        Requisitions)
  method, the planned
  independent                              Production Order
  requirements are                      Processing (Production                           LIFO strategy is used
  exploded across the                  Order Release / Availability                      for batch
  entire BOM structure.                     Check / Picking)                             determination during
                                                                                         picking of components
                                                                Confirmation of          for production order.
                                                               Changed revision
                                                                                         Workflow can be
                                                                                         integrated between
                                        Maintain Change Master                           engineering
                                                                                         department and
                                                                                         production department
                                        Change Revision Level in                         to accept or reject the
                                         Material Master & BOM                           new revision or

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Business Flow
  Business Benefits   Customer   Supplier/Manufacturer       External Vendor   Business Benefits

                                 Purchase Order Processing
                                  with new Revision Level                      Integrated Revision
                                                                               Level processing in
                                                                               Purchasing, Inventory
                                                                               Production and Sales
                                  Post Goods Receipt with                      and Distribution.
                                    new Revision Level

                                 In-House Production with
                                    new Revision Level

                                  Production Backflushing
                                  and Goods Receipt with
                                      Batch Number

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Business Flow
  Business Benefits         Customer   Supplier/Manufacturer      External Vendor   Business Benefits

  Sales Order Proc.:                                                                Logistics Execution &
  The system checks the                                                             Billing:
  incoming sales orders                 Create Sales Order with
                                                                                    When the material
  to determine whether                  required Revision Level
                                                                                    staging date is
  the materials are                                                                 reached, the sales
  available. the sales                                                              order is delivered.
  order receives a
                                         Delivery Processing
  confirmation date. The
                                        (Creation of Delivery,
  revision level required
                                        Picking, Goods Issue)
  by customer can be
  represented by field
  Material Group 1 in the                                                           The system then
  order and sales pricing                                                           creates the billing
  can be determined in                 Create Billing Document
                                                                                    document as part of
  accordance with                                                                   the collective
  revision level.                                                                   processing run. This
                                                                                    is the final step in the
                                                                                    procedure and results
                                                                                    in an open item for the
                                                                                    customer in mySAP
                                                                                    Financial Accounting.

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Component View
                Customer                                    Supplier/Manufacturer

                                                                       SAP R/3
                                              Planned ind. Requirements (Preplanning horizon 12 Months)

                                          Material Requirements Planning (Taking account of Sales Orders)

                                           Procurement Proposals (Planned Orders / Purchase Requisitions)

                                                            Production Order Processing
                                                (Production Order Release / Availability check / Picking)

                                                                  Development Check
                                      Not Fit                      as new Revision                          Fit
                                   Workflow Integrated                                     BOM update with new Revision
                                  BOM update with new Revision

                                                            Inbound Delivery/GI/Production

                 Customer order
                                                                 Creation of Sales Order

                                                  Availability Check on Batch Level (Revision Level)

                                        Yes                            on Stock                              No
                                                                                                 Material shortage

                                    Reservation on Batch                                       MRP -> Procurement

                                           Delivery Processing (Creation of Delivery, Picking, Goods Issue)

                                                  Offset against Planned independent Requirements

                                                             Creation of Billing Document

 SAP AG 2006
            ECM - for Make-to-Stock Production (MTS)
            Product Structure

                                                                 Interface Card
                                                                 V24/2 HC 150 E


      H11-1010                      H11-1020             H11-1030              H11-1040       H11-1050      H11-1060
   Hexagon Head                         IC               Transformer          Circuit Board   Connector       Resistor
       Screw                       LogicMAX884                                PCB 2L 8B 7.6    SUB-D2     RES0805MS392RF
       ROH                             ROH                  ROH                   HALB          ROH            ROH
        VB                              PD                   PD                    PD            PD             VB

  B   Batch Management                                                             VB
 RL   More then one Revision

 VP   More then one Revision and different Sales Price

 SAP AG 2006

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