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									   Guidelines for:

USL Rec. Referees
Prior to the start of each game:
 Refs should introduce themselves to both coaches/assistants (together) and check to make sure there
are no prior issues or questions before the start of the game.
 Re-confirm the length of time of the match:
            o 4 X 15-minute quarters for Pee Wee Division
            o 2 X 30-minute halves for Junior Division
            o 2 X 40-minute halves for Senior Division
 Break times
            o Pee Wee Division: 2 minute break for quarters and 5 minute break for half time
            o Junior Division: 5 minute break for half time
            o Senior Division: 5 minute break for half time
            o Any other or extending allowable breaks due to weather conditions must be agreed upon
                by both coaches, such as: extremely hot temperature.
 Check-in players from both teams
 Making sure they have full proper uniform (shirt/shorts/socks), shin guards and no jewelry
 At the coin toss, the team that wins decides which goal it will defend in the first half of the match.
    The other team takes the kick-off to start the match.
 Home team supplies game ball - #3 for Pee Wee Division; #4 for Junior Division; #5 for Senior
 Remind coaches about 6-goal sportsmanship rule before and during the game, if necessary; if match
    is one-sided, discreetly remind coach whose team is dominating to take appropriate action(s) to even
    the competition level (i.e. move offensive players to defense, remove player(s) from field, etc.)
   Positioning on the Sides of the Field
    Players and coaches from both teams shall occupy one side of the field, and must remain on their
    side of the midfield line during play. The parents and spectators of both teams shall occupy the
    opposite side of the field. No one is permitted to stand or sit behind either goal line during play.
    A team shall be permitted to have no more than three coaches on the side with players and coaches.
    A linesperson shall be permitted on the side with players and coaches. The linesperson is not
    permitted to ‘coach’ either team.

If necessary refs should meet with both coaches to discuss/clarify any questions that the coaches may
have about something that might have happened during the first half.
Basic rules:
 No team (except Pee Wee Division) can play with less then 7 players on the field and no more then
   11. A team may play with one more player than its opponent if the opposing team does not have a full
   11-player team.
 Offside Ruling: The definition of offside position, “nearer to his opponents’ goal line” means that
   part of his/her head, body, or feet is nearer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the
   second to last opponent when the ball leaves the passer’s foot (note: the arms are not included).
 Direct Free Kick: (reckless or using force of any of the following)
       o Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
       o Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
       o Jumps at an opponent
       o Charges an opponent
       o Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
       o Pushes an opponent
       o Tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball
       o Hold an opponent
       o Spits at an opponent
       o Handles the ball deliberately
   There is NO offside when:
       A player receives the ball directly from:
       o A goal kick
       o A throw-in
       o A corner kick

    Incident Reporting (before, during or after the game)
            In case of an incident occurring please make a detailed incident report and call or email the
referee assignor immediately. You are the final say on all matters pertaining to the game. We will use
your report in our disciplinary hearing if needed.

Should you have any questions throughout the season, please contact.
                                      Joe Rubel, USL President & Referee Assignor

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