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									uCAC of Fayette County
                           Continuum of Care Committee Meeting


Faith Based Outreach was the topic of discussion. Florence Randolph from First Baptist Church,
Jeffersonville, Rev. Chris Adams from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Sean Fox from
Grace Community Church was in attendance.

Bambi opened up the meeting by presenting the minutes from the previous meeting.
Approval of Minutes

JARC-Job Access Reverse Commute was approved for $150,800 for the first 15 months of
program and $74,000 for operating expenses with $76,800 for the purchase of 3 new modified
mini vans. This service is to transport low income people to and from jobs and it starts 10/01/08.

Homeless Prevention for Families Pilot – second site visit October 15th. Talking to partners and
participants. We need a neutral meeting place between Circleville and WCH so it was suggested
that we check with New Holland Fire Dept. for possible use of fire house or local officials for
use of Town Hall in New Holland.

Governor’s Interagency Council on Homelessness Update – more important to get them in
housing first and then work on other necessary services. Demonstration project, Ohio Benefit
Bank for Social Security, SSDI intake to speed up the process for more rapid delivery of
services. Gov. Strickland’s Anti Poverty Task Force Work Groups – recommendations will be in
Sept. and final recommendations out in January. This Governor is concerned about poor people
and their barriers.


Stephani Payton – FACO Victim Witness, they are updating their policy and procedures.
October is Domestic Violence Month and they have activities planned.

Faye Williamson – Job and Family Service, increase in caseloads. Food Stamps are now called
SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Gaye Huffman – Homeless Shelter, they are getting calls all the time. They are currently full.

Kathy Mickey – CAC Self-Help Housing, still building in WCH and Frankfort and we are still
offering a $300 referral fee if you refer someone and they close on their loan. FORECLOSURE
PREVENTION, from May-Oct 08 there are 105 homes listed for Sheriffs Sale. The average for
the year for sheriff sale is estimated to be 252 homes. There were 195 in 2006 so that is an
increase of 146 in the past 2 years. We cover 6 counties under the homeless prevention program.
Kathy actually does intervention and does provide workout assistance between the borrower and
the lender. There is an ESOP (Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People) train the trainer
that will come here to provide FREE foreclosure prevention training but we need at minimum of
5 participants. Please call Kathy at 740-335-1831 if you are interested in attending so she can
get it organized. Kathy will also make herself available to talk to Church congregations about
this service.

Joy Stanforth – Visitation Center, Joy is in need of someone or some service to provide handicap
accessibility services for a customer. Franco Palma offered his program information for CHIP
home repair, CAC also has SR. home repair $ and Home Depot often has a gift in kind program
if you purchase their materials they will provide the labor for free.

Lana Pavey – Job & Family PRC, her program can assist families with rent/mortgage
payments/car repairs etc.

Franco Palma/Nancy Reed –Housing Authority, no new vouchers are available, the waiting list is
very long and closed at this time. They are taking names for veterans, terminally ill and elderly.
Franco also indicated that they have CDBG/CHIP money for home repairs for up to two
deficiencies per unit or $8,000 and money for Down Payment Assistance with rehab.

Sue & Melissa – FCMMRDD, contract business doing well. Thanks to Franco and his agency
they actually had a married couple move into their own home recently. Their agency will be
taking residents for a trip to Pigeon Forge soon and they are looking forward to that.

Crystal C. Jones – My Sister’s House, they have recently been working on two grants. Met with
Life Pregnancy to work on an event with a theme of “How Do You Heal A Broken Spirit?”-A
COMMUNITY PULLING TOGETHER. It was decided that this would be a banquet and local
agency providers would be asked to attend to provide a brief overview of their services as a
community awareness event also. This will be held on Oct. 11th at SouthSide Church. There
will be a CRAFT LADDER contest prior to the banquet for storefront windows. Business
owners are asked to decorate and a judging of windows will take place with 3 winners
announced at the banquet. On Sept. 6th they are having a local awareness event called “Shelter
from the Storm” and this will be held at Washington Center.

Whitney Gentry – United Way, $190,00 goal to help 25 programs locally. Novemger 1st is the
Hospice Hall Dance and Costume Party at the American Legion. They are also getting a lot of
calls from residents for assistance with paying their utility bills. CAC and Job & Family
informed Whitney that they have a program for this and they share in it. Job and Family had the
program for part of the year and CAC has it for the remainder so Whitney can refer them to one
of these agencies. Faye commented that Whitney’s survey was very user friendly.

Karen Lowe – Fayette Co. Health Dept., Busy with back to school. They are using United Way
funds for some services being offered. They provide some assistance with medications and they
offer family planning services.
Joan and Parma – Life Pregnancy, They have moved to 1351 Leesburg Ave. in the old Dental
Clinic inside Starting Gate. They are having a ribbon cutting on Sept. 8th at 11:30 so please plan
to attend. They will also have an open house that same day from 4-6 p.m.

Diana Febo – Fayette Works One Stop, under construction of the new additions to SSCC. It
should be under roof by October. To get in please use the Fayette County Fairgrounds entrance.
September is Workforce Services Month and they have planned events with giveaways. They
are also gearing up for the DHL/ABX transition.

Florence – First Baptist Church in Jeffersonville, she got an invitation and was very happy to
receive it. She is interested in Transitional Housing and working with prison relief. She lives in
Greene County, however her husband is the pastor at the church in Jeffersonville and they are
wanting to get more involved in the community. She is also going to school for social work and
wants to help in the community. Their church offers a food pantry and clothing center which is
open every 3rd Saturday of the month at 1:00 p.m. They are accepting donations for these items.
She can be reached at 937-767-9032.
We told Florence to contact Pastor Clary and Pastor Dillon about help for released inmates.

Steve – Fayette Inn, Full but he is taking applications because he does expect a couple of
vacancies soon. Singles only.

Sean Fox – Grace Community Church, AJ Dawson is opening a food pantry in the old Sky
Scraper. Projected opening could be in the fall. It will be open on Saturdays.

Faye also wanted to share the postcards she received from the Foreclosure Video Conference.
This will allow people looking for housing the opportunity to seek housing through this service
and it will allow landlords to advertise their rental units that are available.

Brenda Harris – Children’s Services, they provide adult protective services (60+) as well as
services for children. The also have limited financial services available. They have a lot of
cases that just need case management for supportive services.

Vernon Stanforth – Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept., they have the longest Transitional Housing
Program in the community (HaHa). He verified the need for Foreclosure Prevention Assistance.
They currently have 52 inmates and they are overcrowded. They are limited as to what they can
provide so if any of us have any services or ideas for services please let him know. They average
about 50 inmates at all times. He welcomes any assistance from this group for services.

Motion to adjourn by Joan Leach, seconded by Brenda Harris. Motion passed unanimously.

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