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					                            CALUMET COUNTY CLERK                                Chilton (920) 849-1458
                                   Courthouse, 206 Court Street                 From Appleton (920) 989-2700
                                     Chilton WI 53014-1198                      Fax (920) 849-1469

                                      BETH A. HAUSER
                              E-MAIL: HAUSER.BETH@CO.CALUMET.WI.US
                              COUNTY WEBSITE: WWW.CO.CALUMET.WI.US

                                       November 23, 2011

                           FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE
DATE:          Wednesday, June 7, 2006

TIME:          8:30 A.M.


1.    Call meeting to order
2.    Determine if meeting was properly announced
3.    Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
4.    Approval of agenda
5.    Approval of minutes of the May 9, 2006 meeting
6.    Citizen input/public participation (if approved by the Committee Chair)
7.    Communications/Requests

8.    Special Business:
      A.  Carol Wirth from RBC Dain Rauscher will review the financing options that were
          discussed for the 2006 County Budget.
      B.  Todd Romenesko, Human Services Director, will present information on Nursing
          Home Relocation and Diversion Funding.
      C. Review the Revolving Loan Fund Committee approval of the loan application for
          Metko, Inc.
      D. Review the Community Development Block Grant Revolving Loan Fund Activity.
      E.  Discuss interpreter services of the HOME Program.
      F.  Request of Jackie Downey, Supervisor of Home Health Care/Hospice, for donation
          for 30th anniversary party of Home Health Care Department.

9.    Report of the Finance Director, Dan De Bonis
      A.  Review the Homestead Financial Report.
      B.  Review 2007 Budget Public Hearing Schedule and Budget Adoption Schedule.
      C. Monthly Investment Report.

10.   Report of the County Treasurer, Mike Schlaak
      A.  Update on 2002 foreclosure properties.

11.   Report of the Register of Deeds, Deb Tasch
      A.  Monthly Report and office updates.
12.    Report of the County Clerk, Beth Hauser
       A.  Voter Registration update.
       B.  Monthly Report.

13.    Board input (if approved by Committee Chair).
14.    Set next regular meeting date.

15.    Report of the Corporation Counsel, Pamela Captain*
       A.  Ecker Brothers Wind Energy.
       B.  James Gleason v. Calumet County.

16.    Adjourn.

                                                                                                               Beth A. Hauser,

                                                                                                                   County Clerk

(*It is anticipated that Items 15(A) and 15(B) may be held in closed session according to Section
19.85(1)(g) of the Wisconsin State Statutes.)

This is a public meeting. As such, all members or a majority of the members of the County Board may be in attendance. While a majority
of the County Board members or the majority of any given County Board Committee may be present, only the above committee will take
official action based on the above agenda.

Any person wishing to attend, who because of a disability requires special accommodations, should contact the County
Clerk’s Office at 920-849-1458 or 920-989-2700 EXT 458 at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time so appropriate
arrangements can be made.

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