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									                          Big Beaver Falls Area School District

                                  Beaver Falls High School
                              *** Field Trip Permission Form***

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your son/daughter has signed up to attend        . The students attending the field trip will leave the
      at      on        ,      and will return to the school at approximately        .

The bus is available to students of Beaver Falls High School only. No adults, middle school or
elementary school students are permitted to ride the bus. All school rules as per the Student Handbook
are in effect on this trip and your son’s/daughter’s signature indicates acknowledgement of this. All
students who ride the bus to        must return to Beaver Falls High School on the bus.

If you give permission for your child to participate, please sign this slip and have your son/daughter
return the slip to    .

My signature below indicates the following:
   I give my son/daughter permission to ride the bus and attend the             at        on        .
   In the event my child must be transported home early from this field trip, I will be responsible
      for the cost of my child’s transportation home.
   I am aware of the fact that the Big Beaver Falls Area School District does NOT have an
      insurance policy that covers my child if injured while on this field trip, either on the bus or
      while participating in the activities this trip includes.
   I will NOT hold the Big Beaver Falls Area School District liable for any harm or physical
      injury my child may incur while on the trip.

Student Name:

Student Signature:
Signature of
Parent/Guardian:                                                           Date:

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