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					                           AGENDA FOR EXEC MEETING 10/14/2010

1. Officers present: Hoa Anh, Melissa, April and Nikki
2. October meeting: October 21st 5:30-6:30 pm – Room 2121 – April will send out email
   a. Connie Kraus – South Africa experience
   b. Cosponsored with MAPP – splitting food cost with them
   c. Food for meeting – we are still figuring this out – Hoa Anh will talk to Jess since she is in
       MAPP as well
   d. Career Affair volunteering – need volunteers from 8-3 pm
                i.       Hoa Anh 11-12 pm, April 10-11 am
                ii.      Melissa 8-9 am, Jennifer 9-10 am
                iii.     **Still need someone from 2-3 pm**
                iv.      Nikki 12-2 pm, Kristin 1-2 pm
                v.       Location is Great Hall in Memorial Union
                vi.      Email will be sent with more details about exactly where we need to be and
                         exactly what we will be doing
3. November meeting – tentatively November 22nd , 5:30 pm
   a. Speaker – Trisha Seyes Renola or Betsy Tiegland
   b. Trisha knows a lot about pharmacy in Spain – this would be an new rotation opportunity
   c. Betsy is the administrator for Center of Global Health
   d. We think Trisha will be better – Hoa Anh is sending email to Trisha
   e. Melissa will reserve room after hearing back from Trisha
   f. This is the same date as the Turkey Bowl for MEDiC but seems to be the best day in
4. November executive meeting – November 11th at 4:30 pm
   a. Room # and email will be emailed out by Melissa
5. Global AIDS Awareness Week
   a. Got $200 from Student Senate for this
   b. Thinking of November 29th – December 3rd
   c. IPSF from WSPS paid for some of the food last year – Melissa is looking into getting some
       money from WSPS for this year since she is also IPSF 
   d. Bob from AIDs Network (living with HIV) – he spoke last year – we want him to speak on
       December 1st this year
   e. Looking into getting healthcare professional as well to speak so we have a patient and a
       health care professional speaking
   f. Show movie during colloquim hour on November 30th
   g. Rest of week we will sell things for fundraising: hot chocolate, cookies (donated from Copps
       last year), coffee, red bracelets like the “Live strong” ones that promote HIV Awareness, red
       ribbons, bagels from Einstein’s
   h. Email to see if someone wants to design shirts for this year for Global AIDS Awareness Week
   i. Anything we make will be donated to AIDS Network
   j. April will look into the wristbands for the week
   k. Thinking of alternating bagels and cookies sales since sales will be week long; hot chocolate
       and coffee available every day
   l. General announcement at October meeting for this – signup sheets will be later
6. MAPP wants to do fundraising event with us and we can split profits
   a. November 3rd – SELL bagels/bread/apples/oranges in HSLC atrium from 8-11 am
   b. Bring toaster so we can toast bread and have jam/butter as well
   c. If we want to do this we need to get food stand permit 2 weeks in advance and we have to
       get ok from building management
   d. Yes, we are ok with helping with this
7. Idea for social dinner at an ethnic restaurant in Madison together to promote more social
   interactions in GHIG
   a. Tentatively November 19th
   b. Mention at October meeting and pass around sign-up sheet – we’ll email out interested list
       with 3 choices after this
   c. Make this a monthly thing where each month is a new restaurant
   d. Ideas: Guadalajara, Kabul, Buraka, Husnus, Maharani, Sa Bai Thong

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