Massage Therapist As a licensed massage therapist_ I will

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					R onald Bruinius                      LMT
 10570 68 Avenue Seminole Fl 33772               (c) 727-249-5338   
                                            Massage Therapist

 As a licensed massage therapist, I will facilitate the healing process of my clients’ body by using the
 therapeutic skills I learned at Cortiva Institute of Florida. I am certified in the techniques of Swedish
 Relaxation, Neuromuscular, and Myofascial Therapeutic massage. I was, also, trained in the techniques
 of hot stone, sports, and pregnancy massage with the understanding of special populations.


 Massage Therapy       Cortiva Institute – Florida                 Pinellas Park, FL      June 2011
        Professional Massage Therapy                               Academic honors GPA 3.89
           Diploma                                                  60 clinical hours as a student
        Certified in Swedish Relaxation,                             therapist
           Neuromuscular, and Myofascial
           Therapeutic Massage

 Engineering         University of Florida                         Gainesville, FL         April 2005
         Bachelors of Science in Engineering                       GPA 2.73
         Land Surveying

 Certified Nursing Assistant (227579)                              Clearwater, FL          October 2010

 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certified                           Clearwater, FL          August 2010
        Adult CPR AED                                                Infant CPR
        Child CPR AED                                                Compression only CPR

                                        Selected Work Experience

 Assistant Surveyor                                                                    2005 to 2008
         Researched and managed a database of legal records for the use of creating a
            geometrical representation of roadway and neighborhoods
         Assisted with efficiency analysis and streamlining of company standards
         Utilized MS Word, Excel, and Access to organize information gathered in the field
            for comparison with legal maps and descriptions of properties
         I learned customer service techniques for communicating complex legal and
            geometrical issues to clients who owned land

 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technician                                 2003 to 2005
        Utilized GIS software to relate different databases to each other
        Responsible for the QA/QC process under the supervision of senior members of the
           utility company
        Rectified scanned, aerial photographs to the Florida State Plane Coordinate system
        I was part of a team that created a GIS database of historical aerial photography
           covering the state of

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