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									Training event volunteer (TEV) programme
Frequently asked questions
1. Q) What is the London 2012 Games Maker programme?
      A) This is the London 2012 Organising Committee’s campaign to recruit and train up to
          70,000 volunteers who will be needed at Games time. These volunteers will make the
          Games happen so we’re calling them Games Makers.

2. Q) What is a training event volunteer?
      A) There are two training event volunteer roles: hosts and trainers.
          Hosts will welcome and greet Games Makers to training events as well as help with
          accessibility requirements and administration.
          Trainers will be split into Role and Event Leadership trainers. Role training will take place
          at Hackney Community College (east London) and Event Leadership training will take
          place in East Finchley (north London).

3. Q) Will I receive training for my role?
      A) Yes, we will provide training for both roles. Hosts will receive half a day’s training and
            trainers will receive a full day. The training dates and locations are listed further down.

4. Q) What will host and trainer training involve?
      A) Training will include information on the training venues; including a tour of the training
          venue, a summary of your role as well as other necessary operational information. In
          addition volunteer trainers will receive training on role and event leadership course

5. Q) What is Role training?
      A) All London 2012 Games Makers – that’s up to 70,000 volunteers – will receive Role
          training. This will include training on Games-time operations and communications, safety
          and security, teamwork, sustainability, diversity and inclusion and customer service. Role
          trainers will deliver this training and support other trainers in the delivery of this training.

6. Q) What is Event Leadership training?
      A) We will be training up to 11,000 Games Makers on Event Leadership. Event Leadership
          is a four-hour training course designed to equip leaders with the necessary skills,
          knowledge and behaviours to lead a team at a venue during Games time. Event
          Leadership trainers will deliver part of this training and support other trainers in the
          delivery of this training

7. Q) How can I become a TEV?
       A) First you’ll need to fill out an application form. If we think you’ve got what it takes we’ll
          then invite you to a selection event. This will start with a 30-minute presentation from
          London 2012, followed by a 30 minute competency based interview. If you apply for a
          trainer position, you will also be assessed on your training delivery skills.

8. Q) What sort of volunteers are you looking for?
      A) You’ll be representing the London 2012 Organising Committee at training events, so it’s
          important that you reflect our values. Training event volunteers should be inspirational,
          open, respectful, team-focused, distinctive and have a ‘can do’ attitude.

9. Q) What additional skills are required for a trainer?
      A) We are looking for trained trainers who have the skills and confidence to train groups of
          50 to 200 people. To be an Event Leadership trainer you will need to have previous
          experience of delivering leadership training.

10. Q) Where will I be volunteering?
       A) Role training will be held at Hackney Community College (east London) and Event
          Leadership training will take place in East Finchley (north London).
11. Q) Will the entire London 2012 workforce attend training at Hackney and East Finchley?
       A) No. Although everyone will be invited to attend Role training at Hackney, only those
             selected to be team leaders at Games time will be invited to Event Leadership training at
             East Finchley.

12. Q) What is the volunteer time commitment?
       A) We would like all volunteers to commit to a shift a week for a 12-week period. For Role
           training at Hackney the period is from mid February to mid May 2011. For Event
           Leadership, at East Finchley, the volunteer period is from late March to early July.

13. Q) Why are there different shift times?
       A) Due to the number of people we need to train we have extended the daily operating
           schedule to offer a variety of training times to Games Makers. To ensure this schedule
           can be delivered we will rotate our staff and volunteer trainers through a rota – to keep
           everyone fresh and energised to deliver consistent training to a high standard.

14. Q) When and where are the interviews and training?
       A) Volunteer host interviews: 8 or 16 January, Canary Wharf
          Volunteer host training: 27, 31 Jan or 11 Feb 2012, Hackney Community College

            Volunteer trainer (Role) interviews: 5 or 12 December, Canary Wharf
            Volunteer trainer (Role) training: 25 or 28 January 2012, Hackney College

            Volunteer trainer (Event Leadership) interviews: 6 or 12 February, Canary Wharf
            Volunteer trainer (Event Leadership) training: 7 or 10 March, East Finchley

15. Q) How much time do I have to commit?
        A) All volunteers will need to volunteer for a minimum of one shift per week for 12 weeks.
           The dates differ between venues; Role training at Hackney College takes place from mid
           February to mid May, and Event Leadership training at East Finchley takes place from
           late March to early July.

16. Q) How long is a TEV shift?
        A) Shifts vary depending on the role, but last between four-and-a-half hours and eight-and-a-
           half hours. Volunteers will be given food and drinks, and adequate rest breaks.

17. Q) Is there any flexibility about the days I volunteer?
        A) We would like volunteers to select a shift to volunteer and be able to commit to the same
             shift each week. We of course understand that there may be occasions when it won’t be
             possible; this is fine as long as you give plenty of notice.

18. Q) Do I need to be a certain age to be a training event volunteer?
        A) You must be 18 years old or over by 1 January 2012.

19. Q) Will refreshments be provided at the training event?
       A) Yes, you will be provided with a light meal and drinks during your shifts.

20. Q) Will I be given an official uniform to wear while I’m volunteering?
       A) Yes. You’ll be given a branded polo shirt that you will be able to keep on completion of
             your volunteering shifts.

21. Q) Will I be officially rewarded for volunteering?
       A) Yes. You’ll receive a certificate in recognition of your help.

22. Q) What are the benefits of being a training event volunteer?
       A) Being involved in London 2012 is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and being a training
           event volunteer is a unique opportunity to use and develop your skills. You will receive
           comprehensive training and you’ll also be the face of London 2012 at training events. The
           people you help train will ensure the smooth running of the Games.
23. Q) Will the London 2012 Organising Committee pay my expenses?
       A) The London 2012 Organising Committee is unable to pay for any travel, accommodation
             or other expenses. However, if you are registered as unemployed and are claiming
             benefits, you may be able to claim your travel expenses via your local Jobcentre. Speak
             to your Jobcentre Plus Adviser for more details.

24. Q) Will I be able to get free tickets if I volunteer at the training event?
       A) No. You needed to have applied for tickets like everyone else.

25. Q) Why is the London 2012 Organising Committee using volunteers?
       A) Volunteers are vital to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. London pioneered the use of
           volunteers at the 1948 Games, which saw the first official use of unpaid members of the
           public to help.

26. Q) If I attend the training session am I guaranteed a role as a training event volunteer?
        A) At the end of your training session you will be required to demonstrate that you have
              developed the skills necessary to be a training event volunteer. If you are able to do this,
              you will be offered a role.

27. Q) Can I apply even if I haven’t volunteered before?
        A) Yes. We welcome applications from passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated people who
           want to play a part in the lead up to the Games.

28. Q) If I apply to be a trainer and am not successful, will I be considered for a host?
    Yes, but only if you tick yes to this question on the trainer application form: ‘If your application to
    be a trainer is unsuccessful, would you like to be considered for a role as a host?’

29. Q) Can I apply to be a trainer and a host?
        A) Yes, however you should be able to commit to the minimum number of shifts for each
           role. Please submit an application for both.

30. Q) Can I apply for both trainer roles?
        A) Please bear in mind that we would like volunteers to commit to the minimum number of
           shifts for each role they apply for. If you would like to apply for both roles, please
           complete the Event Leadership trainer application – there is space on this form to note
           that you wish to be considered for a Role trainer role too.

31. Q) Will training event volunteers be guaranteed a volunteer position during the Games?
       A) No. The TEV programme is separate to the Games Maker programme. The application
             window to apply to become a Games Maker closed last year.

32. Q) I have applied to be a Games Maker – can I still be apply to be a training event volunteer?
        A) Yes. We welcome applications from people who have already applied to be a Games

33. Q) I have been offered a Games Maker role – do I still need to attend training as a Games Maker
    if I’ve already taken part as a trainer/host?
          A) Yes. Training is a vital part of being a Games Maker and you must complete Games
               Maker training yourself.

34. Q) I am disabled and need extra support. Can I still apply to be a training event volunteer?
        A) Yes. We welcome applications from disabled people. If you require a reasonable
            adjustment to carry out your role, we will make every attempt to provide it.

35. Q) Why do you ask for diversity information?
       A) We want to attract people from a diverse range of backgrounds, and the only way we can
           find out if we’ve succeeded is by asking you a bit about yourself. Please note that any
            diversity information you provide will have no bearing on your application and will be kept

36. Q) Will I be required to sign a confidentiality agreement?
       A) You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and a letter of agreement before
             your first shift.

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