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									KBC Worldwide
Annual Report
                         We are committed to integrity and
                          excellence, using our strength and
                            expertise to bring value to our
                               clients, our shareholders, our
                                  staff and our community.

Annual Report 2005

pAge                                           pAge

1	     Continued Growth 2005                   10     Growth Through Innovation
2      Board of Directors                      14     Management
4      Chairman's Statement                    15     Corporate Governance
5      Chief Executive's Review                16     Social Responsibility
7	     Summary Consolidated Income Statement   18     KBC Worldwide
8      Summary Consolidated Balance Sheet      20     Company Information
                           	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

Continued growth

                     May 2005
                                                          An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern T.D., greeted by Ted Marah, Chief executive, IIB.

 New Headquarters at Sandwith
 Street, Dublin 2, are officially
 opened by An Taoiseach, Bertie
 Ahern T.D.

                                                          From left to right: paddy Mcevoy, Honorary president, IIB, Ted Marah,
                                                          Chief executive, IIB, An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern T.D., Jan Vanhevel,
                                                          Chairman, IIB.

                October 2005
 IIB expands its presence in
 Northern Ireland with a new
 office in Belfast.

                                                          From left to right: Aidan Doherty, Regional Manager Northern Ireland,
                                                          John Reynolds, executive Director, and Ted Marah, Chief executive.

                               	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

    Board of Directors
    IIB Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBC group. KBC
    group is headquartered in Brussels and is one of
    europe’s leading financial groups.
    KBC with branches, subsidiaries
    and representative offices in thirty
    countries, has fifty thousand employees
    worldwide serving over 13 million
    KBC group reported net profits of
    €2.25 billion for the year ended 31
    December 2005.


                             iib	bank		005­­­­	HiGHLiGHTS
                                                              profit after tax €100 million.*

                                        Capital employed                       €          852,803
                                        Deposits                               €       16,525,458
                                        Total Assets                           €       17,665,222

                                                      * before return to shareholder on preference and Debt Capital.

                                    	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

                                                                                     1   Ted	Marah	
                                                                                     	   Chief	executive

                                                                                     2   Wim	Eraly	 	
                                                                                     	   Non-executive Director

                                                                                     3   John	Reynolds	
                                                                                     	   executive Director

       4                        6                                  7

                                                                                     4   Tom	Foley	
                                                                                     	   executive Director

                                                                                     5   Paddy	Mullarkey		
                                                                                     	   Non-executive Director

                                                                                     6   Jan	Vanhevel	 	

CREdiT	RaTinGS         Standard	&	Poor’s	     Fitch	Ratings	           Moody’s       7   Luc	Gijsens	 	
                                                                                     	   Non-executive Director

kbC	GRouP	    Long	Term       A+                   AA-                   Aa3         8   Ronnie	Fitzell	
             Short	Term       A-1                  F1+                   p-1         	   executive Director

iib	bank      Long	Term       A                    A+                    A1
             Short	Term       A-1                  F1                    p-1

                                                        	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

                                                        ‘Record of continuous annual
                                                        profit growth since the
                                                        foundation of the Bank.’

    Chairman's Statement
    At the outset, I take this opportunity to pay tribute to my predecessor as Chairman, paddy Mcevoy, who
    retired during 2005. As the founding Chief executive of the Bank in 1973, paddy played an important role
    in it's development over almost a quarter century and, more recently, since 1995 served as Non-executive
    Chairman. I am pleased to report that he will hold the title of Honorary president.

    The Irish economy continues to perform strongly and economic growth in 2006 is likely to at least match
    the strong levels seen over the past year. population and employment trends remain positive in absolute
    terms and by comparison with the european average. The government finances are in a healthy position.

    Against this backdrop, the Bank continued to show strong performance in 2005 achieving a profit, after
    tax and before return to shareholder on preference and debt capital, of €100 million. This represents an
    increase of 10% on last year and a continuation of the record of continuous annual profit growth since
    the foundation of the Bank in 1973. When adjustment is made for an exceptional gain on disposal of
    an investment in 2004 the profit growth for 2005 amounted to 18% . We have a diversified and robust
    business platform with a wide and growing customer base.

    The capital base of the Bank was expanded further in 2005 by the issue of additional subordinated debt. It
    is intended that during 2006 the Minority Interest of €74 million will be redeemed and replaced by the issue
    to KBC Bank NV of a similar amount of new Ordinary Shares. It is also intended that the existing tranche
    of non Redeemable preference Shares amounting to €38 million will be redesignated as Ordinary Share
    Capital during 2006. Finally, KBC Bank NV also intends to subscribe a further €100 million in Ordinary
    Share Capital during 2006, reflecting the continued commitment of KBC to the Irish market and the
    expectation of continued strong growth.

    I would like to congratulate the management and staff of IIB under the leadership of Ted Marah and his
    colleagues for the excellent performance in 2005.

    Jan	Vanhevel
    March 2006

                                                       	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

                                                         ‘The Bank had another record year.
                                                         Strong business growth in 2005 was
                                                         experienced across all the Bank's
                                                         business activities.’

Chief executive's Review
The Irish economy performed extremely well in 2005, with                the largest corporate to the small emerging business. Our
economic growth once again outstripping the european average            success in meeting this objective is borne out by the very strong
by a considerable margin. A buoyant jobs market was at the heart        performance over this full range during 2005.
of the strong out-turn. A sharp rise in numbers at work boosted
consumer spending and underpinned a buoyant property market.            performance was particularly strong among small and medium
It also encouraged strong inward migration which further fuelled        enterprises where business volumes grew by over 30% during the
demand across the economy. In turn, this buoyancy contributed           year. The Bank’s approach to its Business Banking customers is to
to very strong public finances which supported investment in            deliver sustainable quality banking services through experienced,
infrastructure.                                                         professional executives offering tailored, competitive financing
                                                                        packages to assist business growth. With Business Banking centres
Against this favourable backdrop, the Bank had another record           well established in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and galway, the Bank
year. Operating profit before return on preference and debt             is committed to growing its involvement in the SMe sector. The
capital grew to €100 million, an increase of 10% on 2004.               Bank has recently established a new branch in Limerick and will
Stripping out the exceptional gain on the sale of investments from      examine other possible openings in the years ahead.
the 2004 result, the growth in profit in 2005 came to 18% . Total
assets grew by 33% to €17.7 billion while loans and advances to         The Bank’s Corporate focus is on key relationships with Ireland’s
customers were also 33% higher at €12.7 billion.                        leading large business enterprises. The Bank had senior roles in
                                                                        most of the major corporate transactions in 2005 which included
Shareholder’s funds (equity, minority interest and preference           major transactions and financings for Kingspan group plc, Irish
share capital) at €648 million are 21% higher than in 2004.             Continental group plc, CRH plc, grafton group plc, Independent
Also, as signalled last year, a further €125 million tranche of         News & Media plc, Kerry group plc, NTR plc, the Quinn group
subordinated debt (€100 million after redemption) was issued            and SIAC. IIB was a Mandated Lead Arranger and was appointed
during the year to support continuing asset growth. The capital         the Facility Agent for the €1.2 billion syndicated debt facility
structure will be reorganised during 2006. Minority Interest            arranged by eSB during the year. It was also a Mandated Lead
of €74 million will be redeemed and replaced by an issue of             Arranger for the Bord gáis €0.55 billion syndicated debt facility.
Ordinary Shares to KBC Bank NV. In addition, the preference             On the leveraged and acquisition finance side, the Bank was
Share Capital of €38 million will be redesignated as Ordinary           a Co-underwriter of the landmark Smurfit-Kappa ‑3.8 billion
Shares. Finally, the capital base will be further strengthened by the   transaction as well as being involved in the acquisition of Allied
subscription of a further €100 million in Ordinary Share Capital        Domecq by pernod Ricard and the buy out of galen plc by
by KBC Bank NV to fund anticipated strong growth.                       Warner Chilcott.

The Bank’s funding base remains well diversified with broad             public private partnerships (ppp's) continued to accelerate at
access to banks, corporate and personal counterparties and to           pace in areas such as civic office development, accommodation
the european Capital Markets where it operates both a euro              projects such as the Ballymun regeneration project, the up
Medium Term Note programme and a euro Commercial paper                  coming Criminal Courts complex and the continued roll-out
programme. The Bank has also participated in asset securitisation       of alternative energy projects. In partnership with its sister
programmes. In 2005 deposits from banks increased by                    company KBC project Finance, based in the Dublin International
42% to €7 billion while amounts due to customers grew by                Financial Services Centre and operating globally in major project
29% to over €9 billion. During 2005, the Bank increased the             financing, the Bank has established itself as one of the leading
maximum permitted drawings under its euro Commercial paper              project finance specialists in Ireland working with both local and
programme from €2 billion to €3.5 billion.                              international contractors and sponsors to drive and support the
                                                                        development of Ireland’s key infrastructural programs. We are
Strong business growth in 2005 was experienced across all the           pleased to have been involved in the majority of ppp transactions
Bank’s business activities.                                             completed during 2005.

In the manufacturing and service sectors of the economy, the            property activity in Ireland and overseas markets continued to
Bank’s objective is to service the full range of enterprises from       be a primary focus for Irish investors and provided the Bank

                                                          	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

           'We continue to extend our distribution network
           and to deepen relationships with our distributors.'

    with substantial business during the year. Increasingly, the unique   intermediary channel which has continued to be our core
    footprint which the KBC group has in Central europe is proving        distribution channel over the past 15 years, will, we believe,
    immensely helpful to our Irish clients investing in real estate in    play an ever growing role in the market. Working closely with
    those markets. Our capacity to provide on the ground assistance       our wide range of broker distributors throughout Ireland,
    and expertise allows our clients to identify and deal with            we concentrate on developing and delivering flexible and
    opportunities and risks in these markets as well as local banking     competitively priced mortgage products to customers. During
    services. Aside from those more recently discovered markets           the year we continued to invest heavily in technology with further
    for Irish property investors, our group’s network in the more         enhancements to our state of the art mortgage processing
    mature major Western european property markets of the UK,             system which will further advance the speed of response and
    Belgium, France and germany gave rise to a series of significant      the service provided to our intermediaries and customers. New
    transactions during the year.                                         business written during 2005 was at a record level of over €3.6
                                                                          billion and our business pipeline remains strong.
    Through our Treasury operations we provide a wide range of
    foreign exchange and interest rate products to assist the Bank’s      We continue to extend our distribution network and to deepen
    corporate business, institutional and personal clients in managing    relationships with our distributors. In late 2005 we announced
    their exposures to market risk. In an increasingly volatile           an exclusive agreement with Bishopstown Credit Union in Cork
    environment, the demand for structured products designed to           under which Bishopstown will distribute our home loan products
    meet the particular needs of individual clients has been a key        to its members. Bishopstown is one of Ireland’s largest Credit
    growth area.                                                          Unions with some 23,000 members.

    In addition, through KBC, we provide services such as the             2005 proved to be a year of further progress for our private
    international cash management cross border payments and               Banking and Wealth Management division. Our focus remains on
    electronic banking services which are proving particularly            understanding and addressing our clients’ needs and responding
    attractive to clients with operations in a number of Western          to these requirements with a diverse range of investment
    and Central european markets. During 2005 our internet based          products and services. Innovative additions to our product
    foreign exchange service 'go & Deal' was installed for a number       suite during the year included investments linked to equities,
    of our Irish clients and is operating very successfully.              commodities, currencies and hedge funds. Structured in a manner
                                                                          that facilitated both personal investments and pension-based
    The Bank further strengthened its position in the residential         contributions, these offerings were exceptionally well received by
    mortgage market during the year. Demand for residential housing       our client base. Demand for overseas property transactions also
    remained buoyant, underpinned by the favourable demographic           remained high and we continued to leverage the expertise of our
    structure of the Irish population, strong inward migration and        KBC partners in identifying and structuring attractive property
    a sharp increase in numbers at work in the economy. On the            opportunities for our clients. These solutions are created within
    housing supply side, some 81,000 new housing units were               the framework of well-diversified investment portfolios, which
    completed during 2005. end year house price inflation at about        ensure our clients can manage, protect and grow their assets with
    9% was broadly similar to the 2004 experience. We expect that         a high degree of confidence over time. The range of our product
    the balance emerging between heavy demand and supply will             and service offerings will be further extended during 2006.
    lead to some moderation in house price inflation in the years
    ahead. However the stimulus to demand likely to follow from the       We look forward with optimism to continuing strong growth in
    release of SSIA savings may boost property inflation in the near      each of our key business areas during 2006.

    The mortgage market in Ireland remains extremely competitive
    reflecting a large and growing number of suppliers. The market
    is also characterised by a knowledgeable and sophisticated
    customer base demanding quality product, competitive pricing,
    transparency and the highest standards of service. The mortgage

                                                                                                              Edward	a.	Marah
                                                                                                                       Chief	Executive
                                                                                                                          March 2006

                                                                          	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

Summary Consolidated
Income Statement
at	 st	december	005­­­­

                                                                  005­­­­                             2004
                                                                 ;’000                                ;’000

 Net operating income*                                      ,9                                155,306

 Operating expenses                                         (5­­­­5­­­­,5­­­­)                   (55,634)

 Impairment losses on loans and advances                           (5­­­­9)                              888

 Operating profit before corporation tax                    0,89                                100,560

 Corporation tax                                            (0,80)                                (9,920)

 profit for the year                                        00,009                                  90,640

 * Net operating income is stated before preference dividend and interest on subordinated loan capital.

                                                          	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

    Summary Consolidated
    Balance Sheet
    at	 st	december	005­­­­

                                                             005­­­­                      2004
                                                             €’000                          ’000

    SHaRE	CaPiTaL,	PREMiuM	and	RESERVES	                                    							

    Ordinary Share Capital                                  0,95­­­­                   40,956

    Capital Conversion Reserve Fund                                                      647

    Share premium                                           ,05­­­­                   27,051

    Reserves                                              ,99	                      353,713

    Shareholder's Funds                                   5­­­­5­­­­,5­­­­           422,367

    Minority Interest                                       ,00                       74,060

    Other Debt Capital                                    ,09                       143,487

    CaPiTaL	EMPLoYEd                                      85­­­­,80                   639,914

    CuRREnT	LiabiLiTiES

    Deposits from Banks                                ,5­­­­,95­­­­               5,021,552

    Deposits from Customers                            9,09,5­­­­0                   7,280,069

    Other Liabilities Including Taxation                  8,9                       312,490

    ToTaL	LiabiLiTiES                                 ,5­­­­,                  13,254,025


    The Directors have prepared the summary consolidated balance sheet above for the purposes
    of compliance with Section 20 of the Central Bank Act, 1971 using the information contained in
    the group's statutory balance sheet included in its annual statutory financial statements.
    Approved by the Directors on 29th March 2006.
    Approved by the Board on 29th March 2006.

    Jan Vanhevel                                     Chairman
    edward A Marah                                   Chief Executive
    Ronald W Fitzell                                 Director/Secretary
    Thomas J Foley                                   Director

                                                      	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

	                                                      005­­­­                       2004
                                                      €’000                           €’000


Balances with Banks and Money at
Call or Short Notice                              ,05­­­­,98                   2,911,342

Securities                                          5­­­­0,05­­­­                  557,244

Loans & Advances to Customers                    ,8,                       9,537,264

Other Assets                                        5­­­­,                      230,635

                                                 ,8,0                      13,236,485

FiXEd	aSSETS                                          ,8                          17,540

ToTaL	aSSETS                                     ,5­­­­,                  13,254,025

aCCounTanTS'	REPoRT	To	THE	diRECToRS	oF	iib	bank	LiMiTEd

We have examined the summary consolidated balance sheet. The Directors are responsible for the preparation of the summary
consolidated balance sheet in compliance with Section 20 of the Central Bank Act, 1971. We have agreed to report to you our opinion
on the summarisation of this information based on the statutory financial statements, on which we reported on 29th March 2006. We
have carried out the procedures we consider necessary to ensure that the summary balance sheet has been properly compiled based
on the consolidated financial statements which set out the financial position of the group. In our opinion the summary consolidated
balance sheet has been properly compiled using the information contained in the statutory financial statements for the year ended 31st
December 2005, on which we have reported without qualification.

Ernst	&	Young
Chartered Accountants
Harcour t Centre
Harcour t Street
Dublin 2

                                                                                           	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

     growth Through Innovation
     Personal Products & Services

     Bishopstown Credit Union signs up to provide IIB mortgages to its members. Bishopstown
     Credit Union is the first Credit Union in Ireland authorised to sell mortgages to its members.
     Seated left to right -	Ruth Morton, Chairman, Bishopstown Credit Union; Tom Foley, Chief
     executive, IIB Homeloans. Standing left to right - Ray Kenny, CeO, Bishopstown Credit Union;               pictured at the launch of the protected portfolio Bond from left to right are David McWilliams,
     Nial Murphy, IIB Homeloans; Liam O’Dwyer, CeO Irish League of Credit Unions and Michael                    economic commentator, Tom Foley, executive Director, IIB and Mark Donnelly, Head of private
     Mcgrath, Manager IIB.                                                                                      Banking, IIB.

     Homeloans                                                                                                  PRoPERTY	inVESTMEnT
                                                                                                                We source investment property opportunities for individual
     FiRST	TiME	buYERS
                                                                                                                clients or on a syndicated basis.
     Our First Time Buyer Mortgage package offers new
     customers competitive interest rates and fast mortgage                                                     PEnSion	MoRTGaGES
     approval, with no hidden costs.                                                                            We assist self-employed individuals, partners or directors who
                                                                                                                own more than 5% of their company to build up a fund, in a
     MoRTGaGES	FoR	MoVinG	HoME
                                                                                                                tax efficient way through a pension plan.
     For people moving home, we offer flexible products,
     competitive rates and excellent service to help customers buy                                              PRiVaTE	EquiTY
     their dream home.                                                                                          Our dedicated Account Managers regularly introduce our
                                                                                                                clients to companies that require private equity investment.
     EquiTY	RELEaSE
     We allow customers to raise extra cash on the surplus equity                                               inVESTMEnT	ManaGEMEnT	SERViCES
     within their homes, at mortgage interest rates.                                                            For clients seeking independent, professional advice, we offer a
                                                                                                                fully comprehensive investment management service.
     With our Remortgage package, customers can consolidate                                                     TaX	baSEd	inVESTMEnT
     their existing loans at competitive mortgage interest rates.                                               Our expert private Banking team sources Tax Based
                                                                                                                Investments for clients, such as Rental Shelters and various
     buY-To-LET	MoRTGaGES	
                                                                                                                Business expansion Schemes (BeS).
     We offer an unrivalled service for residential property
     investors wishing to invest either in Ireland or the UK.
     wealtH management services                                                                                 HoME	and	ConTEnTS
     inVESTMEnT	bondS                                                                                           IIB Insurance provides a range of home insurance products,
     We offer an innovative range of lump sum investment bonds                                                  each designed to provide our clients with the protection they
     including capital secure products.                                                                         need in simple packages.
                                                                                                                inCoME	and	MoRTGaGE	PRoTECTion
                                                                                                                We offer an extensive range of loan and mortgage protection
                                                                                                                products that deliver security and peace of mind.
                                                                                                                LiFE	CoVER
                                                                                                                Our Life Cover product will clear the mortgage balance and
                                                                                                                pay out a predetermined sum of money should a customer
                                                                                                                pass away before they have paid-off their mortgage. We offer
                                                                                                                competitive rates and an excellent service.
                                                                                                                CRiTiCaL	iLLnESS
                                                                                                                We also provide Critical Illness Cover designed to provide
                                                                                                                a lump sum payment on the diagnosis and certification of a
     The IIB - eSRI Consumer Sentiment Index is recognised as one of the leading barometers of
     economic activity in Ireland. pictured from left to right are Tom Foley, executive Director, IIB, Austin
                                                                                                                prescribed serious illness.
     Hughes, Chief economist, IIB and David Duffy of the eSRI.

                                                                              IIB BANK	ANNUAL RepORT 2005

Business & Corporate Products & Services

In June 2005, IIB and KBC hosted in Dublin a property Seminar for investors on financing Real estate throughout europe. The
event focused on Benelux, France, germany, Britain, poland, Hungary, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.
Pictured from left are John Reynolds, executive Director, IIB, philippe Haers, general Manager, Real estate Division, KBC group,
Kim Creten, Head of Real estate International, KBC Brussels, Michael gilmartin, Head of Commercial Real estate, IIB.

buSinESS	PRoTECTion                                                                                       GEnERaL	CoRPoRaTE	FaCiLiTiES
This service helps to ensure the financial survival of a business                                         IIB has relationships with the majority of Ireland’s significant
in the event of the death of a director or key employee.                                                  corporate companies, financial institutions and commercial state
                                                                                                          enterprises and underwrites and provides extensive funding
banking                                                                                                   packages to finance the major transactions undertaken by such
We provide commercial lending facilities tailored to meet your                                            As Irish enterprises expand into europe, IIB, in cooperation with
business requirements whether for the purchase, extension or                                              KBC, provides a range of ancillary services such as centralised
refurbishment of business premises.                                                                       cash management, acquisition search, and trade finance.
FinanCE	FoR	buSinESS	EXPanSion                                                                            LEVERaGEd	and	aCquiSiTion	FinanCE
We offer a range of term debt and working capital finance to                                              Our dedicated team of specialists arrange bilateral and
assist growing companies expand their operations.                                                         syndicated debt packages to fund major acquisitions by most of
buSinESS	REMoRTGaGE	PaCkaGE                                                                               the larger Irish companies.
Our customised repayment arrangements, competitive rates                                                  Mbo/Mbi	FinanCE
and speedy delivery make this an attractive option for small and                                          IIB offers access to a complete product range including bank
medium sized companies.                                                                                   debt, mezzanine debt and equity, for Management Buy-out
                                                                                                          (MBO), Management Buy-In (MBI) and other similar type
PEnSion-baSEd	FundinG	FoR	diRECToRS                                                                       transactions ranging in size from €1 million upwards.
A tax efficient way for proprietorial directors to acquire a
new business premises or to invest in property through a self-
administered pension.
We provide attractive financing packages for Irish property
investors in both Ireland and overseas.

In conjunction with the KBC international network we can
arrange funding for Irish investors in the major Western, Central
and eastern european markets.
We are a leading provider of residential and commercial
development finance. We have an in-depth knowledge of the
property sector and can combine this with a quick decision                                                At the Irish Nursing Homes Organisation (INHO) Annual Conference in Dublin in November
making process to ensure the successful conclusion of any                                                 2005. IIB sponsored the Annual private Nursing Home Survey which was launched at this
property deal.                                                                                            conference.
                                                                                                          Pictured from left to right are Tadhg Daly, Chief executive of INHO, Mary Harney T.D., An
                                                                                                          Tanaiste and Minister for Health and Children, paul Costello, Chairman of INHO and gerry
                                                                                                          Quigley of Business Banking, IIB.

                                                            	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

     Business & Corporate Products & Services

     PRoJECT	FinanCE
     One of the leading project finance banks in Ireland today, IIB
     together with KBC, has a multidisciplinary team of over 40
     professionals on hand to manage and advise you through your

     PubLiC	PRiVaTE	PaRTnERSHiP	(PPP)	FinanCE
     Our Structured Finance team has extensive experience in
     structuring and funding a range of ppp projects such as Design
     Build Finance used in the development of local authority,
     education, accommodation and infrastructure projects.

     inSuRanCE	PREMiuM	FinanCE
     With over a decade of experience in this sector, IIB offers
     a market leading Insurance premium Financing service for
     business clients, with an emphasis on speedy service and
     competitive terms.                                                       At the International Project Finance Conference hosted by IIB were,
                                                                              pictured from left to right, John Reynolds, executive Director, IIB, Dick Roche
     PRoFESSionaL	FEE	FinanCE                                                 T.D., Minister for the environment, Heritage and Local government, and Siona
                                                                              Meghen, Associate Director, IIB.
     IIB pioneered the development of professional Fee Finance
     for Accountants and other professionals, to assist clients in
     managing their cash flow. Our recently launched on-line service
     ensures minimum form filling and same-day-payment.

     FoREiGn	EXCHanGE	PRoduCTS
     Through our highly experienced and dedicated Treasury team,
     we can provide our customers with very competitive pricing in
     all traded currencies. Our services include:

     · Spot foreign exchange rates
     · Forward foreign exchange contracts
     · Time option forward contracts
     · Currency options and swaps
     · Structured FX products
     · 24-Hour order service                                                  go & Deal is an internet based foreign exchange dealing system introduced
     · Free payment service                                                   by IIB’s Treasury & Capital Markets Division. The system allows corporates to
                                                                              buy/sell foreign currency on-line.
     inTEREST	RaTE	PRoduCTS                                                   pictured from left to right are John Donegan, Manager IIB Treasury and Terry
                                                                              Sullivan, Head of IIB Treasury.
     Offering interest rate hedging products for business customers
     and investors, we tailor our services to meet individual
     customer needs.
                                                                             FoREiGn	EXCHanGE	on-LinE	dEaLinG
     IIB has active trading books in euro, gBp, USD, and access to           To make life easier for our customers, IIB operates an on-line
     all interest rate solutions, with particular emphasis on Central        foreign exchange dealing system, 'go & Deal'.
     european markets through our parent KBC.
                                                                             FinanCiaL	MaRkETS	anaLYSiS
     dEPoSiT	PRoduCTS                                                        IIB offers regular expert commentary on developments in
     IIB guarantees competitive interest rates in eUR, gBp and USD           global financial markets, to assist our customers manage their
     as well as other currencies.                                            foreign exchange and interest rate exposures.

                                                       	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

Intermediary Services
IIB has been working in partnership with brokers and advisers throughout Ireland for over 30 years. Our goal is to deliver first class
financial solutions coupled with innovation and service excellence. We are fully committed to the continued development of these
partnerships as we look forward to the opportunities which lie ahead.

In October 2005, our Homeloans team proudly received the Service excellence Award from the Independent Mortgage Advisers

                                                                                 IIB was awarded the prestigious Service excellence Award by
                                                                                 the Independent Mortgage Advisers Federation (IMAF) and
                                                                                 pictured are members of the IIB Homeloans team at the Awards

Professional Services for Accountants
IIB takes great pride in the close working partnership we hold with a number of professional groups. We have been privileged to play our
part in bringing innovation and new financial solutions to customers and our success is in no small part due to the continued partnership
we have with so many firms of Accountants.

In October 2005, IIB pioneered a unique on-line professional Fee Finance Facility for Accountants. In the late 80's IIB pioneered the
professional Finance Fee product in Ireland and since then has continued to develop this market-leading product, offering service, flexibility
and competitive solutions. The facility is available by logging on to

                                                                              Mr. Brian Cowen, T.D., Minister for Finance officially launched this new
                                                                              on-line service at IIB's Head Office.

                                                                              pictured are John Reynolds, executive Director, IIB and Brian Cowen
                                                                              T.D., Minister for Finance.

                                           	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

     execUtive committee

     Ted Marah                               Chief Executive
     Ronnie Fitzell                          Finance, Group Services & Company Secretary
     Tom Foley                               Homeloans, Treasury & Capital Markets, Private Banking
     John Reynolds                           Banking


     Hugo Doherty                            Business Banking
     Michael gilmartin                       Commercial Real Estate
     Barry Kealy                             Loan Advances
     Siobhan Lynch                           Credit
     Christine Moran                         Corporate Banking
     gerry Quigley                           Business Banking


     John Delaney                            Homeloans Operations
     Charlie Kiernan                         Broker Sales
     Richard Sloane                          Homeloans Direct

     treasUrY & caPital markets

     Terry Sullivan                          Treasurer
     Austin Hughes                           Chief Economist
     Mark Barnes                             Trading
     eileen parsons                          Treasury Sales/Liquidity
     Keith O’Byrne                           Institutional Sales
     Adam Mesbur                             Bonds

     Private banking & wealtH management

     Mark Donnelly                           Private Banking & Wealth Management

     groUP anD sUPPort services

     Brian Austen                            Internal Audit
     Tony Barnes                             Programme Office
     Ian Black                               Finance & Operations
     Michael Martin                          Information Technology
     John McAlinden                          Marketing
     Rickard Mills                           Taxation & Special Finance
     Damian O'Neill                          Regulatory, Risk & Compliance
     Louise Roberts                          Human Resources

                                                        	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

Corporate governance

Commitment to integrity is a cornerstone of our mission                  AudIt CommIttee
statement. IIB is committed to maintaining the highest
standards of corporate governance, ethics, business integrity            The Audit Committee receives reports on various
and professionalism in all of its activities. These standards are        aspects of control, reviews the findings, conclusions and
embedded in the corporate culture, reflected in our code of              recommendations of the internal and external auditors, the
conduct, and reinforced through continuing communication                 internal audit and regulatory compliance functions, and ensures
and training.                                                            no restrictions are placed on the scope of the statutory audit
                                                                         or on the independence of the internal audit or compliance
Role oF the BoARd                                                        functions.

The Board is the principal decision making forum for the                 The members of the Audit Committee consist of independent,
company and is responsible to the shareholders and other                 non-executive directors, the Chief executive, and the Finance
stakeholders for the leadership, direction and control of the            Director. The heads of internal audit and compliance functions
Bank. It establishes the strategic objectives, corporate values          attend these meetings as required. Minutes of the meetings
and ethical standards that drive the activities of the Bank. The         are circulated to the full Board. The Audit Committee has
Board has adopted a formal schedule of matters detailing key             unrestricted access to the internal and external auditors and
aspects of the company’s affairs reserved to it for its decision.        compliance and meets with the external auditors at least once
The role of the Chairman, which is non-executive, is separate            a year.
from the role of the Chief executive with a clear division
of responsibilities. The Board receives regular management               INteRNAl CoNtRol & RIsK mANAgemeNt
reports and information on business issues to facilitate
its review of strategy, performance and financial and risk               The Board acknowledge its overall responsibility for the Bank’s
management of the Bank.                                                  system of internal control and for reviewing its effectiveness.
                                                                         The Board has established a process for the identification,
The Board is considered to be of an appropriate size in view             evaluation and management of the significant risks faced by
of the scale of the company, its operations and the diversity            the Bank, and regularly reviews this process. This process
of its activities. The Board consists of eight directors, four of        includes the establishment of an organisation structure with
whom are non-executive directors. The balance between                    risk management committees for the significant risks (credit,
non-executive and executive directors enables the Board to               market/liquidity and operational) reporting to the group
provide clear and effective leadership and maintains the highest         executive Committee. The system of internal control is also
standards of integrity across the company’s business activities.         subject to regulatory oversight by the Financial Regulator.
The Board considers that all non-executive directors are
independent of management of the company.                                As a wholly owned subsidiary of KBC group, there is regular
                                                                         dialogue with the shareholder, which is enhanced by direct
All directors have access to the advice and services of the              shareholder representation on the Board, and interaction
Company Secretary who is responsible for advising the                    with the shareholder’s internal audit, compliance and risk
Board on all governance matters and for ensuring that Board              management divisions.
procedures are followed and applicable rules and regulations
are complied with. Directors undertake such professional
development as they consider necessary in assisting them carry
out their duties as directors.

                                                                           	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

     Social Responsibility
     Our mission statement underlines our commitment to bring value to our staff and our community. This recognises
     the integral nature of the relationship between these stakeholders, which we aspire to be for the benefit of all.

     IIB sponsored the IIB Bank 'Music in great Irish Houses' festival in June 2005.

     ouR CommuNIty

     IIB is committed to playing an active and responsible role in the community. We seek to fulfil our role as a corporate citizen in the
     wider community in Ireland through the adoption and implementation of best practice. We also seek to support community life
     through sponsorship of cultural and artistic activities as well as making financial contributions to charities and other worthwhile
     causes. We have continued our long-standing sponsorship of the IIB Bank Music in great Irish Houses Festival and our support of the
     National gallery.

     ouR stAFF ANd FAmIlIes

     IIB is committed to providing a work environment in which individuals are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We have a policy
     of equality and non-discrimination. Our policies reflect a concern for the training needs, career development and health and safety of
     our staff.

     IIB was voted one of the Top 50 Best Companies to Work for in Ireland by               As part of the IIB's promotion of a culture of work-life balance, staff brought
     our staff. pictured left to right are Fiona Connolly, Aoife Hilliard and Siobhan       their children into work for a fun-filled day at the office. pictured are some of
     O’Sullivan of IIB’s Human Resources Department.                                        the children who attended the "Kids at Work Day".

                                                                      	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

Students from the Liberties College, patrick Street, Dublin 2, visited IIB Bank as part of the Schools Business Partnership Programme. As well as the
site visit the programme also involves CV preparation and mock interviews with the students.
Students from left to right are peter Dennehey, Frankie Roe, paul Martin, Leah Foley, Kim Adam, Rowan Duncan, Jordan Delaney and patrick Brady.

BusINess IN the CommuNIty

Through Business in the Community, a partnership approach has developed between IIB and many well established local
community groups. IIB is fully committed to working with local community groups to add value and make a real difference to the
lives of people in our community. In 2005 , we were successful in hiring staff into professional roles from the local community. We
have continued to build links with community groups such as St Andrew's Resource Centre, pearse Street, Dublin 2. We actively
encourage staff to participate in voluntary work with these organisations.

                                                                                              ouR eNvIRoNmeNt

                                                                                              Our landmark headquarters building at Sandwith Street with
                                                                                              state of the art, environmentally sensitive facilities, received
                                                                                              two awards during 2005. These were the Dublin City
                                                                                              Neighbourhoods Award, Best Modern Building (3rd place),
                                                                                              and Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition, South east
                                                                                              Area, Best Modern Building (1st place).

Brian gillen, Dublin City Council presents Tom Foley, executive Director IIB Bank with
the 2005 Best Modern Building Award for the South east Area.

develoPINg IRelANd's FutuRe

In recent years, IIB has also participated in an initiative established by UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business to assist the
development of their students. This initiative involves students working on specific projects with the support of IIB staff. The benefits
to the students are that they can apply their studies to a practical real work situation, which facilitates their professional development.

                                                 	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

     KBC Worldwide
     BrancheS                              uniTEd	kinGdoM                            Tel: (886 7) 226 88 33
                                           KBC Bank NV London                        Fax: (886 7) 226 27 00
     iRELand                               111 Old Broad Street,
     KBC Bank NV Dublin                    London eC2N 1BR                           KBC Bank N.V. Taichung
     Sandwith Street                       Tel: (44 207) 638 58 12                   24/F-1, No. 345, Section 1
     Dublin 2                              Fax: (44 207) 256 48 46                   Taichung Kang Road
     Tel: (353 1) 664 6000                                                           TAICHUNg, Taiwan ROC
     Fax: (353 1) 664 6142                 HonG	konG                                 Tel: (886 4) 2321 27 27
                                           KBC Bank NV Hong Kong                     Fax: (886 4) 2321 97 97
     CHina                                 39/F, Central plaza
     KBC Bank NV Shanghai                  18 Harbour Road,                          uSa
     Unit 1-4, 15F Marine Tower            Wanchai, Hong Kong                        KBC Bank NV New York
     1 pudong Avenue, pudong               Tel: (852 2) 879 33 88                    125, West 55th Street, 10th Floor
     Shanghai 200120, pRC                  Fax: (852 2) 879 33 00                    New York, N.Y. 10019
     Tel: (86 21) 5879 1599                                                          Tel: (1 212) 541 06 00
     Fax: (86 21) 5879 1699                MaLaYSia                                  Fax: (1 212) 956 55 80
                                           KBC Bank NV Labuan
     KBC Bank NV Shenzhen                  Level 3B, Financial park, Jalan Merdeka   KBC Bank NV
     Units 12-15, 46/F, Shun Hing Square   87000 Federal, Territory of Labuan        Atlanta LpO Office
     5002 Shen Nan east Road               Tel: (60 87) 58 17 78                     Marquis One Tower – peachtree Center
     Shenzhen, pRC 518008                  Fax: (60 87) 58 37 87                     245, peachtree Center Avenue
     Tel: (86 755) 8246 1188                                                         Suite 2550 25th Floor
     Fax: (86 755) 8246 0807               KBC Bank NV Kuala Lumpur                  Atlanta, georgia 30303
                                           Marketing Office,                         Tel: (1 404) 584 54 66
     KBC Bank NV Nanjing                   Suite 16-01, 16th Floor                   Fax: (1 404) 584 54 65
     Units Rn. 1264 World Trade Center     Kompleks Antarabangsa
     Nanjing 210005                        34, Jalan Sultan Ismail                   KBC Bank NV Los Angeles LpO Office
     pRC                                   50250 Kuala Lumpur                        515 South Figueroa Street, Suite 1920
     Tel: (86 25) 470 57 80                Tel: (60 3) 2031 7080                     Los Angeles, California 90071
     Fax: (86 25) 470 63 92                Fax: (60 3) 2031 6877                     Tel:(1 213) 624 04 01
                                                                                     Fax: (1 213) 629 58 01
     FRanCE                                SinGaPoRE
     KBC France                            KBC Bank NV Singapore                     rePreSentative OFFiceS
     6, Rue Nicolas Appert                 30, Cecil Street,
     F.59260 Le Zennes (Lille Cedex)       # 12-01 prudential Tower                  india	
     Tel: (33 320) 11 61 11                Singapore 049712                          KBC Bank NV Mumbai
     Fax: (33 320) 11 61 19                Tel: (65) 6395 28 28                      2nd Floor Zone A engineering Centre
                                           Fax: (65) 6395 29 29                      9 Mathew Road
     KBC Sub Branch paris                                                            Mumbai (Bombay) 400 004
     Le Centorial, 18 Rue du 2 Septembre   TaiWan                                    Tel: (91 22) 5636 6595
     75002 paris                           KBC Bank NV Taipei Branch                 Fax: (91 22) 5636 6599
     Tel: (33 153) 89 82 00                15th Floor, World Financial Centre
     Fax: (33 153) 75 28 18                99 Fu Hsing North Road                    iRan
                                           Taipei, Taiwan ROC                        Rasoul Azizzadeh
     THE	nETHERLandS                       Tel: (886 2) 2712 91 33                   Inter-Alpha Representative Office
     KBC Bank NV Rotterdam                 Fax: (886 2) 2715 42 07                   14, Fourth Alley, 2nd Floor
     Watermanweg 92                                                                  Shahid Ahmad ghasir Ave
     3067 gg Rotterdam                     KBC Branch Kaohsiung Branch               Tehran 15146
     Tel: (31 20) 650 25 02                55,Chung Cheng 3rd Road                   Tel: (98 21) 873 3562
     Fax: (31 20) 697 72 95                Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC                     Fax: (98 21) 873 3539

                                              	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

iTaLY                                   KBC Lease NV                         patria Finance A.S. / patria Asset
Filip Huys                              TelecomLaan 8-1831 Diegem            Management A.S.
KBC Bank NV, Verona (Network Desk)      Tel: (32 2) 722 7722                 Skretova 12 /490
Via Stella 10, 37121 Verona             Fax: (32 2) 722 7822                 120 00 praha 2 – Vinohrady
Tel: (39 045) 8020396                                                        Czech Republic
Fax: (39 045) 596599                    T
                                        	 HE	nETHERLandS                     Tel: (420 2) 2142 4111
                                        KBC IFIMA N.V.                       Fax: (420 2) 2142 4222
SPain                                   Watermanweg 3067 gg Rotterdam
Bernard Van Hees                        Tel: (31 10) 436 7146                HunGaRY
KBC Bank NV Madrid                      Fax: (31 10) 436 7293                Kereskedelmi És Hitelbank RT
Network Desk                                                                 Vigado Tér 1
                                        KBC Bank Nederland NV
Banco Urquijo – grupo KBL                                                    1051 Budapest V.
                                        Watermanweg 92
príncipe de Vergara 131, 28002 Madrid                                        Tel: (36 1) 328 9000
                                        3067 gg Rotterdam
Tel : (34 91) 337 22 08                                                      Fax: (36 1) 328 9696
                                        Tel: (31 10) 436 8399
Fax: (52 55) 337 21 71
                                        Fax: (31 10) 436 6335
TuRkEY                                                                       Kredyt Bank pBI SA
Levent Seren                                                                 Ul. Kasprzaka 2/8
                                        IIB Bank Ltd.
KBC Bank NV                                                                  01-211 Warszawa
                                        Sandwith Street
Ankara Representative Office                                                 Tel: (48 22) 634 5400
                                        Dublin 2
Bayrakli Sokak 28/3                                                          Fax: (48 22) 634 5335
                                        Tel: (353 1) 664 6000
g.O.p. 06670 Ankara
                                        Fax: (353 1) 664 6099
Tel : (90 312) 447 0993                                                      GERManY
Fax: (90 312) 447 0996                  KBC Finance Ireland                  KBC Bank DeUTSCHLAND Ag
                                        KBC House – IFSC                     Wachtstrasse 16
SuBSidiary cOMPanieS                    Dublin 1                             28195 Bremen
                                        Tel: (353 1) 670 0888                Tel: (494 21) 3688 40
bELGiuM                                 Fax: (353 1) 670 0855                Fax: (494 21) 3684 477
Centea NV
                                        KBC Asset Management Ltd.
Mechelsesteenweg 180                                                         uniTEd	kinGdoM
                                        Joshua Dawson House
2018 Antwerpen                                                               KBC peel Hunt Ltd
                                        Dawson Street
Tel: (32 3) 247 1411                                                         4th Floor, 111 Old Broad Street
                                        Dublin 2
Fax: (32 3) 247 1400                                                         London eC2N 1pH
                                        Tel: (353 1) 438 4500
                                                                             Tel: (44 20) 7418 8900
CBC Banque SA                           Fax: (353 1) 439 4400
                                                                             Fax: (44 20) 7417 4646
grote Markt 5, 1000 Brussel
Tel: (32 2) 547 1211                    KBL Finance Ireland.
Fax: (32 2) 547 1110                    Sandwith Street
                                                                             Kredietbank SA
                                        Dublin 2
Antwerpse Diamantbank NV                                                     Luxembourgeoise
                                        Tel: (353 1) 664 6660
pelikaanstraat 54                                                            43 boulevard Royal
                                        Fax: (353 1) 664 6663
2018 Antwerpen                                                               L-2955 Luxembourg
Tel: (32 3) 204 7204                                                         Tel: (352) 4797 6001
                                        CZECH	REPubLiC
Fax: (32 3) 233 9095                                                         Fax: (352) 4797 2056
                                        CSOB AS
                                        Ceskoslovenská obchodní banka a.s.
KBC Asset Management NV                                                      SWiTZERLand
                                        Na prikope 14
Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussel                                                    Kredietbank (Suisse) SA
                                        115 20 praha
Tel: (32 2) 429 5048                                                         7, boulevard georges-Favon
                                        Tel: (420 2) 2411 1111
Fax: (32 2) 429 5200                                                         CH-1211 geneva 11
                                        Fax: (420 2) 2411 3256
                                                                             Tel: (41 22) 311 6322
                                                                             Fax: (41 22) 311 5443

                                                         	 IB BANK ANNUAL RepORT 2005

     Company Information
     SHaRE	CaPiTaL	                                	        ;000
     Authorised                                          500,000
     Issued Ordinary                                      40,956
     Held by KBC group                                     100 %

     Sandwith Street, Dublin 2. Registered in the Republic of Ireland. Number 40537.
     Tel: (353 1) 664 6000, Fax: (353 1) 664 6099, email:
     Swift Code ICON Ie2D, website:

     boaRd	oF	diRECToRS
     Jan Vanhevel                                  Chairman (Belgian)
     edward A Marah                                Chief Executive
     Wim eraly                                     Non-Executive Director (Belgian)
     Luc gijsens                                   Non-Executive Director (Belgian)
     patrick H Mullarkey                           Non-Executive Director
     Ronald W Fitzell                              Executive Director & Company Secretary
     Thomas J Foley                                Executive Director
     John H Reynolds                               Executive Director

     HonoRaRY	PRESidEnT
     patrick C. Mcevoy

     ernst & Young
     Harcourt Centre, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

     Arthur Cox
     Arthur Cox Building, earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2

     SubSidiaRY	CoMPaniES
     iib	Homeloans	Ltd.
     Sandwith Street, Dublin 2
     Tel: (353 1) 664 6500, Fax: (353 1) 664 6199, email:, website:

     iib	Finance	Ltd.
     Sandwith Street, Dublin 2
     Tel: (353 1) 664 6565, Fax: (353 1) 664 6516, email:, website:

     REGionaL	oFFiCES
     4 Dockgate, Dock Road, galway
     Tel: (353 91) 567 744, Fax: (353 91) 567 754, email:

     52 South Mall, Cork City
     Tel: (353 21) 422 2600, Fax: (353 21) 422 2690, email:

     1 Lanyon Quay, Belfast, BT1 3gp
     Tel: (44 28) 9044 6100, Fax: (44 28) 9044 6120, email:

     Riverpoint, Bishops Quay, Limerick
     Tel: (353 61) 316 488, Fax: (353 61) 468 468, email:

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