Illegal Search and Seizure by MaryJeanMenintigar

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									 A caseaboutIllegal search seizure
                         and                 unfolds
           afteryears Collusion
                      of       initiatedbv
         Attorneys        and
                    General ChiefJustice       M.
                                         Robert Bell

For immediaterelease:

        Bowie, MD 1110912006:  Judgmentin a matter,"EugeneRobert Zarwell v. King &
Nordlinger" (Civil No. WMN-05-1938, in the United States     District Court for Maryland) is
pendingreopeningthis caseciting new evidencediscovered       from review of an Anne Arundel
County Police report on August 2,2006 of severalactsof fraudulentbehavior,obstructionof
justice and abuseof power as an officer of the court on the part of King & Nordlinger partner
Lynn Perry Parker.

       Parker fraudulently represented law firm's role and client to deceivePlaintifl, Eugene
R. Zarwell (ZarweIl), into believing there was money owed to a Virginia Corporation that neither
existedin a referenced time nor was ever contractedto.

        Costa, King & Nordlinger, a Virginia Collection agency,filed a sufirmonsin Prince
George's County District Court claiming a$17,987 debt owed to an unknown entity incorporated
as Annapolis Hospitalitieswith a Virginia address,211 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1100,Arlington, VA
22201and later changed 200,4.
                        to       Monroe Street,Suite210, Rockville, MD 20850 after claiming
it was not engagedin InterstateCommerce.

           I    It requestedand was granted dismissal of its claim in Prince George's county on July
                27,2004 basedupon its motion to dismissbecause cost for litigation.

       2. Upon dismissal, Zarwellquestionedwhether goods left at Country tnn and Suites
                existed where managementstated,"there was no billing outstanding". They said they
                would return those goodswhen ownership was proven. Plaintiff, Zarwell, sought
                retum of evidencein two high prohle cases. These documentswere containedin his
                luggageand boxes stored as agreedin a fourth floor Country Inn and Suiteshallway
                closetduring his two extendedbusiness trips to Australia in 2000 and later in 2001.

       J.       King & Nordlinger, after claiming no knowledgeof goods,then, searched    and seized
                those goods without a court order or warrant. On August 2,2006, it was learnedthat
                propertywas illegally seizedon July 17,2a05 ten daysprior to a $0.00judgment in
                Prince George's County District Court without a court order for possessionof
                property and basedupon phony billing.

       4 . Zarwell was deniedaccess his goodswhen retuming from Australia in June2001.
                His automobile that was storedthere while away was returned,but Tom Neely, hotel
                manager,statedthatZarwell owed a lot of money, but was never allowed to review
                records from Country Inn & Suitesor documentedpaymentsin his personal

          computer. Documentsretumed on August 2,2A06 from Anne Arundel County Police
          Property storagesubstantiated money owed.

      On November 72, )004, Zarwell filed a detinue requestinggoods be returned since no
debt was proven to which King & Nordlinger answeredwith a counter claim for what they
thought would be a judgment in favor of plaintifl Zarwell. JudgeLeo Green, Jr. granted
judgment to King & Nordlinger for $ .00 (zero) dollars JudgmentPrincipal; $ .00 Pre-Judgment
Interest;$ .00 Costs;$ .00 Other amounts;and $ .00 Attorney's Fees.

        King & Nordlinger fabricated from thatiudgment a poorly renderedcopy-claiming award
of $15,000. It did not disclosethat this amountwas configuredfrom room rental for a two-year
period (January2000 to August 2002) while Zarwell was in Australia; retuming in June 2001
and living with friends in Columbia Maryland until August 2002. King & Nordlinger circulated
this phony judgment to every county District Court in Maryland as harassment
                                                                           and/or diversion.

      There was no assignmentof goods other than King & Nordlinger assuminga non-
executed"Hotel KeepersLien" offered through a printout of proceduresfrom Maryland's code
was enoughproof, thus, illegal seizure.

       What Mr. Poto, Presidentof Porten Companies,a previous owner of a Carlton Franchise,
assumedwas that sensitivematerials collected for an Intemet law study was illegal? No
recollectionof any DVD's or printed materialsdescribed Poto's interview with Anne Arundel
Cotrnty Police detectives,accordingto Zarwell.

        During Zarwell's 2000 trip, he ran into severalAmsterdam law studentslooking for a
dissertationsubject and he suggestInternet Law. Zarwell was in Amsterdam awaiting a Russian
visa becausefrom Perth to Moscow required plane changesin Amsterdam. This avoided costly
travel to Melboume, Sydney, or Washington,DC.

       Those studentsasked,"Is there any Internet Law?"

       'No, but here are five questionswith
                                            follow-on questionsfor consideration. Whatever
you learn and can documentwill be unique. You will probably be consideredexpertsin Internet
Law. Maybe you can stop thesemarginal sites in our emails," Zarwell told them.

       On his 2001 travel to Brisbane,he ran into one of the studentsagain at Pelican House, a
restauranton Queensland'sGold Coast. She reminded him that they met at Maria's in
Amsterdam. He askedif she followed through on the Internet Law project. She said, 'No!" She
decidednot to get her law degree. "Maybe othersdid", sheimplied.

        In 2005, King & Nordlinger fabricatedwith local Anne Arundel county police a serious
unproven chargethreatenedin 1999 by a Departmentof Human Resources,Social Service's
Attorney who stated,as walking out of Anne Arundel Juvenile Court after that Judgedismissed
their phony charges; "We'll
                            build a caseagainstyou (at any cost)."
        That threat resultedin conjoining actions (Claim C97-40661,DLLR false chargeswith
this new HR chargeof false accusations)   againstthe Stateat the Court of Appeals level (No.
7797 September
      ,           term, 1998)in PetitionDocket No. 439, September    term 1999. JusticeRobert
M. Bell dismissedthat pleading as "not in the best interestof the State" (no kidding) to protect
the guilty including J. JosephCurran, Attorneys General,and Linda Fox, Secretaryof
Departmentof Human Resourcesfor allowing such fraudulent actions.

     Fox resignedher appointmentshortly after that allegation, following JudgesLerner,
Cawood, and Heller, Murphy, and Secretaryof State,Richard Dixon.

        Social Serviceswas in the habit of trafficking foster children to relatives of their
departmentstaff and Zarwell had uncoveredthose attemptson three occasionsand fought hard to
get those kids returnedto their families. He met much resistancefrom those departmentheads
because  huge amountsof money were involved.

       In this particular case,a social worker staffer's wife working at Shady Side Elementary
school where one of Zarwell's charges(he had power of attorney for care of four children who
were, sadly enough,results of one-night stands,by their mothers- claimed fathers unknown)
was approachedby her and given guidanceof how to get into a foster home.

       This particular girl was upset with her mother and dramatically expressed An incident
was set up for Social Workers to legally abduct her while in Zarwell's care when she did not
show up at the schoolyardfor an arraignedpick up.

        There must have been some coordination with Country Inn & Suitesbecausethat same
day the girl reportedthat Joanne,Country Inn & Suites salesrepresentative, was asking serious
questionsabout sleepingarrangements   and activities (it was a two bedroom suite and when the
girls stayedthey sharedthe front bedroom). They usually were in my chargeovernight for next
day early morning transport to a Counfy Dental facility in Annapolis. On this occasion,that
appointmentwas on a Thursday aftemoon, and the girl did not want to go to school day trip on

        However, while Zawvell was in the shower, a phone call came in from that schoolteacher
wanting to talk with him about the girl. Shewas obviously upsetthat the girl did not want to go
to that meeting thatZarwell leamed about later while traveling up to DLLR to assistin filing an
address  changefor a client's MortgageBrokerage.

      Zarwell drove a businesspartner to Maryland's Departmentof Labor, Licensing, and
Regulation that day and the girl came along. She even met one of the commissioners. After that,
shewanted to go to Adventure World, a local theme park.

         Later in the day, Social Workers arrived at her mother's home. Mom called Zarwell
about the incident. As soon as I mentionedto my chargethat social serviceswas at her home,
the girl ran out of the hotel to a hiding place under a table at an auto repair service down the

      SocialServices pickedher up andsenther to a fosterhome,wheresheexperienced       horse
trackbetting,andothernot so nicethings. At a hearing,                                 story
                                                    they tried to twist their unhealthy
to meettheir warpedmindsetandprojectit on Zarwell.

      It did not work because relationship
                            his           with thosegirls was long term and extremely
honorablefrom 1994to 1999.

       From their disclosures,he had suspicionsthat they experiencedsome abuseat home and
were exposedto sexual relations observing their motherswith their "boyfriends" from early age

       That Social Servicesthreat resultedin conjoining actions againstthe Stateat the Court of
Appealslevel. (No. 1797,September    term, 1998)in PetitionDocket No. 439, September    term
1999. It was deniedto protectthe guilty.

      In response King & Nordlingerfraud, Zarwellfiled a claim for damages
                to                                                       underTitle
15,DebtCollection theUnitedStates
                 in              DistrictCourtfor Maryland to several
                                                              due        violations
including not limitedto:

       Section1692e. - Falseor misleadingrepresentations failure to disclosereal parties

      Section16929. - Validation of debts- failure to provide proof of debt and withholding

       Section 1692j. - F'urnishingcertain deceptiveforms - submitted an online definition of a
Hotel Lien from Lexus. COM insteadof an enactedlien that required certain procedures.

       Section1692k. - Civil Liability - failing to comply to any provision of Subchapter  V
with respectto any person is liable to such person in an amount equal to the sum of actual
damagessustainedas a result of such failure.

       Zarwell sought damagesfrom obstruction ofjustice through withholding of evidencein
eachof two cases; Zarwell v. DefenseDepartment- $1 million, and (2) Zarwell v. Stateof
Maryland- $151,801,512.01; damages
                           plus         accruing  from falsejudgmentdistribution the
severalMaryland District Courtsin an amountof $15,000per county.

        In a July 27,2005 Anne Arundel County Policereport, King & Nordlinger, through
"their" client
               createda false incident,possession sensitivematerialsthat were in possession
                                                  of                                          of
King & Nordlinger'sproclaimedclient from December2000 until July 17,2005. Within that
report are admissionsthat facts renderedin their original casewere false and fabricatedto
include billing for non-residence  periodsallegedlyto establish causeto securefor dispatch
original documents evidenceagainstdefendants JosephCurran,Jr., and JusticeRobert M.
                     as                              J.
Bell in a State case,C97-40661,and/or sell/destroythat material to prevent proof of; provide
other entities to extort or impedejustice by including additional property; DVD's and printed
materialsnot originally storedor listed on original inventorylist.
       It shouldbe notedthat evidenceof default involved cases C97-40661-AAI C97-42004;
fraudulently dismissedby both JudgesNorth, Lerner, confirmed by Thieme that " casenever
filed was not servedproperly", and JusticeMurphy who confirmed fraud with observationsfrom
Maryland's Disciplinary board allegedly directed by Attorneys GeneralCurran and Chief Justice
Bell. Both actions were fraudulently dismissedas an appealwhile non-appearance  was in claims
case40661. Another case42004was a Requestfor Judicial Review was also dismissed an   as
appeal,but documentsremoved and replacedwith supporting documentsfrom that casewere
provided to Zarwell unknowingly by Attorneys GeneralOffice.

         Maryland'sCommissionon Judicial Disabilitiesstatedthat thejudges andjusticesacted
properly when dismissing a casepresentedby the Attorneys GeneralOffice even though that
casenever existed, but in fact, a surrogatecasenaming a company as defendantnever filed was
ruled upon,thus obstructing justice to avoid public recognitionof theirNovember 21, t997
failure to appear.

        JudgeCawood affirmed that 40661 was in fact a claim for damagesand withdrew his a
memorandumdenying an enlargementof time for defendantCurran to file an answer;while
JudgeHeller said the appealneverexistedin a letter to plaintiff in 2001,but he found other cases
with Zarwell as plaintiff againstBell Atlantic and Maryland National Bank. Thesecaseswere
test casesto leam court procedureand protocol.

        During attemptedrecovery proceedingsat Prince George'sCounty District Court through
detinue,JudgeEl-Amin, HassanAli rescheduled caseto another
                                              the                judge, Leo Green,Jr. who
gave judgment for $0.00dollars,that throughmodificationsallegedlyprepared King &
Nordlinger becamea documentfor $15,000neitherproven nor dispatched the District Court
for Prince George'sCounty. There was no court order giving King & Nordlinger possession of
propertyas it claimed.

       However, it has been learnedthrough an Anne Amndel County Police Central Records
dispatchof recordson August 2,2006 that King & Nordlinger fraudulentlyand illegally seized
properfy allegedly at requestof Attorney's Generaloffice.

        Zarwell took leave from Prince George'sDistrict Court and filed in FederalDistrict Court
for Maryland (WMN 05 CV 1938,July 18, 2005) where SeniorJudgeWilliam Nickerson
acceptedthat complaint on merit, denied severaldefensemotions to dismiss including out of
statuteand proceededto acceptfilings for about one year. It is now alleged that JudgeNickerson
may be party to King & Nordlinger's conspiracyalong with Maryland's Attorneys Generaland
Anne Arundel County DetectiveRonaghan collusionwith Social Services recoverand
                                            in                              to
createfurther questionsabout Zarwell's credibility deterring they hoped pursuit of political office
or visibility of his claim of $ 151 802,512.01 a defaultjudgment.
                                   ,          on

       This allegedly avoided public scrutiny for alleged extortion and time to createa serious
incident report with Anne Arundel Coturty Police" claiming possession sensitivematerialsthat
were miraculously recoveredat Country Inn and Suitesafter almost five years in storageand
seizedprior to a ruling from JudgeNickerson to dismiss an on-going dispute in complicity with
Counf detectives.
       Documentsreturned from Anne Arundel County Property room allegedly prove that
King & Nordlinger's original claim for nine months of room chargesfor time in Australia were
addedto createa fictitious situation to seizeand allegedly taint property by claiming "property
was abandoned"when in fact Plaintiffwas attempting to determinewhat additional room charges
createdsuch a bill that rangeddependingupon King & Nordlinger's various motions from as low
Sl00 up to $22,000.

        United StatesDistrict Court Senior JudgeNickerson allegedly under pressurefrom the
AG and Chief Justice,knowing King & Nordlinger had already dispatchedor destroyedcritical
evidence  while creatingother diversions,decidedin his best interests reversehis one-year
long denial and granteddismissal for out of statuteon 6 June 2006 knowing that statuteof
limitations initiatedfrom a lower court'sdecisionon June 14.2005 was within 8 davsof the one-
year limit.

       It is alleged that JudgeNickerson becameaware of King & Nordlinger's violations of law
and that evidencewas being distributed/destroyed prevent further litigation or he allegedly
providedtime for King & Nordlinger'scomplicir,"-.

         Basedupon all the proceedingsherein, any administrative Law Judgecan make the


   l .       Lynn Perry Parker, partner in King & Nordlinger misrepresented   and withheld
            evidencein an unsubstantiated  claim for alleged debt payment of a non-existentdebt.

   2.        JudgeThurmanH. Rhodesdismissedher caseon July 27,2A04 and JudgeLeo Green
            ordereda judgment for $0.00 on June 15,2005 on a detinuefiled on July 18. 2005 or
            within 9 daysof statute,thus, creatingawareness certainTitle l5 violations. There
            was no order granting possession any storedor as they referred to it as "Abandoned

   J.        On August 3,2004, Country Inn & Suitesdeclared      that no moniesowed and goods
            in their possession more than five yearswould be returned upon proof of
            ownership. Then renegedon that agreement,      allegedlyto give Social Services access
            to follow up on their threat to createa child abusecasethat never took place in
            consort with Joanne,Cowttry Inn Salesmanager,who alleged foul play to cover up
            her sleepingwith hotel guestsat her home.

   4.       Lynn Perry Parkeron behalf of King & Nordlinger - no longer Costa,King &
            Nordlinger representing Portenand Companies, alias for Annapolis Hospitalities
            owned by Carlton, attempting to counter any claim of ownership requested$20,000;
            or would retum goods,not in their possession $10,000pre-trial settlement,
                                                          for                           even
            though they dropped their original claim and that casewas dismissedso they could
            falsely seizethat propertyin July 2005 beforethe casewent to JudgeNickerson
            allowing them to destroy or deliver evidenceto Maryland's Attomeys General.

  5.      Zarwell's detinue on November 12,2004 seekinggoods be returnedto recapture
         evidencein eachof two previously mentionedpending decisionswas thwarted by
         fraudulent actions basedupon heresyto confusethe courts while salesof evidence
         allegedly for profit including Identity theft and personalsecurity were violated by
         King & Nordlinger with disclosureand alleged consensus and by the several
         judges,Thurman,Ali, Greenand Nickerson.

  6.     Lynn Perry Parker of King & Nordlinger filed a counter claim to a judgment of $ .00
         asking for $15,000that was not ratified in Prince George's County District Court, but
         prepareda documentto make it appearit was a court orderedchange-not so.

  7.       Zarwell filed in The United StatesDistrict Court for Maryland on July 18, 2005 under
          Title 15, Section1692k,- Civil Liability, (d) Jurisdiction- an actionto enforceany
          liability createdby this subchapter(V) may be brought in any appropriateUnited
          Statesdistrict Court without regardto the amount in controversy,or in any other court
          of competentjurisdiction, within one year from the date on which the violation occurs
          (violation occurredon June30, 2005 when JudgeGreendenieda motion to seek
         remediesfor lossesin Prince George's County District Court where he had no
         jurisdiction to decide a matter on that magnitude- his words.

  8.     It is alleged that through this matter, Maryland's Attomey Generalhad directed a UPS
         theft of Mrs. Zarwell's Apostilled Birth Certificate and Marriage License to create
         additional diversions while trying to createquestionsof doubt for that marriage to fit
         within their sick, malicious and fraudulent scenarioallegedly for political reasons.
         This is basedupon reactionsby UPS Security officers claiming items were ripped
         from an envelopeby a machine, yet the envelopewas intact and openedproperly.
         Zarwell transmittedthat evidenceto FBI officers in Calverton, Maryland, where they
         said it was not worth their effort to investigate. Zarwell has requestedthat UPS
         producethosedocuments pay for ID theft. UPS hasnot responded
                                     or                                          sincea July 10,
         2006 phone conversationwith its Laurel Maryland Security offrcer who accused
         Zarwell of not being experiencedin investigations. In a phone call to UPS Corporate
         offtces, Zarwell suggested   they reopentheir investigation because their $51.00
         settlementattempt sendingcashto his wife for dispatchwas not suffrcient to over
         come pending Identity fraud - there were five zerosmissing betweenthe decimal
         point and first real number left of it.


  o      That Ms. Lynn Perry Parker be disbarredand King & Nordlinger be disenfranchised
  from practicing law in Maryland and in surroundingstatesfor obstruction of Justice, "fraud
  on the court" and collusion.

  o      That full restitutionbe madeto Zarwell as requested amountof $151,801,512.01;
  plus accruedlossesdue to dispatchof fraudulentjudgments to the several(23) Maryland
  District Courts in amount of $395,000;additional penaltiesof double damagesfor fraud on
  the court by each co-conspiratornamed: Country Inn & Suites,Porten and Company,United

   Parcel Service, The Stateof Maryland, Maryland Departmentof Human Resources,
   Arundel County Police Department,  and King & Nordlinger.

   r      That JudgeNickersonbe censured                  for
                                         and/orimpeached allegedcollusion;Justice
   Bell be impeached allegedcollusion and obstructionof Justiceand with Attorneys
   GeneralCurranbe indictedfor allegedthree countsof "Fraudon the Court", frve countsof
   "collusion",and four counts "obstruction
                              of           of.justice".

Reported: Restitutionbe madein amountof $304,393,024.02
                                                      plus additionaldamages.

                                       --+*F,e - I -


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