Chapter 31: Legal Rights of Single People
                              Who Live Together

I. Palimony
        A. Palimony
                 1. Defined as a fixed sum of money paid under orders from a court
                     for a person who has lived with another person without being
                 2. Cohabitation agreement/contract that outlines how they want to
                     deal with money, property both during and after a relationship
                 3. Contracts couldn’t be based on an immoral relationship or to
                     force an agreement on sex
                 4. California Supreme Court ruling Marvin vs. Marvin (1976)
                 5. Unmarried adults who voluntarily can make contracts regarding
                     property and earnings
                 6. Only Oregon recognizes property rights for each person without
                     a contract
                 7. Some states don’t at all
II. Paternity
        B. Paternity
                 1. All fathers are required by law to help support their children
                 2. If the father does not want to support the child the mother has the
                     right to bring a paternity suit against that person
                 3. If the father is established he can be forced to pay child support
                     and pregnancy expenses
                 4. The Family Support Act of 1988 makes all states assist mothers
                     and their children in getting paternity tests and suits
                 5. To prove that someone is not the father a blood sample can be
                 6. Blood type can not prove who is the father, but a new test called
                     “DNA Fingerprinting” can
                 7. The new test takes blood or tissue samples and checks for certain
                     genes, it is 99.9% acurate

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