Letter Enclosing Proposal

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									This document is a standard form business letter that would respond to a company's
request for a proposal. This letter would accompany a contract or bid for services. It
sets forth the financial, technical and other benefits that would result from the
companies working together. This document may be customized as needed by the
company or individual using this template. This should be used by a company that
provides services or products when sending a proposal to work with another company.



Dear [NAME],

As previously discussed, enclosed is a proposal and standard form contract for starting work on [BRIEF PROJECT
DESCRIPTION]. We believe that working with us on this project will yield excellent results with great financial and
technical benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

Financial Benefits
    ■ [Result]: [description of result]
    ■ [Result]: [description of result]
    ■ [Result]: [description of result]

Technical Benefits
   ■ [Result]: [description of result]
   ■ [Result]: [description of result]
   ■ [Result]: [description of result]

Other Benefits
   ■ [Result]: [description of result]
   ■ [Result]: [description of result]
   ■ [Result]: [description of result]

[COMPANY] is a proven leader in our industry, so we are certain we can provide you with the superior
[SERVICE/PRODUCT] you expect and demand. Together, we will help your company reach its goals.

Please take a look at the enclosed contract, and don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions. We look forward to
working with you on this project.



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