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    Come celebrate Harlem for the Holidays from November 27 to January 3 with
    neighborhood events and special Sunday offers that showcase local arts,
    entertainment, shopping, dining and more. On December 6, kick off the season
    in style at the Harlem for the Holidays Bazaar in the Hip Hop Culture Center
    and discover the perfect gift for everyone on your list while enjoying great food
    and live performances. Be sure to take advantage of the free trolleys around
    Harlem* every Sunday noon–5pm to celebrate all that Harlem has to offer all
    season long.
    For more information go to
    See back for trolley routes.

                            Creole Restaurant          MoBay Uptown
    arts &                  and Music                  Restaurant                 nightlife
    entertainment           Supper Club              67 Orange Street
    Cathedral Church of              17 Dr. Martin Luther
    St. John the Divine     2167 Third Ave.            King Jr. Blvd.             2082 Frederick        212-876-8838               (W. 125th St.)             Douglass Blvd.
    1047 Amsterdam Ave.                                212-876-9300               212-662-2030
                            Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
    212-316-7490          Native                     FB Lounge
    El Museo del Barrio     646 W. 131st St.              212-694-1777               161 Malcolm X Blvd.        172 E. 106th St.
    1230 Fifth Ave.                                    (Lenox Ave.)               212-348-3929
                            Gospel Uptown
    212-831-7272                                       212-665-2525
                                                        Lenox Lounge
    Harlem Arts Alliance    2110 Seventh Ave.          Piatto D’Oro I               212-280-2110        288 Malcolm X Blvd.
    229 W. 135th St.                                   349 E. 109th St.           (Lenox Ave.)
                            Gran Piatto d’Oro
    347-735-4280                                       212-828-2929               212-427-0253
    The Harlem Stage        1429 Fifth Ave.            Piatto D’Oro II            Moca Lounge         212-722-2244     
    150 Convent Ave.                                   1 E. 118th St.             2210 Frederick
                            Havana Central
    212-281-9240                                       212-722-7220               Douglass Blvd.
                            at The West End
                            Questan’s Seafood          212-665-8081
    The Maysles
    Institute               2911 Broadway              Restaurant                 Nectar Wine Bar    212-662-8830               2113 Frederick   
    343 Malcolm X Blvd.                                Douglass Blvd.             2235 Frederick
                            La Fonda Boricua
    (Lenox Ave.)                                       212-300-4399               Douglass Blvd.
    212-582-6050            169 E. 106th St.           Settepani Café             212-961-9622
    Museum of the           212-410-7292     
    City of New York        Lee Lee’s
                                                       196 Malcolm X Blvd.        salon/spa/
                                                                                  212-961-9622                Baked Goods
                                                       (Lenox Ave.)               fitness
    1220 Fifth Ave.                                    917-492-4806
                            283 W. 118th St.                                      BBraxton:
    212-534-1672            917-493-6633               Society Coffee             Exceptional
    The Studio                                         Grooming for
                            Make My Cake
    Museum in Harlem                                   2104 Frederick             Exceptional Men
                                                     Douglass Blvd.   
                            2380 Adam Clayton
    144 Dr. Martin Luther                              212-222-3323               1400 Fifth Ave.
                            Powell Jr. Blvd.
    King Jr. Blvd.          (Seventh Ave.)             Sylvia’s Restaurant        212-369-3094
    (W. 125th St.)          212-234-2344     
    212-864-4500                                                                  Bikram Yoga East
                                                       328 Malcolm X Blvd.        Harlem
                            Mischelle’s Catering
                                                       (Lenox Ave.)               bikramyoga
                            and Soul Food Bistro
                            2234 Adam Clayton          Tonnie’s Minis             4 E. 116th St.
    Atomic Wings
                            Powell Jr. Blvd.            2nd and 3rd flrs.
                            (Seventh Ave.)             264 Malcolm X Blvd.        212-369-1830
    2090 Frederick
    Douglass Blvd.          212-690-0221               (Lenox Ave.)               The Little Gym
    212-222-8850                                       212-831-5292               of Harlem (kids)
                            Miss Mamie’s
                            Spoonbread Too             Zoma             
    Chez Lucienne
                                  258 St. Nicholas Ave.
                            366 W. 110th St.           2084 Frederick             646-684-4262
    308 Malcolm X Blvd.
    (Lenox Ave.)            212-865-6744               Douglass Blvd.
    212-289-5555                                       212-662-0620
                                   Harlem                                Posh Paws
shopping                           Underground                           of Manhattan
Al Johnson Art, Inc.                      2121 Frederick             20 Dr. Martin Luther                  Douglass Blvd.
461 W. 126th St.                   King Jr. Blvd.                        212-662-7674
917-340-8707                       (E. 125th St.)
                                                                         Renaissance Fine
(by appointment only)              212-987-9385
                                                                         Art Gallery
Aleathia                           Harlem Vintage              
Original Artwork                              2075 Adam Clayton
461 W. 126th St.                   2235 Frederick                        Powell Jr. Blvd.
646-345-2851                       Douglass Blvd.                        (Seventh Ave.)
(by appointment only)              212-866-9463                          212-866-1660
Alexander Doll                     Harlem’s Heaven                       Sophisticated Funk
Company                            Boutique                              461 W. 126th St.                           917-767-9393
615 W. 131st St., 6th fl.          2538 Adam Clayton                     (by appointment only)
212-283-5900                       Powell Jr. Blvd.
                                                                         The Winery
                                   (Seventh Ave.)
B. Oyama                                                       
                                   212-491-7706                                                             2166 Frederick
2330 Seventh Ave.                  Hats By Bunn                          Douglass Blvd.
212-234-5128                                     212-222-4866
                                   2283 Seventh Ave.
The Brownstone                                                           Yara African Fabrics
thebrownstone                      Hue-Man                               1945 Madison Ave.                          Bookstore & Café                      646-925-2977
24 E. 125th St.          
                                   2319 Frederick
                                   Douglass Blvd.
Canvas Paper and                   212-665-7400                          A Taste of
Stone Gallery                                                            Harlem Food &
canvaspaperand                     Katrina Parris
                                                                         Cultural Tours                          Flowers
2611 Frederick           
Douglass Blvd.                     191 Malcolm X Blvd.
Studio 2N                          (Lenox Ave.)                          Big Apple Jazz Tours
212-694-1747                       212-222-7030                
Carol’s Daughter                   Malcolm Shabazz                 Harlem Market
                                                                         Equator3 Tours
24 Dr. Martin Luther     
King Jr. Blvd.                     52 W. 116th St.
(W. 125th St.)                     212-987-8131
212-828-6757                                                             Harlem
                                   MODSquad Cycles
                                                                         Heritage Tours
Grandma’s Place          
grandmasplace                      2119 Frederick
                                                                         212-280-7888                       Douglass Blvd.
84 W. 120th St.                    212-865-5050                          Harlem
212-360-6776                                                             Hip-Hop Tours
H&M Art Gallery                    Boutique
of Harlem                                      iammontgomery                         Harlem Spirituals
17 Dr. Martin Luther               2312 Seventh Ave.           
King Jr. Blvd.                     212-690-2166                          212-391-0900
(E. 125th St.)                     N Harlem New York                     Harlem, Your
212-831-9176                                 Way! Tours
Harlem Flo                         171 Malcolm X Blvd.                   harlemyour
Floral Atelier                     (Lenox Ave.)                                      212-961-1036                          212-690-1687
2292 Frederick                     Pollen Nation Events                  Hush Hip Hop Tours
Douglass Blvd.                     & Floral                    
212-316-3031                                   212-714-3527
                                   11 E. 125th St.

Brought to you by:

Special thanks for support: Harlem Arts Alliance, Harlem Park to Park,
Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, 125th Street Bid
harlem for the holidays
free shuttle
Free trolleys can be picked up at any of the listed stop locations.

Shuttle departs noon–5pm every Sunday until January 3, 2010 (trolleys
will run every 10–15 minutes; times are approximate and subject to
traffic, weather and any other conditions beyond Gray Line’s control).

shuttle schedule
Westbound route stops                             Eastbound route stops
1. Studio Museum, 125th St. bet. Adam
  Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd./Seventh Ave.           1. 115th St. and Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave.
  & Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave.

                                                  2. 110th St. and Central Park North
2. 115th St. and Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave.
                                                    (intersects with Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave.)

3. 110th St. and Central Park North
                                                  3. 108th St. and Fifth Ave.
  (intersects with Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Ave.)

4. 116th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd./
                                                  4. 110th St. and Third Ave.
   Eighth Ave.

                                                  5. 115th St. bet. Lexington and Third Aves.

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