Sailing into Retirement by gegeshandong


                                                                                                Vol. XLVII No. 9
                                                                                               September 30, 2011

             Keeping Central State Hospital Employees Informed, Educated, and Motivated

                        Sailing into Retirement

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   Shining Stars

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 Faithful Service

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Open Enrollment &
Benefit Information
                                                  Honored Retirees pictured above
     Page 9           There are many seasons in wonderful musical selection to say a few words about
    Employee          life and a new season has just by GCSU Music Therapy in- their time here and Central
 Appreciation Day     begun for CSH retirees.        terns Chandler Moore, Tris- State Hospital.
                                                     tam Grimes, and Scott Polito.
     Page 10          That was the theme at the                                    Although the guests were
EAD T-Shirt Order     Central State Hospital Quar- Guest speaker, Richard from different areas of the
     Form             terly Retirement Luncheon, Joslyn, of the GCSU Natural hospital, their stories of
                      sponsored by the CSH Foun- History Musem, spoke about friendship and love for their
                      dation.                        the many programs and arti- work were the same.
     Page 12
                                                     facts at the museum and how
 Wellness Corner
                      The luncheon was held on to get involved.                    Each retiree was presented
                      Wednesday September 14,                                      with a certificate of gratitude
     Page 13          2011 in the CSH Fellowship The retirees’ supervisors and a commemorative statue.
   Fall Service       Hall.                          spoke about all of the mag-
                                                     nificent works that they had Congratulations to all of the
     Page 14          The honored retirees were done in their time at Central retirees and enjoy your retire-
    Sales Spot        treated to a delicious lunch State Hospital. Then the re- ment.
                      provided by BEPFS and a tirees themselves were able
T h e Bu l le t i n                                     S e p te m b e r 3 0 , 2 0 1 1                                      p a ge 2

                  THANK YOU                                                     PLEASE REMEMBER
                                                                               Safety/Environmental Health-Housekeeping Serv-
       During his passing maybe you sent a card, gave flowers,                 ices would like for you to keep the following em-
     cooked food, gave us a meaningful phone call, or just said a                 ployees in your thoughts and prayers as they
    silent prayer for our family; whatever you did was and will al-            recuperate from their hospitalization/surgery/sick-
    ways be greatly appreciated. We the family of Mr. Sammie L.                 ness: Ms. Lillie Jordan, Housekeeping Director,
      Justice wanted to let you all have our sincere “Thank You”.               Mr. Clinton Simmons, Housekeeper-Cook; Ms.
                                                                               Mary Pinkston, Housekeeper-Cook and Ms. Linda
                             Blessings to All,                                          Hill, Housekeeper-Boone-CNC.
                      submitted by The Justice Family
                                                                              We miss each employee very much and wish them

                                                                                a speedy recovery. We would also like to send
                                                                               love, hugs and our most sincere-heartfelt condo-

        Health Birthdays
                                                                              lences to Ms. Sonya Barnes, Housekeeper-Central,
                                                                               due to the recent loss of her beloved Mother, Ms.
                                                                                             Annie Ruth Holloway.

      Happy Birthday to all the following Safety-Environmental
      Health employees who recently celebrated their birthdays:
                                                                                Plant Operations
  August Birthdays: Ralph Goddard, Jr., Sharon N. Holsey, Diane
  Jackson, Prentavious L. Jones, Travis L. Pounds, Victor Tucker,
  Pamela S. Veal, Randall Williams and Kenneth Youngblood, Jr.

  September Birthdays: Rodney G. Archebelle, Denecal D. Beal,                      Kelvin Sanders
   Nequanna M. Grant, Carol C. Harper, Johnny Harris, Jr., Jean-
  ice Ingram, Johnnie Mae Jackson, Christopher M. Jordan, Mary
   Ann Pearson, Durward N. Radice, Inez Sanford, Chad S. Shin-

                                     Have an Announcement?
                  holster and Josh B. Steele, Jr.

                           Send it to: or Kari Brown, Powell Building

                      G o ne b u t no t F o rg o t t e n
     Let’s take a moment to remember members of the Central State Hospital family that are no longer with us.

        H a ze l G r a n ad e                                      R ub y H a v i o r
       M a rt h a F o u n t ai n
T h e Bu l le t i n                                       Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                p a ge 3

                               FREE                                                      Attention:
                                                                                         Wellness Center
 Flu Shots will be available to all CSH                                                   Members:
  Employees and Retirees beginning:
                                                                                        We will be conducting system
        Monday, October 3, 2011.                                                        maintenance on the Wellness Cen-
                                                                                        ter computer database over the next
                                                                                        few months.
       Flu shots will be available in Occupational Health
                                                                                        All members MUST stop by the
       (Yarb. 1st Floor) during our regular business hours,                             O.H.I.S. Office (Yarb. 1st Floor)
                Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM                                            between August 1, 2011 and Octo-
               (closed 12 PM – 1 PM for lunch).                                         ber 31, 2011 to update their mem-
                                                                                        bership information.
 We will also be out and about on campus on various days during
                                                                                        This includes current employees
 the month of October. Be on the look out for flyers in your work                       and retirees. When you stop by
                 area for specific dates and times.                                     you must have your Wellness Cen-
                                                                                        ter Access Card and a picture ID.
            If you have any questions about flu shots, please contact the
                                                                                        Current employees must show their
                      Occupational Health Office at 445-4038.                           CSH Employee ID and Retirees
                                                                                        must bring a valid picture ID. All
   As an added bonus this year, all employees that receive                              members will be required to fill out
                                                                                        updated membership forms.
     their flu shot during the month of October will be
         entered into a drawing for a Gift Basket!!!                                    The O.H.I.S. Office is open Mon-
                                                                                        day - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM
 Get your vaccine soon so you can get your name in the hat for the                      (closed 12 - 1 for lunch).
  prize drawing. Only employees that are vaccinated during the                          Members can stop by during
      month of October will be eligible for the first drawing.                          O.H.I.S. Business Hours to update
                (Additional drawings may follow details to be announced.)               and verify information.

                                                                                        If you are a current member and
                                                                                        have questions about the system
                                                                                        maintenance, please contact us at

                                                                                        Any member that does not report
                                                                                        by the deadline (October 31st) to
                                                                                        update and verify their information
                                                                                        will be removed from the access
T h e Bu l le t i n                                    Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                    p a ge 4

Saftey/Environmental Services Promotion
                                  Submitted by: Vickie Wheeler, Safety/Environmental Services
Congratulations to Mr. K. C. Williams    GA War Veterans Home and Geor-
on his recent promotion to Housekeep-    gia Pacific. He was born and
ing Team Leader. Mr. Williams will be    raised in Hancock County and
working in Forensic Services under the   graduated from Hancock Central
direction of Ms. Debra Rouse, House-     High School. After graduating, he
keeping Manager. He previously           moved to New Jersey for a short
worked in the Craig Center under the     period of time, and then, relocated
supervision of Ms. Geraldine Adside,     to Atlanta before settling back
Housekeeping Manager and Ms. Jurley      home.
Russell, Housekeeping Team Leader.
                                         Ms. Williams has an adventure-
Mr. Williams is very excited about his   some backbone which is demon-
new role and looks forward to all the    strated in his love for the following
new challenges as a Team Leader. He      sports: horseback riding, drag rac-
is described by his supervisor and co-   ing, 4-wheeler riding, fishing,
workers as being very amicable, good-    hunting. He is an avid outdoors-
hearted, kind, and dependable and gets   man, loves wildlife, and spending
along well with co-workers and his su-   time with his family participating
pervisory staff.                         in outside activities.                          mental Health family wishes you well
                                                                                         and much success in your new capacity
Mr. Williams previously held jobs with Mr. Williams, your Safety-Environ-                as a Housekeeping Team Leader.

                                Shining Stars
                            Let’s take a moment to recognize these
                                 Outstanding CSH employees:
              DDS                     Forensics                           Len Toulson                     Felicia Moss
                                                                         Marcus Finney                  Jacquelyn Smith
        Adolphus Justice             Julia Okonkwo
                                                                         Mark Simpson                    Laquidra Moss
        Barbara Thomas               Chandra Wells
                                                                         Patrick Smith                  Larryssa Kitchens
       Brenda Cleveland              Charles Teemer
                                                                                                          Leslie Marcus
         Calvin Phelps                Gary Johnson
          Carolyn Hill               Marliz Tolentino                  Safety/                          Shorne Robinson
                                                                                                         Tyeisha Cannon
         Cynthia Lewis                Rhonda Green                  Environmental
         Darlene Moore              Towanda Jackson,
          Glenn Abbey                                                  Health                                OIT
         Laura Russell             Central Care                          Eddie Lowe                       Susan Tedders
        Michael Screws                                                 Mary Ann Pearson
                                       Joy Bailey
         Nechelle Jones
                                      Niquata Hurt                                                      Materials
         Peggy O’Neal
                                    Shandrece Parham              Financial Services                   Management
       Robert Ann Spikes                                                  Deane Bass
           Ron Huff                                                                                     Carlton Freeman
                                Plant Operations                         Tamiko Horne
       Sermetrice Havior                                                                                 Melvin Ross
        Sharon Laughlin             Chadwick Wilson                                                    Michael Hightower
        Shurling Barnes              Joe Summerour                      ISPE/HIM                           Ted Nease
          Tyisha Davis               Julia Armstrong                      Clarice Todd
                                     Larry Etheridge
T h e Bu l le t i n                                    S e p t e m be r 3 0 , 2 0 11                                             p a ge 5

             Congratulations Sergeants:
          Rubbin Powell & Franklin Rhodes

                       On September 16, 2011, two CSH Police Officers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
                      Congratulations to Sgt. Rubbin Powell and Sgt. Franklin Rhodes for your accomplishments.
                         Pictured above Sgt. Powell (left) and Sgt. Rhodes (right) receive their Sergeant bars.

  Happy Birthday &                                                               Happy Birth Day
    Anniversary                                                                  Ms. Elnora Brown
                                                                             Submitted by: Vickie Wheeler, Safety/Environmental Health
                                                                        On August 5, 2011, Ms. El-
                                                                        nora Brown, Laundry Direc-
                                                                        tor, was surprised with a
                                                                        birthday luncheon bright-
                                                                        ened by the colors of sum-
                                                                        mer,     which    included
                                                                        beautiful sky-blue flower
                                                                        arrangements and the calm-
                                                                        ing effect of sand and

                                                                        She enjoyed a delicious
                                                                                                          Health Administrative chefs.
                                                                        meal of grilled chicken
                                                                        wings, ribs, sausage, red
                                                                                                          The room was filled with
Mr. Michael Brown (above left) celebrated his 51st birth-               hots with side orders of
                                                                                                          laughter and smiles as her
day on September 19, 2011.                                              baked beans, cole slaw,
                                                                                                          co-workers managed to pull
                                                                        tossed salad, corn-on-the-
                                                                                                          off the coupe-of-the-day by
Mr. Brown also celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary                  cob, fresh lemonade and
                                                                                                          actually surprising her.
to Ms. Hazel Brown on September 15, 2011.                               lemon cupcakes.
                                                                                                          Happy Birthday Ms. Elnora,
Congratulations to Mr. Michael Brown for celebrating                    All items were prepared by
                                                                                                          and we wish you many,
two milestones in his life.                                             her Safety-Environmental
                                                                                                          many more!
   CSH Faithful Service Ceremony
T h e Bu l le t i n                                 Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                               pag e 6

Central State Hospital honored 63 employees who have         Connie R Huff, Josephine Hunt, Emlyn L. Ingram, Wytina
contributed more than 20 years of service, during the an-    Jackson, Daphne H Johnson, Sarah Jones, Sharon J Lati-
nual Faithful Service Ceremony on Wednesday August 31,       more, Eugene Lewis, Roland E McMullen, Karen P Parker,
2011 at 2:00 p.m. in the Chapel of All Faiths.               Cordelia O Poe, Kim C Purvis, Maxine A Reaves, Dorothy
                                                             Jane Reese, Linda Roberson, Shorne Yvette Robinson,
The ceremony, sponsored by the Central State Hospital Debra A Seals, Angela J Smith, Jacob W Tharpe Jr, Clarice
Foundation, celebrated and honored employees with 20, 25, Laverne Todd, Janice Lynell Watkins, Evita J Willis,
30, and 34 years of service to the hospital and the state of
Georgia. This year’s ceremony featured musical entertain- 30 Years of Service: Clara D Ford, Larry Foston, Betty J
ment by CSH music therapy interns Chandler Moore, Tris- Gardner, Darrel Steve Jones, Becky R. Lawrence, Ann
tan Grimes, and Scott Polito and remarks from special guest S.McKinley, Scott D Monroe, Earl D Ray III, Claud Robert-
speaker, Rhian Sharp, Director of Human Resources, for son, Delois Anita Warren, Ruby J Youngblood,
the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental
Disabilities.                                                34 plus Years of Service: Maggie Brisco, Mary Lou Hauser,
                                                             Deborah Green Eason, Ross D. Cooper
Employees that were honored:
                                                             Hospital RHA Dr. Larry Latham presented each employee
20 years of Service: Diane Glenn, Minnie D Hall, Joanette with a certificate of gratitude and employees with 25 years
Harden, Eddie L Hartry, Bryant Lamar Hitchcock, Linda of service or more also received a special lapel pin.
Gail Jones, Barbara A Lewis, Pamela Marie McClin, Julie
V.Sanders, Linda D Sanders, Brenda Sue Waller,               After the ceremony, employees were invited downstairs to
                                                             the Fellowship Hall for refreshments and fellowship.
25 Years of Service: Sarah Frances Adams, Brenda J Allen,
Elaine Bell, Brenda M Boddie, Glenda K Brown, Pearline Thank all of you invaluable employees. We could not be
Chatman, Belinda Christensen, Margaret L. Daniel, Vivian such a great facility without you.
Diann Dennis, Carlton Freeman, Michael D Hightower,
T h e Bu l le t i n                           Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                          pag e 7

          Important GaBreeze
    2012 Annual Enrollment Reminder        Submitted by: Jeri Ford, Human Resources

In preparation of the upcoming 2012 Annual Enrollment
period for flexible benefits, please ensure that you can log
in to the GaBreeze website at If
you experience difficulty accessing your account or prob-
lems with your User ID or password, you may need to
have them reset.

Forgot Your User ID or Password?
Click on the appropriate links on the Login page – either
“I Forgot My User ID” or “I Forgot My Password”. You
will then be asked personal identifying information, which
is your SSN and Birth Date. Once you enter this informa-
tion, then you will be asked a few of the security questions
which you entered when you first registered on the                                                         Update
GaBreeze website.                                                                                             Your
If you previously entered an email address on the                         Open                                and
GaBreeze website, you will receive a new temporary pass-                                                   Password
word sent via email usually within 15 minutes. If there is
                                                                       Enrollment:                             for
no email address on file, the password reset will be sent               October 11-                        Enrollment
through regular mail to your home address.                             November 10

Need Help?                                                      Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
If you need help accessing your account, you can call the       You’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, last four

   CSH Benefits Fair:
GaBreeze Benefits Center toll-free at 1-877-3GBreez (1-         digits of your Social Security Number and your ZIP code
877-342-7339). Representatives are available to assist you      to access your Flexible Benefits information.

       October 24, 2011
     10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
        CSH Auditorium
          Open Enrollment
T h e Bu l le t i n                                         Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                          p a ge 8

       October 11-November 10
                       Plan Information and Changes
Annual Open Enrollment Pe-         · All employees will experience     New Wellness HRA, HMO and           fax form will be available to
riod for the 2012 Plan Year will   an increase in premiums.            HDHP Options. These new             download on January 1, 2012
begin on Tuesday, October 11                                           plans will help members and         at If the
and end on Thursday, Novem-        · A Spousal Surcharge Audit         their spouses (if covered) to be-   SHBP member or spouse does
ber 10, 2011.                      will be required for members        come more actively engaged in       not complete the health screen-
                                   who cover their spouse but are      developing healthy behaviors        ing or obtain the biometric
This year, we are happy to an-     not paying the Spousal Sur-         as a way of life. Under these       screening by this date, the
nounce that employees will go      charge. Documentation and/or        plans, the member will com-         SHBP member and spouse will
to to ob-        an affidavit from the spouse’s      plete a Wellness Promise to:        not be able to enroll in the
tain plan information found in     employer verifying the spouse                                           Wellness options the following
the Active Decision Guide, an-     is not eligible for health insur-   · Complete an online health as-     Plan Year.
swer any surcharge questions       ance will be required to be sub-    sessment through CIGNA or
and make their health plan         mitted to SHBP.                     United Healthcare (UHC)             New Standard HRA, HMO and
election. Employees will also                                                                              HDHP Options. Covered serv-
be able to go to this site after   · SHBP will cover certain pre-      · Obtain an annual biometric        ices under these plans are the
Open Enrollment closes to          scription tobacco cessation         screening that includes Body        same as under the Wellness
view the election they made for    medications. To find out how        Mass Index, Blood Pressure,         Plans.
the 2012 Plan Year. There are      to qualify, employees should        Blood Glucose and Cholesterol
new Plan Options, including        contact CIGNA or United             during each year of enrollment       Under these plans, members
options specific to wellness,      HealthCare for specific details.    in the Wellness options.            do not have to make a Wellness
which will be offered, so please                                                                           Promise or obtain and submit
read this memo carefully.          · Active employees will have        · The SHBP member will make         biometrics to SHBP.
                                   until December 31, 2011 to no-      this promise for himself/herself
Like other states, we in Geor-     tify SHBP of any error made         (and on behalf of a spouse if       ·Members who elect not to
gia face a number of fiscal and    when making their health elec-      covered) during the election for    make the Wellness Promise
regulatory challenges that have    tion for the 2012 Plan Year.        the 2012 Plan Year. In return       will pay higher premiums and
had an impact on our State                                             for the Promise, the member         higher out-of-pocket expenses
Health Benefit Plan. We are        · Bariatric (weight loss) surgery   will pay lower premiums and         through co-payments, coinsur-
committed to finding innova-       will no longer be covered           have lower out-of-pocket costs      ance, deductibles and out-of
tive solutions to address these                                        through co-payments, coinsur-       pocket maximums.
challenges in a way that keeps     · HRA prescription drug cover-      ance, deductible and out-of-
premiums down, preserves the       age will change to a 3-tier         pocket maximums.                    These new plans mean that
fiscal integrity of the plan for   structure with a minimum and                                            members will have 6 options to
the future, promotes the health    maximum           co-insurance      · Employees may take the on-        choose from under CIGNA and
and wellness of our members        amount. Also you may pur-           line Health Assessment be-          UnitedHealthcare: Wellness
and offers SHBP members a          chase your prescription drugs       tween January 1 and June 30,        HRA, HMO, HDHP Options
choice. You will see that this     by paying the minimum or            2012 and receive their biomet-      and Standard HRA, HMO and
year we have made a number         maximum amount even if in           rics at a SHBP-sponsored            HDHP Options. Also, covered
of changes consistent with this    the deductible phase. You may       worksite or by their in-network     employees who take no action
approach.                          still use HRA dollars to pay for    physician. The physician must       during Open Enrollment will
                                   your prescription drugs, but the    complete the “physician             ‘rollover’ to the standard op-
Some of these changes in-          coinsurance will no longer          screening form” and fax this        tion with the same vendor and
clude:                             apply to the deductible and out-    form to CIGNA or UHC by             surcharges will be applied.
                                   of-pocket maximum.                  June 30, 2012. The physician
T h e Bu l le t i n                        Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                   pag e 9

CSH Employee Appreciation Day/
   Jam Fest Announcements:
   Get your lawn chairs and picnic blankets and join us in
    the Pecan Grove for a day of fun and entertainment.

                                                        CSH Jam
                                                      Fest is looking
                                                       for Musical

                                                          will be:
                                                      October 5, 2011
          October 26, 2011                              2:00 p.m.
            Pecan Grove                                Auditorium
         11:00 am - 4:00 pm                             ** For more information please
                                                         contact Kari Brown at 4878**

       50/50 Tickets On Sale Now!
           $1 each or 6 for $5
       Win 1/2 the Money Raised!!!!!
                      See a member of Employee Recognition Tea for tickets.
T h e Bu l le t i n   Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1   p a ge 1 0
T h e Bu l le t i n                                        Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                      p a g e 11

  Evacuation Site Preparation         Submitted by: Vickie Wheeler, Safety/Environmental Services

In preparation for tropical storm Emily,
the following hard-working and dedi-
cated Safety-Environmental Health
Housekeeping employees assisted with
moving client-care beds, exam tables,
mattresses, desks and filing cabinets
from our previous evacuation site lo-
cation in the Freeman Building to the
east side of the Allen Building:

Housekeeping Manager-Brenda An-
drews; Team Leaders-Kimberly Boyer,
Paula Milner, Kimberly Boyer, K. C.
Williams and Julius Roberson; House-
keepers-Triston Brown, Patrick Ford,
Larry Foston, Annie Jackson, Johnnie
Mae Jackson, David Lee, Derek
Paschal, Betty Primas, Lula Ross, Eliz-
abeth Strange, Victor Tucker, Pamela          ees were pulled from other areas in     Health worked with Procurement in
Veal, Betty Warren, Bernice White,            order to meet the deadline. Male        casing our active phone lines and
Rhonda Wimberly, Leonard Heath,               housekeeping staff assisted with the    hookups. Plant Operations made nu-
Fredrico Roberson, Kent Bly, Patrician        hard-manual labor of moving heavy       merous repairs throughout the building
Collier, Cassy Mize, Elizabeth Peter-         furniture, and our dedicated female     and made keys for all incoming Savan-
son, Katrail Scott, Josh Steele, Nettie       housekeeping staff worked diligently    nah administrative and support staff.
Swint, Kenneth Youngblood, Dana               with the clean-up process.              Laundry Services contacted our linen
Adams, Randall Williams, Shonderrick                                                  vendor so extra linen would be pro-
Baker, Johnny Harris, Marcus Horne,           This project was a group effort cam- vided for the incoming clients.
William Pettis and Grady Clements.            pus-wide in order to facilitate and ab-
                                              sorb the movement of Savannah clients Savannah activated Stage I of their
Outsourcing the endeavor was out of           and staff, if needed. Nursing Adminis- Emergency Operations Plan, but fortu-

                               CSH Credit Union
the question, due to the urgency of the       tration provided crash carts. Sanita- nately and thankfully, tropical storm
need; therefore, housekeeping employ-         tion-Pest Control and Environmental Emily turned out to sea!

               New Auto Rates ** September 1, 2011
    36 months 2.00% * 48 months 2.10% * 60 months 2.30% > $12,000
                      72 months 3.00% > $15,000
     All loan rates may vary based on your credit history. All loan rates are stated as annual percentage rates and are subject to
                       change. Offer is based on availability of funds and may be withdrawn without notice.
T h e Bu l le t i n                                          Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                        p a g e 12

        We l l n e ss C o r n e r
     T he Worst Sweeteners in Your Kitchen
Some sweeteners aren't good         that the small amounts of fruc-     became toxic to brain cells.       Agave is also very heavily
for our bodies or the environ-      tose in fruits and vegetables are                                      processed in an extremely en-
ment, but there are a few that      balanced with minerals, vita-       Making matters worse, aspar-       ergy-intensive manner that's
actually boost vitamin and          mins, and other vital nutrients.    tame is used in many diet          similar to the way corn is con-
mineral intake while satisfying     "Our body reads it differently,"    sodas, and studies have found      verted into high-fructose corn
your sweet tooth.                   she notes.                          drinking diet soda may in-         syrup.
                                                                        crease your risk of developing
At this point, it's common          Fruits and vegetables provide a     diabetes and metabolic syn-        Bad Guy #3: Sucralose
knowledge that high-fructose        perfect sugar fix, but when         drome. Also of concern with        While sucralose, better known
corn syrup and refined sugar        you're in need of a sweetener to    aspartame, researchers have        by its brand name, Splenda,
are bad for us.                     add to iced tea, baked goods, or    found that one harmful break-      may originate with sugar, the
                                    anything else, make sure you        down product is formaldehyde.      end product is anything but
But given all the marketing         know the difference between         Sweet? We don't think so.          natural.
hype behind different "natural"     the good guys and bad guys of
alternatives, it's hard to know     the sweetener world. (Some of       Bad Guy #2: Agave                  It's processed using chlorine,
which ones really are the best      the not-so-sweet details could      While your health food store       and researchers are finding that
sweeteners.                         leave you gagging.)                 likely stocks agave sweeteners,    the artificial sweetener is pass-
                                                                        it may be best to keep them out    ing through our bodies and
Complicating matters, new           Bad Guy #1: Aspartame               of your cart.                      winding up in wastewater treat-
studies, like one just published    There's conflicting evidence re-                                       ment plants, where it can't be
in the journal Cancer Research,     garding the safety of aspar-        Many agave nectars consist of      broken down.
are finding that fructose, a        tame, a common chemical             70 to 80 percent fructose—
sugar found in high-fructose        sweetener used in diet soda and     that's more than what's found in   Tests in Norway and Sweden
corn syrup, agave, honey, and,      other low-cal or low-sugar          high-fructose corn syrup!          found sucralose in surface
in small amounts, even in fruit,    goods, but some people report                                          water released down stream
actually feeds some cancers.        headaches or generally feeling       If you don't want to give up      from treatment discharge sites.
                                    unwell after ingesting anything     agave, look for types that con-    Scientists worry it could
But don't give up apples and        containing the chemical.            tain no more than 30 to 40 per-    change organisms' feeding
oranges, or even honey, based                                           cent fructose, recommends          habits and interfere with pho-
on a single study. "Natural sug-    To make life easier for every-      Christine Gerbstadt, MD, PhD,      tosynthesis, putting the entire
ars found in fruits and vegeta-     one, this is one instance where     RD, spokeswoman for the            food chain at risk.
bles—things like berries, green     you may want to follow the          American Dietetic Association.
apples, grapefruit, kiwi—are        "better      safe
needed to feed beneficial mi-       than      sorry"
croflora in the gut for a healthy   principle.
immune system," explains
Donna Gates, who led the            That's because
movement to bring stevia, a         a University of
natural sweetener, into this        Liverpool test-
country more than a decade          tube       study
ago.                                found        that
                                    when      mixed
"That's why nature put a little     with a common
bit of sugar in fruits and veg-     food color in-
etables. It keeps the ecosystem     gredient, aspar-
alive in us," she says, adding      tame actually
T h e Bu l le t i n                                           Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                 p a ge 1 3

Safety-Environmental Health
Faithful Service Recognition
Submitted by: Vickie Wheeler, Safety/Environmental Services

Mr. Larry Foston, Housekeeper-Cen-            pletes his work assignments in
tral, is being recognized for his thirty      a timely manner and exhibits a
years of dedicated service to Central         friendly and pleasant de-
State Hospital with the majority of his       meanor.
tenure being spent under the Safety-
Environmental Health umbrella as a            Mr. Foston enjoys a good golf
housekeeper. He presently works under         or tennis game. He has a fond-
the guidance and supervision of Ms.           ness for fishing, grilling and
Brenda Andrews, Housekeeping Man-             cooking and hopes one day to
ager-Central.                                 go into business for himself.

He is very dedicated to his position and      Safety-Environmental Health
always reports to work ready for a pro-       is very fortunate to have an
ductive and fulfilling work day. Mr.          employee of Mr. Foston’s cal-
Foston is described by his supervisor         iber and dedication. Mr. Fos-      family appreciates and thanks you for
and peers as being very dependable, re-       ton, please keep up the good work. your 30 years of service to our depart-
liable and flexible. He always com-           Your Safety-Environmental Health ment and Central State Hospital.

                      CSH Fall Service

CSH Staff Choir begining the program with Amazing Grace                Willie Davis got the crowd moving while singing Lean on Me

Central State Hospital clients and staff were able to enjoy             formances from the CSH Staff Choir, Chandler Moore,
some wonderful performances at the Fall Musical Cele-                   Jimmy Helms, Willie Davis, Tristan Grimes, Scott Polito,
bration and remembrance of September 11th.                              and the Men’s Ensemble, as well as readings to honor the
                                                                        10th Anniversary of September 11th.
The celebration was held in the Chapel of All Faiths at
10:00 am on Thursday September 13, 2011.                                The performers did an excellent job and the audience had
                                                                        a wonderful time.
The audience was able to enjoy several exceptional per-
T h e Bu l le t i n                                Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                   p a ge 1 4

                                Sales Spot
FOR SALE 16.5 CUBIC FOOT                Pioneer 760 watts amplifier and 2        478-453-0855.
KENMORE UPRIGHT FREEZER                 (two) Sony XPLOD 12 speakers.
$250                                    Sony 36 inch TV with flat front          FOR SALE: Nice living room sofa
                                        screen. Best offer on each item.         and chair. $140. For more informa-
FULL-SIZED, FREE-STANDING,              Call (478) 452-8054 (please leave        tion please call 478-453-0855.
PORTABLE BASKETBALL GOAL                message if no answer).
HEIGHT IS ADJUSTABLE $50.                                                        FOR SALE: Tool Box Chrome 13"
For more information call 478-456-      FOR SALE: 100th Anniversary              wide fits full size truck, like new.
8144                                    2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA-V-            paid $140 will take $100.
                                        Rod with 13,800 reliable miles. An-
FOR SALE: 2007 Honda 4-                 odized aluminum & Chrome,1130cc          Also Chrome 20" wide Tool Box
Wheeler, like new. Only ridden 3        V twin, 2 cycle, 4 stroke, Fuel in-      will fit Madza or Ford Ranger truck.
times. Asking $1700 but will take       jected, liquid cooled, triple disc       Paid $250 will take $150
$1500. For more information call        brakes, Screaming Eagle Exhaust
478-414-8157.                           pipes. Has almost every chrome ac-       Kenwood truck or auto radio paid
                                        cessory made for it. Has removable       $150 will take $100
FOR SALE: Wurlitzer Piano. $500.        windshield. Upgraded seat with back
For more information call 478-234-      rest, Keyless security system, 180       For more information call 478-452-
1021.                                   back tire, light weight 628lbs, well     3155 or 478-451-7038.
                                        balanced. Lots of getup and gone…
For Sale: 1979 Chevy Silverado.         all maintenance up to date, Garage       FOR SALE: A three piece den set.
$1200. Runs good and has 350            kept & Babied $ 8,950.00 Call            Blue and Brown plaid and GE stove.
motor with less than 10,000 miles.      Terri @ 478-457-0085 or 478-363-         For more information call 478-295-
Needs new windshield. For more in-      7039 or email for Pictures.Ter-          0972. Call preferably in the morn-
formation call 478-234-5430.                       ings. Serious inquiries only.

FOR SALE: 2000 Ford F250                                                         FOR SALE: 2005 Honda 250 EX
Diesel. 116,376 miles. 7.3 engine, 6    FOR SALE: 28" cut Snapper Rid-           Sport Trax 4 wheeler $1200.00 OBO
speed. Liftgate, am/fm radio bed-       ing mower with a 10 HP Briggs and        For more information call 478-451-
liner, and new tires. It runs great.    Stratton motor in good condition         9870 .
$9500 or best offer - need to sell      $300.00                                    All ads must be submitted in writing,
quickly. For more information call                                                with the name and phone numbers (no
478-457-6951 or 478-968-0800. Can       Navy blue pillow back sofa hide-a         work numbers) of the employee adver-
be seen at 151 Simmons Lane,            bed in good condition - $100.00.                    tising the item(s).
                                        27" Color TV in fair condition                       Send E-mail to
FOR SALE: Good movies and CDs           $25.00.                             
for more details call 478 454 - 4175                                             or send to Kari Brown, Powell Building.
or 478 414 - 8035; if no answer         For more information please call          The Sales Spot is a free service to CSH
leave message.                          478-456-1751                             employees and retirees to advertise per-
                                                                                 sonal items and is subject to space avail-
FOR SALE: Like new items:               FOR SALE: “As Seen on T.V.”                ability as well as editorial discretion.
Cherry (real wood) three-piece en-      Back to Life exercise machine. Like
                                                                                     Please do not submit goods or
tertainment unit; end pieces have       new. Regularly $200 asking $50.                  services that pertain to
glass doors; center section holds TV.   For more information please call                  an outside business.
T h e Bu l le t i n                                     Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                             p a ge 1 5

         September is                                                                                      THE BULLETIN
                                                                                                           P u b l i s hed Once A Month
                                                                                                              F o r CSH Employees

    Cancer Prevention Month                                                                                           And Retirees

                                                                                                               THE BULLETIN
                                                                                                                is also available
Diet and Cancer Prevention                         Limit Intake of Red Meats and Processed                    on the CSH website:
Eating well can lower your chance of devel-        Meats                                        
                                                                                                           located under “Resources”
oping cancer. In fact, nutrition guidelines for    Red meat is an excellent source of protein
cancer prevention are similar to those for         plus several vitamins and minerals. But eat-          CENTRAL STATE HOSPITAL
preventing other diseases like heart disease       ing too much red meat may increase cancer                    620 Broad Street
                                                                                                          Milledgeville, Georgia 31062
and diabetes. Here are some general guide-         risk, especially for certain types. Eat fish,
                                                                                                            Phone: (478) 445-4128
lines to help reduce your cancer risk with         poultry and beans more often. When you do
diet:                                              eat meat, choose lean cuts and limit your in-
                                                   take to no more than 18 ounces (cooked                    Larry Latham, Ph.D.
                                                                                                          Regional Hospital Administrator
Keep a Healthy Weight                              weight) of red meat like beef, pork, lamb per
Be as lean as possible without becoming un-        week. Studies show this amount does not                  Theresa Courtney, M.D.
derweight. Being overweight or obese is re-        raise cancer risk. Downsize your meat por-                    Clinical Director

lated to as many as one in five cancer-related     tions and flavorfully fill your plate with                     Terry McGee
deaths. (See Your Health and Your Weight).         beans, grains and vegetables.                             Chief Operations Officer
Exactly how weight affects cancer risk is un-
clear. Weight is most closely connected with       Limit Alcohol                                            Printed by
cancers of the breast in postmenopausal            Evidence suggests all types of alcoholic             Impression Design
women, colon, endometrium, kidney and              drinks may increase your risk of a number of
esophagus. A connection also exists with           cancers, including cancer of the mouth, phar- Prepared for mailing by
cancers of the pancreas, gallbladder, thyroid,     ynx, larynx, esophagus, breast and colon. It’s New Directions Industries
ovary and cervix.                                  unclear exactly how alcohol affects cancer
                                                   risk. It is considered more harmful when
Limit Calorie-Dense, Nutrient-Deficient            combined with smoking. If consumed at all, The Bulletin staff welcomes items
Foods                                              limit alcoholic drinks to 2 to 3 drinks a day   (including articles, article ideas,
Reduce your intake of foods with added sug-        for men and 1 to 2 drinks a day for women.     ads, news items, letters, and pho-
ars and fats that provide a lot of calories but                                                           tos) submitted for publication in
few nutrients. Calories add up fast with calo-     Consume Less Salt (Sodium)                             The Bulletin. However, all items

rie-dense foods, which can lead to weight          Besides affecting blood pressure, eating too           are subject to editorial discretion

gain and leaves little room for more health-       much salt increases your risk of stomach can-           and will be printed on a “space

ful, cancer-preventive foods.                      cer. Most of the sodium in our diets comes                     available” basis.
                                                                                                            Thank you for your support.
                                                   from processed foods, rather than salt we add
Eat Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains and           as a seasoning. Read food labels to learn ex-
Legumes                                            actly how much sodium is a product. Limit              All items must be submitted
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, in-        yourself to 2,400 milligrams a day.                         I N W R I T I N G to
cluding beans, is linked with a lower risk of                                                   
lung, oral, esophageal, stomach and colon          What about Supplements?                                      Kari Brown
cancer. At this point, it’s not clear which        Whole foods are your best bet for reducing               Communications Director
components in vegetables and fruits are most       your risk of cancer, not supplements. Re-              Editor/Photographer/Designer
                                                                                                                 Powell Building
protective against cancer. So enjoy a variety      search suggests the synergy between nutri-
of whole foods naturally-rich in nutrients.        ents found naturally in foods offers a
Fill at least two-thirds of your plate with veg-   protective effect. The best sources of nutri-         NEXT BULLETIN
etables, fruits, whole grains and beans. Also,     ents for cancer prevention are nutrient-rich            DEADLINE:
eating a diet rich in these plant-based foods      whole foods and healthful beverages.                           Tuesday,
can help you stay at a healthy weight.
                                                   Referenced from the American Dietetic Association       October 18, 2011
              Mark Your Calendars
T h e Bu l le t i n                          Se p t e mb e r 3 0, 2 01 1                                  p a g e 16

               Sun. Oct. 2                Mon. Oct. 10                             Tues. Oct. 11
         Cemetery Memorial
                                           Columbus Day                               Open
              2:00 p.m.
                                           Federal & State                         Enrollment
         Mary Brown Pavillion
                                              Holiday                                Begins!

            Wed. Oct. 12
                                          Mon. Oct. 24
              CSH Foundation
                                           CSH Benefits Fair
                                                                                 Wed. Oct. 26
                  Meeting                                                          CSH Employee
                12:00 noon                10:00 am -1:00 pm
                                           CSH Auditorium                         Appreciation Day!
              Fellowship Hall

             Don’t forget to send your Bulletin submissions to
                                             Kari Brown at:

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                                                      To assist individuals who have behavioral healthcare needs as
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