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									                              Calculation Central
 New York State Office of General Services is providing this calculator
 in an effort to help custodial managers calculate the real cost of
 cleaning products that get diluted, such as detergents.
 A per gallon or per pound price may look good on paper, but the actual
 cost per gallon of diluted cleaning solution (i.e. washing or mopping
 solution) is the price that determines competitiveness.
 Since product performance has a direct influence on achieving clean,
 healthy surfaces, we urge you to thoroughly test approved products in
 order to find products that will best serve your custodians.
 Health, environment, product efficacy and costs are all important
 considerations in the cleaning product selection process.

 The issue of product dilution rates should be as simple as possible.
 Some vendors may state that their products can work at a variety of
 dilution rates, including references to light, medium and heavy soils.
 Remember you are only looking for their suggested or recommended
 dilution rate for that specific product category. You certainly have the
 ability to experiment with various dilution rates within your school, but
 you are looking for the rule, not the exception, concerning the optimum
 dilution rate for a specific cleaning product category.

Custodial chemicals are sold by the case, gallon, pail, drum, etc. but there is one
measurement that underlies all packaging—the ounce. One pound of powdered or
granular detergent equates to 16 ounces, a 5-pound bottle is 80 ounces, and so on.
Liquid Container Fluid Ounces
Pint = 16 Ounces                            Fluid Ounces of Case Packaging:
Quart = 32 Ounces                           12 Pints = 192 Ounces
Gallon = 128 ounces                         12 Quarts = 384 Ounces
5-gallon Pail = 640 Ounces                  4 Gallons = 512 Ounces
30-Gallon Drum = 3,840 Ounces               6 Gallons = 768 Ounces
55-Gallon Drum = 7,040 Ounces               Non-traditional packaging:
Metric to US Fluid Ounces                   1½ Gallon = 192 ounces
Liter = 33.8 Ounces                         2½ Gallon = 320 ounces
Imperial Gallon = 153.7 Ounces              6 Gallon Pail = 768 ounces
Imperial Ounce = .96 US Ounce               Plus, there are 40, 60, 100, 150,
                                                     200, 300 ounce bottles

Bottom Line: Whatever the container size, it all comes down to ounces.
Most important is to run your own test to determine the best dilution rate...
Product label or sales directions are just suggestive, but your experience is factual.

                         Two Quick Conversions                       Enter Below    Ounces
                                             Liters to Ounces:
                                   Imperial Gallon to Ounces:
                           Only enter numerical amounts (e.g. 65.35 or 3.00)

                                                 Enter vendor quoted price:
          Enter the total number of ounces you will be getting for that price:
                  Enter the ounce(s) of product added to a gallon of water:
   For less than an ounce per gallon... ¼,½, or ¾ , enter . 25, . 5, or . 75…..

Your washing or mopping solution will cost you :

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