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					NEWS & INFORMATION 2006/2007
                                 Club Captain’s Report
One of the main highlights of the last twelve months has been our success in the Girls under
18 National Junior Tennis Club League. It was great to see Rachel Phillips, Libby Johnston,
Jasmine Judkins, Grace McGeehan and Charlotte Pearce reach the later stages of the event
and only just lose to West Hants Club 4-2. A lot of hard work has gone into the team, not only
from the players, but from the parents who have been very supportive and helpful driving
them from place to place and then supporting through the ups and downs of the matches.
Special mention must go to Marc and Shaun for all their hard work and it is great to see our
Club back on the National map once again.

We have had a very busy year at the Club and we have had excellent support and participation
in the squash, racketball and tennis club events. A big thank must go to all those who have
helped to organise and play in these events and make them so enjoyable.

The International Tennis Tournament had a very sunny week and my thanks go to all those
volunteers who helped to make it a fantastic event for players and spectators. We even hear
that our drivers were hired for the Davis Cup this year because Trevor and his team were so
good during the Surbiton week, so well done and we hope you will be all available next year
to help us once again.

We are introducing a new system at the Club which we hope will offer Members a more
professional service. We will also be able to make sure the booking rules are adhered to
(information enclosed); visitors and correct court fees are paid and reduce labour costs in
administering and on the phone. The new booking system will be introduced at the end of
October and you will be able to book squash, tennis indoor and outdoor (Inc floodlights) on
line, at the Club or over the telephone. Members’ personal information will also be available
and we ask you all to fill out the enclosed form which will enable us to make available the
information you want Members to see and access, keep you updated with the any new
information by post, email or by leaving it at the Club for you to pick up. We are sure you
will all benefit from the new system and understand that it will take a while for everyone to
get used to using the new system.

With the addition of this system, comes the swipe card membership, which will allow
members to pay by their membership card if they wish or use conventional cash or card as
before. You will be able to credit your account at the Club or sign up to a direct debit facility
so that you will be invoiced monthly for any club expense. This system will allow Members
more flexibility and we are sure once we all get used to it, that it will provide us all with a
better level of service.

We have had a very great year at the Club and I thank Roy and his staff for their hard work,
all the Committees and all the volunteers who have helped at the Club whether running a tea,
an event or by supporting the Club in another way – thank you to you all!
Martyn Fisher
Club Captain

                                      Tennis Report
I am pleased to report a year of success and progress in a number of areas and it is hard to
know just where to start.

A full winter season of indoor tennis has helped the junior programme continue to expand,
with 400 pupils who attend courses, due to hard work by Marc Codling and his coaching
team. We ran 7 junior teams in summer competitions and at the time of writing, our under 18
Girls team are still in the national competition, having now won the South East region. Matt
Cutler is our community coach working with local schools and we were honoured to have our
coaching team plus a class from Christchurch School represent Surrey at the opening of the
LTA’s new National Tennis Centre by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We have a number of
Kingston College Tennis Academy players who have joined the club and provide an injection
of extra quality into some of our teams and leagues.

I must congratulate our groundsman Lee McDonald for bringing in our grass courts on the
first Saturday in May and keeping them immaculate, aided I must admit by rather too much
rain. We are continuing to receive help from the LTA in the form of new and better

The weather was nevertheless very kind to all of our tournaments, enabling The Surbiton
Trophy to show an increase in ticket sales over the previous 2 years. Thanks must go to Roy
and his many helpers who gave up their time, especially Graham Harby, Trevor Williams,
Ray Snelgrove, Mike Bryant and Clare Baker. In conjunction with the Berrylands Community
Week, it really helps to raise the profile of the Club. We also ran a junior tournament in July,
ably run by Clare Baker, Jill Aspinall and Kevin Regan. The Club’s own finals day was a
fitting finale to the summer season, very well attended and a great day for relaxing and
watching some exciting tennis. Thom Lavis and Emma Elsom are our men’s and ladies
singles champions. Thanks to Roy, Marc Codling and Sarah Orton for running the tournament
and to Brenda Fricker for excellent teas. Finals day also enabled us to wish Shaun Malcolm
good luck in his new job at Sutton Junior Tennis Centre.

Social tennis on Saturday afternoons and summer Monday evenings is again serving to bring
us together for the fun side of tennis. Thanks to Roy, Marc Codling and Matt Cutler for
organising – these names keep recurring in this report! Thanks also to Gill Barker for
organising teas throughout the year.

We held 2 drives on the Easter and August bank holidays and the large number of players
entering tells me that there must be more drives next year. Thanks to Matt and Edna Naylor
for running them and to Sarah Orton for providing refreshments.

We have much to look forward to in the next year and one of the first improvements will be a
fully computerised booking system for indoor, floodlit and daytime hard courts. It is designed
to make the booking process easier for you as well as ensure the Club can control and receive
all payments due. We have worked hard to tune the system to our precise needs. We will still
welcome your views as you start to use the system, because it can easily be adapted further.

Finally, all of the above would not have been possible without Roy’s efforts and long hours
keeping everything running smoothly. He makes a difficult job look very easy.

Two hundred and fifty junior members is certainly an excellent way of starting the tennis
report for this year. My congratulations must go to all the coaches whether tennis or squash
for the amount of hard work that has gone into achieving this goal.

Clive Messenger
Tennis Chairman

                                     Squash Report
We have seen plenty of action on the courts during the last year. Our teams have been in
action and our ladies have seen success in both the summer and winter leagues, so well done
to the ladies. Our men’s and vets teams have been playing across the county and a big thanks
to all the captains and players who help to keep Surbiton known as a competitive and fair

In our squash tournament we saw some excellent competitive squash in all the events. We had
an excellent finals day and many congratulations go to Neil Desai and Cate Mullins for
winning the men’s and ladies singles events. My thanks go to Doug and Michael for helping
make this a very successful event.

A new event this year was our racketball tournament. We saw some great racketball played
over a couple of weeks and the finals provided us with a men’s singles champion Michael
Hennings. Well done to all the players and I look forward to another racketball event in 2008.

The squash leagues seem to be getting more popular and it is great to see some of the team
players back into the top leagues. If you are interested in entering, please challenge a player
already in the league, turn up on a Saturday evening to Club Night from 5.30pm or email Enter any challenge games on the sign up sheet by the leagues and get
regular games during the month. You can check how you are doing in the leagues on line
( by clicking the link on the squash page. We also run a racketball league
which you can check out on the same web page, so sign up and get regular games.

Michael and Doug have been working hard with our juniors this year. Coaching every
Saturday from 9.30am and on Sunday from 2.30pm. There is more information on the
enclosed information sheet.

For those wanting to play in a social fun environment, then our Saturday Club night is the one
for you to attend. Just turn up and Michael will organise your evening squash session for you
from 5.30pm. Michael is also organising a regular Sunday adult beginner/improvers club
session from 4.30pm.

The new online booking system comes into play at the end of October and I am sure you will
all see the benefit of this new initiative.

I look forward to seeing you at the Club over the next few weeks and please let me or any of
the Squash Committee know if you have any ideas/comments about the squash section.
Mike Thomas
Squash Chairman

                               Health & Fitness Report
I am sure you have been wondering what has been happening with the gym development and
why it has taken so long and what we have been up to over the past twelve months. I can
assure you that every possible route has been exhausted from funding to building. Many
months of hard work from Brian Laidler and Roy Staniland have gone into producing this
final proposal which will be presented to you all at the AGM. We have had to make sure we
were all happy with the proposal and we needed to safeguard the liability of the Club and the
members as much as possible. Now that we have achieved this, we believe you will
understand the amount of work that has gone into this project. We ask you all to support the
rule changes so that we can trade as a limited company with limited liabilities. After the
AGM, we will then circulate this information to all Members and ask Members for a postal
vote to confirm their approval of the project.

In the short term, I am sure you will all agree that the new gym equipment we are leasing is
excellent and it will allow us some time for all members to get used to it.

Lastly I would to remind members that we do provide an excellent circuit class every
Saturday from 10-11am for £4, so I hope more of you will attend this very enjoyable session.

Lastly my thanks to Tim Marsh for looking after the gym and providing Members with new
programmes and providing first class personal training sessions – why not give him a call and
get fit over the coming months.
Brett Pollard
Health & Fitness Chairman

                                 Club Director’s Report
Summer has definitely passed us by very quickly this year and it doesn’t seem long ago that
we were taking the Airhall down and now we have inflated it for another season. Bookings
have gone very well for the winter season but there are still some slots available so if you are
looking for a regular booking contact Sarah Orton at the Club.

This year has been a very active and busy year for us at the Club and I am sure the next
twelve months will be equally busy. We have refurbished squash court four, replaced the old
carpet in the clubhouse and had all the hard courts deep cleaned as well as the numerous
general maintenance jobs around the Club.

The International Tennis Tournament was a great success – we had the only dry week for
grass court events! To Graham Harby, Trevor Williams, Mike Bryant, Clare Baker and of
course Ray Snelgrove, I thank for their continued hard work and support of the event. To the
numerous volunteers, thank you to them all for playing such an important part in this event
that now gets tremendous coverage worldwide. The players, coaches and officials all agree
that this is one of the friendliest and most enjoyable events on the calendar, a truly great
compliment to us all.

One of my memorable days at the Club this year had to be the Tennis Club Finals day. Over
130 people attended the finals and players from all standards, ages and across all sections of
the Club battled it out to try and win their event. It was great to see Charlotte Pearce, one of
our junior players in three finals and to see some other new faces on finals day. We had an
excellent BBQ organised by Stuart Sams and a fantastic tea organised by Brenda and Wilf
Fricker. Presentations followed and then a buffet was enjoyed by all – a great Club day in the

Our coaching programme for squash and tennis has been excellent once again and my thanks
go to all the coaches for their hard work and commitment to the Club. Junior membership is
still above the 250 number which is a credit to all the coaches and assistants.

The gym, changing room and squash court development has certainly taken a lot of time. We
have contacted numerous companies over the last two years that have promised to provide an
all inclusive package and we have explained the set up of the Club, the liability issues etc and
they at the last minute have asked us for personal security. We believe now that we have the
best possible package for the Club and thanks to the members donating or lending us the
money, we have a substantial amount for an upfront payment. The balance will be leased and
then the small balance will be borrowed from the bank. We will also phase the project and
this will allow us to keep on top of the numbers of new members required to pay for this
development. The Executive Committee are now happy to present this to the membership and
then a postal vote will take place between the AGM and Christmas. We do appreciate that this
has taken a lot longer than we would have hoped, but we hope you realise how much time and
energy has gone into research and finding the best possible deal for the Club.

I would like to thank Paul, Sarah, Tim and all the staff that have worked so hard over the
year, including helping to inflate and deflate the air hall in their spare time and maintaining an

excellent service to you all. Lastly, I would like to thank the volunteers who give up their
spare time to help out whether on Committees or just giving us a helping hand from time to
time. Special mention must be made to Brian Laidler who is always willing to help out, work
on a new development or just give some advice – thank you Brian! Lastly to Tim Reardon,
who continues to support and help out the Club with his legal expertise. This is our Club and
we must all work together for a prosperous and successful future!
Roy Staniland
Club Director

                                 Number of members
                        2003      2004            2005          2006            2007
Tennis                   235       239             154            115             101
Tennis/Squash             25        25               25               2              1
Tennis/Gym                38        37                0               0              0
Ten/Sq/Gym                20        16                0               0              0
Squash                   105       106               92             87              73
Squash/Gym                58        57                0             13               7
Gym                      148       154             107              90              71
Juniors                   98       110             140             251             258
All inc                                            162             248             286
All inc O/P                                           7                9            11
All inc 18-28                                        99            100             119
18-28 Tennis             51         58               27              18              2
18-28 Ten/Sq             41         25                3                0             0
18-28 Squash             19         18               12              11              4
Social                   38         32               57              56             52
Life                     56         67               67              64             62
Total                   932        944              952          1064            1047

 Please note: a full copy of the accounts are on display in the Club.
Copies of last years AGM minutes are available from the Club or on
                              the website.

                   Circuit training every Saturday 10-11am

                     Squash Club Night: Saturday 5.30pm

              Social Tennis: Saturday afternoons 2pm – 5pm /
              1.30pm-4.30pm (from Saturday November 3rd)

                Tennis team training: Every Monday evening
                    Teams 1 & 2 from 8.15pm – 9.30pm
                    Teams 3, 4 & 5 from 7pm - 8.15pm

             (Anyone interested in playing in the tennis teams,
                      should contact Roy or Marc.)


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