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									                                           JOB DESCRIPTION

                                        JOB DESCRIPTION DETAILS
Job Title:                                  Shift Manager
Branch:                                     Operations
Role of Branch:                             The safe, short term optimisation of the asset to produce
                                            on spec products to meet demand at low cost
Job Titles this position reports into       Operations Manager
BP employees reporting to the               Number:     Titles:
position:                                    22 direct  Senior Controller (3)/Controller(6)/Process
                                             7 indirect Technician(13)
                                                        Shift Maintenance Security and Laboratory
                                                        personnel a/h
Level:                                      H                Level Range:                        H

Responsible for the overall shift operation and ensuring asset performance meets or exceeds plan.
Manages shift resources and work practices to maintain a safe and environmentally acceptable

                                     KEY RESPONSIBILITIES
 A.      Operations Management
          The Shift Manager will be the most senior person at the Refinery site for significant
            periods of time.
          Manage the operations area of the refinery for the shift period.
          Provide leadership in emergencies, security, problem-solving and staffing issues.
          Represent the refinery and manage external issues as the initial point of contact
            including media liaison.
          Maximise shift team effectiveness through efficient utilisation of team resources
            including planning and running make-up day.
          Control small tools and supplies budget
          Carry out duties as authorised signatory for work permits including JV partners permits
            outside of normal work hours as required.
          Maintain shift log, conduct comprehensive handover and ensure all technicians conduct
            comprehensive handovers.
          Chair the daily operations and planning meeting
          Accountable operations person for CCB
          Liaise with BP and external companies re supply problems outside of normal working
          Accountable for obtaining and issuing waivers for products within the current waiver
            guidelines outside of normal working hours.
          Accountable for completing and issuing re-blends outside of normal working hours.
          Accountable for all shipping operations when the shipping supervisor is not available.
          Lead the shift manning and training committee.
          Responsible for the accuracy and completion of pay sheets.
          Responsible for authorising all operator overtime
          Ensure IR issues arising on shift are appropriately handled by having a thorough
            knowledge of the current operator’s award agreement.

 B.      Provide leadership of the shift team.
          Ensure that all Bulwer People basics for the team are met in a quality manner consistent
            with D&I principles:
                o Set clear team and individual objectives with input from individual direct reports
                o Monitor, modify, intervene as needed to ensure individual performance meets
                    business needs
                o Carry out performance reviews, PDPs, upward feedback process
                o Facilitate the technical and professional skills of team members
                o Provide mentoring, coaching and development for team members.
                o Ensure effective communication flow both upward and downward.
                o Ensure team alignment of resources vis-à-vis roles and obligations.
 C.      Deliver plant optimisation
                                         JOB DESCRIPTION
          Ensure the refinery process units are optimised across complexes to meet or better the
           current plan, whilst maintaining product quality, minimising energy and production loss.
          Discuss deviations with senior Controller, Process Superintendent or Performance
          Ensure Operating plan is adjusted during abnormal conditions.
          Manage the movement of feedstock/product.
          Prioritise laboratory workload and ensure operations mini lab is used effectively.

 D.    Maximise plant availability and capability.
        Work with maintenance & reliability team to ensure plant is always available when
          required. Communicate critical equipment issues to maintenance supervisors and unit
        Identify and report abnormal conditions of plant and equipment
        Provide advice to Performance Management on production impacts of plant outages
        Ensure minor maintenance/routines are carried out
        Accountable for Operations callouts and callouts for maintenance, instrument and adcon

 E.    Process Safety Management
        Ensure emergency response capability of the shift meets agreed standards at all times
          through gundrills, emergency exercises, training etc.
        Provide effective leadership in the event of an emergency assuming the role of
          emergency controller.
        Ensure the refinery is operating within safe limits with regard to the health of employees,
          and the public and maintain integrity of the equipment.

HSE    HSE is everybody’s responsibility click here for more detail.

Education /
Qualifications /          Advanced steam and turbine tickets. Level 2 (minimum) Sale or equivalent
Certification Desired:    fire fighting training. AMOSC Oil spill response training, Practical Loss
                          Control Leadership, Trained in Front Line Management, Communication
                          skills and Media Response.

Experience Desired:       Minimum of 5 years refinery operations experience with 3 as Senior

Competencies              Refer to Shift Manager Job Competency Profile.

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