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					                                                                 SOLIS mmc Children’s Services Limited

To All Applicants


Thank you for your interest in employment with SOLIS mmc Children’s Services. We would like to advise
all applicants to carefully read the Job Description prior to completing the application form. Completed
application forms must reflect the job description and demonstrate that the applicant meets the criteria
in terms of minimum qualifications and experience. Please note that the Garda Vetting Form must be
fully completed and returned accompanying the Application.

Short-listed applicants should receive notification of their interview date within five working days of the
application closing date.

Please refer to the website for application form and Garda Vetting form:

All application forms should be returned to:
                                     SOLIS mmc Children’s Services
                                          7B Messines Terrace,
                                               Derry, BT48 7QZ
Or via email to:

We look forward to receiving your application.

MMC Children’s Services
                                                             SOLIS mmc Children Services Limited

                                JOB TITLE: SHIFT TEAM MANAGER


SOLIS mmc Children’s Services, in partnership with Solis Trust, was established in 2005 and provides
responsive, quality services to children and families who are assessed as being in need. We do so through
the provision of a continuum of services that integrates emergency residential respite, medium and long-
term children’s residential homes and community based services.

MMC is committed to developing solution focused services for young people and families.


The Shift Team Manager will work in close conjunction with the Unit Manager and in partnership, will be
responsible for a service aimed at meeting the needs of young people within a residential setting. In the
Unit Managers absence the post holder will be responsible for all aspects of the running of the unit,
including the safe and appropriate care of the young people, the support and supervision of staff, the
maintenance and upkeep of the premises and the budget for the unit. They will be accountable to the Unit
Manager and will take direction aptly, whilst also being initiative focused.

The post holder will have an integral and active role, and will be present at the unit circa five days per
week as well as holding an on-call duty for additional support.
                                      MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES

Organisational efficiency
   Have clear knowledge and understanding of the National Standards and the concomitant organisational
    policies and procedures, as well as all relevant legislation, having an awareness of how this translates to
   Ensure that the staff team have clear knowledge and understanding of such standards, policies and
    procedures and legislation and an ability to implement and uphold this in order to promote best
   Develop a clear understanding of the organisations ethos and expectations concerning best practice and
    communicate this to the staff team.
   Keep abreast on all legislation and policies as well as child care theories and approaches in order to
    provide the best quality of support to the staff team and young people.
   Place quality service at the heart of all thinking and decision making within the unit. This means tackling
    the causes as well as the symptoms of problems or difficulties as they arise. It also calls for the post
    holder to take a plan-do-check approach to all aspects of the running of the unit.

Effectively working with young people
   Contribute to the risk assessment of young people prior to admission, ensuring that the unit can
    adequately meet the needs identified by the referring social worker.
   In the Unit Managers absence, facilitate the initial contract meeting at the commencement of the
    placement in conjunction with the identified key-worker.
   Establish positive developmental relationships with young people and provide staff with guidance and
    encouragement on how to further their professional relationships with young people.
   Ensure that all young people and their parents / carers, if appropriate, receive the agreed quality and
    quantity inputs.
   Provide a safe, caring environment for young people and ensure that the staff team reflect this.
   Ensure that the staff team is conducting appropriate assessments of need.
   Contribute to a comprehensive and realistic placement plan based on the assessed needs in conjunction
    with the Unit Manager, young person, the key worker, social worker and other relevant parties. Assist in
    communicating this to all staff ensuring they are aware of how to practically implement the plan,
    perform allocated tasks and how to consistently adhere to this.
   Monitor the progression of the placement plan through discussion with staff, observation, feedback
    from professionals, interaction with the young person and through documentation such as daily logs,
    shift reports and monthly reports, which should clearly identify and address the placement plan.
   Assist in reviewing the placement plan regularly, providing the staff team with feedback on how it is
    practically progressing and give guidance and support on how to further implement.
   Advocate for the young person when necessary, liaising closely with the social workers and other
    relevant professionals.
   Attend professional meetings with the young person, when necessary, providing support, or attend on
    the young persons behalf.
   Ensure the staff team is applying a strengths-based approach; promoting young people’s self-esteem
    and independence.

Professional Competence
   Liaise closely with staff team, displaying effective communication skills and providing guidance, direction
    and encouragement to assist with the everyday running of the unit to met best practice standards.
   Liaise in a professional manner, with all relevant parties, including, parents/carers, social workers,
    teachers and psychologists, and promote a positive image of the organisation.
   Take responsibility for passing on significant information pertinent to the young person, in accordance
    with policy and with the urgency the information requires.
   Ensure that complaints, allegations, untoward incidents, disclosures and all other significant information
    is recorded effectively and managed promptly and professionally. The information should be forwarded
    accordingly, and the post holder must liaise with the Unit Manager, relevant social workers,
    professionals, MMC Child Protection Officer and to the HSE Monitoring Officer, amongst others, to
    ensure the best standard of care and practice is provided to the young person.
   Ensure that all staff engage in professional and appropriate recording practices as outlined in the MMC
    policy and procedures.
   Uphold confidentiality at all times.
   Formally meet with the Unit Manager once per week to discuss the running of the service and to
    identify aims and objectives for practice.
   Participate in professional supervision with allocated line manager, a minimum of once per month.
   Participate in team meetings on a monthly basis and chair these meetings when necessary.
   Contribute to and partake in team building exercises when identified.
    General daily tasks
   Be accountable, in conjunction with the Unit Manager, for the staff team rota and ensure that adequate
    cover is provided daily, with the staff teams consisting of qualified, experienced staff.
   Ensure that all relevant paperwork and documentation are signed by staff and countersign and verify
    these weekly.
   Ensure consistency amongst the staff team in relation to practice and the daily routines of young
    people. Inconsistencies will be identified through recordings and observations and the post holder
    should communicate these to the Unit Manager for any action to be undertaken.
   Regularly inspect the unit, certifying that the standard of cleanliness is upheld at all times, that
    medication is stored safely and that food hygiene is upheld.
   Monitor fire safety and delegating trained staff to undertake planned fire drills regularly.
   Demonstrate efficient budgeting skills and ensure that petty cash is accurately accounted for. Regularly
    evaluate petty cash, ensuring that quality is delivered within the finances available, and make
    recommendations to improve the petty cash system.
                                             ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Hours of Work
The average working hours will be 40 per week, including agreed breaks. Travel time to the unit or
elsewhere will not be accounted for in these hours. The post holder is required to sustain flexibility and
confer with the Unit Manager to ensure that adequate managerial cover is provided to the unit at all times.
This role will entail working day shifts at the unit.

The post holder will provide an on-call system to the unit and to the organisation as an entirety, in co-
operation with other unit managers, and will be flexible to directly call out to the unit should a crisis avail in
order to provide additional support to the staff team and young people. There will be an additional
allowance for this on-call duty which will be distributed between the post holder and the Unit Manager,
based on their on-call allocation and at the Unit Managers discretion.

The post holder will be entitled to 24 working days for holidays and additional working days are allocated for
public holidays. This usually equates holiday entitlement to 33 days per year. All leave must be submitted to
line managers four weeks in advance for approval.

Should the post holder be without mandatory qualification, training may be provided by MMC and may
include Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), First Aid, Children’s First or Fire Safety. Such training will be
required in order for the post holder to effectively uphold the job duties and responsibilities and perform to
the best quality standard.
                                          JOB SPECIFICATION

                 Essential Criteria                            Desirable Criteria
                A professional qualification in child care,   A management qualification
                social work, youth work, teaching,
                nursing, or another relevant comparable       Training / qualification in Leadership and
                discipline, which included supervised         team building
                professional practice placements.
                (Minimum required – Degree in                 Supervision training
                Social Care or equivalent)
                                                              Training / Qualification in First Aid
                A full clean driving license and access to
                a car, with willingness to have business      Training in Therapeutic Crisis
                insurance. (Consideration will be given       Intervention (TCI)
                to candidates without a car who can
                propose alternative travel                    Qualification / Training in Children’s First

                A minimum of 3 years post qualified           Experience managing a residential
                experience in working with young              Children’s home or similar
                people with challenging behaviour
                in a residential setting                 Experience at a strategic level within
                                                         health and social care
                Experience of leading a team effectively services
                and successfully
                                                         Experience working with the Irish
                Experience in delegating tasks           Residential Care Standards

                Experience of supervising staff               Experience working with young people
                professionally                                with mild / moderate learning needs

                Experience of closely liaising with           Experience working with young
                outside agencies and professionals            people from traveling communities

                                                              Experience / knowledge of working with
                                                              young people engaged with alcohol and

                Knowledge of relevant child care              Knowledge on self-harm and depression
                legislation and policy specific to Ireland    among young people
                Knowledge on effective approaches for         Knowledge on attachment issues with
                working with young people                     young people

                Knowledge of leadership styles and            Knowledge on working with individuals
                approaches                                    with cultural diversity

                Knowledge and experience of how to
                develop effective therapeutic
                relationships with young people
               Knowledge of effective budgeting

               Knowledge of health and safety

               Motivated, committed, dedicated,
               loyalty and determination
Competencies   Supportive and empathetic

               Good time management skills


               Approachable, open and honest

               Aptitude for team work

               Excellent leadership skills

               Budgeting skills

               Self-awareness, flexibility, sensitivity,
               enthusiasm and creativity

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