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									TUSCALOOSA WARRIORS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 2010-2011                                             Update 11/9

DATE      DAY        OPPONENT                    SITE                        Start     Conf   TEAMS
Nov. 6    Saturday Georgia-Alabama (GACS)        Home-Riverside              1:00       no    JHB,VG,VB
Nov. 9    Tuesday East Central (ECHOS)           Home-Riverside              5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Nov. 12   Friday     Evangel Family (EFCA)       Home-Riverside              5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Nov. 19   Friday     Success Unlimited Acad      Home-Riverside              6:30       no    JHB,VB
Nov. 30   Tuesday Evangel Christian (ECS)        Away-Montevallo             5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Dec. 2    Thursday Cahawba Christian             Home-Riverside              5:30       no    JHB,VG,VB
Dec. 3    Friday     New Life (NLCA)             Home-Riverside              5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Dec. 9    Thursday Success Unlimited Acad        Away-Montgomery             6:30       no    JHB,VB
Dec. 10   Friday     Cathedral Academy           Home-Riverside              5:30       yes   VB
Dec. 14   Tuesday Hope Christian                 Home-Riverside              5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Dec. 17   Friday     The Rock                    Home-Riverside              6:00       yes   JHB, VB
Christmas Break-no games but practice schedule TBD
Jan. 4    Tuesday Evangel Christian (ECS)        Home-Riverside              5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 6    Thursday New Life (NLCA)               Away-Millbrook              5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 7    Friday     First Assembly (FACS)       Home-Riverside              4:30       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 10   Monday     The Rock                    Away-Montgomery             5:30       yes   JHB,VB
Jan. 13   Thursday Cahawba Christian             Away-Centreville            5:00       no    JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 14   Friday     East Central (ECHOS)        Away-Moody                  4:30       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 21   Friday     Evangel Family (EFCA)       Away-Montgomery             5:00       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 25   Tuesday Hope Christian                 Away-Birmingham             4:30       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Jan. 29* Saturday Georgia-Alabama (GACS)         Away-Phenix City            TBD        no    JHB,VG,VB
Feb. 1    Tuesday Cathedral Academy              Away-Selma                  5:30       yes   VB
Feb. 3    Thursday First Assembly (FACS)         Away-Sylacauga              4:30       yes   JHB,VG,VB
Feb. 8    Tuesday Tournament 1st Round           TBD                         TBD        yes   No JHB
Feb.11    Friday     Tournament Semi-Finals      Away-Samford                TBD        yes   No JHB
Feb. 12   Saturday Tournament Finals             Away-Samford                TBD        yes


**Our team will play New Life's JH Girls team because they don't have a Varsity team. The game will not
be included in conference standings.

***Cathedral may not have a team but we won't know until after Thanksgiving. If they don't have a team
then these dates would be open.

JH Boys will only play on Saturday of the tournament if we finish #1 or #2 for the regular season.

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