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									                                Math Action Team Meeting
                                    January 23, 2007

1.      Updates
     a. Trainer of Trainers for TEXTEAMS Institutes (Knobles)
        Nancy is conducting all of the trainings. She reported things are going very
        well. Two dates have needed to be changed: Elementary Math Part II was
        changed from February 19th to March 5th. The second date that has to be
        changed will be determined at next week’s workshop meeting. There are
        going to be a couple of make up days due to people having other

     b. Math Invitationals
        (Knobles): For the May 5th-6th grade invitational, Nancy will have personally
        spoken to an administrator and 5th and 6th grade representatives on each
        campus. Nancy needs the name of a 5th and 6th grade teacher as well as an
        administrator from each campus to meet with Nancy as coaches. There will be
        only one test for each event that will cover both grade levels. Medals for 1st,
        2nd, and 3rd places and ribbons for 4th -10th places, trophies for teams 1st, 2nd
        and 3rd and ties will be broken. All students will not receive a certificate, but
        we will award medals and trophies.
        (Yandell): For the May 3rd-4th grade invitational, 3rd and 4th will work best if
        separated into two days. Proposed dates are May 10th and May 11th. MAT
        members will discuss with campuses and send information to Shanah Yandell
        ( The May meet will take place at Annaville Elementary
        School. The change in venue will eliminate the $6.00 catering charge per
        participant. Lunch will be brown bags from home campuses. For the
        upcoming meet, tests will be purchased. Awards will remain the same as
        previous invitationals.

     c. Underprepared Learners Workshop Series: Cooperative Learning (Goode and
        Dr. Goode reported on the success of the Series to date. Sue Sabrio provided
        a summary evaluation of the first three days of the Cooperative Learning
        Workshop. Richard reported the comments were positive.

     d. AIMS Staff (Goode)
        Amy’s retirement is January 31st. She is working on her MASCOPs observations.
        Jennifer’s last day in the office was January 12th. Abi is on maternity leave until
        probably March. The staff consists basically of Nancy and Shanah.
        Information normally sent to Jennifer should be sent to Shanah

2.      Grant Extension Collaborative (Silva)
        Melana Silva provided documentation that correlates to the issues that arose
        from the November 15th meeting of the PAB. The six districts present at the
        original meeting (Agua Dulce, Calallen, Flour Bluff, Gregory Portland, Kingsville,
     and Robstown) all supported the continuation of AIMS. Melana has been
     designated the first Post-AIMS coordinator. In that capacity she will receive a
     stipend to facilitate AIMS activities.

     Melana needed input from the MAT to fill in some concerns. These concerns
     included training issues, funding matters and future meeting dates for a
     combined MAT/PAB meeting of the participating district personnel. The
     superintendents will meet with the Post-AIMS representatives from the school
     districts on February 15th at 3:00 p.m. at Annaville Elementary School in
     Calallen. If you have any questions, please contact Melana Silva

3.   Reminder of Data Requirements (Lamm)
     Data requirements are included in a spreadsheet with four tabs that need to
     be filled in and for Westat. We will also need the SAT/ACT data, TAKS
     preliminary results, and the pass/fail numbers for the courses (last of Westat
     data needs).

4.   Possible Summer Workshops (Goode, Knobles, and Yandell)
     The following workshops were discussed and recommended. The best dates
     were the last two weeks in July and the first two weeks in August. The week
     that most districts will need some kind of professional development will be
     August 20-24. AIMS Staff will propose specific dates at the next meeting.
     a.    Math Manipulatives
           Organization, use and implementation. Grade banded: K-2, 3-5, 6-8
     b.    Math TEKS Refinement
           Service Center is offering this now. August might be a good time.
     c.    Making Math Accessible for all
           Inclusion and English Language Learners. Grade banded: K-2, 3-5, 6-8,
     d.    Technology Integration for the Classroom
           More than just graphing calculators. How to use the different types of
           technology currently available in classrooms such as computers, SMART
           boards, document cameras, and visual presenters.

5.   Training Workshop for Coaches of Number Sense/Math(Knobles)
     A workshop for grades 3-6 will be held February 26, 2007 from 8:30 to 3:30 at
     Annaville Elementary in Calallen. Nancy will prepare a flyer.

6.   Math Interface (March 2, 2007)
     The interface will be March 2, 2007. Dr. Goode gave flyers to be passed out to
     campuses. This year’s theme is Revolutionizing Algebra.

7.   ME² By the Sea Conference (Goode)
     The date is June 8, 2007. Registration fees will be paid if the grant has the
     funds. More information to follow.
8.     Next Meetings
       Thursday, February 15, 2007
       1:15 P.M.
       Annaville Elementary School
       DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From I37 take the Violet Exit. Turn onto Violet and cross
       Leopard. Take a right onto Guess Street. Guess street dead ends on
       Crenshaw. Turn left onto Crenshaw. School is on the right. Please park in the

       School                 Name
AIMS Grant Staff       Dwight Goode
AIMS Grant Staff       Harriet Lamm
AIMS Grant Staff       Nancy Knobles
AIMS Grant Staff       Shanah Yandell
Calallen ISD           Melana Silva
Del Mar College        Richard Rupp
Flour Bluff ISD        Alicia Needham
Flour Bluff ISD        Sherry Miller
Gregory-Portland ISD   Gwyn Boyter
Robstown ISD           Amanda Millhouse
Sinton ISD             Nassrin Spencer

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